The removal of Jeremy Vine



Paul Seamons

Paul Seamons (BUNGAY, 2021-10-04)


He is an arrogant low life!!

Heather Mains (Blyth , 2021-10-04)


Coercion is in breach of the Nuremberg code

Beverley Thompson (Stoke-on-Trent, 2021-10-04)


Inciting torture and abuse to people he doesn't agree with. His opinion is a conflict of interest for someone who is in the media on TV and radio.

Sally Whiteside (Littlehampton, 2021-10-04)


This has got to stop ! We’ve had ENOUGH

Sharon Collins (Birmingham , 2021-10-04)


He is a cunt.

Steven Bishop (Dunfermline , 2021-10-04)


Beverley Mason

Beverley Mason (Irvine, 2021-10-04)


Kerry Helen John

Kerry John (Cardiff, 2021-10-04)



HELEN GOODWIN (Barry Cardiff, 2021-10-04)


Jeremy Vine's statement was totally abhorrent and he needs to be fired!

Eliza Davis (London, 2021-10-04)


'Hold them down by force'
Unacceptable comments.

Kelly Dover (CONSETT, 2021-10-04)



Owen Davis (Retford, 2021-10-04)


Jeremy Vine is blatantly anti, anti vaxxers or anyone who wants to exercise their human rights not to take an experimental mRNA Gene therapy. No mention of informed consent nor mention of the 1000s of vaccination deaths and adverse affects that have occurred. Totally biased and advocates holding people down to inject them against their will. This dangerous man should not be on television.

Garry Thurogood (Dunfermline, 2021-10-04)


Esther Hext

Esther Hext (Kent, 2021-10-04)


He is making comments saying people should be forcebly vaccinated.

Pauline Thompson (Retford , 2021-10-04)


Vine is a repugnant creature. Not only are his opinions odious, but his voice is intolerable too.

Joanne Khalaf (Tamworth , 2021-10-04)


Jeremy Vine does nothing but incite division.

Wayne Higgerson (Stratford-upon-Avon , 2021-10-04)


Mr D Johnson

D Johnson (Harrow Middx, 2021-10-04)


Simon Smith

Simon Smith (POOLE, 2021-10-04)


I’m signing because this kind of talk is very dangerous and quite frankly absurd. I found it highly offensive and absolutely outrageous. Forced medical interventions are absolutely abhorrent and anyone wishing this on another person is overstepping the mark especially someone with abit of clout.

Ami Cribb (Lincoln , 2021-10-04)


I used to really respect Jeremy Vine's impartiality, but sadly since Covid19 started this has vanished.

Lucy George (Retford, 2021-10-04)


Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett (cardiff, 2021-10-05)


Gillian Bateman

Gillian Bateman (Bradford, 2021-10-05)


Hate speach

mandy pilmoor (YORK, 2021-10-05)


Philip Michael Marshall

Philip Marshall (Dalton in Furness, 2021-10-05)


I am in total agreement with the reasons given on the petition

Anthony Martin (Kendal , 2021-10-05)


Vine is disgusting, he should be sacked!

Roger Clewlow (Stone, 2021-10-05)


This man is dangerous...he is so biased and unwilling to accept that there are people who do not go along with this ridiculous agenda. NO ONE should be coerced or forced into any medical procedure and these vaccines are yet to be fully tested and proved safe. He is inciting violence with his comments and this should not be allowed in any way by the media.

Lyn wall (Gloucester, 2021-10-05)


I disagree with him continually abusing the use of his platform to brainwash the public

Simone Broadhurst (Kidderminster , 2021-10-05)


Jeremy Vine is a despicable human being using his platform to scare people into getting the vaccine and allows no discussion about potent harms.

Amanda Owen (Peterborough , 2021-10-05)


He’s behaving like Mengele.

Sally Fowler (Trowbridge, 2021-10-05)


I hate JV.

Keith Mason (Skelmersdale , 2021-10-05)


This man is irresponsible, his viewpoint is biased and discriminatory & nasty. He is paid vast sums for being a substandard hack who parrots his masters’ script. Most of us can see him for what he is, but sadly he has damaged the health,confidence & psyche of many more vulnerable people . That cannot go unchallenged

Elayne Broadley (Glasgow, 2021-10-05)


Mr Vine is totally out of order saying people should be held down and forcibly jabbed. He should be sacked from his position as a presenter.

Rosalind Pay (Limassol , 2021-10-05)


Vine needs to be removed from online media because of his biased, ignorant and threatening rants.

Mike Bates (Maidstone, 2021-10-05)


This kind of signalling is unacceptable.

paul lewis (Kent, 2021-10-05)


Supporting medical fascism: so reminiscent of Nazi Germany

Zena Woodley (London, 2021-10-05)


He is a complete government shill

Gary Tasney (Chichester , 2021-10-05)


This is the sort of talk that started the holocaust, he needs to be sacked immediately !

Sean Casey (sunderland, 2021-10-05)


This is totally unacceptable he should be sacked.

Maureen Grieveson (Newcastle upon tyne, 2021-10-05)


Jeremy Vine is promoting hate speech and violence and should be removed from the airwaves. It's a thin line between hold them down and jab them to hold them down and rape them!



Steven Moore

Steven Moore (Gateshead Tyne and wear, 2021-10-05)


I believe this man is fueling an unsubstantiated level of fear to the public when he is supposed to be impartial.

Justin Harris (Abergavenny, 2021-10-05)


I can't punch him

Joanne Young (Hull , 2021-10-05)



gavin hines (Essex, 2021-10-05)


Vine is abusing his position and using his platform to encourage coercion, and even violent force, to inject people against their will with an experimental treatment they feel they do not need!

Vincent Bean (Sheerness, 2021-10-05)


Jeremy Vine Is out of control with regards to vaccines.

Dax Wozny (Kent, 2021-10-05)


Disgusting words

Robert Anderson (Invery, 2021-10-05)


Jeremy Vine should not be using a divisive agenda to divide our country. It is against the Nuremberg Code to force anyone into having a medical procedure. The jab does not protect anyone or prevent transmission and can be dangerous

Gwyneth Crandle (Doncaster, 2021-10-05)


Not impartial and trying to incite violence!

Angela Black (Newtownabbey, 2021-10-05)


We should not be subject to threats of violence.

Michael Grainge (Swindon, 2021-10-05)


I totally agree Jeremy Vine is a biased presenter both politically and pushes other left wing views through his various guests. This gives his programme on Channel 5 an unbalanced view where the majority of the public will not agree

Clive Smith (Maidstone , 2021-10-05)


Vine is a disease

Ed Stones (Nottingham , 2021-10-05)


Jeremy vine needs arresting.

Paul Chesterfield (Huntingdon, 2021-10-05)


I'm signing because it should each persons free choice whether to have the vaccine. Jeremy Vine is a bully and thinks he can use his position to bully others.

Merrill Beagles (Aldershot, 2021-10-05)


This is unacceptable behaviour by a TV/MSM person.
The vaccine has been proven to be near useless & has harmful side effects. For Mr Vine to suggest enforced coercion for this medical procedure is abhorrent.
He MUST be sacked immediately.

Jamie Charles (London, 2021-10-05)


The man is advocating violence by his remarks of " holding people down by force" to inject a substance which has caused more fatalities and serious post vaccination injuries than any other vaccination in memory. An extremely nasty and abhorrent statement to incite hatred.

Matthew Munson (Tadley, 2021-10-05)


I'm signing because these are completely unacceptable comments. No place in the modern world for this kind of talk

David Briscoe (Dinas Powys, 2021-10-05)


I am signing because those in a position of influence need to be accountable & should remain unbiased but this person obviously has his own agenda & using his platform to influence a divide of the public!

Dean Ely (Borehamwood , 2021-10-05)


I’m sick of all the propaganda and scaremongering put out by main stream media.

Margaret Wright (Leicestershire , 2021-10-05)


People didn’t work from home willingly they have been victims of propaganda perpetrated by behavioural scientists working for sage.

Margaret Chant (Atherstone , 2021-10-05)


He is a disgusting toad of a man. His whole agenda is to cause division.

Jarrod Gamble (Norwich , 2021-10-05)


It is high time the MSM were stopped in their tracks. They all have a vested interest and none of them are taking the jabs, just promoting them. This sort of language from Vine is despicable. He has to go.

Trisha Kelly - Author (Norfolk, 2021-10-05)


Jeremy vine is a shit stirring weasel.

Melvyn James (Brighton, 2021-10-05)


The coercion and journalists pushing government agendas has no place in free society

Craig Dennis (York, 2021-10-05)


He shouldn't be any sort of presenter - he has disgusting authoritarian opinions that he 'sells' on his show to try and normalise that kind of speech and those nazi ideas. Vile human being.

Leah T (Exeter, 2021-10-05)


I am highly offended by this

Nathan Webb (London, 2021-10-05)


He’s using the BBC to put his personal opinion into the public domain

Jason Dale (Pontefract , 2021-10-05)


Jeremy Vine’s comments are unconscionable and wholly unsupported by real world data. He needs to bow out gracefully. And this from a one time fan.

Lorna Murray (inverness, 2021-10-05)


He's the most bias reporter on your network.

Matt Davies (Wellingborough, 2021-10-05)


Karen Gilbert

Karen Gilbert (Rochdale, 2021-10-05)


Mark Loose

Mark Loose (Bangor, 2021-10-05)


It’s hate speech from a public platform. He should know better

Janet Price (SKELMERSDALE , 2021-10-05)


He is an insideous weasel and supports genocide
Also a communist

Phi Taylor (Wirral, 2021-10-05)


Mr vine is vile

Pam Baldock (Plymouth , 2021-10-05)


I am signing because Jeremy Vine has repeatedly used his show as a platform to divide people and cause controversy, not once seriously looking into why many people have valid concerns and want to ask valid questions regarding safety and efficacy, as well as all the injuries caused, as can be seen on the MHRA yellow card scheme.
Jeremy Vine is a relic of the old patriarchal system that is crumbling all around us, and he should crumble and fall with it.
Why anyone actually listens to a word he says is beyond me.

Linda Fabbri (Dwyran , 2021-10-05)


Disgrace to humanity.

Tim Jones (Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, 2021-10-05)

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