UK Referendum on Immigration & Case for Net Zero - For Immigration



Mass immigration is damaging the UK's way of life and infrastructure.

Paul Sheehan (Coventry, 2021-10-18)


We are overcrowded and our services are stretched.

James Smithurst (Derbyshire , 2021-10-19)


I am sick of illegal scroungers turning g up on our beaches and being provided with 4* hotels and then housing. Why are the british put behind these people. Where is the war in france? As a tax payer I am fed up paying for these people when we have british people living on the streets.

Karen Jervis (CHRISTCHURCH, 2021-10-19)


The Conservative government clearly has no intention whatsoever of stopping this fiasco, it is all just words.

Chris Ward (Sutton Coldfield, 2021-10-19)


Migration is a net cost to the people of this country. I do not want the dilution of our culture.

christopher dee (bedford, 2021-10-19)


I want immigration control

Robert Pinnington (Caernarfon , 2021-10-19)


We losing our country and to many lives are being put at risk

Dean Southam (Shipston on stour , 2021-10-19)


I'm really concerned about the safety of the indigenous people of this country, and we are unable to finance unlimited immigration.We don't have enough resources for our own vulnerable people

Sue Bush (Warrington, 2021-10-19)


ILLEGAL immigration is not legal. Parliament has a responsibility to protect and safeguard their inhabitants from fire, danger and sword, in whatever forms these manifest. This ILLEGAL invasion is not acceptable to the British people. Why is government allowing ILLEGAL immigrants escort to our shores when there is no distress signal as to danger of life? There is mounting public anger because of what is going on.

Elizabeth Bygrave (Bognor Regis , 2021-10-19)


I feel it needs sorting once and for all

James McDonald (Liverpool , 2021-10-19)


Unlimited illegal immigration is putting us all at severe risk of even more terrorism!

Denis Bylett (Worcester park, 2021-10-19)


Lost all faith in government, well me personally the whole of Parliament

Kathleen Gee (Northampton, 2021-10-19)


Immigration and asylum needs to STOP

Dominic Lye (Benfleet, 2021-10-19)


I feel the needs of illegal immigrants are being put befor the needs if British people

Alison Winterburn (Dumfries, 2021-10-19)


Illegal immigration is one of the greatest dangers to Britain, and the British people.

Carol Boultby (Nottingham, 2021-10-19)


In the last five years my tiny market town has been over run with so called asylum seekers (all young men in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s) mostly are of Muslim decent from Africa, Syrian area & surrounding countries & strangely Romania. I have tracked them dealing drugs all over this town personally. We are the perfect target 3 top class schools plus the other schools. On a normal day around 6000 school kids in town shipped in from surrounding villages up to 15 miles away by bus. Draw your own conclusions. We have more hairdressers and fast food outlets run by these people than you can swing a stick at and are unless you are completely oblivious typical drug dealing fronts.

Paul Shaw (Sleaford, 2021-10-20)


The present gov promised to secure our borders they have not done so. We need to know who is /is not entering our country for many reasons, you would not let all and sundry through your front or back door at your home without knowing who what or why was entering so why should our country be subjected to this invasion.

Richard Stevens (Bristol, 2021-10-20)


Immigration needs to be reduced massively

Terri Underhill (Bristol , 2021-10-20)


our immigration system is not fit for purpose and uncontrolled immigration is a threat to the indigenous people of this country

Julia Green (Loughborough, 2021-10-20)


I've had enough

Jesse Pryke (Chelmsford, 2021-10-20)


I am fed up with the amount of our Green-belt land being turned into concrete. We are the Third most populated Island in the world.

Michael Pursglove (Pevensey Bay, 2021-10-20)


Torys are a joke and putting us Bris in danger.

Mandy Oxenham (Bristol, 2021-10-21)


Im sick to death of Boris and Patels open borders policy sick to death of Boris,s silence on the subject.Sick to death of Patels lies on the subject close our borders Now.

clark Alan (Berkhamsted, 2021-10-21)


Immigration is out of control

John O Rourke (Liverpool, 2021-10-21)



Gary lever (Hastings, 2021-10-21)


Now I don't feel safe in my own country.

Robert Flint (Co Durham, 2021-10-21)


We need control

Black Craig (Atherstone, 2021-10-21)


I'm signing because our government conned us to win the election

Guy G (Northwich, 2021-10-21)


I am sick to the back teeth of this CONservative goverment keep letting the immigrants into this country & looking after them better than it's own people...

Mike Edge (Manchester, 2021-10-21)


Its getting ridiculous

Ben Rackley (London , 2021-10-21)


Had enough of the corrupt Tory scum

Gary Powell (White - English, 2021-10-21)


We desperately need ZERO for at least 5 years

Linda De la Rue (Horley, 2021-10-21)


This country is over populated with thousands on benefits and taking our housing stock while we have our own people sleeping on the streets as well as these people being thousands and pensioners living on a pittance after a life time off paying into our system where is the justice in this soon we will be a 3 rd world nation living under sharia law if nothing is done to repatriate all this live by sharia laws we are a Christian nation so they adapt or they are removed

S O’keeffe (Manchester , 2021-10-21)


Dont like how this country is changing

Martin Woodhouse (Cannock, 2021-10-21)


We already are suffering from pressure on all of our services, and housing, and the country can't sustain continued increases of hundreds of thousands of immigrants year on year, and it needs to stop asap.

Barry Hoad (Basildon, 2021-10-21)


I’m signing this because I’m frustrated with the Tories who are not dealing with the illegal immigrants coming to this country.

Luke Syrett (Oswestry , 2021-10-21)


We are full up with economic migrants.

William Nash (Caterham, 2021-10-21)


We are over populated.

Huggett Ray (Stanford-le-hope, 2021-10-21)


I’m signing this because until they have paid into the system then they shouldn’t get all the freebies at a cost to the older generation who have paid in all there lives

David Greenberry (Nottinghamshire , 2021-10-21)


We are overpopulated and our services cannot cope

White Colin (Great Yarmouth, 2021-10-21)


Immigrants are failing to integrate into British society/ communities

James Robinson (TAUNTON, 2021-10-21)


Our country is being destroyed and our cultures and safety lost!

Day Peter (Hoddesdon, 2021-10-21)


So sick of those we elected to protect us and our country which our family members who fought and gave their lives for this country and our good treating us with contempt aiding economic illegal migrants to enter our country day and night and to make us pay more and more tax in every way to give them all a life of living for free While so many of us have not enough money left because of rising taxes to feed and heat and to have any quality of life at all

Catherine Cockburn (Dunbar , 2021-10-21)


This country has lost its identity.

Moran Pete (Maidstone, 2021-10-21)


Uncontrolled mass immigration, has been the main factor in rapid UK population growth: from 58.3 million in 1997 to 66.8 million in 2019, an increase of 8.5 million in 22 years,
- an average annual growth of 386,000.

Steve Unwin (Shaftesbury, 2021-10-21)


We are being overrun by illegal immigrants, we are not the welfare state of the world. All these freeloaders have to be paid for & it is ghe taxpayers who do this.

Paul Sargeant (Rotherham , 2021-10-21)


This country is full and has been for decades, also these so called migrants could pose a threat to the stability and Christian roots of the country.

John Dixon (Frimley, 2021-10-21)


I have seen how our great country has changed beyond all recognition in the last 40 years because of immigration. It has become unsafe because of migrants. Governments have truly let the people of the UK down.

Terry Callister (Thornton Clevelrys, 2021-10-21)


We already have a high population density, are giving homes and benefits to immigrants ahead of veterans and our native culture is being taken over by imported cultures

Tony Edwardson (Milton Keynes, 2021-10-21)


Sick of our government ignoring the will of the people

Fiona Day (HODDESDON, 2021-10-21)


I never voted for the wholesale destruction of the British way of life.

Buckle Anthony (St.Leonards-on-Sea, 2021-10-21)


Illegal immigration is out of control

Jennifer Pinckston (Oxford, 2021-10-21)


I believe we should now stop all immigration into the UK. In fact we should be deporting anyone that it is here illegally.

Kevin Phillips (Stowmarket, 2021-10-21)


We cannot absorb these illegals , they cannot speak.our language and do ot bring anything to help our country .

Peter Winters (Wolverhampton, 2021-10-21)


Any more immigration and the islands will sink

Mark Brimson (Redruth, 2021-10-21)


Diversity means fewer white people.

Max Anderson (Leeds , 2021-10-21)


because we've got ex military sleeping on the streets yet where housing illegal immigrants

William Goulden (London, 2021-10-21)


Time for talking is long over and the time for action is long over due.

BILLY MARTIN (King's Lynn, 2021-10-21)


This issue needs addressing, and the conservative government aka Johnson and his Home Secretary Patel are doing literally nothing.

James Horgan (Grimsby, 2021-10-22)


This country is.full and we need to look after our own first and not the rest of the World.

Bob Fielding (Stoke on trent, 2021-10-22)


All this immigration has gone too far and needs stoppping now

Barry Barry (Bacup, 2021-10-22)


Government after government have failed to protect the British people from those who would destroy our way of life and who have a different moral compass.

Gary Leney (Crawley, 2021-10-22)


This country is turning into a third world country, not good

Gary Dennis (Northam , 2021-10-22)


Sick and tired of watching Government do nothing about the continued daily flow of illegals to our shores and put in hotels, fed, watered and given taxpayers money. What about our own on the streets. Charity begins at home.

Richens Andrea (Wallington, 2021-10-22)


I voted brexit because I was fed up with the extreme high rates of illegal immigration in the UK 🇬🇧 our government has let us down and done absolutely nothing! Took my vote under false promises and failed to listen to the British public, that's pure deception 😡😡

Tower Maria (Colchester , 2021-10-22)


Because we need to REDUCE our Population not increase it !Services will become untenable and potential Civil war will threaten us ! ALL immigration to stop ! We SHOULD train our OWN people ! No dole for fit trainees under 35 ! Period !

Robert Peckham (Eastbourne, 2021-10-22)


The subject that was uppermost in most peoples minds when we voted to leave the EU was, and is, uncontrolled immigration into our country. We are sick to death of government promises to kerb it but instead it has accelerated.

Aubrey Streeter (Llandysul, 2021-10-22)


I'm signing because this influx over the last few years is horrendous, me, I want to see a huge net reduction of the illegals as well.

Alan MacLellan (Mauchline, 2021-10-22)


There are enough people in the country, we don't need hundreds/thousands of people from other countries who will make no contribution.

John Barley (Beverley, 2021-10-22)


We are full and can't house the people that are here.

Michael Blinkhorne (Corringham, essex, 2021-10-22)


I'm sick of veterans being ignored and these immigrants being given houses that the electorate has paid for. Genuine refugees not included

Margaret McLeod (Helensburgh, 2021-10-22)

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