NPS Qualifier North



I would like the option of being able to attend a qualifier within reasonable travelling distance.

Armer Alison (Carnforth, 2021-10-26)


We have lots of lovely ponies in the north ans need a local qualifier

Juliet Rogers (Hexham, 2021-10-26)


Supporting this petition regarding no qualifiers for Cumbria or surrounding areas . We have a huge following and feel very let down by this. NPS stands for NATIONAL pony society. If it’s National shouldn’t this include us

Philippa Coates (Penrith, 2021-10-26)


It is unfair and a huge disparity to Scottish and northern members to have so few qualifiers in the north.

Calder William (Thurso, 2021-10-26)


There are no qualifiers within 3 hours from where we live in Cumbria, it would be great to have some nearer to us

Dilks Fae (Ulverston, 2021-10-26)


We need these we have great riders and ponies here in the North.

Karan Tett (PRESTON, 2021-10-26)


I feel it is very unfair not to hold qualifiers in the North of the country. We have a lot of great venues, quality ponies and riders all wanting to try their hand at these events. However, they may be unable to dedicate the entire summer to travelling long distances with ponies in order to do so.
By ignoring the North of the country you are not only encouraging the over travelling of ponies, which is a welfare issue, but also creating an uneven playing field.

Stock Katy (Kendal, 2021-10-26)


I am an nps member and my daughter is doing her Alevels next year do it won’t be practical in April and May to travel longer distance for qualifiers - please let us have a qualifier in the north x

Donald Claire (Gretna, 2021-10-26)


I strongly agree with Heather and would love to have a qualifier in the North to save us travelling hours

Claire Thwaites (Penrith, 2021-10-26)


I feel there should be more northern qualifiers!

bullock J (Stokesley, 2021-10-26)


I agree with the petition, the qualifiers should be spread more evenly to cover all areas.

Tracey Dowson (Bishop Auckland, 2021-10-26)


I’m signing as more Northern qualifiers are needed. We can not be expected to travel such long distances with ponies, children plus the costs!

Hicks Ashley (Hexham, 2021-10-27)


We need qualifiers in the north and north west.
Welfare of over travelling is a factor. So spread the qualifiers around geographically with more in the north west

Lisa Longstaff (Bangor , 2021-10-27)


I’m signing because both my children ride and in pony club. I compete myself and would love them to have the opportunities I did as a child before we moved north. It seems unfair because of postcode that they may not get this opportunity. Plenty of others up here too.

Lawson M (Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2021-10-27)


To make it more accessible for Northern competitors to attend and to reduce the amount of time spent on the roads for ponies and children.

Hill Sue (Darlington, 2021-10-27)


Riders & ponies in the north of England & Scotland are being unfairly treated with hardly any qualifiers for the M&M workers - please give us some more qualifying shows! All the finals are down south but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have more qualifiers up here!

Fi Blandford (Dalbeattie, 2021-10-27)


We are in desperate need of qualifiers in Cumbria and Northumberland please.

Charlotte Ridley (Hexham, 2021-10-27)


I want m&m workers in the north

Evan Mclean (Lockerbie, 2021-10-27)


I’m signing because I’m trying to qualify for bigger shows next year but can’t seem to find many in the area but don’t have the funds to travel to qualify

McConnell Eden (Dumfries , 2021-10-27)


There is a real need for more M&M qualifiers North of the border.

Mclean Julie (Lockerbie, 2021-10-27)


We are keen competitors and would love to compete at the RI with our M&Ms but are not prepared to subject our ponies to hours on the lorry. We have competed for 6 years at the RI with plaited ponies but have failed to contest the M&M classes as we simply don’t have the qualifiers in the area.

Schaible Nicola (Darlington, 2021-10-27)


The north is an extremely strong area in showing and NPS shows closer to home would mean this could be exhibited more.

Sophie Barlow (Blackpool, 2021-10-27)


The north does not stop at Manchester. The NPS was trying to discourage travelling too far for qualifiers. Riders in the true North East of England need a local qualifier

Fawcett Mardy (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2021-10-27)


There is no way near enough northern qualifiers. It’s not fair!

Jade Knipe (Kendal , 2021-10-27)


I am signing because we live in the north of Scotland and need to travel 5 hours just to reach the middle of Scotland (perth shire area)

So for us to compete in the north of England we are 8 hours traveling the day before and show and then always need to stay after the show to make the 8 hour drive back north

Kennedy Lisa (Halkirk, 2021-10-27)


My daughter loves this sport

Steve Palmer (Cumbria, 2021-10-27)


There are no local qualifiers, this seems acutely unfair and hinders the showing calendar having to work around distances.

Pearson Emma (Poulton-le-fylde, 2021-10-27)


I’m signing due to the lack of northern qualifiers

Dennison Shirley (Carnforth, 2021-10-27)


Despite us all being members of the ‘National’ Pony Society, we are penalised by living in the North . It seems unfair that the majority of qualifiers have been allocated to the south. We only have one qualifier in Scotland which is a 12 hour round trip for us from the far north. It’s unbelievable that the only other possible qualifier for us in the north of England clashes with our Scottish date .

More Isabel (Wick, 2021-10-28)


Less distance less stress for equines is a worthwhile cause!

Jubb Shirley (Halifax, 2021-10-28)


There are so many horses all over the country, northern competitors she be included in some shows being more accessible for us all.

Gough Shona (Halkirk, 2021-10-28)


My daughters are both keen riders

Hannah Hope (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2021-10-28)


It’s funny how NPS always state how we shouldn’t travel ponies up and down the country week in week out, but do not put any qualifiers in a radius atleast 2 hours for us northern folk and even further for Scotland. There are plenty of people and equestrian centres to be able to hold them.

Ross Amy (Northallerton, 2021-10-28)


RI qualifiers at Heather Metcalf’s show. Brilliant venue, arena snd parking .
Graham Barclay course builder . Well run and safe show .

Punshon Claire (Preston, 2021-10-28)


We should not have to travel so far for these qualifications

Whitaker (Dalbeattie, 2021-10-28)


Rachel Starkey

Rachel Starkey (Cleator, 2021-10-28)


Every rider needs a fair chance to qualify, so disheartening for the young riders coming through in the north not to even have a chance.

Gemma Baker (Whitehaven , 2021-10-28)


We have WHP from cradle stakes to intermediate. I would like to see qualifiers in the north, as in Northumberland, Co Durham and Cumbria, there are organisers who are more than qualified and capable of running them, pretty please can we have some qualifiers up here

Jenny Deary (Durham, 2021-10-28)


It’s about time we were given the chance of a northern qualifier

Tracey Brooks (Kendal, 2021-10-28)


I believe with no qualifying shows in the north, ponies are being disadvantaged by increased travel time

Sarah sarah (Carlisle, 2021-10-29)


We need qualifiers in the North as others are miles away.

MacLeod Jane (Dollar, 2021-10-29)


Support showing in north of England & Scotland.

Pamela Fitzsimmons (Armadale, 2021-10-29)


I think riders in the north struggle to achieve their potential due to the distance they have to travel to qualify

Janet Bland (Kendal, 2021-10-29)


We need northern qualifiers for our northern riders

Padgett Julie (Lancaster, 2021-10-30)


We needs Northern qualifiers

Joanne Heap (Barrow in Furness , 2021-10-31)


As a mum of a competitive rider who competes in m&m wh, I would appreciate qualifiers further north. As we are from Caithness, we have to travel our horses many hours to reach any large show and it’s such a shame that we have only one qualifier for the whole of Scotland.

Lesley Oag (Thurso, 2021-10-31)


It does not seem fair that there is no s as available qualifiers within the Northern region

Jardine Suzanne (Lockerbie , 2021-10-31)


I would like a qualifier in Cumbria

turner emily (Barrow In Furness, 2021-11-04)


We have so few on Scotland too and have to tag el so far so northern England would be a good start

Jump Carol (Alexandria, 2021-11-04)


I would like to see more qualifiers in the northern area

Rothwell Samantha (Cleator Moor, 2021-11-04)


We need more qualifiers in the North

Gillian Brass (Appleby , 2021-11-06)


As horses travelling for hours at a time has become a welfare issue, why is there no qualifiers inCumbria or Lancashire. We live on Walney island and it takes us a hour to get to the m6 never Mind a show

Claire Hayton (Barrow-in-furness, 2021-11-07)


My young daughter has just started working Hunter classes. These classes need to be encouraged in all locations to encourage the next generation.

Grant Mary-Jo (Fortrose, 2021-11-08)

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