Save Cayley Kiosk



This kiosk has been such a part of our family life for yrs and is going as strong as ever. A faceless replacement will not be the same. At least pass business rights on the the current occupier.

Vic Lees (Colwyn bay, 2021-10-10)


Whilst it is proposed that the two “outdated concession kiosks” will be removed, funding to replace is not in place. This means presumably that the people running them will lose their livelihoods. This is unacceptable. With no real community centre in Rhos, these two tea huts are meeting places for residents – and visitors – many of whom make often daily visits to interact with others and are their only point of contact with the outside world. The leasee of the Cayley tea hut, in particular, has been in place for 20 years and is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. The effect of their loss, even as a temporary measure until funding is found “under a separate scheme” is unfathomable. There is no doubt they should be replaced, but with buildings reflecting the period nature of the area. I recall assertions made previously by planners that they would be “Victorian” in design. I also note that no provision has been made for public toilets.

Christopher Proudlove (Rhos on Sea, 2021-10-10)


We’ve been going there over 15 years. It’ s one of our favourite destination

Firas Monajjed (Ellesmere Port , 2021-10-10)


I use this kiosk a lot, they’re always busy, and knocking it down doesn’t serve any useful purpose, and restricts trade, and removes a job lifeline.

Ian Ashton (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-10)


New kiosks should be included in the plans - they are needed and valued

Lynn Williams (Llanddulas , 2021-10-10)


The caykey kiosk on Rhos prom is a meeting place, a welcome break when walking, chios & hot choc on a chilly day, coke & ice-cream on a sunny day. A lifeline throughout covid lockdowns, a friendly chat on a lonely day. The kiosk is also a livelihood.

Lizzy Day (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-10)


It’s a great place to meet and have refreshments. A focal point for many.

Yvonne Donnelly (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-10)


I’m signing because these kiosks are part of the heritage of The Promenade. They are greatly used, reasonably priced . I use them a lot and to be honest I know if I go there I can have a nice coffee, the staff are lovely . I hate these new places who charge crazy prices for rubbish food . This is change for change sake 🥲

Cheryl Scott (Chester, 2021-10-10)


They have been there for many years and are a welcome rest stop when walking along the promenade

june powell (Deganwy, Conwy, 2021-10-11)


I use this kiosk regularly, and it's very popular with both locals and visitors.

Darren Anton (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks are an essential part of the promenade , they provide for locals and visitors alike . Just like abroad they enhance the atmosphere of holiday even during the winter.

David Anton (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


It's important to people that they stay open.. Its so nice to get a cuppa or something to eat while enjoying our beautiful Wales....

Lynn Betteridge (Colwyn bay, 2021-10-11)


Whenever I am in Rhos, there is nothing better than a cup of tea at the kiosk on the prom

Jean Hulme (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


This kiosk is part of our community and needs to stay

Anne Lloyd (Colwyn bay, 2021-10-11)


The Cayley kiosk is an essential part of mine and my children's daily lives. The staff are loby and Mr Salem is amazing with my kids, 2 of whom have additional needs. It is one place we can always go without being judged and are accepted wholly, just the way we are.

Tracy Holtom (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


I use this lovely kiosk with my elderly mother who needs a drink after walking from the shops several times a week.
Save the livelihood of the staff.

Nat west (Holywell, Flintshire, 2021-10-11)


We love this place visit every day .and staff and customers alike are the best .and it's been a haven for so many people both during lock down and after .it should never be taken away

Sharon Bell (Rhos on sea , 2021-10-11)


It's a great asset to the prom

Steve Clubbe (Birkenhead , 2021-10-11)


I love having the kiosks there and use them all the time!! It’s a great livelihood for the people who run them and great for us customers too.

Kate Edwards (Old Colwyn , 2021-10-11)


I'm a regular visitor to Cayley Promenade and the kiosk as a member of MX5 North Wales and visit with my family for days out. The kiosk is a huge part of the attraction and simply should not be allowed to close. It would be significantly detrimental to the experience and the loss of the amenity would have a real impact on the area.

Stephen Starkey (Liverpool , 2021-10-11)


The kiosks on the Cayley Prom are a vital part of our community plus for visitors. Moussa Salem and the other kiosk owners have done an excellent service over the years. It would be wrong to take away their livelihood and the service they supply to the community.

Beth Burke (Rhos on Sea, 2021-10-11)


We use this kiosk as our meeting point

Mark Evans (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


It's been there for as long as I can remember, I even bought my heart name badge there back in 74, stop knocking down our memories

Karen Griffiths (Penrhynside, 2021-10-11)


The Cayley Kiosk is a vital part of our community.

Natural Choice (Eglwysbach, 2021-10-11)


Why would you want to get rid of one of the best things in Rhos? The Cayley Kiosk is a local business, part of history and a very sociable and positive thing.

Ben Proudlove (Rhos-on-Sea, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks are great resting points when walking the promenade and provide much needed refreshments! They are also part of the history of Rhos on Sea!

Nigel Morris (Denbigh, 2021-10-11)


We visit Rhos on Sea regularly, and Cayley kiosk is a focal point, we use it as a meeting point with friends, we have coffee, icecream eventime we visit. The pavement is extremely wide for pedestrian s and cyclists.

Sheila Rodenhurst (Wrexham, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks are important to residents and tourists and add to the character of this seaside village. Refurbished but also reinstated should be included within the proposals from the outset.

Joanne Jones (Rhos-on-Sea, 2021-10-11)


The kiosk is an important part of the community and supports people's mental health and well being. Rhos on sea has a charm of it's own, it doesn't need to be turned into another concrete jungle.

Pam Wilkinson (Llandudno, 2021-10-11)


I live locally and regularly enjoy visiting the Cayley kiosk- have done for years

Lizzy Hill (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


The Cayley Kiosk is a social gathering place . It gives a lot of people a reason to go out for a walk

Christine Hulme (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


It's always busy,a lot of the older generation use it as a meeting place

Toria Westwood (Colwyn bay, 2021-10-11)


We love taking the kids for an ice cream at one of the kiosks after a walk on the beach - it's tradition

Kate Hamilton (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


I’m signing because I believe that the kiosks provide very well for local people and holidaymakers when enjoying the views from the promenade. They also provide drinks and food at a fair price.

Ann d’Albuquerque (Eglwysbach, 2021-10-11)


It's a welcome break from a long walk..and great food.

John Winch (Colwyn bay , 2021-10-11)


The kiosks are an integral part of the prom. We don’t want a massive cycle path for cyclists to speed past with their heads down.

Laura Lloyd (Holywell , 2021-10-11)


Major community benefit to the elderly and attractive to families when on holiday as provides affordable alternative to cafes in town and which are next to the beach.

Colin Sykes (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


The kiosk is a major part of the community. I meet friends there. It is a life line for many elderly people. It is a cheap place to eat for families that are visiting the area when children are playing on the beach.

Gill Sykes (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


The facility provided by these small independent businesses to visitors
along the prom is more important than giving more space to the visitors - without these businesses, there will be less visitors!

Peter Oldland (Pickmere , 2021-10-11)


I am signing because the kiosks are any important part of the promenade for many years. Yes they do need refurbishment, but they should not be removed without replacements.

Philiip Roberts (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


I object to the demolition of these kiosks.

Heddwen Evans (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


I am signing as these kiosks are a fundamental part of our lives as locals. I cannot remember a time I did not go to them many times during the year. They are a meeting place for dog walkers and a lovely place to sit when having walked on our delightful promenade.

Angela lloyd (Colwyn bay, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks provides a meeting place for local people who may live alone to meet up with friends .
Tourist also know about these kiosks who may of been coming for many years. Without these kiosks there will be nothing on the prom to attract people and people won't have anywhere to stop have a brew and some food which is enjoyed by hundreds of people

Eirlys Oneill (Rhos on sea colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


I totally agree! These are wonderful focal points and the plans look sterile without them!!!

Fiona Beavan (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


Use kiosks when walking dog on beach,
Also meet at cars & coffee on prom 1 a month, with like minded enthusiasts.

david evans (Rhyl, 2021-10-11)


These kiosks are essential to the area and local economy

Frank Stephens (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


I'm signing because of the detrimental effect this would have on the community and to the staff in the kiosk.

Denise Donovan (Colwyn Bay , 2021-10-11)


When considering ‘improvements’, social aspects of commercial buildings are often missed or overlooked. However, kiosks provide an inexpensive and highly valuable social service to the local community and visitors alike. They are a key feature of the Rhos seafront, so the removal or change of them will remove a usp for which Rhos is well known. Please consider wisely!

Graham Robertshaw (Ruthin, 2021-10-11)


The Kiosks are an important part of the Promenade, providing an essential facility for visitors and local people alike. The Council seem hell bent on a misguided process of Gentrification, and a desire to drive unwilling customer's to the debacle that is Porth Eirias

Rob Redhead (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


Nan works there

Liam Upright (Llandudno , 2021-10-11)


We love this kiosks food and drinks. It never fails to please.

S Jane Laine (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


I ,& many others, make good use of The Cayley kiosk all year round, not just in the summer. I live local & use the kiosk several times a week when walking from Colwyn Bay in to Rhos. It's somewhere to sit, catch up with friends & also enjoy the view whilst having a coffee & bite to eat. I'm amazed it's even being contemplated re demolishing.

Jenny Debar (CONWY, 2021-10-11)


Ruining the sea fronts bio diversify, this side of the beach is completely unlike the Bay end for raising the beach level, kiosks and shelter loss is a backwards step along with making this section 1 way ,a wider cycle path that then starts and finishes into single one will not encourage cyclists, the serious cyclist will still use the road and again be more dangerous as it will be a single lane

John Taylforth (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


I use the service when attending club meetings of Cars and Coffee
MX-5 North Wales

Allan Owens (Wrexham , 2021-10-11)


We need these little kiosks . Why do the council, who we pay decide what is right and what is wrong for our resorts along the CCBC stretch. Enough is enough ,they have taken away enough already

Pat Thomas (Llandudno, 2021-10-11)


I think it would a mistake to get rid of the kiosks as they are very popular with both locals and tourists. It will leave the prom with just one kiosk !! Considering the length of the prom this is a bad decision

Lesley Stephens (Abergele, 2021-10-11)


We need these community hubs,lots of people meet here daily for a coffee and a chat.It’s time you listened to the people who put you in your jobs

Chris Moore (Rhyl, 2021-10-11)


This and the other kiosks are a unique part of our promanade, please save. Yes revamp but let the owners stay - they do a wonderful service for locals and visitors alike. A thriving business and a vital part of our resort.

Linda Dennis (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


Good luck with campaign. Dont forget there are elections next year!!!!!!!!

Gwyn Hughes (Aberegele, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks have a tremendous following from a cross section of society.
Excellent from use when walking,cycling and other associated pursuits

Colin Griffiths (Holywell, 2021-10-11)


I use this to meet friends

Jayne Lowe (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


The kiosk is part of the community, a great meeting place in the healthy outdoors.

Karen Sparrow (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


These kiosks have been a staple for locals and holiday makers. They need to stay!!

Kate Roberts (COLWYN BAY, 2021-10-11)


Regeneration is a better idea, these are fabulous for visitors and locals alike.

Elizabeth Chan (Colwyn bay Conwy, 2021-10-11)


They are a quaint addition to the facilities which are used by locals and holidaymakers

John Bircumshaw (Colwyn Bay , 2021-10-11)


These kiosks are important to the community in terms of providing a livelihood and an avenue for people to socialise as well as a service to the visitors.

Tarek Matareed (Colwyn bay, 2021-10-11)


We regularly go to the prom at Rhos and to the regular coffee & car meets there on Sundays. We object strongly to Conwy council's heavy handed decision to just close the Cayley and other kiosks. How died does a bike path and footpath need to be??? They are already very wide.

Sue Ward (Llanfairfechan, 2021-10-11)


This is such an important coffee kiosk for everyone , families, elderly , walkers and cyclist
Will you be happy to close every kiosk and prevent people stopping for a rest and drinks , listen to the public for a change , it’s a life saver for some people

Val Moore (Bodelwyddan, 2021-10-11)


They are a vital part of the prom. A tourist attraction and locals use the kiosks daily.
You could sell a plot of land for the owner to build a specific structure that's already been approved but then the person would own it.

D Lester-Owen (Rhos-on-Sea, 2021-10-11)


I value these kiosks in Rhos and I know many people living here feel the same.

Paul Donovan (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


Don't believe they should be demolished. Loved by locals and holiday makers. A meeting place and lifeline for some.

Dee Sproston (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


It's a lovely place to get a drink and food.

Carly Banks (Warrington, 2021-10-11)


So many people use these kiosks, they're part of the community. Older people use them to meet and chat with others, they help reduce social isolation. Remember that being isolated has a massive negative impact on mental health. They help encourage many to go for a walk, improving fitness, do not remove them

Claire Arthur (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


I think the kiosks are a much used and loved asset to our lovely area. It is wrong that people's livelihoods are being taken away with no alternative in place.

Linda McDowell (Rhos on Sea, 2021-10-11)


I believe this is a vital part of our community

Sakeena Roberts (Rhos on sea, 2021-10-11)


These kiosk are a great resource in our community, for people to meet up and have a chat. These were a God send in the pandemic for those who live alone, who stopped for a cuppa on their daily walk. Don't take away our seaside.

Tracy Kendall (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


I'm signing because I feel that the kiosks and shelters are what the seaside is about. They are well loved and regularly used by ourselves and most people that we know, as well as visitors. Stupid idea to remove them before they have the money to replace them. They are of their time and an asset to the area.

Kim Russell (Rhos On Sea , 2021-10-11)


I’m signing because I want to save the Cayley kiosk. It’s always the place where my family and friends gather when we come to Rhos-On-Sea. There is a lot of happy moments there and I dont want Conwy council to ruin our best memories like this

Thi Thu (Llandudno, 2021-10-11)


I am objecting to the proposed plans by Conwy Council to demolish the kiosks on the Rhos on Sea Promenade. These kiosks are a vital link to people's wellbeing. Many folk meet up and socialize at these kiosks. Come on Conwy Council, if you demolish these kiosks, you are directly having a negative effect people's mental and physical health. They are unique and priceless. Please think of the important things in life.

Helen Prentice (OLD COLWYN, 2021-10-11)


I live very close to the Kiosks and walk there regularly to meet friends. It is my regular exercise. I wouldn’t be walking on the Promenade if the kiosks were not there. Place to sit and recover with a nice cup of tea.

Pat Roberts (Rhos on Sea, 2021-10-11)


The Cayley kiosk is a very popular place for people to visit after often travelling for long distances to Rhos or Colwyn Bay Lt is a place for resting.

Sheila and David Hill (Stoke on Trent, 2021-10-11)


I live in Rhos-on-Sea and feel the kiosks bring people together and are a valuable asset the the local community and public in general. And provide employment too.

Evelyn Doyle (Rhos-on-Sea , 2021-10-11)


I am disabled and find it difficult to go in and out of cafes so the Cayley Kiosk is so easy for me to access. The staff are helpful and the food and drinks are of a high standard especially the cleanliness.

Susan Parsonage (Wrexham, 2021-10-11)


The Cayley Kiosk plays a vital role for the Community of Rhos-On-Sea. It is a wonderful place for local people to meet especially for those who live alone. The kiosk provides food and drinks at reasonable prices for families on a budget. It is perfectly situated for locals and tourists alike visiting the beach or when enjoying a walk down the promenade. Our kiosks need to stay!

Helen Dilworth (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


I’m signing because we all love the promenade kiosks. The council says it will replace them with new ones, but it appears they don’t have the money.
Leave these honest, hard-working business people alone.

Phil Hartley-Williams (Old Colwyn, 2021-10-11)


This is so wrong. The kiosks are part of Rhos history and a large part of many people's life and a very important meeting place for locals and visitors to the area

Andrew Ellis (Llandudno junction, 2021-10-11)


These kiosks, provide a meeting place , kept people going before during , and will after covid . Why take community assets.

Kay Saxton (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


These kiosks are part of Rhos, many people use these kiosks, meeting up with friends, grandchildren, even as I did, out on my mobility scooter, stop for a coffee around 5pm, when people had departed back home, and there is always someone there to have a chat with.
The council most NOT destroy them!!!!!

Angie Tompkins (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)



Nadiah Mckeown (Rhos-on-Sea , 2021-10-11)


I like supporting small & independent businesses.

Owen Jones (Colwyn Bay , 2021-10-11)


We use this little kiosk regularly. I work for a home for people with disabilities and we all find great pleasure visiting here most weeks.

Angharad Radley (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks should not be knocked down until new kiosks have been built for them to transfer into at similar terms. They are essential not only to the tourism in the area, but for the local community as well.

Sandy Crosby (Colwyn Bay, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks in question are an integral part of the character of Rhos promenade. There is adequate room currently to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. Conway Council need to seriously have a re-think about this decision. People’s livelihoods are at risk, along with the enjoyment of many visitors to the town. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Glenn Nield-Siddall (Prestatyn , 2021-10-11)


The Cayley kiosk was a lifeline for myself and my friend when cafes couldn’t open , it’s an amazing kiosk run by truly lovely people, it’s one thing to take them away but not to put them back is disgusting haven’t these people lost enough money

Fiona mccrea (Deganwy, 2021-10-11)


I love drinking a cup of tee watching the sea but only from there.

Jeffrey Priddin (Chester, 2021-10-11)


The kiosks have been there for years it’s wrong to remove them, we as a community love them as well as visitors.

Megan Rogers (Conwy, 2021-10-11)


These kiosks are a vital part of the history and a vital part of today.
Please leave them alone.

Jeannie Davies (Isle of Anglesey, 2021-10-12)

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