It's time for the Minor Injuries Unit at Cossham Hospital



Cossham hospital is an asset to the people of East Bristol, which was saved from closure by those people.
They were promised a minor injuries unit when Frenchay was closed,typically this was a polititions promise! east bristol needs Cossham more a fully operational hospital

Roger Bryant (Bristol, 2021-09-29)


a sixteen mile round trip to Yate is ridiculous

Brian Thompson (Bristol, 2021-09-30)


The area is desperate for a decent minor injuries to save long journeys to Southmead or Yate causing more polluting travel and pressure on Southmead A and E. This was budgeted for originally. Where is it?

Geoffrey Lansdale (Bristol, 2021-09-30)


The area is desperate for the MIU especially for the old and infirm locally that have restricted access to transport to get to Yate or Southmead then have to call an ambulance tying up a crew and vehicle at A and E

Patricia Lansdale (Bristol, 2021-09-30)


We were promised, by the Conservatives, a Minor Injuries Unit when Frenchay hospital was closed.

They have broken another promise.

Sarah Freeman (Bristol, 2021-09-30)


We need this facility especially since the closure of frenchay hospital.

jennifer davies (Bristol, 2021-09-30)


It was promised but has never materialised -= greatly needed.

Lesley Jones (Bristol, UK, 2021-09-30)


I would like to see a MIU come to Cossham as it was promised in the past



We need a minor injuries unit within easy reach for residents in Kingswood and St George areas.

Michael Hawkins (Bristol, 2021-10-01)


I've lived almost opposite Corsham hospital 60+years ,I can walk to,why have I got to go southmead ,can't park takes ages on the bus all adding to congestion ,cleaner air ,No

Desmond Coles (Bristol, 2021-10-02)


I am one of the older generation that should I require the services of a small injuries unit find the distance to either Southmead Hospital or Yate minor injuries is beyond me, as I live in Kingswood ,Cossham Hospital would be invaluble It's what we were promised

Gerald Hesketh (Bristol, 2021-10-02)


Because it is needed in the area

Christine Ricketts (Bristol , 2021-10-02)


Although Southmead Hospital is an excellent hospital, it is very important for Cossham Hospital to become a Minor Injury Unit.

Wendy Bale (Bristol, 2021-10-02)


there is a great need for this, it will ease the pressure on hospitals

Geoffrey Williams (Bristol, 2021-10-02)


Having had occasion to go all the way to Yate from Hanham, a more local unit is a much better better option for people this side of Bristol.

David Hudd (Bristol, 2021-10-03)


Paul Gowen

Paul Gowen (Bristol , 2021-10-03)


A MIU was originally promised for Cossham, a MIU would be of enormous value to east bristol community

Mr R.A. Garland (BRISTOL, 2021-10-03)


The unit is desperately required and the general public are being ignored once again

Peter Britton (South Glos, 2021-10-04)


Ray King

Ray King (Bristol, 2021-10-04)


Margaret King

Margaret King (Bristol, 2021-10-04)


we need this unit it has shown the n h overwhelmed now. the staff need help in concentrating on their work load now. yes i have used the yate facility. excellent service.( I can DRIVE at my convenience any time)but not anyone can. How many people live in the area that do not have this luxury. It WILL TAKE THE WORRY & STRESS from those who require this service, young & old .what to have a frightened screaming child, having to go all the way to Southmead or Bristol hospital for a minor injury which could be dealt with locally. Also do not forget the ( PROMISE) that when the refurbishment was completed, there was to be an accident & emergency unit reinstalled. the hospital is vital to our heath service. look wat is happening to Frenchay hospital. another urgently needed even if it is classed as a cottage hospital. It would take the overload strain away from Southmead. PEASE LISTEN to the STAFF WHO NEED OUR HELP.

KEVERN WELLESLEY MANNING-SHELL (kingswoo. bristol, 2021-10-05)


Born and growing up in Keynsham I’ve experienced the closure of smaller hospitals which were much needed by the communities surrounding them. Whitchurch has an excellent community hospital incorporating a MIU and Cossham could be one too for East Bristol. It IS needed and I urge the CCG to implement one.

Caroline Andrews (Avonmouth, 2021-10-07)


I'm signing because we were promised by the CCG to give us a minor injuries clinic and this unelected unaccountable arrogant body decides that the will of the people can be rejected.

Hugh Steele (Longwell Green, Bristol, 2021-10-07)


There is a great need for this unit to be established as a large number of the public are finding it difficult to access Southmead. The current service offered by GPs and the MIU at Yate have evidently not been successful and as such have highlighted the need for a more local centralised service at Cossham Hospital.

Julie Tibbo (Bristol, 2021-10-08)


We’ve all waited far too long for this long ago promised minor injury unit at Cossham Hospital, this is needed to relieve the pressure on both local drop in and main hospitals.

Sal Hall (Bristol, 2021-10-08)



Claire Cope (Bristol, 2021-10-08)


I feel that the area needs the minor injury dept that was promised several years ago.

Diane Self (BRISTOL, 2021-10-08)


Amanda Woodruff

Amanda Woodruff (Bristol, 2021-10-08)


Since Frenchay hospital has closed, there is an urgent need for people in this area of Bristol to have a minor surgeries unit available.

Clarissa Linssen (Bristol, 2021-10-08)


Having a minor injuries unit at Cossham Hospital will help relieve pressure from Southmead Hospital accident centre.

Lucille Hooper (Bristol , 2021-10-08)


MIU is a godsend when your own GP lets you down time and time again. We need more.

Rachael Ford (Bristol, 2021-10-08)


It’s a good idea we need something like this locally since losing Frenchay.

Cynthia Garland (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I've had to use the MIU at Yate several times but it's not easy to get there. An MIU at Cossham would greatly serve the local community.

John Paul Coetzee (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


We were promised a Community Hospital at Frenchay but that hasn’t happened

Vicky Durham (Downend Bristol , 2021-10-09)


Sue West

Sue West (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I feel a minor injuries hospital is badly needed.People in the surrounding area have to travel to Southmead or Bristol to get treatment.

Mary Johnson (Bristol, 2021-10-09)



GILLIAN EVANS (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


This is something that should have been organised when Frenchay hospital was closed. People over this side of Bristol have been forgotten about yet again.

Shirley Bryant (Mangotsfield. Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I'm signing because I think there is a genuine need for this service and because it will relieve the pressure on the MIU in Yate

Gloria Ogborn (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


East Bristol needs a MIU not only because it will meet a local need but also because it will relieve pressure on existing A&E services elsewhere.

Tony Weeks (BRISTOL, 2021-10-09)


I believe that it is a sensible prposal

Steven Cottrell (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


It's a great idea and badly needed since Frenchay Hospital disappeared! x

Diane Liddicoat (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


Simply we need it

wendy holland (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I live close to Cossham and it would be very handy for many like myself.

Maurice Clyde (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


Since the Frenchay site was closed, we have no-where close by to go to if we are in need of medical attention

Peter Linssen (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


It is much needed

Vanessa Trenoweth (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I live locally and the nearest minor injuries unit is 7 miles away

Mags Beal (Kingswood, Bristol , 2021-10-09)


An MIU is something that this area needs.

Jane Hillard (Downend, Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I’m signing because I have two young children and do not drive so a closer minor injuries would be extremely helpful

Bernadette Tsangari (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I miss frenchay hospital, we need something at Cossham

Tracie WHITE (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


I think a MIJ is really needed for.our.area, if you have no.transport Yate and Southmead are too.far.

Molly Preddy (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


The NHS shoul be available to all

Richard James (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


We need a local MIU at this side of the city.

Guy Warwick (BRISTOL, 2021-10-09)


Ridiculous how they took frenchay away and didn’t replace it with anything

Claire Carley (Bristol, 2021-10-09)


It’s desperately needed. Yate and Hengrove are too far to travel for such a vast area.

Malcolm Coles (Downend, Bristol, 2021-10-09)


Having a local minor injury local would make sense.

Andrea Taylor (Bristol , 2021-10-10)


We need more a and e as the doctors don’t want to give us an appointment any more. Frenchay has been sold off we need more accident and emergencies.

Veronica Cooper (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


I think we need a minor injury unit here, these units are spread too thin.
I think this is a great Hospital.
Thank you NHS

Peter Newland (BRISTOL, 2021-10-10)


Its needed in this area now Frenchay Hospital is gone.It will take pressure off of Southmead Hospital.They have enough more serious issues and people to attend too.

Carol Gould (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


This is necessary!

Mel Brown (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


I live locally and I feel that a minor injury unit is badly needed in this area and hopefully it will be as efficient and accessible as the unit at Yate.

Patricia Greener (Bristol , 2021-10-10)


Cossham Hospital is perfectly situated for a much needed minor injuries unit.

Alison Simmons (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


After Frenchay closed we need this desperately to provide 24 hour medical assistance and it will elevate the pressure on Southmead Hospital

Trudy Jenkins (Bristol , 2021-10-10)


The community requires and deserves a local MIU as previously promised

Dianne Stiddard (BRISTOL , 2021-10-10)


Chris Martin

Chris Martin (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


I believe that Kingswood staple hill and Fishponds would all benefit from this MIU

jeff bunker (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


The existing Minor Injury Units at Yate and Southmead are too far away from the residents of East Bristol

Nigel Thomas (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


It is ridiculous that if you live in the greater Kingwood area we have to travel to Southmead or Yate for the nearest minor injuries unit.we were promised one at Cossham years ago,yet another failed promise.In the-current situation surely we should be trying to take the pressure off of our major hospitals.

Brynley Lewis (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


This facility will be useful for my family

Cheryl Chilcott (Bristol, 2021-10-10)


It is the perfect place to provide this facility

Judith Lee (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


There is a need for an MIU in Kingswood as travelling to Southmead, Yate or Hengrove can be difficult for many people.

Derek Simmons (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


We need a MIU closer to KIngswood.

Anne Laurence (Kingswood, 2021-10-11)


I live very close to Cossham Hospital and it would be an ideal local for a minor injury unit, especially for someone with 3 small children. It is a lovely hospital and should be used to it’s full potential.

Tessa Bridle (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


I’m signing this petition because I live at Staple Hill and need a MIU that is close by for local residents.

Sheila Collis (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


We need this local facility

Siobhan Kierans (Eastville Bristol, 2021-10-11)


It just makes sense to have these units spread around in such a big city like Bristol

Geoffrey Totterdell (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


The people of Kingswood and surrounding districts need the facilities that were promised at Cossham. The public transport system makes travel to Yate and Southmead almost impossible from some areas.

Julie Hemmings (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


We desperately need a minor injuries unit on our side of the city & to reduce the traffic going to Southmead hospital.

Elizabeth Kendall (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


john collis

john collis (Bristol, 2021-10-11)


It is difficult to get to Southmead or BRI hospitals when you have a minor injury. Cossham would be easily accessible for everyone in the north east of the city.

Christina Stokes (BRISTOL, 2021-10-13)


CosshamHospital was built for the people of Kingswood and it would be so beneficial to many people especially those that come from that side of Bristol to be used as a minor injury treatment centre. It is a lovely hospital and over the years many people have been treated there . It is a nightmare to park atSouthmead or BRI if you have an injury and especially hard for those with no transport to get to these hospitals so please let’s make this work give something back to the community who have lost Frenchay hospital as their nearest hospital

Diane Hanmer (Bristol, 2021-10-13)

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