Fight Conwy Council's "one way" road plan for Rhos on Sea Promenade



I’m signing because there are no grounds for these changes and the road layout should be left as it is.

Christopher Proudlove (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-11)


As a local resident I have looked at the plans carefully. The plan is misleading. It is one way ONLY along West Promenade. Traffic on the Cayley Promenade will be two way with the volume of traffic in front of residential houses massively increasing. Although the prom surface needs improvement there is no need to widen the prom.

Irene Proudlove (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-11)


I do not agree with the proposed one way traffic system

Carol Edwards (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-11)


Where I live is beautiful peaceful no traffic if the Cayley is / ways it will ruin the whole area the elderly won’t be able to slowly cross over it will not be tranquil

Laura Hennessey (Rhos on sea , 2021-12-11)


I totally disagree with the proposal

Richard Williams (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-11)


I am against the idea

david evans (Rhyl, 2021-12-11)


1. I feel the new layout will be far more dangerous than the existing road pattern, with an especially difficult junction at Whitehall Road
2. It will cause a significant detriment to the quality of life for local residents in the surrounding streets

Ian Reid (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-11)


This plan is totally ridiculous directing through traffic from the prom to a residential road. NO NO NO

Sally Hughes (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-11)


I’m signing because I oppose the one way proposal for the Rhos on Sea coastal defence works.

Colin Hanks (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-11)


C Owen and R B Owen

Robert Owen (ColwynBay, 2021-12-11)


I disagree with the now way road plan

Simon Devlin (Conwy, 2021-12-11)


I want the peace of Cayley promenade maintained and no extra pollution for those enjoying the view. The kiosks provide a great community focus all year around.

Mark Biltcliffe (Rhos On Sea, 2021-12-11)


The propasal regards the roads and 1 way system are all thought out and are not right for the area and will create far more issues than the current layout

john Taylforth (rhos on sea, 2021-12-11)


It’s a daft idea !!! How to ruin a lovely place :((

Debbie Day (Llanrwst Road, 2021-12-11)


I strongly object to any changes to the traffic flow as it is currently configured. The proposed changes are locally unwanted, unnecessary and completely unacceptable.

Robert Forde (Conwy, 2021-12-11)


It is pointless integrating a one way system on the promenade as this will only create a chaotic atmosphere to the now peaceful roads above the cayley embankment.

Moussa Salem (Rhos on sea, 2021-12-11)


I'm signing because I think the proposal is totally unnecessary and balmy.

John Clutton (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-11)


The one way system will cause chaos.

Christine Hulme (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-11)


I think it will be harmful to the area where people like to sit and have a drink etc sand a cat. To some people who live alone it will remove a source of companionship if the kiosks are removed to change a system which already works well.

Janet Stevenson (Llandudno Junction, 2021-12-11)


Why alter something that works well.kiosks are a well earned stop when walking the prom a place to have a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about paying for parking or a scenic drive through on the way to other places.

Sarah Jones (Colwyn bay, 2021-12-11)


Totally disagree with council plans to re-direct the traffic over the top of The Cayley promenade. This is not a one way system, please keep the existing road system in place as the top of the embankment is a quiet place to sit and take in the views.

Jane Dickson (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-12)


It is the craziest idea I have heard off in a long time for this area. I’am a Rhos lad born and breed and care about where I live, what are these councillors thinking about, shear madness.

Paul Rowlands (Rhos on sea, Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-12)


I should have been done years ago

Elaine Williams (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-12)


I oppose the so called one way road system (car park). In effect the rerouting of all through traffic over the Cayley Promenade with all its negative consequences for the public.

Bob Dickson (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-12)


Leave the road how it is as it doesn’t need changing, yes do the seas defences but not turn it into a one way

Karrie Williams (Prestatyn, 2021-12-12)


It's the most ridiculous idea. Just slow the traffic to 20mph.

Lisa Surridge (Rhos On Sea, 2021-12-12)


Do not agree with this project.
1. Dangerous road layout.
2. Loss of care cabins and businesses.
3. Project not necessary.

Al Thomas (Rhos-on-Sea , 2021-12-12)


I oppose Conwy CC plans for Cayley promenade

Robert Jones (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-12)


Log jams will arise all around the feeder roads onto the Promenade around Rhos if this traffic plan goes ahead.

Roger Taylor (Rhos on sea, 2021-12-12)


It is just not practical , a nuisance for the residents of the Cayley prom and taking business away from the Kiosks, which I will fight with others to keep or quickly update for the folk that run them.

Linda Jones (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-13)


i do not think this plan is good for rhos on sea or any one who travels on the prom.

KENNETH EVANS (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-13)


The plans will cause mayhem

Cheryl Kerridge (Colwyn bay, 2021-12-13)


I love Rhos the way it is....

Sandra Leech (Colwyn bay, 2021-12-13)


I totally opposed to making a one way system in rhos on sea.

Stephen Johnson (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-13)


Leave well alone please

Enid Pritchard (Colwyn bay, 2021-12-13)


I feel very strongly that the pollution, loss of natural beach and loss of kiosks will be detrimental to Rhos

Anne Taylor (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-13)


I am in total support of this petition which objects to the rerouting of traffic most probably in both directions through the Upper Cayley Promenade. This is a retrograde step having a major detrimental impact on local residents and those enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the upper level promenade.

Denis Williams (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-13)


I don't want traffic to be pushed up over the Caley prom to facilitate a one way system. It's a peaceful spot for people to enjoy the view away from the traffic.

Kate Jeremy (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-13)


I do not agree with plans for the one way system on the promenade.

Hilary Edwards (Colwyn bay, 2021-12-14)


I am signing because diverting the through traffic to the western promenade will cause extra noise, pollution and traffic problems to surrounding properties.It will also destroy the quiet enjoyment of this area by local people and visitors.

Iwan evans (Rhyl, 2021-12-14)


I thing the plan is floored and dangerous

Anthony Owen (Llandudno , 2021-12-14)


The one way scheme would have a detrimental effect to both residents and visitors to the area

Steve Buckley (Rhos on Sea , 2021-12-14)


A total waste of money, concentrate on the sea defenses

steven jones (Old Colwyn, 2021-12-14)


The area is well used by pedestrians and cyclists who also use the catering chalets. Many people go there as the pavement is easy to walk along however elderly they are and also dog walkers. No-one has ever complained about the prom and people are also fond of the catering Chalets even though they are now very old. But that is the reason why people enjoy them. "Old" doesn't always mean not liked, in fact the opposite applies to this area. Leave it alone.

Viv Perry (Old colwyn, 2021-12-14)


Studied plans and in my opinion l just cannot see it working, too much upheaval for the locals.

Philip Roberts (Conwy, 2021-12-14)


It is totally unnesecary and unwanted, it will also ruin a peaceful viewing area of the village. The disruption will cause further damage to the livelihoods of the local shops owners.

Cheryl Dixon (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-15)


I'm signing because I think the plans are just madness. The parking will cause chaos and the kiosks need updating not scrapping

Ian Kershaw (Colwyn bay, 2021-12-15)


I strongly object to the one way system ! This does not support locals or visitors!
Renovate within the existing space !!

Dee Ratcliffe (Gwynedd , 2021-12-15)


It's a crazy idea!

Anne Bent (Llandudno , 2021-12-16)


So many elderly people need ease of travel here. The system works so why change it!
Too costly..use the money elsewhere.

Nia Griffiths (Holywell, 2021-12-16)


I walk every day on the top road of the Cayley Prom because it is quiet and beautiful, and quite close to my home.
Too much traffic will destroy this lovely spot, valued by locals and visitors alike. I have seen no valid reason put forward to make this necessary and many reasons against it.

Geraldine Reid (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-16)


This change will divert virtually all traffic onto the Cayley Prom thereby spoiling an area that is used by many people to walk and look out at the sea.

Victoria Whale (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-16)


This idea is ridiculous and totally unnecessary.

Chris Moore (Rhyl, 2021-12-16)


These plans are unnecessary. Yes the prom needs a revamp with better seating and improved kiosks. It does not need to be widened and affect traffic flow and parking!

Linda Steventon (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-16)


I strongly object to the proposals for the changes to traffic flow affecting Cayley Promenade,as I have already expressed in 2 previous e-mails to Conwy CBC

Wyn Williams (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-17)


This will completely destroy the only peaceful place to sit and enjoy the views of Rhos for people with walking and other mobility issues / disabilities. Rhos does not need or want dramatic change. Small improvements - YES. CHANGES - No No No. Leave well alone!

Christine Davies (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-17)


I strongly oppose the transformation of Cayley Promenade to become a busy coastal road close to residential properties, and subsequent pollution

Tim McMahon (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-18)


I object strongly to the creation of additional traffic and pollution to residential property from increasing traffic flow onto the Cayley promenade

Margaret McMahon (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-18)


The noise and pollution will affect residential properties on the Cayley embankment and spoil an area of calm where people sit to enjoy the sea views. It will be money wasted as there is nothing wrong with the promenade road system as it is, just upgrading would be adequate

Sylvia Moss (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-18)


To have a constant two way flow of traffic along a narrow residential road is hazardous to residents and visitors. It also adds to the pollution of the environment directly in front of a row of residential properties. Maybe the people who dreamt up this insane project would like to live with proposed "motorway" going directly in front of their homes.

David Edwards (Colwyn Bay, 2021-12-20)


I recognise there are improvements to be made to the Promenade but I object to the one-way system and plan to remove the Kiosks with no commitment to replace them.

John Armstrong (Rhos on Sea, 2021-12-23)


I abject to an utterly ridiculous idea. No thought to the residents of the roads concerned . Basically bringing more noise and pollution closer to there homes.

Davies Ian (Old Colwyn, 2021-12-24)


Ridiculous idea as is closing the kiosk there.

Jane Bordessa (Wrexham, 2022-01-06)


The plan shows no sense. The Council are disregarding the views of your he people. Let common sense prevail.

Brenda Robertshaw (Llandudno , 2022-01-20)


stop controlling a petition vote....its illegal petitions have more power in public whoever has create this page must not breach a petion ruling

Willi Wills (Conwy, 2022-01-21)


These 'improvements' are not needed or wanted and you are destroying local businesses.

Kerry Weaver-Martin (Flint, 2022-01-23)

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