Stop killing trees in Brent by Council



Trees make a neighbourhood beautiful, provide homes for wildlife and provide shade on hot days and soak up rainfall which helps prevent flooding

Mary Duffy (London, 2021-09-11)


We need more not less trees so please think again .

Stephen Branley (London , 2021-09-11)


It’s outrageous that Brent granted permission to build flats in one of our few green spaces full of mature trees.

Rebeca Perez (London, 2021-09-11)


I am fed up with Brent Council granting permission to build flats after flats. No consultation, killing trees, no concern for wildlife. This borough is becoming like a concrete jungle. I am told you can get planning permission to build anything in Brent if you grease the right palms.

Errol Williams (London, 2021-09-11)


I’m signing this because we need the trees. They are good for the environment and our mental health.
Concrete buildings create stress and anxiety as the infrastructure are not put in place to support the amount of concrete living quarters.
We need more green spaces and more trees.

Fiona Hayllar (London, 2021-09-11)


I live and work in Brent and I care about the quality of life that we have.
It isn’t fair for these new developments to be approved under the cover of darkness

Leona Braithwaite (London, 2021-09-12)


I think it’s outrageous the way that Brent council is selling off our green spaces without a proper public consultation. This area is subject to great pollution and we need our trees.

Rafaela Perera Hernandez (London, 2021-09-12)


Existing evidence of over development, almost 100% high rise. Council in fairness used brownfill land for some of this but there is no evidence of extra facilities to match the scale of development. A line has been crossed when green spaces are going ALONGSIDE chopping down trees that is not matched with the same level of replanting.

Mary Cunniffe (Wembley, 2021-09-12)


We need the trees and this area of Brent is undergoing so much over development that residents lives are becoming more and more miserable, stressed and unhealthy. Please don't keep taking away our ever diminishing moments of joy. Not to mention the environmental factors.

Tammy Smith (London , 2021-09-12)


The area is already so so congested and our mature trees need protecting. They help us breathe
Any building needs to be offset by massive planting of trees . Not the other way round

Amanda Dwek (London, 2021-09-12)


Parking is as bad as it is on West Way, and losing the green area is a bad idea.

Kalpesh Varsani (Neasden, 2021-09-12)


I am signing this because it will make the the area particularly congested. It will also remove the only small green area we have. It will also take the more parking spaces which are already limited. The new home are very small can be claustrophobic to live in and being built directly against the pavement can be claustrophobic to pedestrians too especially on high traffic big roads.

Bhanu Halai (LONDON, 2021-09-12)


I'm strongly against this illegal project. The busy road brings a lot of pollution to the people living in the area and chopping down last remaining trees for the sake of squeezing few extra flats in green area and for the sake of council profit is unacceptable. Every time I hear about such things I more and more despise people working in the council and taking these unacceptable decisions for profits and simply ignoring people living in the area. Green areas are must and must be protected in our already overcrowded towns. I'm dedicated to join others in protest to protect this beautiful green area next to our home.

Vytas K (London, 2021-09-12)


I’m signing this petition because pollution is at an all time high and as a resident in BRENT, I literally across the road from where the development is to happen I am appalled that this is even being considered.

We already get enough fumes from the North circular Road, cutting down these trees and building a development is not the answer.

These trees have been here all my life, and I’m grateful they give me the oxygen and clean the air. My whole family suffer from breathing problems. Having cleaner air in the area is what we need. These trees act as our filter from all the pollution.

Please please please keep these trees.

Jason Lee (London , 2021-09-12)


This is yet another example of Brent council’s approval of a relatively large-scale development in the context of a small area of land with apparent disregard for the quality of living that these apartments will provide next to a busy heavily polluted road. This proposal is for an area that already contains super high-density residential building and the removal of the trees will deprive the locality of much-needed green space, which is shameful. There are many dilapidated brown field sites in Brent that desperately need re-development and I would urge Brent to focus more attention on those and to retain this relatively small green space intact.

Gerard Pratt (London, 2021-09-12)


It is a tiny bit of greenery
Destroying trees
Destroying habitats
Neasden has more than enough flats
All 9 flats proposed will hVe cars and will park on already crowded local roads

Caroline O'Brien (London, 2021-09-12)


Its needless destruction of a beautiful green with its trees. If the council is allowed to get away with this no green area in Brent will be safe!

David Stevens (Neasden, 2021-09-12)


Mrs Limbani

Mina Limbani (London, 2021-09-12)


I’m signing this petition because I believe that Brent is no longer considering the impact their decision will bring to their community and how cutting trees and selling land to developers is absolutely selfish. We should be allowed to keep our green spaces and even promote more trees being planted. This has a toll on the environment and the well being of us neighbours. Brent council has not acknowledged the rise in pollution and the reduction of trees contradicts this.
This project must be stopped and let neighbours have a say!

Monica Czarnocka (London, 2021-09-12)


I'm signing because Brent council are giving permission to build a 3 story flat in an already congested area, which will affect all the residents around with car parking spaces and other security issues and losing green area full of nice trees. Thanks

Mustafa Naeb (LONDON, 2021-09-12)


Im a local resident, and this GREEN space is valuable!!!!!! Any bit of space, and up goes blocks!!! Stop populating our streets

K K (Neasden, 2021-09-12)


This needs to be stopped. I live on west way and we were only informed about this news a week before they started. We have no green spaces and this is very inconsiderate of how many positives trees bring to the environment. This area is already congested but Brent council clearly want the profit and do not listen to the community.
This plot of land is too small to build such large flats and this is not fair. We need to work as a community to cut down pollution and save green spaces.

Violetta Czarnocka (London, Neasden , 2021-09-12)


I care about the effects that cutting down trees has on our already vulnerable environment. We should protect the nature around us instead of destroying it for the sake of flat development.

Roza Muzyka (London, 2021-09-12)


I’m signing this because we need our green spaces and Brent council is killing our trees!
Something needs to be done.

Slawek Czarnocki (London, 2021-09-12)


I live in west way Nw10 0lu. It’s a sudden change in our neighbour hood it’s been nice decent place behind the bus stop and on the main junction of the road has been taken away and decided to cut numurous amount of tree it’s disaster to green energy government is emposing so many new rules and regulations regarding low emission this is utterly disgusting cutting down so many trees to build block of flats.

Dhaval Trivedi (London , 2021-09-12)


We can’t keep losing our green spaces with so much climate change going on and leaving nowhere for children to play. London needs green spaces!

Sarah Crouchman (London , 2021-09-12)


We need our trees!!!!!!!

Sorina Howarth (London, 2021-09-12)


I don’t want any more trees to be chopped down, plus it’s to congested with traffic, we can’t cope with anymore building to take place. The roads are not being repaired nor are they getting any wider.

Barbara Graham (London , 2021-09-13)


I live in West Way

Karolina Mackiewicz (Any other White background, 2021-09-13)


We need more trees in an area where pollution is high .

Isabelle Nahili (Wembley, 2021-09-13)


I object to this, we were not informed about this and killing them trees and taking away the little green have.

Mukesh Limbani (London, 2021-09-13)


I live locally to this area, and Brent has an audacity to sell the land without proper consultation, do they feel that we are not worthy to participate. There is too much that Brent do not do, and this is another case of ‘we don't care attitude, and once again don’t listen to the public views of their residents

Margaret Andoyi (London, 2021-09-14)


We need to keep our mature trees and open spaces. These are vital amenities for good health. Brent Council is ignoring people’s needs by allowing inappropriate coverage of open spaces and the reduction of amenities.

Susan Alterman (London, 2021-09-14)


Damage to the environment cutting more trees around polluted road

Aden Hussein (London , 2021-09-14)


The amount of trees that will be cut down, the green space give character to the area.

ladi andoyi (London , 2021-09-14)


We should preserve our planet!

Herve Gunot (London, 2021-09-14)


we need to protect existing trees to help the atmosphere, not cut them down.
this is not the action of community that has declared a climate emergency

Mary Salinsky (Wembley, 2021-09-14)


Surely this is utter madness - destruction of trees to create flats that will adversely affect the lives of the residents because of pollution and noise. Also utterly disgusted that the officers seemed to have sold off the land and given permission for development - councillors need to get a grip. Totally shameful what is happening in the borough around non stop housing development which is barely helping the poor in housing need. Local elections next year!

Emma Tait (London, 2021-09-14)


Cutting down trees will increase pollution in the area.

Ana Sarkissian (Harrow, 2021-09-14)


i don’t want to see this city full of nature become a place full of grey buildings

Arbjola Gashi (london , 2021-09-15)


We need trees Stop killing the trees. In a certain polluted zone

Maria Seixas (London, 2021-09-15)


I'm signing because I'm a resident of the borough and value my green spaces and trees in my area.

Rachel Trafford (London, 2021-09-15)


This is a green open space with matured trees. And it is just after Flyover on side of busy round about. For the sake of both the environment (pollution) and road traffic and safety ( crowd), there should be no developed permitted on this site.

Suraj Baral (London, 2021-09-15)


This is valuable green space

Stephen Smith (LONDON, 2021-09-16)


The council is currently overdeveloping instead of improving our neighbourhood. Our area cannot take more residents, this is just creating further stress on our public services, mental stress for existing residents, stress from increased traffic and decline of natural spaces, which is the reason why most people have moved here.

Astrid Levitt (LONDON, 2021-09-17)


I am signing this because we are in a climate emergency. We cannot continue to build on every scrap of land without considering pollution, flooding and health and well-being among others. Lots of offices in central London will remain empty. We need to rethink this. Thanks Peter for setting this up. Council please consider the views of residents.

Marion Hofmann (London, 2021-09-17)


Firstly, we need trees to compensate for the pollution in the area. It is extremely irresponsible for Brent Council to have approved this development to take place near in one of the most polluted areas in London if not the UK. Moreover, the people likely to be placed in these flats will be families with children. We have seen already how pollution in South London was a the contributing factor for the death of a young child that suffered with asthma. Where is the common sense and compassion of the people who have the responsibility of the borough and the residents of Brent. This is a tragedy that can
and should be avoided at all cost.

Theresa Louis (London, 2021-09-17)


Stop building

Brent Council granted permission (19/3738 July 2020) to erect a three storey block of flats in the land FULL OF MATURE TREES, next to Aylesbury Street and West Way, in Neasden Lane (A4088) by the bust stop after the flyover. Using Covid as a coverage Brent Council sold a public green space to a housing development company and pushed throug the planning permission to cut all the trees and built 9 flats next to a polluting road allowing the neighbouring streets surging with pollution too once the trees are gone.

If you care about whats happening in the area and the environment or this "development" affects you please sign this petition forcing the council to re consider the application and stop the works immediately before any of the green gets damaged in any way.

Ahmad Alsaid (London , 2021-09-19)

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