Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



The people who cooked all this up needs to pay. They cost people alot including some the ultimate sacrifice there lives

Waylon Gould (Alexander, 2022-06-11)


Too many rights have been violated and too many people have been damaged -physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and sometimes fatally.

Lynne Voyle (Tokoroa, 2022-06-11)


I'm signing because I am in full agreeable that all the elite and those who kept pushing these jabs and complied, need to be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Soon. Very soon.

Lynnette Klassen (Martensville, 2022-06-12)


It appears that I am morally obliged to do so. If Dr Fleming needs a personal protective detail I'm happy to help in that way and whatever way I can. My signature is provided on this petition according to the same formula according to which I provide signatures on any petition, which is that I sign it under whatever restrictions and limitations are imposed by my defacto Roman Catholic convictions upon the type of activity herein in issue.

Robert More (Chicago, 2022-06-12)


Word needs to get out regarding this very serious reality that is only going to get worse… humans must wake up to the reality of the destructive plans for the human race. The human race must not be snuffed out without a fierce resistance.

Dale Daley (Toronto , 2022-06-12)


The evidence of these crimes against humanity should be thoroughly investigated
No criminal is above the law.

Annabelle Elias (Richardson , 2022-06-12)


The use of Gain of Function was funded by and developed, creating a virus that could infect people all over the world and they lied to cover up their involvement.

Thomas Ranger (Celina, 2022-06-12)


I support conviction of the persons responsible for these shocking crimes against humanity

Solihin Millin (Melbourne, 2022-06-13)


Justice must come

Kurt Daniels (Rocky Ford, 2022-06-13)


I have been looking into this for months and agree

Ryan Walker (Edmonton , 2022-06-13)


I'm signing because I cannot sit idly by and watch the mass genocide of humanity. These bio weapons must be stopped immediately and the perpetrators be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Margarita Robertson (Atlanta, 2022-06-13)


Dr. Fleming is correct. What is being done to humanity via COVID vaccine Ed is a crime and those responsible must be punished and held accountable.

Kathleen Mullen (Ozark, 2022-06-13)


The crimes against humanity that are being revealed at an alarming level must be stopped.

Gregory Crase (Union, 2022-06-13)


The act of inflicting an experimental global agenda of inoculation causing immune deficiency justifies prosecution and severe punishment of both the responsible entities and those who have been complicit and/or criminally negligent.



Crimes against humanity have been committed and it is time for justice.

paul brauman (newcastle, 2022-06-14)


They need to be put in jail

Bjornen Nilsson (Helsingborgs, 2022-06-14)


Jane Zelinsky

Jane Barth Zelinsky (Milford , 2022-06-14)


Those responsible need to be held accountable

Patrick Nolan (76107, 2022-06-14)


The truth needs to come out and hold ALL responsible for crimes against humanity

Jean Hansford (Flintshire , 2022-06-15)


I am signing this petition to encourage the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take action against those who have committed Crimes Against Humanity. They MUST be brought to justice!!!

Richard Forsythe (ALVORD, 2022-06-15)


People need to be arrested and tried by an independent court.

Suzie Halewood (London, 2022-06-15)


Justice needs to severed on this murderers. This is a crime against humanity and it cannot go unpunished, these people need to pay the price for their genocidal actions.

Andrew Mills (Dunoon, 2022-06-15)


I'm hopeful we can stand against Tyranny and prevail.

Consuela Jennings (Myrtle Beach, 2022-06-15)


i believe it is a fair cause

Chokri MERAI (Tunis, 2022-06-15)


We initiated the Corona Investigation Committee in Germany and did lead the disclosure that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon chimera, whose derivative spike proteins were used to build the mRNA injections causing mass death.
Our server for was sabotaged and we need urgently funds to revive it with all the evidence. Pls contact us on to help.

ECOTERRA International (Paris, 2022-06-16)


I'm disgusted with the devastation caused and the deaths at the hands of medical staff/nursing home staff...shame on all of you.

Mel Clark (Southampton , 2022-06-16)


I am not allowed to participate freely in society due to being unvaccinated and I believe this is a violation of my fundamental human rights and a form of discrimination

Lili Omeara (Thurles , 2022-06-16)


For the purpose of exposing and stopping these crimes against humanity, and meting out maximum punishment for those who have knowingly, willingly and purposefully participated in crimes against humanity, I add my name to this petition.

Randall Clare (Clarkston, 2022-06-16)


Arrest Bill gates, Fauci, Klaus Analscwab, Soro, Finch, Rockefeller, Henry Kissenger, Bilderberg, Ted Turner, all young global leaders. Our own government 98% of Congress took our freedom away locked us down that is treason. The mandates is genocide and against the Constitution. Every single Law has been broke. The social contract has been broken. We don't need leaders I think we are old enough to make our own decisions.

Bobby Thompson (Virginia , 2022-06-17)


For my future and my kids and the rest

Tilly Shine (London, 2022-06-17)


I’m signing because I am a medical provider that has followed the research and knew early on many of these finings proved this virus is man made, and the vaccines have been a crime against humanity. I suffered an MI secondary to the Pfizer vaccine. No risk factors. Body fat % less than 18% majority of my life. Extremely active lifestyle and no signification dietary risk.

Jason Schmidthuber (Brighton, 2022-06-18)


I want the people who have perpetrated crimes against humanity to be prosecuted & brought to Justice!

Lori Aul (Ballwin, 2022-06-19)


Only nucleated cells can utilise the mRNA.
We have only 4 trillion nucleated cells in our body.
One dose of Moderna consists of 40 trillion mRNA molecules and Pfizer 12 trillion.
We have only 360 million muscle cells in the whole body. How can 12 trillion LNPs stay in the UPPER arm muscle?

Dave Holland (Skovlunde, 2022-06-19)


Justice Must be Done and these Psychopaths must be stopped!

Albert Venezio (walled lake, 2022-06-19)


I’m signing because I support the matters listed in this petition. Thank you

Jennifer Erickson (Mesa, 2022-06-20)


I and my family were affected. Disciminated by losing job, possibility of traveling and medical care

Alena Bertova (West Drayton, 2022-06-20)


I believe there is overwhelming evidence of evil intent underlying the media coverage and subsequent global response to the corona virus outbreak.

Chris McCanna (Lancing, 2022-06-21)


Humanity is worth saving!!!

Yvonne Moriarty (Sydney , 2022-06-21)


Doctors knowingly prescribed harmful drugs to covid patients, and failed to give helpful drugs and care, thus increasing likelihood and hastening death. Government actors mandated mrna vaccine which causes health problems and death and doesn't prevent covid.

Lynne Torgerson (Minneapolis , 2022-06-21)


i believe in personal and democratic freedoms

Linda McCanna (Lancing, 2022-06-21)


What regulators are doing now is genocide. I am signing because as an auditor I believe in ethical standards and in justice. Responsibility for that ethical behaviour and justice is shared between the private sector and state regulators. Our regulators can never break their side of the social bargain. Their actions are criminal and must be held to account just as I would be for acting in a similar manner.

David Turner (Wairarapa, 2022-06-21)


I sign because I believe that crimes against humanity have been perpetrated and for humanity to recover and move forward those responsible for the said crimes must be held accountable.

Jane Lord (Los Angeles, 2022-06-21)


To many people have died at the hands of these criminals! Save our children!!

Donna Claiborne (Westlake, 2022-06-22)


I’m signing this petition because I am part of the small fringe minority with unacceptable views and believe that crimes against humanity have been committed

Lesley Rodrigues (Cambridge , 2022-06-22)


Geno Lamp

Geno Lamp (Little falls , 2022-06-22)


they have committed genocide, they must pay for their crimes

Noreen McMullin (Round Lake Beach, 2022-06-23)


No government official, business, employer, family member, has any right to tell me what to do!! I’m the only one who has a say as to what goes on or in my body!!
I’m a living woman, living under Common Law!

Lorraine Watson (Surrey, 2022-06-24)


China has fabricated with the help of USA and international collaborators a genetic weapon against humanity for profit. The effects will be reverberated generationally. This is high stakes TREASON!

Christine Rapozo (Tarpon Springs, 2022-06-25)


I do not believe what is going on is true.. I have believed its brain washing and control and have done so since the beginning of 2020

J Edwards (Hastings , 2022-06-25)


How can these people market genetherapeutic vaccines which were produced and/or experimented on fetal cells of aborted humans! These vaccines modify the natural genetic expression of the human body cells affecting the natural immunity, hence making people sick more often. How come that the mRNA or DNA injected express the spike protein which is the toxic factor of Covid itself! Besides, the vaccines contain graphene oxide and other nanoparticles which cross the blood-brain barrier and damage tissues of vessels and organs. How could governments allow vaccines that have no guarantee for safety and protection, on the contrary, produce grave side effects and even death.

Yvonne Edwards (Esslingen, 2022-06-26)


I want to know The Truth about this 'Pandemic, & all.

Kathie Mox (Brisbane, 2022-06-27)


My government and governments around the world have comitted crimes against humanity and have tried to kill their citizens with a bioweapon.

Cindy Eilat (Ramat Hasharon, 2022-06-27)


they need to be accountable for these Crimes !!!!

karen goold (ROCHEDALE SOUTH, 2022-06-27)


these murderers need to be stopped immediately before they unleash another bioweapon on the world.

Eric's mom Savage (albany, 2022-06-30)


I love my home, this planet, and I do not approve of idiotic billionaires and their paid affiliates doing as much damage to life on earth as they have so far!!

Sue O'Dea (Eastbourne, 2022-06-30)


Prosecute the people responsible for crime’s Against Humanity. Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci the CDC, FDA, NIH, and the WHO.

Alberto Gonzalez (Whittier, 2022-06-30)


The harm caused by the vaccines and policies were known and knowable and suppressed by organizations and individuals. Even with further evidence they continued to make the mRNA vaccines a primary mode of combating the disease. Also the SARS-cov-2 was engineered and funded by organizations charged with protecting the public.

Kevin Casagrand (Newburgh, 2022-07-01)


It is now very obvious that crimes against humanity have taken place under governmental supervision with the aid of the medical establishment using toxic medicines produced by various pharmaceutical corporations that have killed and injured untold millions of individuals.

Brad Fuller (Nelson, 2022-07-01)


so no more bioweapons can be made & lives will be saved.

victor savage (albany, 2022-07-02)


I'm signing because, Rakhesh Jaghadish 7️, One of the Individual of the International Community, Human Being of this Earth.

Subject: Kind Request to Take Independent Investigation and Prosecution on those Individual Involved, Complicity, and Responsible for the Crime Against Humanity and Genocide.

The International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands


Ms. Karen Mosoti, or official replacement for the office of
Liaison Office of the International Criminal Court to the United Nations
866 United Nations Plaza
Suite 476
New York, NY, 10017


Honorable, International Criminal Court (ICC) and Prosecutor of the ICC,

COVID 19 is the Political Retaliation on the Entire Population at the World Scale. It's Pure Crime Against Humanity.They have planned the pandemic for a long time to genocide the population. But they are now Executing those Plan Without any Interruption.The Bill Gates is Just the Front Face of the Pandemic.

There are More Faces of an Individual High Profile Persons Involved in this Pandemic Genocide in behind the Bill Gates.Each and Every Government Officials and Persons Elected by the Public Peoples are Directly Involved and Doing the Genocide without any hesitation. Because the Big Dark Deep State is Behind on them.

The Lots of Corruption is Playing Behind.They Falsified the documents, manipulated, and Brainwashed the peoples to get the poisonous vaccines through the fake mainstream media narratives. People were prevented from speaking the truth, ruthlessly forced to inject poison vaccine into their bodies beyond their natural will and without their consent.Including through the Blackmail they forced the poisonous vaccine. Their Blackmails are, "If You did not get the jab / Vaccine, Your Job Will Snatched".

This Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic is Fully Hoax, Fake and Planned. There have Lots of Evidence are Roaming in the Public Domain. Really the virus itself a vaccine. Vaccine is not a vaccine too. Vaccine Itself a Virus.Really the Vaccine Spreading the Virus. This is the Inevitable Truth.Those who all are speaking against their Crimes against humanity in the social media get job fired, censored and oppressed.The each and every individual government officials are involved in this Genocide, Including those who all are in the World Economic Forum.Those who all are speak against them are being politically retaliated.

This COVID19 is full face of the Corruption and Agenda of the Globalists.Including the WEF, WHO and UN is Involved in this Genocide in the name of "Agenda 2030". Their agenda is about the enslavement of the entire world population by reducing the population by implementing the abortions, murdering the half of the populations by giving the poisonous vaccines, Creating War, Creating Planned Food Shortages, Creating Riots, and also Dividing the Public Peoples in the name of Religion, Race and Gender.

Present Ukraine Conflicts also not Really the War, It's Diversionary War against the COVID19 Vaccine Side Effects. Even they are planned to create the World War 3. Whatever they profited from the millions of deaths and injuries from the vaccines. Those Profits are directly money laundered to the ukraine in the name of aid. The lockdown is also not the controlling the spread of the virus.

It's Used to control the peoples. The Lockdown is causing the dangerous psychological and physical damages to the human beings. The Lockdown is Prison Policy. There is no science that the virus spread can controlled by the lockdown. The lots of Scientific research papers are manipulated and released as the narrative to implement the Draconian Protocols in the name of pandemic.There is lots of fundraising scams in the name of pandemic. In the Name of COVID19 Care Funds, Covid President Care Funds, and PM Care Funds.Their Inhuman activities are directly threat to the future generations. The Vaccine Causing the Virus, Not the Virus Causing the Virus.

They are finding the way to cover up the deadly vaccine side effects in the name of polio, monkey pox, and Sudden adult death syndrome. The Vaccine Side Effects are 100 % deadly than the natural deaths.Who all are suffered from the vaccine side effects are painful, they are really in the brink of the death.There is no words to explain their pains. Because their profitable poisonous vaccine sales have damaged their entire life. The Lot's of parents have lost their child. The Lot's of Children's have lost their parents. No amount of compensation can compensate for their suffering and pain. The vaccine causing the lots of side effects, including the deadly heart attacks, paralysis, neurological damages, Blood Clots, and more on the Young Age and Everyone. There is no Protection, Security, and Safety for the World Public Peoples. There is no Protection for the World Public Peoples. Public Peoples are Electing the Persons of Country, Those Elected Persons unleashing the police force, Beating the public peoples, torturing the public peoples and Killing the Public Peoples. Those who all are getting the salary from the public peoples tax money.

Those who are speaking against them, their tyranny, or Political Crimes are being surveillanced, Mystreiously Killed, Oppressed, Suppressed and .

Everyone who speaks out against them is deliberately censored by the big tech social media. Including speaks out against their tyranny, Financial, or Political Crimes are being surveillanced, Mystreiously Killed / Murdered, Oppressed, Suppressed, Politically Retaliated, Black Mailed, and Psychollogically Tortured.

Kindly Ban the Biological Weapons, Gain of Function, and Deadly Dangerous Poisonous Vaccine.

Natural Signature,
Rakhesh Jaghadish,


The Above Statements, Information's, or Comments are Truth of my Knowledge. And Also Below Information of my Natural Signature are Real.

Thank You Kindly Reading. We the Public Peoples of this World.

Final Comment: If the ICC Investigated those individual Independently the Future Generation will be Saved, The World War 3 Will be Prevented, and There is no Future Bio War / Biological Warfare.

For My Privacy I Cannot Attach my Living Address Here.

Natural Signature,
Rakhesh Jaghadish 7️,
1 / 7 / 2022
Twitter: @SevenRakheshJag

Thank You!

By signing, I authorize Richard M Fleming, PhD, MD, JD to hand over the information I provide on this form to those who have power on this issue.

Rakhesh Jaghadish (Privacy, 2022-07-02)


I am opposed to government and medical science forcing or mandating vaccines of any kind.

Ted Bosworth (Beighton Fields, 2022-07-02)


I have no option open to me through the supposed courts of the supposed United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to hold these criminals to account for their destruction of my business, our wider economy; nor the accelleration through Mrna bioweapons of the death of my beloved father, James Anthony Kearney via accelerated metastatic prostate, bowel and cardio tumours through the application of the so called vaccine that resulted in his death: the murder of one Damian Browne via the introduction of the Mrna vaccine that accellerated a tumour in his brain; the murder of Declan Mawhinney via the introduction of the Mrna vaccine, that caused an embolism in his brain leading to his premature death; via the murder of 6 year old Ethan McCourt through the introduction of the Mrna vaccine to his father Declan McCourt, resulting in the fatal road traffic accident that ended this child's life; and this and many others both recorded and not. This statement is made by Fergal Kearney on the 2nd day of July 2022. The maker reserves the right to file a supplementary statement and has the right to produce further oral evidence at the hearing of the application.

I, Fergal Kearney, declare that I believe this statement signed by me, is true and I understand that it may be placed before this Court.

Fergal Kearney (Magherafelt, 2022-07-02)


Iam signing because of Crimes against humanity!

Olga Murray (Co. Tyrone, 2022-07-03)


I want those responsible held accountable. I've had way too many friends die.

Amanda Wescott (Southport, 2022-07-03)


I'm signing this because of the fraud that has been perpetuated on people. The supreme court has stated that no one can be forced or co-arsed into taking the C-19 injection.

David Michael Land (Magnolia, 2022-07-03)


I believe information critical to assertaining whether I should or should not take the vaccine was wilfully withheld from me and that unbiased information was not provided. I believe that Gain of Function research was conducted with the knowledge of the government, and this does constitiute a breach of international biological weapons agreements. I believe that other solutions could have been made available to the public but were withheld in favor of these 'vacccines'. Due to this I was unable to make an informed decision as to whether to take the 'vaccines', and I do believe that this was an experiment.

Peter Mann (St. Catharines, 2022-07-04)


What is ongoing can be seen as a crime against humanity.

Frans Massyn (Bloemfontein, 2022-07-04)


Those are crimes against humanity

Brigita Langerholc (Naklo, 2022-07-04)


Fuaci comitted crimes against humanity ...

Dan Hackens (Rapid City , 2022-07-04)


if some are guilty of crimes against humanity, i don't see one reason to not make them pay, it's just called : justice. If justice still exist on this planet, the corruption is everywhere.

Alexandre Boucher (Shipshaw, 2022-07-05)


The COVID-19 injections, and now also pills, are experimental, fully informed consent is even now not possible, therefore every jab (and pill taken) is a crime against humanity. The adverse effects, and deaths, continue to mount, and no-one in any position of power is stopping these - even just a few years ago, even a handful of deaths would have caused the FDA to pull these "medical products". But now, the deaths go on and on and on... And, now they've approved the jabs for toddlers and babies. This truly is genocide. This must be stopped.

Kerry Aggen (Buffalo, 2022-07-05)


I know around 60 people who have died or been seriously injured by the so-called vaccines. Either my personal friends and acquaintances or 1 degree removed (e.g. relatives of my friends)

Susan Chiddix (PETERBOROUGH, 2022-07-05)


I'm a victim of unethical medical experimentation in the military, and demand that humans be granted their rights to be informed before consenting to any treatment or medical procedure.

joshua jongema (lanse, 2022-07-06)


I am a pastoral counselor who has comforted victims of satanic ritualistic abuse, as well as those who have been psychologically abused, harassed, stalked, tortured and experimented on by the US government. This must stop!

Edward Piotrowicz (Clinton, TN , 2022-07-07)


Justice must be done for the victims of these horrible crimes. Good luck and Godspeed Dr! God bless you all.

Travis Clark (Roy, 2022-07-07)


Because the things that are happening are so so wrong.

Melanie Barry (Drumheller , 2022-07-08)


Mijn vrijheid en gezondheid wil behouden. Dat eis ik ook voor mijn kinderen!

Mathea de Haas (Zevenaar , 2022-07-08)


Il faut que ça cesse !
Nous ne sommes ni des cobayes, ni des victimes !
Qui sont-ils pour décider qui doit vivre ou mourir ?
On finira tous par mourir, MÊME CES SALOPARDS.

Mireille Vidal (09130, 2022-07-08)


I believe in the USA as defined by the constitution and totalitarianism of any kind leads to true hell on earth for the people. If nobody has come up with a country that provides the utopia dream then consolidating the world under one federation or religion won`t due it either.Those people act like children , are only interested in power and have true hate for the individual.

gary sevakis (Traverse City, 2022-07-10)

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