Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University



I believe the vaccines are amazing and almost everyone should get the jab. But to achieve this honestly prove and explain the value don't force it. You will only make people less enthusiastic to trust the vaccine. And you should not have the right to force the vaccine on people.

I will get the jab, and as a Delta variant survivor please get the jab covid is not fun.

Heinrich Faul (Stellenbosch, 2021-10-02)


Government discrimination and mandatory policy violating freedom of choice has been a major step in the insemination of every major Marxist regieme. The historical evidence against violation of cival liberty cannot be allowed to be overshadowed by fear and control, least we devulge into the deluge of dictatorship and the destruction that ultimately follows such autocratic power structures.

Elijah Bok (cape town, 2021-10-03)


I am not necessarily opposed to the idea of a vaccine, but rather that if it is made mandatory that it will open the floodgates for other unconstitutional policies.

Johan Frank (Malmesbury, 2021-10-05)


I don't think it is right to be forced to vaccinate against your will.

Kamva Menziwa (Stella , 2021-10-06)


Liberty must prevail

Simon Schumann (Stellenbosch , 2021-10-07)


It is a violation against our human rights to make vaccines mandatory. Furthermore, education should not only be accessible for people with a certain physical state (vaccinated), as that is essentially the same type of discrimination as apartheid.

We already pay for our education. Do not let us pay with our freedom as well.

Rozanne Jonck (Cape Town, 2021-10-07)


Mandatory medication is demonic and wrong; it violates our GOD given RIGHTS to choose. Secondly, covid vaccination is an insane biological software hack that is not sufficiently tested. It is also unnecessary as Covid is EASY to treat. Making it mandatory is committing crimes against humanity. STOP - we will come after any that do—legal action to follow.

Hardy Jonck (Cape Town, 2021-10-08)


Being against this covid jab does not make one anti-vax, it makes one a rational being who is able to think critically, because (a) this jab is still in experimental trials, (b) "my body my rules" has been a argument for years by the political left and suddenly that no longer applies, everyone has the right to make decisions about their body especially when it concerns medical matters (c) no where in history has a government or corporations forced people to get a vaccine in order to enter a building, get an education, etc. If our health is at risk, why are we being forced to do something? If our health was at risk we would have made the decision to get the jab ourselves, but the virus has such a high rate of recovery, thus our immune systems are our best defense mechanism right now, (d) mandatory does not mean forced, our constitution protects our rights (e) the "mandatory" jab is in violation of the Nuremberg codes... My list is infinite, the point however is, is that we should be able to make a decision about what goes into our bodies instead of being (a) mandated or (b) incenticised to do so. We get thought to think logically at university, yet logical thinking is being banned from society and the institution who tought us to do so. I do not consent to this jab. I refuse to have an institution dictate my medical health. There are people who have had side effects from this EXPERIMENTAL jab.

Tamia Cele (Stellenbosch , 2021-10-08)


As free citizens of South Arica, we should be allowed to have freedom of choice regarding whether we should take the vaccine, or not. As we are united under the new democratic republic of South Africa, freedom of choice is a vital aspect of our freedoms that we enjoy as citizens. As citizens of South Africa we should also be respectful of each other, and allow each individual to make their personal choice without judgement. Also what works for one person may not work for another.

Jessica Olivier (Citrusdal, 2021-10-08)


I think everyone should have freedom of choice. Whether each person wants the vaccine or not should be their own prerogative.

Emma Vaughan-Jones (Cape Town, 2021-10-08)


I am a student and am very concerned about this

Kate Steinke (Nelspruit, 2021-10-08)


Do not force us to take the vaccine if we don't want to! This is unacceptable and against our freedom of choice!

Christine Fourie (Hopefield, 2021-10-08)


"Vaccination" can cause your death and/or many serious side effects. Because "vaccinated" people are the source of spreading the disease it is wrong to give people the jab.

Martin Wassermann (MALMESBURY, 7300, 2021-10-08)


I have a choice, it is against my religious beliefs

Elna Heyns (Cape town, 2021-10-08)


I have a free choice.

Alma Geldenhuys (Stellenbosch, 2021-10-08)


No government or institution may dictate the medical process one must take. It is a free choice

Henry uys (Cape Town, 2021-10-09)


In this day and age we should surely have the freedom of choice

Elizabeth Franck (Somerset West , 2021-10-10)


Everyone needs to be given a choice- and not be denied rights because of their choice. We need to more research on the vaccine and determine the long term effects thereoff. Once we have taken the vaccine we can't untake it. Why must the vaccine be the only option? Surely there are other options available as well? Also, what works for one person does not necessarily works for another person. We must not force down the vaccine on people- or withhold rights from them because they chose not to. That is not choice. That is propoganda.

Francis Olivier (Citrusdal, 2021-10-13)


Mandatory vaccines are a massive infringement on my rights to human dignity, bodily security, religion, education, and freedom. I stand firmly against this forced subjugation to alter my immune system on the whims of an authoritative decree. Futhermore, this sets a dangerous precedent that the university may encroach upon personal decisions made by its students.

Joel Charles (Oudtshoorn, 2021-10-13)


I do not think the vaccine is safe for all. They are sacrificing the minority in favour of the majority.

Heidie Stassen (Bellville, 2021-10-13)


I'm signing because I believe it is my right to decide what I do with my body. In the same way the school can't decide for a student to have an abortion, they can't decide whether I take the vaccine or not.

Perekamoyo Matala-banda (Cape Town , 2021-10-13)


Consider it unnecessary for young people to get vaccinated. They have very low risk of retracting serious Covid 19 effects.

Albert Wessels (Potchefstroom, 2021-10-13)


It was proven that teenagers and young adult had a 1 percent chance of developing miocarditis/ heart inflammation from vaccination. Student have a very low infection rate and transmission. So why vaccinate

Stienel Thom (Cape town, 2021-10-13)


The JAB is not a vacine you can still get covid and you can still infect others ,more than the unvacinated because you don"t isolate .

madelane stassen (Bellville, 2021-10-13)


I do not see the crisis around this virus. I have had covid and recovered from it and now have antibodies that are more effective than the so called vaxene

Gordon Nel (Durbanville, 2021-10-13)


I demand my right to decide myself

Hendrik Fourie (Stilbaai, 2021-10-13)


Its a basic human right to have a choice.

Gido Thom (Somerset West, 2021-10-13)


Je signe car il n'est pas normal d'imposer un vaccin en phase 3 d'essais cliniques (sans responsables identifiés en cas d'effets secondaires mineurs ou majeurs) à de jeunes adultes en pleine santé.

Frédéric Dutilleul (Chaumont-Gistoux, 2021-10-13)


I don't agree with this

Francois Botha (Marble hall, 2021-10-13)


It should be your own choice

Adri Swanepoel (Nigel , 2021-10-13)


Ek voel dat inspuitings nie afgedwing kan word op enige persoon nie. Dit is elke persoon se eie besluit en keuse.

Greta Van der Walt (George , 2021-10-13)


It’s against our right to be forced to vaccinate against our will

Adell Winter (Johannesburg , 2021-10-13)


This is not right and unconstitutional.

Stewart Russell (Pretoria , 2021-10-13)


We should be given the right to make our own choices on whether we want to take vaccine or not.

Kayla van den Heever (Stellenbosch , 2021-10-13)


Covid 19 is treatable! Covid has a 99.5% survival rate ! I have the right to decide about my body and treatments

Trrrsa Swart (Durbanville, 2021-10-13)


It’s ludicrous from every possible view. And I’m disappointed that such a well respected higher learning institution has stooped to such a low and dumb level. Ignoring science. Ignoring vaers. Ignoring Constitution. Breaking the law on at least 6 points. Cmon SU, get your act together. You’re better than this. Tell Bill to F off.

Robert Bresler (Cape Town , 2021-10-13)


Vaccine does not prevent getting or spreading Covid. Should only be a personal choice of you want to lessen your own risk for severe disease. Lots if students already have natural immunity.

Michelle Staal (Johannesburg, 2021-10-14)


I believe everyone has a choice regarding his/ her own body.

Carmen De Bruin (Mossel Bay, 2021-10-14)


I am against the vaccination program as I believe it is not saving lives. I am against manditory vaccinations as I have the right to freedom of choice and what is allowed to go in my body.

Anna-Maria Adreani (Stellenbosch , 2021-10-14)


Freedom of choice over everything

Elan Vanderwalt (Heidelberg , 2021-10-14)


No government should have the right to force something on someone that could psossibly have a detrimental effect on someone's health. No medical intervention is without risk and therefore it should always be up to the recipient whether they believe the benefits outweigh the risks or not.

Tiffany Tredoux (Bellville, 2021-10-14)


I am pro-choice!!
AND, it has been proved that these 'vaccines' are full of toxins and aborted faetal matter!

Loretta Nash (Bellville, 2021-10-14)


The ineffectiveness of the jab, not the unjabbed must be blamed for not providing one with adequate protection. Also remove all imdemnity from jab producers and those that impose it on others to have any credibility at all.

Yahya Nagdee (0rmonde,Johannesburg, 2021-10-14)


We must Investigate and Prosecute Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity.

Dragan Georgiev (New Westminster, 2021-10-14)


I am a scientist, occupational hygienist and forensic investigator with 40 years field experience in the investigation of injuries and fatalities in workplaces and public spaces for law firms and insurance companies. There is no scientific basis whatsoever to the alleged pandemic. There is therefore no scientific reason for the alleged 'vaccines'. It is a crime against the person to force or coerce a person to undergo any medical procedure without their informed consent or against their will.

Stephen Crothers (Sunshine Plaza, 2021-10-14)


I am totally against mandatory vaccinations. Freedom of medical choice is one of our most basic human rights

Linda Miller (Cape Town, 2021-10-14)


I strongly believe in freedom of choice

Albert De Klerk (Pretoria, 2021-10-14)


I do not support mandates. People have a right to choose and that should not be taken away. Stop being authoritarian . You were voted in to government not into God's shoes.

Rosa Minnaar (Jhb, 2021-10-14)


I’m totally against mandatory vaccines

Almarie Grobler (Pretoria, 2021-10-14)


Mandatory vaccination is a violation of basic human rights, our Constitution and the Nuremburg Code. The vaccine does not prevent infection or spreading the infection so it makes no logical sense to mandate vaccination. Natural immunity is much stronger than vaccine immunity and lasts much longer, so people with natural immunity do not need the vaccine.

Esbeth Van Dyk (Stellenbosch, 2021-10-14)


My body, my choice.

Endika van der Walt (Jacobsbay, 2021-10-14)


This is a total human rights violation. Forcing young people to get vaxxed against a virus with a 99.85% survival rate is a crime against humanity! This is the biggest LIE in the history of mankind. Just a total DISGRACE

val Kennedy (johannesburg, 2021-10-14)


I'm signing this because if you make it mandatory you take away our democratic right to decide for our selfs.

Charlene Coetzee (Oudtshoorn , 2021-10-15)


Freedom to choose! No mandatory vaccinations!!!

Jolene Conolly (Cape Town , 2021-10-15)


I value the right to freedom of choice.

Susan Wright (Grover Beach , 2021-10-15)


Freedom of choice

Waldo Fortmann (Centurion, 2021-10-15)


I believe in free choice!

Yvonne de Kock (Cape Town , 2021-10-15)


I’m because these experimental injections are just that “Experimental” A lot of injuries and deaths have already occurred because of these so called vaccines. They are definitely NOT safe and effective. The Nuremberg Code was put in place for a reason, do not forget our history.

Stuart Kilgour (Cape Town , 2021-10-15)


It's against our rights.

Dorothea Hockley (Gauteng, 2021-10-15)

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