We don’t need to lose any car parking.
Businesses in town centre need more car parking. Parking access is needed from this car park for all.

Jan Kirby (Hinckley, 2021-10-05)


We cannot lose anymore car parking.
Businesses in the town centre need more car parking not less. Parking access is needed from this car park for everyone whether shoppers, those with less mobility and the shops for loading access.

Debbie Heron (Hinckley, 2021-10-05)


I’m a business owner in Hinckley and I cannot understand why you want to get rid of something that brings in revenue to replace with something that you have to pay out to keep tidy. It’s utter madness!! Why are you throwing our money away?

Maggie Hitchins (Broughton Astley, 2021-10-05)


This denies disabled access to the town
It is a waste of council funds on a project which does not benefit the town.

Richard Beaumont (Hinckley , 2021-10-06)


We need to encourage shopping in the Hinckley town centre to protect and aid our small businesses. Please do not get rid of the car park it is good to have a choice of car park and it encourages the shoppers.

Christine Buxton (Burbage, 2021-10-06)


We dont have enough car parking spaces in Hinckley for keeping footfall and shopping in the town centre , with rising rent & council rates town centre shops will struggle to survive

Jamie Hunt (Leicester , 2021-10-06)


We need a car park not more green space

Lynnette Lee (Hinckley , 2021-10-06)


I think the parking desperately needs to be retained to help the trade of town centre businesses.

Huw Williams (Barwell , 2021-10-06)


Closing this car park will have a devastating effect on local businesses.

Lucy Roosmale-Cocq (Lutterworth , 2021-10-06)


It is madness as it’s hard enough to park in hinckley and be able to get to the middle of town for the disabled as you could park at the bottom of castle street and have to climb the hill and there is no parking at the top apart from the old co-op which to far away. Q

Joanne Bevington (Leicestershire, 2021-10-06)


it will damage the businesses in the town and disadvantage shoppers

linda flower (hinckley, 2021-10-06)


We need to save our small businesses

Alison Perry (Hinckley, 2021-10-06)


Hinckley needs all the parking spaces it has especially this carpark which means elderly, disabled and those with medical conditions can reach the mid to upper castle street with greater ease.
Adding more green space or a mix at this location is going to add little benefit.

Russell Roberts (Barwell, 2021-10-06)


I think it’s ridiculous what the council are proposing! Are they trying to shut down every business in the town centre?! We’ve already got green space!! Give me a break

Talya Brooks (Leicester , 2021-10-06)


I use the car and it's perfectly positioned for the top of town and has disableD bays.

C H (Hinckley, 2021-10-06)


Mobility is a big issue for me and to be able to get half way up Castle Street in a car makes life so much easier. Unfortunately I am not eligible for a disability sticker!

Geraldine Amison (Hinckley , 2021-10-06)


I use this car park. It is much needed

Stella Weston (Leicester, 2021-10-06)


I’m signing because this car park is the main staple parking facility in Hinckley with access to shops for those especially with mobility problems, for businesses and market stall holders. Parking is enough of a problem in Hinckley without limiting it further. There is no call for a further garden - we have Argents Mead. Please listen to what people need.

Alison Goodwin (Burbage, 2021-10-06)


As a town centre retailer, Hinckley Chamber of Trade committee member and ex town centre partnership director, it is my belief that since the relocation of the leisure centre to the mead without adequate ( actually without any ) parking provision, short say parking has been increasingly squeezed. This has had a lasting and detrimental effect on footfall along Castle Street. Closing/ redeveloping church walk car park will further compound this problem and almost certainly result in the collapse of many businesses in the town centre. It is a key retail car park given its size and location. If the council are naive enough to think that this won’t happen, then think back to what happened to all those businesses on Regents Street when they lost their on-street customer parking to a pseudo pedestrianisation with Bus lane!

During my stint as a TCP director, the total town centre business rateable value came in at around £7.5 million (this figure predates the Crescent and Aldi s and so I suspect that this figure is now, well in excess of £10 million. Should this development go ahead and cause the collapse of many businesses in the town centre, then who is going to pick this tab up?

Karl Brooks (Hinckley, 2021-10-06)


I use the car park to visit Hinckley

Juan Joubert (Burbage , 2021-10-06)


That car park is always busy closing it would create a huge issue with parking for visitors thereby affecting traffic and trade

Dawn Warrington (Burbage, 2021-10-06)


It is the right thing to do to sign this!

Lucy Locker (Hinckley , 2021-10-07)


This is a much needed car park in the town and ideal for people with mobility issues to gain access to the shops half walk up Castle Street.

Deb Cull (Hinckley, 2021-10-07)


This is a silly idea we rely on this car park heavily to get to the shops due to it being at the top of town its easy access to the shops for everyone. I spoke to a disabled lady and she said she wouldn't come town if this car park was removed. Its going to impact on all the businesses that are trying to survive in a town that has lost businesses over the last 2 years. We don't need anymore green space. There are more houses being built over the next few years we need these car park spaces

Natalie Rossa (Hinckley, 2021-10-07)


This car park provide good access to the town centre, church and leisure centre. The leisure centre carpark is very small so this carpark is much needed.

Joanne Green (Earl Shilton, 2021-10-07)


It would be a disgrace for the council to get rid of this car park it would affect residents of Hinckley and local businesses

Liz Gregory (Hinckley , 2021-10-07)


We do not want to lose anymore businesses!

Karen Goodall (Hinckley, 2021-10-07)


This would have a significant negative impact on many small businesses in the town.

Kathryn Bullock (Leicester, 2021-10-07)


Those with limited mobility such as myself can find parking and walking into town very hard. Having parking right up by Castle Street makes accessing the shops possible. If it is removed many people are likely to find getting in to town more difficult.

Helen Gray (Leicestershire , 2021-10-07)


I want to support business in Hinckley and accessibility for all to town centre

Julie Hargrave (Hinckley, 2021-10-07)


There is no need for another garden.
It’s a waste of money and a thoughtless use of converting an area into green space - as it’s not that larger an area to put such effort into.

We need car parking spaces to park to access shops and keep businesses alive and thriving.
There are a lot of people in Hinckley with limited mobility too, who need to park close to Castle St shops.

Lucy Hogg (Burbage Hinckley , 2021-10-07)


Its a great car park. I can not walk far and have a blue badge . Its ridiculous to close it. How come I have not heard about it. Very angry about this.

Rachael Upton (Leicestershire, 2021-10-07)


As a disabled person and wheelchair user, church walk car park is the most convenient location for me. It's easily and safely practical with disabled bays. As opposed to parking in Britannia centre, I feel safe, there's plenty of space to manoeuvre, no heavy doors to open and close. The road has sensible dropped kerbs, unlike the car park on stockwell head. It would be a real shame to develop this much needed space. I would struggle to shop in Hinckley without this carpark. The shops in Castle Street would suffer too, don't you think they find trade difficult enough as it is?

Susan Corbett (Hinckley , 2021-10-07)


The car park is essential for the prosperity of the main town centre

Anna Lewis (Hinckley, 2021-10-07)


to save hinckleys shops and businesses

mrs samantha de wit (LE10 3LG, 2021-10-07)


I'm signing as because without this car park many people with disabilities wouldn't be able to access Hinckley Town centre independently.

Keep this car park.

Claire Travis (Stoney Stanton , 2021-10-07)


The council should not be squanders money on ‘pet’ projects. Helping business not hindering would be a good start.

Garry Hargraves (HINCKLEY, 2021-10-07)


I am a regular user of this car park when collecting plants from the market

Don Webb (Earl Shilton , 2021-10-07)


I do not want the Church Walk car park to close. There are not enough car parks in Hinckley as it is. It is convenient for the park and the shops. The leisure centre car park is often full and the Britannia car park is under used , because too many people are getting parking tickets, when parking there, so won’t use it now. So we need all the council car parks that are in Hinckley, not have them closed.

Catherine Greenwell (Hinckley, 2021-10-07)


This car park is a requirement to keep the town going. We have already lost shops taking away this car park will make it harder for people to get parked therefore putting people off coming to the town. The car parks in Hinckley are already a joke, I tried to park in the one near st Mary’s school there were 4/5 spaces that couldn’t be used Fiume to poor parking making it difficult for me to collect my son from school. And the to have a traffic warden have a go because I had to park on a no parking zone due to this and couldn’t see the bigger issue that people would park if there was more accessible parking and the car parks where manned and poor Parker’s fined this would help. The town is dieing due to the poor council support and stupid ideas to remove car parks

Dee Carter (LEICESTER, 2021-10-07)


It's unnecessary to destroy more of Hinckley a d upper castle st trade.
Leave the area alone

Shirley Blyth (Hinckley , 2021-10-07)


Parking is already extremely limited, this idea will have an awful impact on local shops and residents.

Euan Wilkinson (Hinckley, 2021-10-08)


I use that car park as my mobility is very limited and that car park enables me to visit Castle Street -otherwise I would not be able to visit those shops at all Even the multi-storey car park is no use to me

Jacqui Hibbert (Nuneaton, 2021-10-08)


I have a disabled badge and use the Church Walk car perk to get access to Castle street, it allows me to access the middle, whereas if I park in another place I have to walk up or down the hill which I find difficult.

Lesley Gent (Hinckley, 2021-10-08)


I support Hinckley businesses which I shop at regularly and I don't want to see close

Gemma Spurling (Markfield, 2021-10-08)


Because of the removal or reduction of disabled parking planned.

Danny Swain (Leicestershire , 2021-10-08)


As a disabled person, this car park is essential for me, as I struggle getting up and down castle street.

Jazz Farmer-Furfaro (Leicester, 2021-10-09)


Hinckley Town centre has enough struggles, closing a car park that always seems to be busy makes no sense. Leave it be and spend the money elsewhere.

Barrie Thomas (Hinckley , 2021-10-09)


Another silly idea that we don’t want !

Jane Swain (Hinckley, 2021-10-10)


As a disabled person this car park is the most convenient way to access the town centre.

Beth Hone (Hinckley, 2021-10-11)


The town is already deeply damaged by the lack of parking. This would be the final straw for Castle St.

Dale Sugden (Hinckley, 2021-10-11)


I wish Church Walk Car Park to remain the same.

Stuart Pemberton (Hinckley, 2021-10-11)


This proposal is a huge waste of money.

Terry Bigley (Hinckley, 2021-10-11)


Michael Matthews

Michael Matthews (HINCKLEY, 2021-10-14)


The top of the town needs revitalising, not more green spaces! Argents Mead is a lovely park with lots of green space, flower displays and an excellent play area. There is absolutely no need for further green space in that area. Hinckley is very poorly served with car parking as it is, a major reason why people will drive to Fosse Park to shop rather than struggle to park in the town centre. The council should be addressing that problem instead of wasting time on airy fairy ideas that are hugely expensive and totally unnecessary!

John Stock (Hinckley, 2021-10-14)


I’m signing because I use this car park regularly for both personal reasons and business meetings. I find that it’s always in use and rarely empty, therefore, I’m astonished that closure is being considered for this much needed car park.

Louisa SandoPatel (Hinckley, 2021-10-17)


I use Hinckley Town centre and so does my disabled mum who parks in that car park. Without it she will not baable use some of the shops

Cath Scholey (Hinckley , 2021-10-19)

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