Regime Change at Gillingham F.C.



The time is right for change at the top

Mike Gammon (Maidstone, 2021-08-28)


The time has come to go.

Darius Sarrafan (Margate, 2021-08-28)


Paul Mcgill

Paul Mcgill (Rochester, 2021-08-28)


He is a bad man.
Nah he tweakin

Jeremy Jereminho (Gingham, 2021-08-28)



James Collins (Plymouth, 2021-08-28)


Alexander Thompson

Alexander Thompson (Bridgend, 2021-08-28)


I hate scally

Lewis Drew (Chatham , 2021-08-28)


Scally out

Jamie Ward (Gillingham, 2021-08-28)


Paul Scally is a parasite who has refused to back his managers for far too long!!! The club is going nowhere but backwards all the while he is in control, the best manager we have had in years is close to quitting as the chairman refuses to back him, saying a squad of 14 senior professionals is big enough!!!! All the while giving himself a hue payrise despite the pandemic!!! Crowds for home games are at the lowest in 25 years, and it’s all down to 1 man…..Paul Scally!!!! He refuses to sell for a reasonable figure which is resulting in the club becoming stale

Ricky Payne (Gillingham , 2021-08-28)


We need someone new to take over

Dean Marchant (Southend , 2021-08-28)


It's time for change.

Paul Wallis (Herne Bay , 2021-08-28)


It’s time for a change at the top

Kevin Aldworth (Queenborough, 2021-08-29)


I hate scally

Paul Bear (Southampton, 2021-08-29)


I have felt, for years, that Scally has needed to sell the club. That said, i am not totally anti Scally, just we need less propaganda, and more action

Denver Bergin (Gillingham, 2021-08-29)


It’s clear someone who is willing to invest and hear the manager and fans out needs to take charge as it is clear the now owner has no interest in listening to the people who make this wonderful club up

Benjamin Burgin (Medway , 2021-08-29)


I want the Chairman to sell. We need fresh ideas, not to be told it's the fans fault.

Graham Perry (Hawkinge, 2021-08-29)


Our team needs players not parasites.

Ben Whitlock (London, 2021-08-29)


Scally out

Finley Barker (Gillingham , 2021-08-29)


No investment, no chance.. we are a joke of a club under scally.

Luke Newing (Broadstairs, 2021-08-29)


Scaly needs to go, to save the club

Adam Bain (Dartford, 2021-08-29)


Because its time to take the club forward

This cannot be done with scally at the helm.

Jack Nicholson (Gillingham, 2021-08-29)


Scally Out!

Billy Sketchley (Sittingbourne , 2021-08-29)


As a club we are not going to be a team to meet with other clubs no money lots of loan players that no one wants

William Knight (worcester, 2021-08-29)


It’s time for change !

Simon Knowles (Gillingham , 2021-08-29)


I’m signing because I want our club back

Nathan Staff (Gillingham , 2021-08-29)


You have been a power of good for the club until 2007 .... You are now taking the club backwards and driving it into tge ground

Paul Bliss (Gillingham, 2021-08-29)


Time has come for Mr Scally to give up his role as Chairman of Gillingham f.c.
The club needs new investment and new ideas.
How can it be justified taking a huge payrise in the current climate the club finds itself in totally irresponsible and has left me in no doubt that he doesn't have the clubs interests at heart anymore.

Leigh Fenwick (Rotherham, 2021-08-29)


We need a change

Jim Mackenzie (Rochester, 2021-08-29)


Time for change is long overdue.

Russell Kimble (Chatham, 2021-08-29)


the lack of investment and the lies he tells about our fans

Simon Burgiss (Newport, 2021-08-29)


The club is dying and the fans have had enough of Scallys lies.

ian Butler (FOLKESTONE, 2021-08-30)


Scally bullshit and milking the club and fans for he’s own financial gain

Mark Edwards (Gillingham , 2021-08-30)


Bout time the parasite fucked off out of our club. Bye bye scally cunt.

Dan Madden (Faversham , 2021-08-31)



Jordan Chorlton (Todmorden, 2021-08-31)


Mr Scally has taken this football club as far as he can. Please Mr Scally, step aside, sell up and do what’s best for the club.

Jamie Manton (Sheffield, 2021-08-31)


The club deserves better than to be run into the ground by a coward who only cares about lining his own pockets.

Darren Waddington (Margate, 2021-09-04)


We need change before the club dies

Nevil Masters (Canterbury. kent, 2021-09-16)


Paul Scally has taken the club as far as he can. While I am grateful for the times we have had under his leadership, he appears unable to find the additional financial investment we need to progress further. Time for a change.

Simon Broad (Corby, 2021-09-16)

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