Musical Freedom



I believe in musical freedom

Rachael Gerrard (La Oliva, 2021-08-26)


The musiicians on the islands have suffered enough throughout the pandemic. Everything is back to normal and should be able to try to earn a living like everyone else

Phil Turner (La Oliva, 2021-08-27)


I believe it is possible for music to be safely returned thereby permitting musicians to earn, bars and venues to operate viably and tourism to thrive once again. Penalising musicians is neither helpful nor financially sound for the economy as a whole. Recent figures rose in the absence of music. Music is not the problem.

Linda Howitt (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


There needs to be music ,
Musicans are not the cause of Covid

Sonya Boylan-Ruane (Kilkwnny, 2021-08-27)


Live music is the heart and soul of Corralejo and these musicians need to work to survive. Please reconsider the ban

Ann Palmer (La oliva, 2021-08-27)


It's killing our buisness and tourism

Tracy Piddlesden (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


Musicians are not being allowed to work, also the locals are being deprived of entertainment.

Keith Dawson (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


One of the main reasons for chosing to holiday in Corralejo is the evening entertainment provided by Rock Island bar, Retro bar etc. without which we may as well holiday anywhere. Holiday income is being lost in Corralejo by the intransigence of the local government there.

Alun Davies (Oxford, 2021-08-27)


Yo soy cantante y autonomo. Como todo el mundo tengo que pagar para vivir. Mi derecho de trabajar YA NO EXISTE ! Tengo una niña que necesita comer...

Evelina Mancheva (Lajares, 2021-08-27)


I find it extremely disappointing and discriminatory that myself and other musicians are being forced out of our chosen profession. Bars that have existed in this community for decades are on the edge of survival as they rely on having live music to draw custom. Most of us are fully autonimo and have taxes and Bill's to pay,children to feed and clothe, schooling to pay for but our opportunities to earn money honestly are being strangled by the local authorities. This is madness and illegal,not to mention counterproductive for the island. If there is no entertainment NOBODY WILL COME.!!!!

David Hedley (Coralejo , 2021-08-27)


The hardship being caused by these arbitrary restrictions are totally unacceptable.

Eve Hearn (London, 2021-08-27)


I agree that musician should be allowed to earn and work

Damian Farrell (Sheffield , 2021-08-27)


I support live music in the bars of Corralejo

Anne Minter (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


Corralejo desperately needs live music to attract tourists and allow our musicians to earn a living

Ray Baxter (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


El ocio es un factor importante en Corralejo

Eric Corralejo (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


I cannot see the reasoning behind restricting live music in bars and outdoors yet still allowing it in hotels. Surely the risk posed by people playing music is minimal, even if there is singing.

Additionally, other parts of the island are allowing live music, presumably they have risk assessed this and find little or no evidence that it will spread the virus.

Obviously encouraging large crowds should be avoided and is understandable, however, the majority of venues in the district of La Oliva are quite small and other restrictions are in place to limit numbers due to the current level. Saying that the authorities seem to turn a blind eye to huge crowds building up in the streets and on the beaches when bars closed.

Perhaps introducing an early closure time contributes to this as everyone exits establishments at the same time and the people congregate together?

Finally, live music is an attraction for the majority tourists coming to the area, taking this away not only hurts the individual musicians, who have had little support through the pandemic, but will also have a negative affect on tourism now and into the future as people find other places to go that don't have these restrictions and become their new destination of choice.

Peter Garyga (Parque Holandés, 2021-08-27)


Live music is essential to Corralejo. Most tourists visit the town to enjoy the entertainment it has to offer. Without live music people will stop coming to Corralejo and go elsewhere instead where they can get live entertainment!

Niamh Kiely O'Neill (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


It’s about time now the vaccine has been distributed

Andrew Booth (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


Live music creates a great atmosphere in corralejo.

Karen Palmer (Prestonpans, 2021-08-27)


I’m sighting because I believe musicians should be allowed to perform

Gill Dowdle (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


I’m signing as would love to see the island back to normal and help struggling singers ect

Julie Chambers (Nottingham , 2021-08-27)


I moved here because of the enormous amount of quality live music. Corralejo is famous for its live music scene. Please let us enjoy the music and let our musicians earn their living.

Shelagh Mary Wilson (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


Music is the beating heart of Corralejo, and as we are learning to live with the new normality following the pandemic, we need the uplift that music provides.

Lynn Williams (Stockport, 2021-08-27)


I agree with the Singers being allowed to do their job, even though Dancing is not allowed just yet

Ritak Hewitt (Wigan, 2021-08-27)


I want music back on in Corralejo

Karen Hockley (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


The live music makes the holiday more enjoyable

Brenda Preece (Birmingham, 2021-08-27)


Musicians need the right to play music

Jusie Dunne (Chorley, 2021-08-27)


I’m a entertainer and need to work

William Cooper (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


We love the live music

Diane Large (Hull, 2021-08-27)


Live music and entertainment is the lifeblood of the holiday industry

Lorraine Mary Midgley (Leeds, 2021-08-27)


100% agree



I'm signing because the live music in Corralejo is what makes it a great place to holiday. The artists are amazing and deserve to be able to play to their audiences.

Joan Cameron (Whitefield, 2021-08-27)


Correlejo needs live music to return asap

Amy Walker (Brighton , 2021-08-27)


Corralejo without livemusic ? I would not visit this place anymore! The musicscene is my reason to come !

Cor Lievers (Eerbeek, 2021-08-27)


Musicians need an income and people are missing live music.

Danielle Holmes-Thompson (Leeds, 2021-08-27)


We need to get things back to as normal as possible

Jean Riggs (Walsall, 2021-08-27)


We need a normal life and freedom

Julie Smith (Derbyshire , 2021-08-27)


I'm signing because I was working as a musician till the beginning of march 2020, and since then, I couldnt continue my work as a musician because of the restrictions.

Ferencz Loránd Szabó (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


Tourism and life in Corralejo is heavily effected by its well known and loved music scene. I understand we are in unprecedented times with Covid 19, but cannot see why musicians aren't allowed to play. I understand there should be a ban on dancing, but with musicians playing at a distance to people who are already occupying the bars and restaurants i really can't see what the issues are.

Anthony Mays (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


I'm signing because live music is so important for people's wellbeing,health and relaxation. To that end, it needs to start up again.

Steve Wright (Chester, 2021-08-27)


Im a musician.

Fabian Becking (Kleinarl, 2021-08-27)


because this is one of the reasons I go on holiday to enjoy the live music and also these musicians need to earn a living

debbie white-smith (plymouth, 2021-08-27)


Myself and musician partner lived and worked on the island for 10 years until having no option to leave and return to original home towns due to no income or support for musicians. Many life long friends have closed or lost their business due to no live music permitted on their premises.

Julia Smith (Leeds, 2021-08-27)


My bar is suffering financially due to not having musicians on

Jacqueline Ryan (Las Palmas , 2021-08-27)


Our friend is a singer there.
His only source of income is from singing solo and also as a member of a band.
He's been there over 25 years and is really struggling.

Julie Tattersall (Sheffield , 2021-08-27)


I'm signing because I strongly support the live music artists! It is unfair to keep them from working, particularly in open-air venues.

Richard Robinson (Horrues, 2021-08-27)


I love live music

Suzy Denton (Chesterfield , 2021-08-27)


I miss the live music in Corralejo and local businesses should not continue to suffer.

Sean Wilkinson (Nantwich, 2021-08-27)


We have come to Fuerte around 15 times. One of the reasons we visit is for the wonderful live music. Please do not kill your own tourist industry!

Greg Goldsworthy (Winkleigh, 2021-08-27)


They need to work like every body else and we need live entertainment more now then ever

Sue Craughwell (Nottingham, 2021-08-27)


I love sitting in RIB listening to the live music

Neil Mcgibbon (Harray, 2021-08-27)


Live music needs to return

Dave Hockridgr (Chichester, 2021-08-27)


I’m signing because there is no scientific proof that live music is related to rising cases of Coronavirus on the island or anywhere in the world. Musicians and bars are unfairly being put out of business.

David Evans (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


we need to get back to some sort of normality and this means live music in the bars so they can then employ their staff back

Susan Friend (corralejo, fuerteventura, 2021-08-27)


Enough is enough and people need to start making a living



I’m signing this petition as being a tourist I would
Love to see live music back again and these people that entertain need to feed family’s. Fuerteventure needs the tourism trade back x

Sarah Thompson (Leicestershire , 2021-08-27)


The ban on music should be lifted and allow music back in LA Olivia
Below are two sets of figures for the covid cases today in fuerteventura
one set from Blas Acosta Cabrera showing the number of cases actually on the island ( 148) and the other set showing cases of people living on another island but still have their medical card registered here in fuerteventura (241)
The difference in these numbers is considerable and are adding to our IA7 and IA14 keeping us in level 3.
We now have less cases here than in Lanzarote but still the Mayor stops music this system is not fair and should be changed.

Gary Gavin (La Olivia, 2021-08-27)


Live music feeds the soul. In Fuerteventura it's as necessary as the beaches amd scenery. It sets people's minds to normal.

It also gives the performers a living. Please, for all our sakes, let them perform.

Paul McGarvie (Freckleton, 2021-08-27)


I enjoy the live music when I’m in your beautiful country

Dawn Bettley (South Shields, 2021-08-27)


I think there should be music for the musicians to earn a decent wage

Carol Sandland (Cheshire, 2021-08-27)


There is no good reason not to have live music, especially when other ayuntamientos are not prohibiting it.

Jenny Freeney (El cotillo, 2021-08-27)


Stopping Live Music is preventing a lot of residents of the Canary Islands to make a living & are actually having to move on as they can't afford their rents anymore. It is also deterring tourists from visiting the islands as that is a big part of the appeal of holidaying in the Canaries, particularly Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Please let Live entertainment start again asap & long may it continue. There are already enough restrictions in place to ensure everyone remains safe

Caroline Ashworth (Manchester, 2021-08-27)


I'm signing this petition because I feel musicians are being penalised due to the ban of live music. Businesses are already struggling financially.

Joanne O'Neill (Sheffield, 2021-08-27)


It’s part of the reason we love the island

Carol Davis (Orpington, 2021-08-27)


The ban is descriminatory against a particular group of workers and has been applied without scientific evidence to indicate that the general public is more at risk of infection from this specific group.

Melanie Lloyd (Corralejo, 2021-08-27)


As well as being essential to attract tourism back to Fuerteventura it also essential for the musicians on the island to be able to afford to feed themselves by having a place to play that will ultimately benefit all parties. Lift the restrictions on musicians' live perfomance.

Mark McKendrick (London, 2021-08-27)


I’m an Irish musician and I think it’s time for all of us to return to work.
We’ve done everything asked of us in the last 18 months and we’re all vaccinated so please allow us back to work.

Paul Power (Waterford , 2021-08-27)


Aquí hay un doble rasero ridículo con respecto a la música en vivo.
Déjalos tocar.

Andrew Lawson (Corralejo , 2021-08-27)


I love live music and at the moment musicians are not earning money.
Also at is unfair Caleta can have live music but not La Olive

Gavin Tremble (La Oliva, 2021-08-27)


Business need live music to survive.
Musicians need business to survive.
Every one needs tourists to survive , or the islands will not survive

David Gates (Arlesey , 2021-08-27)


This has gone on long enough! These guys need to earn money to survive.

Tracey Murphy (Basingstoke , 2021-08-27)

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