Save Idle Moor



We are losing too much green space and we do not have the doctors, dentist, schools or jobs for more houses.

I love walking my fog in this field and speaking to locals out walking

Caroline Lowery (Bradford, 2021-09-02)


Idle Moor is saturated now with various developments. Why can’t we preserve some of the green space that we have all enjoyed especially during lockdown?

Jacqui Briggs (Bradford, 2021-09-02)


This was my childhood play area where horses and ponies still live. Do not take what is left of our green space. Once it's gone it's gone. Forever 💔

Cathryn Bell (Bradford, 2021-09-02)


It is an absolute disgrace the way bradford council destroys our little left green fields. What about our children's future. Concrete city here we come

Trevor Steele (Bradford , 2021-09-02)


We are loosing more and more green space to houses. The area does not have sufficient doctors dentists and schools to accommodate these extra houses and are already struggling. We are loosing our beautiful countryside snd walks to bricks and concrete

Helen Armstrong (Bradford, 2021-09-02)


The difficulty with current traffic access & congestion on Green lane would be made worse with further house being built.

Rosalyn Helstrip (Sedbergh, 2021-09-02)


Access via Green Lane is already congested & dangerous in frosty wintery weather due to the amount of traffic now using it. The green space is severely decreasing & needed for social & health reasons. There’s lots of wildlife on these fields including Bats in the area which will just disappear. Schools & medical centres are already full to capacity with no obvious plans to increase.

Julie Carter (Bradford, 2021-09-02)


I'm signing because I live on Sandhill Fold and since the first lot of new houses were built at Quarry Park the footfall of traffic on Sandhill Fold and Green Lane has doubled. Also there will soon be no more green belt land to enjoy as we have done for all these years. You build more houses but you don't build more play areas, schools, Doctors surgeries etc. There is enough housing. Stop taking our greenbelt land.

Nicola Rogers (Idle, 2021-09-02)


This area is used by many people walking dogs and also access to Idle moor and beyond

Nigel Armstrong (Bradford , 2021-09-02)


There are hardly any green spaces left in idle. Wildlife needs somewhere to live too

Jackie Watson (Bradford, 2021-09-03)


This area is local to me and I regularly walk my dog here

Kirsten Oakes (Shipley, 2021-09-03)


Enough is enough, there will no green spaces left for our children and grandchildren to enjoy

Peter Chrstensen (Bradford , 2021-09-03)


We still need our green spaces

Sarah Goodwin (Bradford, 2021-09-03)


We are over loaded with new housing already in this area.

Louise Haythorne (Bradford , 2021-09-03)


I'm signing this petition as I object to yet more unnecessary houses being built around Kenstone...

Una Thomas (Bradford, 2021-09-03)


As a nearby resident we are aware of the mines under the land, there are many brown field sites around the area which could be used.

Hilary Lawther (Bradford, 2021-09-03)


There is an increasing lack of green walking space in this area.

Cathy Holmes (Bradford , 2021-09-03)


Until recently I lived in the area adjacent to the latest proposed development, Sandhill Fold, and experienced first hand the damage and destruction the last development of 70 houses did to the area whilst having to suffer countless inconveniences whilst the developers built a concrete manufacturing facility to fill the spent mines (Idle) mines. Enough is enough. Give the good people of Idle Moor a break.

Brian Kirby (Bradford, 2021-09-03)


Stop building on every piece of green land. We need these areas for recreation, dog walking, care of the environment ie to help reduce high level areas of localised flooding.. we need more schools, drs playgrounds. No more houses here please.

Judy Wilkinson (Bradford , 2021-09-03)


Green spaces are important for health and well being.

Jane Todd (Bingley, 2021-09-03)


There's not much of idle moor left and this area is used a lot for local dog walking. Being able to walk I this area has been a godsend through lockdown.

Jason Hine (Bradford, 2021-09-03)


We do not need more houses at the expense of losing more green space . The area is used by dog walkers and families.

Kath Ratcliffe (Shipley , 2021-09-03)


It’s a badly thought out plan which raises both environmental health and social issues.

Judi Saunders (Bradford , 2021-09-03)


Erosion of our quality of life.

Ron Hutchinson (Bradford , 2021-09-04)


There is going to be no green space in the area. The traffic will increase and the roads / area can not take anymore.

Angela Stalker (Bradford , 2021-09-04)


There is more than enough houses now around Idle Moor and we do not have enough amenities to be able to support any more people living in this area

Laura Morrell (BRADFORD, 2021-09-04)


Use brownfield sites

Pauline Dean (Scarborough, 2021-09-04)


We need to save green spaces. the planned access route to the prooosed site is completely inadequate.

Sue Yeadon (Bradford, 2021-09-05)


Keep our green spaces.

Linda Goldie (Bradford , 2021-09-06)


I used to live there and the people 0n that street are my friends.
21 years I lived there and there is no room for Amy more houses with only green lane as the access and where will you enter the new estate surely not through Kenstone crescent its dangerous as it is only room for one car round the corner at a time

Carol Fullalove (Hull, 2021-09-06)


I'm signing because the green space around here is rapidly disappearing. Alongside the reasons already given I would say the area is also a haven for wildlife such as foxes, hedgehogs etc...Deer and Red Kite have also been seen in the nearby area.

Caroline Anderson (Bradford, 2021-09-06)


We need to drastically reduce and control the number of new builds in BD10. there is reducing green space for recreation and safe walking. In addition, the local primary schools cannot expand any further than they already have (both Idle Primary and Thackley Primary have recently expanded and are now at maximum intake levels). The road infrastructure is not sufficient and the GP surgeries are unable to cope with current population numbers without increasing further.

Dawn Haigh (Bradford, 2021-09-06)


This is a beautiful part of our community, you can't just see fields and think let's build some more houses. So many people enjoy walking on idle moor, it's already had part of it taken away. You can't take the last bit of greenery just to line someone's pockets

Jenna Smith (Bradford, 2021-09-07)


Traffic is horrendous now. We need some green space to remain please.

Craiv Varey (Bradford, 2021-09-07)


This land should be retained as greenspace and naturally landscaped as part of the pland to "slow the flow" of water to the river Aire to prevent flooding.

Jeanette Sunderland (BRADFORD, 2021-09-07)


The infrastructure to support these houses is not in place in the area. Schools, doctors, NHS dentists etc in the area are already full to capacity. Traffic congestion will be exacerbated as the roads will not be able to cope with the amount of cars and traffic the houses will inevitably produce. Green space needs to be protected for our children as it’s being eaten up at an alarming rate.

Anne Whelan (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


We need green spaces and the roads around here are already too busy.

Susan Lawn (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


Lack of infrastructure to support even more new housing in the area.

Edward Stewart (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


Bradford council should not approve any more green spaces until ALL the brownfield sites have been exhausted.

Christine Hardaker (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


I feel that there is sufficient housing already within our area, and NO/ not enough infrastructure!!!!!! I value our green spaces. I would like my grandchildren to see the wildlife that lives there and have the space to walk/ play/remember!

Linda Atkinson (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing this because I feel strongly that we have already lost so much green space in our area and want to protect what green space we have left. Developers should be looking to re-develop areas that already have houses on them that have been left to deteriorate.

Rachel fuller (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


There has been enough houses built in this area.
Seriously impacting on people's standard of living. Green space is almost non existant in our area now

Elaine Grimshaw (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


There are already enough housing projects in this area without losing more greenspace.
Also the road infrastructure cannot cope already without adding more traffic to the problem.

Simon Beer (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


We are losing all our countryside, the new homes are being built but the infrastructure isn’t we need better roads, doctors schools etc

Philip Bland (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I think there is enough housebuilding going on around Idle and Thackley. Build new houses somewhere else, we're sick of it. Schools, Doctors etc full to capacity.

Susan Calpin (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I disagree with the over development of green spaces v

Ian Marshall (Bradford, 2021-09-10)



Gary Brady (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


Considering the facts, I’m offering my support to this campaign which is clearly of utmost importance to retain what’s left of Idle moor. It will definatley disappear over a short period of time otherwise.

Tony Winder (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


Green spaces need to be protected

Mary Brewer (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


Green space should be protected and this is a wonderful open space that adds real value to the area that would be spoilt with housing

Marcus Strudwick (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


There has been a disproportionate amount of new housing built in the BD10 area over the past few years. This has put a huge strain on school places and other essential services such as GP’s. Pollution levels are above normal on Leeds Road and the amount of traffic on the road but pedestrians at risk when crossing. We need our green spaces and do not need more new houses.

Natasha Dyson (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


There is a point where we have to look to the future and say enough is enough ......... build on brown field sites

Miss Sharon Hahn (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


There are already too many houses for the infrastructure.... schools, doctors, etc.

Kate Brown (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


We need spending on infrastructure before any new housing is built.

Darren Knapton (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


Roads cannot cope with the extra traffic as well as the schools and doctors surgeries

graham stubbs (Bradford, 2021-09-10)



Yasmin Delahunty (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


Green space is at a minimum, building on our limited green space increases flood risk, as stated there are thousands of empty buildings that could be repurposed

Diane Banks (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


More and more green space has been lost for housing whilst houses in the district stand empty. What’s next- Hirst Wood? Buck Wood? This council, along with many others I suspect, cares less for it’s citizens who elect them and more about developers interests and monies from those interests. Town & Country Planning is a mess in Bradford. Their strategy seems to be ‘find a space, build on it’ with no regard to infrastructure, services, environmental impact or the mental and spiritual well- being of people who will be affected by it. A future where tree museums exist and “charge a dollar and a half just to see ‘em” is on the horizon.

Ronald Hume (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I fully understand we need additional housing however there has to be a balance. We need to keep what little green space we have for this and future generations. Surely there are brown field sites that can be reused?Additional housing also puts pressure on schools, healthcare, transport etc and there seems to be very little consideration of this.

Michael Moorhouse (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


We don’t need yet another housing development.
We do need some green space left!

billie sanderson (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


We need all the green spaces we can get.

Christine Bell (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I’m signing because it is one of the few places left in the local area where I can let my dog run free. Also, there is little provision for schools and health care in this area. Our roads are already congested, more houses means more cars and more pollution. Please save our open spaces

Jan Hinchliffe (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I'm fed up of all our green fields and land being built on with rubbish houses

Alyson Boote (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


To many new houses already in the area totally ruined the local landscapes

Max Key (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


We are in danger of losing all the green space which is precious to lots of residents, well used.
Also less flood plains, the water has to go somewhere.

Elaine Ward (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


I don't want more traffic on Leeds Road.

Jennifer Cammack (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


If this building application goes ahead it’s yet another parcel of valuable green space gone forever. The area has been allowed to become increasingly urbanised and now suffers from the problems that urban built up areas have

Jean Thompson (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because I live in the area and do not want to see another green area disappear.

Terri Thompson (Bradford, 2021-09-10)


Too many green spaces are disappearing, we need to protect areas like this which is great for walks and time with our families.

Luke Patchett (Bradford , 2021-09-10)


I’m fed up of our green spaces being built on. We need these area for wild life , recreation and just general well being. Our local villages are loosing their identity and with that any sense of belonging to a community.

Judi Boocock (Bradford , 2021-09-10)

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