Induct Tom O'Horgan into The Hall of Fame




Andy Gordanier (East Brunswick, )


I firmly believe in my heart that Tom O'Horgan must be inducted into the American Hall of Fame for his lifelong career as a groundbreaking theatrical Director. He was the first director to have four shows running simultaneously on Broadway with "Hair, Lenny, JC Superstar, and Inner City." Tom O'Horgan was a composer as well and wrote several operas as well as music for film. He started his career at La MaMa Etc with Ellen Stewart and directed plays by several playwrights including Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, Paul Foster, Leonard Melfi, Rochelle Owens, Maria Irene Fornes, Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal, to name a few. He directed operas at Alice Tully Hall and at the Vienna Stat Opera along with directing Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Tale" starring John Shea and Andre Robin De Shields at Carnegie Hall for the 100th anniversary of the composer. Tom's devotion to the fine art of theater, music and dance is legendary and deserves to be honored by this organization

Marc Cohen (Sarasota, )


To undo this embarrassment!!!

James Sbano (Much, )


Tom O'Horgan defines the term magical musical theatrical genius! His creativity and vision through all of his work stands the test of time and brings to the theater what it's magic, Tom's magic, does best. It filled our lives and the audiences with the joy of life!

Larry Basinski (Millington, NJ, )


Tom O'Horgan should be recognized for his work.

Rafael Baez (New York, )


Growing up in the theatre I often heard of Mr O’Horgan’s work held up as an example – and spoken of in the most exalted terms, including by The recent and posthumously inducted Gerald Friedman

Greg Paroff (Charlotte, )


Tom O'Horgan was an institution of 5 STAR entertainment!!! Broadway would never have shown so 🌞. Thousands of productions has to be a record. No question his work should be recognized!!!

Orlando Bevington (Venice, FL, )


Tom O'Horgan was a genius and ground breaking American theater director!

Wendy West (Las Vegas, )


Tom O' Horgan is most deserving of recognition!

Raymond Patterson (Los Angeles, CA, )


A true visionary. From "Hair" and beyond.

Jay Blotcher (High Falls, )


O'Horgan was a Broadway legend while I was growing up. I later learned about his affair with Harvey Milk. Later still I became an actor, myself. O'Horgan was among the greats.

Randy Clark (San Francisco, )


Tom was one of the most influential directors in theater and a man whose heart embraced the world.

Billy Hayes (Las Vegas, )


As the curator of the Thomas O’Horgan archive at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University Libraries, I feel it is a significant oversight by the Hall of Fame that O’Horgan is not already inducted. Put simply, his work revolutionized Broadway in every facet of the medium.

Alexander Rankin (Boston, )


I think it is way over due.

steven carmel (san francisco, )


This is well deserved and time!

Karen Martin (LAKEWOOD, )


As someone who was directed by Tom O'Horgan twice and now as a college professor include information about his work in my theater classes, I am shocked that he has not been recognized by this body. The fact that the show he directed, Hair, was the subject of a US Supreme Court case twice and influenced freedom of speech from that point forward should be enough on it's own to warrant his inclusion.

Shezwae Powell (Lake Elsinore, )


I absolutely LOVE his productions… ALL of them but especially Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Betty Ryan (Derry, )


Ted Neeley was in a video and informed us about it.

Sharon Black (Smith Center, )


Tom launched Ted Neely, and for that I am profoundly grateful!

Gilah Pomeranz (Cedarville, )


He worked with Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Donalyn Gross (Springfield, )


No words are need to say. Thanks to Tom we have got this all❤️

Ellen Rus (Björköby, )


I support Tom O’ Horgan and the performing arts.

Stephen Owens (Pittsburgh , )


Tom O’Horgan was a theatrical pioneer and legend and without him, some of the most successful productions would not be where they are today. He devoted his life and career to the theatre and deserves to be inducted into the theatrical Hall of Fame!

Tessa Neeley (Los Angeles, )


Tom O'Horgan was a theater visionary and deserves to be recognized as such.

Robin Grean (Incline Village, NV, )


I'm signing this petition because Tom has been such a great influence in theater.

Kimberly Jones (Cold Spring, )


Tom O'Horgan left his thumbprint on musical theater, and rock musicals in particular, in 1968 with his groundbreaking staging of HAIR. Without his influence, the works that have followed -- both contemporaries such as JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and subsequent descendants like RENT and SPRING AWAKENING, to name two -- would not be even half of what they are. Recognition of Tom is long past due.

Gibson DelGiudice (Warwick, )


He deserves it!

John Hetzel (Louisville, )


It's important for so many reasons

Girard Johanna (Lyon, )


I’m signing because I believe that Tom 0’Horgan ought to be recognized and inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame for his exceptional directorial skills in shows such as Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Brenda Shahpari (Macungie, )


What a great Director, please include him in the Hall of Fame, Good Luck To O'Horgan!

Diane Spohr (Brooksville, )


I believe Tom O’Horgan, wonderful Broadway director, deserves to be nominated into the American Theatrical Hall of Fame. His accomplishments speak to his being worthy of this honor.

Sandy Legan (Lodi, )


Jesus Christ Superstar is my favorite album since the the original brown album came out when I was in high school. I love the vision that Tom O’Horgon had when he brought it to Broadway, so innovative. With Superstar & Hair he revolutionized Broadway bringing a new & youthful energy. Please induct him into the Hall of Fame.

Debbie Straus (Egg Harbor Township, )


My favorite rock opera

George Fekete (Toronto , )


Tom OHorgan has left his indelible mark on the American Theatrical history with his unique artistry on monumental productions namely HAIR, Sgt. Pepper s, and Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Michael Murphy (Chicago, )


Tom’s vision in his works helped to change the lives of so many. Mine included.

Zenobia Conkerite (Albuquerque , )


Tom is a wonderful director.

Yvonne Kocsis (South Bend, )


Many shows with or by Tom...creative Titan

Kelly David Patrick ( New York, )


He deserves to be inducted!

Kyle Borcz (Attica, )


I agree with Ted and company. I am a huge fan of Ted Neeley since the beginning and he is right. If it wasn't for Tom and Ted the whole genre would be totally different. Aside from that all his other accomplishments as well he deserves this

gina grisanti (NORWALK, )


Because Tom O'Horgan deserves this.

Sharon Merrow (Buena Park, )


M'ho ha demanat Ted Neeley, magnifica persona !!

Jordi Noguero (Molins de Rei , )


Jesus Christ Superstar had a big influence in my life. I've met Ted Neely and JCS was truly amazing because of him and others.

Catherine Paskell (Lynchburg, )


I believe this talented man surpasses the definition of amazing!!

Karen Veseling (Mason, )


Jesus Christ Superstar is my favorite movie....

Steven Emming (Fairfield, )


Because Tom is brilliant and deserves to be there

Allen Coyle (St Petersburg, )


When I was a kid in the late '60s-early '70s, I wanted to grow up to become Tom O'Horgan. He was a personal hero of mine. He paved the way for shows like Rent, Spring Awakening, Hadestown and more.

Thomas Peters (CINCINNATI, )


Both Hair and Jesus Christ
Superstar loomed large in my young life...

Wes Clements (Lake Dallas, Texas 75065, )


Because I love Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar and thought he was a brilliant director.

Terri L Meyer (Sacramento, )


Tom o’Horgan wrote me a “Thank You” note saying that I was “…a breath her of fresh air.” I played the first “Woof.” —Steve Dean

Steven Dean Lauria (Seal Beach, )


I want to see our friend in the hall of fame

Kenneth Bates (STATEN ISLAND, )


He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame!!

John Ellis (Tucson , )


creativity & music should be honored Tom O' Horgan has brought much joy & culture to us all .

Sky Jovita Bazan Lopez (Portland, )


I believe Tom is a treasure and a pioneer of the American Theater.

Frank Jacobs (Delray Beach, )


Ted Neeley is an honorable man.

Robert Hillebrecht (Cleveland O.H., )


Tom O'Horgan certainly earned and deserves this award.

Nancy Kovach (Pittsburgh , )


He is an amazing director

Donna Shawver (Albquerque , )


He is devoted to the business.

Lawrence Wozniak (STEVENSVILLE, )


Tom O'Horgan is a great director!

Paul Hawthorne (Escondido, )


Tom O'Horgan, great visionary, director, musician, a mentor who introduced rock music and spirituality to Broadway. I love him, he inspired my entire life.

Rhonda Coullet (New York City, )


I love his work.

Kim Annese (Saint Stephen SC, )


Because of mr. O’Horgan we came to know about the unbelievable, great talent that is mr. Ted Neeley. Both amazing men. Thank you mr. O’Horgan!

Ingrid Renet (Grevenbicht , )


I miss Tom. He was the kindest & most supportive person and ….he was BRILLIANT! 💜
He changed Broadway 4VR

Robert I Rubinsky (Weston, )


Tom O'Horgan's production of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway was an amazing accomplishment of creativity, talent, and brilliance. He deserves this award!

Anson Rohr (Westminster, )


Tom O’Horgan was simply the best

Barbara Moore (sonoma, )


He is a great director whose voice spoke for my generation.

marcus scott (Fair Haven, )


My reason for wanting Tom O'Horgan inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame? Three Broadway shows - Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar (my favorite) and Sgt. Pepper's!!!!!

Christine Brooks (Narragansett, )


As a lifelong fan of musical theater, I am nominating Tom O'Horgan for induction into The Theater Hall of Fame not only for his full body of work, but specifically for his work with Ted Neeley in Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Berni Jackalone (Shingle Springs, )


He deserves every bit of this recognition!!

Deborah White (La Mesa, )

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