Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



I was in medicine for 10 years- 6 as an EMT, 3 studying for Clinical Laboratory Scientist. This is completely wrong and will kill many, many people.

Caleb Mundorff (Osceola, 2022-05-25)


I'm signing because something MUST BE DONE to address these criminals and hold them accountable. Please do the right thing - the information is right in front of you.

Thank You.

Bonnie Fitzgerald (North Bay, 2022-05-25)


These people have deliberately initiated the process of an economic and social global collapse by creating this virus and creating a Mrna injection that will murder millions, if not billions of people. They need to be brought to justice.

Franklin Delano Frith II (CDMX, 2022-05-25)


I’m signing this because these global predators are committing genocide not just within our country, but on a global scale. They will continue to unleash bioweapons in order for us to acquiesce to taking these toxic inoculations that are causing deleterious effects & death. This is all premeditated & nefarious planning on their part to ultimately control us & kill us. They need to be charged criminally. Please save humankind.

Stephanie Corsiglia (Schererville , 2022-05-25)


I'm signing this because fauci,Bill gates should be indict for crimes against humanity.

Joshua Williams (Martin , 2022-05-25)


This is genocide.

Diane Lener (Walker, 2022-05-25)


I believe in human rights.
I am against WHO and against any mandates taking rights away from humans to make medical or life decisions for themselves. I also promote rights to privacy.

Sarah Uilderks (Melbourne, 2022-05-25)


My mom died of Covid-19 and my family deserves answers to how and who developed this virus!

Elizabeth Cain (Alexandria , 2022-05-25)


Save the children

Kimberly Mountjoy (Americus , 2022-05-25)


I want action taken against the crimes that were perpetrated against people of the world. Numerous laws and rights were violated by those who on record, researched this virus and deployed it across the world. It’s time for an investigation.

Mark Hobgood (Mount Vernon, 2022-05-25)


The entire pandemic was stage to promote the vaccines. They blocked cheap drugs that could of saved 90% of those who died. That's murder!

Richard Irby (Shingle Springs , 2022-05-25)


What they have all done is wrong, very very wrong, they have broken the Nuremberg Code on so many occasions that they all need to be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

Peter Downes (Warwickshire, 2022-05-25)


I am signing this pedition because as a biologist I understand the subject matter that is criminally and wrongly forced upon the people in the world to harm them. It is a crime against humanity and it violates the Nuremberg Code.

Michael Lein (Iserlohn, 2022-05-25)


i have been watching the Fuellmich Corona Investigation Committee on Gettr and see the intentional harm done in this 'plandemic', Accountability is needed.

MJ Raichyk (Mount Orab, 2022-05-25)


Those responsible must be prosecuted.

Bishwa Basnet (Kathmandu, 2022-05-25)


Accountability matters

Diana Diggs (Washington, 2022-05-25)


These people have harmed humanity for power, greed, money, and self gain. Their crimes are without precedent and they must be brought to justice before more horrific things happen to good people everywhere.

Rodney Redman (Savigny Sur Orge, 2022-05-25)


Our freedoms have been hijacked for a long time and it needs to stop. Many of our legislators are complicit in this as a result of big pharma contributing to their campaigns. They care more about their benefactors than they do about their constituents.

kevin burns (Clifton Park, 2022-05-25)


I fully agree these individuals are guilty and should be served the full extent of the law for crimes against humanity and treason.

Justin Clark (Garysburg, 2022-05-25)


James Robert Jelinek

James Jelinek (Hebron, 2022-05-25)


I want those bastards to hang for their crimes. That poisonous shot killed my family and friends. It almost killed my father who now has permanent mitral valve regurgitation! I want those criminals put down, they deserve the same punishment they inflicted on anyone who took that shot out of the fear propaganda they pushed !!!!

Colleen Cole (Mooreville, 2022-05-25)


These people need to be put in jail for mass murder. And for being a threat to society by creating and manipulating virus's and deadly pathogens.

JAILTIME and Justice

Ralph Almanza (Fairfax, 2022-05-25)




Sydney Adams (KANSAS CITY, 2022-05-25)


These Monsters are the ones destroying all life forms on this planet! They just keep creating and escalating all the destructions. THEY DO NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO GOD OUR CREATOR! They are actually not able to realize that they are also killing themselves!

sandra moran (belpre, 2022-05-25)


I am angry that our country has turned into a tyrannical country that my grandfather andbseveral uncles fought in WWI and WWII.

Pat Bliss (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan , 2022-05-25)


I'm trying to do my part to prevent tyrannical takeover.
Thank you

Darcie Johnson (Spring Park, 2022-05-25)


The evidence is overwhelming that these criminals were involved in gain of function research with proof of their payments and communications supporting these gain of functions research that caused the Covid-19 pandemic.

William Johnson (Snowflake, 2022-05-25)


I'm signing this petition because I want those individuals who have promoted gain of function research and the development of SARS, COVID-19 and now Monkey-pox, endangering all of humanity to be held accountable and pay for their crimes

Susan Lex-Callies (Beaver Dam , 2022-05-25)


I'm dismayed about how many lies have been told to the public to promote them to take unproven medical products into their bodies that some research proves is harmful and has never been tested to prove being safe and/or effective. Too many people have been harmed. Please punish these people severely so nobody will ever even consider doing this again.

Scott van Outer (Louisville, 2022-05-25)


Gates and Fauci have been murdering people for decades!

Maicho Laa (Stockholm, 2022-05-25)


Arrest Dr Fauci n Bill Gates etc..for premeditated crimes against humanity

Linda Scudder (Mansfield, 2022-05-25)


The Eugenicists guilty for crimes against humanity must be brought to justice!

Michael Zinn (Glen Dale, 2022-05-25)


I have watched this unfold for 2 years and agree with crimes against Humanity

Kathy Shultz (Seminole, 2022-05-25)


Im signing because this evil must be destroyed

Robert Arias (Silver City, 2022-05-25)


I am a free individual and these people who are trying to control and kill us need to be held accountable. It is time for us all to stand up.

Betsy Lehman (Sand Springs , 2022-05-25)


The gene modification vaccines are killing and having adverse events to all the American People

Steven Frobel (Windsor, 2022-05-25)


I trust the REAL science and doctors like you. THANK YOU

Lee Langella (Alstead, 2022-05-25)


We are beyond disgusted by the what these unelected bureaucrats have done. They are up to their eyeballs in illegalities - there is serious corruption across big pharma, the media and these governmental technocrats. I'M DONE! They're not just destroying our country but also humanity. They must be stopped. Thank you - Kelly

Kelly Fitzpatrick (Lisle, 2022-05-25)


This has to stop and hold people accountable for what they have done

Dane Leonard (Oklahoma City,Oklahoma , 2022-05-25)


I'm signing this petition because I believe this is a man-made virus that was released upon the world for profit for pharmaceutical companies

randy clark (Vancouver , 2022-05-25)


The herein named are pulling the biggest criminal action on humanity ever perpetuated, via a medical front using a toxic bioweapon, and they must be stopped now!

JC Lepley (Blackwell TX, 2022-05-25)


The evidence speaks for itself.

Judy Shultz (Ninety Six, 2022-05-25)


Dr. Fleming has offered documented evidence.

Robert Shultz (Ninety Six, 2022-05-25)


Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have done gain of function research and are guilty of genocide

Carol Phipps (Lerna, 2022-05-25)


they are killing us

stephrn giblin (winnipeg, 2022-05-25)


I want suspects brought to trial for crimes related to the COVID-19 virus, the mRNA shots, and all biological gain of function involvement.

Nickey Bishop (Austin, 2022-05-25)


To hold people accountable for planning, developing, and distributing Gain of Function virus that killed people around the world.

John Mock (Dawsonville, 2022-05-25)


This is a Criminal Act done intentionally, Crimes against Humanity. Action needs to be taken and Justice needs to be served against these Criminals . Be Brave and do what you know is the Right thing to do.

Deborah Wallace (South Carolina , 2022-05-25)


The future of humanity requires such crimes not go unanswered both to remove the criminals from society and to serve as an example for any others who would try this.

Patrick Douglas (Willow Creek, 2022-05-25)


I’m signing this petition because I have read evidence provided by Dr Richard M. Fleming PhD, MD, JD I honestly believe that crimes against humanity have been committed and all involved perpetrators need to be punished.

Babette Chirichigno (Costa Mesa, CA, 2022-05-26)


I'm signing this petition because I've had close friends die or actually be murdered because of this. These people need to be punished for this.

Elaine Wallace (HATTIESBURG, 2022-05-26)


I want to help stop the destruction of the us.

Jordan Morris (Weatherford , 2022-05-26)


The individuals who have wrought so much death, sickness, and suffering on the people of this planet must face the consequences of their decisions.

Laine Simmons (Winder, 2022-05-26)


My husband died of covid in 2021 and if this (covid) was intentionally perpetrated onto the world, then everyone who died of covid, including my husband, was murdered. And people need to be held accountable.

Robin Miller (Coralville, 2022-05-26)



Suzane Klein (New Market, 2022-05-26)


I want justice to be served and humanity to be free from these parasites.

Herbert Rosa (Cheyenne , 2022-05-26)


We are becoming increasingly aware of the manipulation and conspiracy against humanity. We demand that this is stopped immediately and those responsible be brought to justice.

Panayiota Tsiaoushis (lakatamia, 2022-05-26)


Mandates on trial vaccines are wrong.

Onique Francis (Melbourne , 2022-05-26)


Because of the outrageous evil [ eg. injustices, lies, deceit, treachery, murder, cheating, cover-ups, fraud, abuse, iniquity, profiteering, illegalities, illegal actions, etc. ] that I believe has been committed at liberty, without just cause, by the most prosperous and powerful people on Earth, and they and their lies and crimes need to be exposed and "brought to justice". If not, many more people will be injured and destroyed.

KIRBY RAPSTEIN JR (Brazoria, 2022-05-26)


I am adamantly in favor of convicting the criminals who have violated the stated treaties and conventions in this document. The crimes against humanity throughout the man-made pandemic perpetrated on the world in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and continuing to this day must be accounted for and punished.

Alexandra Ivanoff (Budapest, 2022-05-26)


People need to be held accountable for crimes against humanity

Lee-Anne Turner (Victor H, 2022-05-26)


I've witnessed the death of friends and relatives "coincidentally " timed with the injections. I also know people who have suddenly developed cancer or heart disease shortly after receiving the jabs. My daughter suffered two miscarriages after spending a week in close proximity with recently injected family members. THIS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED.

Roxie Olson (LONGMONT, 2022-05-26)


As an attorney admitted to the New York State Bar, and the Federal Bar in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, I have examined the evidence supporting these allegations and find that it meets the standards to find probable cause that the named crimes have been committed.

Steven Katz (New YORK, 2022-05-26)


Crimes against humanity must be prosecuted!!

Amanda Dorten (Hanover, 2022-05-26)


These are crimes against humanity and these people should be charged

Richard Gregory (Biloxi, 2022-05-26)


This needs to end NOW! We simply cannot allow these multi Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical companies experiment on the global population. People are dying and millions have been injured, by these vaccines for no reason other than GREED and PROFIT!
It is nothing short of a war against humanity, to line the pockets of the already super rich elites!
The history books and future generations will not look back favourably on those of you who sat back and simply let it happen!

Sean Waters (Wexford, 2022-05-26)


This obvious attack on humanity with gain of function viruses and forced vaccine mandates needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

Neville Jessop (Kells, 2022-05-26)


I am signing because of the litany crimes committed around the globe against humanity. The perpetrators of these crimes, their facilitators and their agents must be held accountable.

William Reis (Waynesville, OH, 2022-05-26)


I want justice done and my life and liberty back for myself and future generations.

Barbara Post (Kutztown, 2022-05-26)


I wont Fouchi, Bill Gates and anyone else involved in these crimes prosecuted.

Jackie Haynes (Beebe, 2022-05-26)


Ignoring this makes you complicit in these crimes against humanity

Mark Reynolds (Las Vegas, 2022-05-26)


These corrupt evil leaders and Corporations need to be punished for their crimes.

Clista Stevens (Springvale, 2022-05-26)


Two of family members were murdered by the NOW bio weapon shot

James Deshler (Thomasville, 2022-05-26)


I stand for justice against criminals who use their position of power to harm and enslave innocent citizens.

Teresa Loader (Port Elizabeth, 2022-05-26)


Because forced vacations are wrong I ain’t getting that shit, and now we have “monkeypox”, come one now just get rid of these idiots, Biden, Trump, Fauci

Kevin Keller (Hoboken, 2022-05-26)


I've researched this topic for a long time and I'm very upset about this hoax of Covid 19 . I will help stop and put an end to the extermination of humanity using these gain of function bioweapons. The patent show that monkey pox will be the next criminal event.

Robert Kubilus (Marshallville, 2022-05-26)


I do not wish to lose our sovereignty! My dad fought for it in Korea and my grandparents fought in wars to protect our sovereignty. If we lose it than all these hero’s died for nothing

Beth Brown (Cambridge, 2022-05-26)


hell yes

liam kettle (peterborough, 2022-05-26)


We know about the great reset and agenda 2021, now agenda 2030. We know because the monsters responsible have told us. We know the enemy playbook and stand against the satanic depopulation agenda and establishment of the new world order.

John Bytell (Burkesville , 2022-05-26)


We the People of The USA need transparency if we are to remain a republic.

Greg Brogdon (OXNARD, 2022-05-26)


I feel people’s human rights were politicized and violated. No person should be forced to a vaccination that has not been proven effective or tested at All. An individuals medical information and decisions should be left to the individual. No medical information should be made public, regulated or tracked by the public, big corporations, media, or governments. This is our right to privacy and we shall protect it.

C.B Flores (Rio Rancho , 2022-05-26)


I’m signing because our government has not represented us because our lawmakers have not protected us and they have not kept the laws they have instead violated the laws.

Jane Grogan (Centennial , 2022-05-26)


I believe that people should be held accountable for crimes committed under the Nuremburg Code of crimes against humanity. Great human damage has been done and those responsible must pay.

Rob Rob (Friendswood, 2022-05-26)


I have watched the world get worse while the experts say they have all the answers but the politicians just need more money to "fix" it. They fixed it...everything is FIXED...especially our elections.

Dana Surrett (Lincolnton , 2022-05-27)

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