Local Residents Representation against the Glenkingie Terrace planning application appeal



I want the children to keep what little green space they have and the added traffic would be a danger it’s already bad also the parking was not enough in the plans

Karin Mckay (Fort William , )


For the Lochaber Housing Association to try and run roughshod over the concerns of the local community is in my opinion a disgrace.

Many people took time to comment and engage with them on this development, and for them to try and ignore this, and the refusal of permission by Highland Council, shows that this "local" housing association are acting with an arrogance that beggars belief.

John Gillespie (Fort william, )


This has been a green space used for recreational sport activities for over 40 years by generations of the villages children. It is one if the last green spaces in the village, children need open spaces and fresh air for their mental and physical well being. This development would also cause traffic safety issues as it’s access road us on a bad corner and the risks if pedestrians ( especially children) being knocked over is greatly increased.
Over and above these points the daily lives of existing householders would be impacted by the inability to safely park exit and enter their vehicles as parking on Kilmallie rd would be dangerous, further their back gardens will be overlooked and enclosed by the new builds.

Carol McCulloch (Alloa , )


Green spaces are important for our children and we should protect what little e have left.

Jill Shearer (Fort William, )


I am a home owner affected by this purposed development which will have a direct impact on my home and take away a green area where my grandchildren play in safety

Ewen Leslie (Fort William , )


The added traffic on an already busy road to turn in to new houses, not enough parking and the green space should be developed for more outdoor play areas

Gary Mckay (Fort William , )


We need to keep as much green space as possible and not let the council sell of land to keep building houses on green spaces.

Paul Shearer (Fort William, )


I'm signing because there was no forewarning to residents that the land had been sold. Residents invested into the area and significantly upgraded their properties unsuspecting the recreational land would be developed. This has been the specific purpose of the site since the houses were built in 1954. If this development goes ahead there are 2 further sites on the same side to be developed significantly reducing amenity space. The marina at Corpach will guarantee more visitors to the area and the access road which opens onto a sharp corner with impaired visibility will have further increased traffic flow including regular buses. Also the increased hardstanding will put additional pressure on the local drainage system which, together with the proximity of the canal increase the likelihood of flooding. Further reduction of amenity space for existing residents and increased vehicle usage and reduced parking spaces accessed from a dangerous junction all present significant hazards for pedestrians, local residents and visitors. There will also be increased pollution. Caol is running out of green space and children need to be able to play outside safely.

Aileen Hannah (Fort William, )


This area is used by the local community and was priceless during lockdown for the local children.

Janis Strachan (Fort William, )


This development will be detrimental to all of the neighbours.

Gail Johnston (Fort William , )


This will have a huge impact on the neighbourhood and surrounding area. This is a lifeline to the local kids as last grass pitch in caol ,not to mention the car parking and traffic situation ,it is beyond believe that anyone can think of putting 18 houses in there gutted just gutted 😢

fiona mackinnon (fortwillia, )


I'm signing because this space has been a sage area for children to play not only since I was a child but since my mother was a child, it's away from roads and parents can watch children play safely, if this space is built on then where can local children go to play, all green spaces are being built on.

Johan Joshua (Fort William, )


Locals people around the area need place for walking the dogs

Artom Evstifeev (fort William , )


At what point do they listen to the people! Caol is the biggest village in Scotland and yet they are trying to squeeze more housing in. I hope the Scottish Government think of the parking and and play areas we don’t have to match the population! And make the sensible decision against this!

Vivien Macgillivray (Fort William , )


I am signing because my children play in this field when they go to visit their grand parents. It is a great area for the community and would be missed.

Michelle Francis (Fort William, )


I live at 4 glenkingie terrace, the green space outside my back garden is important to me, i suffer bad with anxiety, days i can't leave far from home, i let me dog run about in the green space, as i can't go any further than that, & take my granddaughter to play there

Angela Davidson (Fort William, )


I'm signing this petition because I am against this development that will be negative for the area and the people already living there.

Zeemon Erhardt (Fort William, )


There is plenty of
Land that could be used for housing and not a lot of green space among the houses. This patch of green needs to be protected.

Erica Hollas (Fort William, )


This area has been left to look unused and unkept it seems deliberately. If it was managed and looked after by the council, kids from all over Caol & beyond would use this grassy area to play sports of all kinds. It’s a travesty if this land is used to overpopulate this residential spot and will have a detrimental effect on all neighbours. There are literally hundreds of homes being build in the area and copious amounts of commercial land available. Please think again!!!

Gavin Mackinnon (Fort William, )


There is enough new housing being built in Fort William at the moment.. They want to take every green space away from the kids. The money would be better spent on the shambolic roads we have to endure daily.

Andrew Maclean (Fort William, )


There’s such little green space left in caol especially for being the outdoor capital of the uk! The residents already have a very busy road outside front of house and a canal,so keeping a little bit of green space for people to exercise their animals & kids to play on isn’t asking much? Especially when during covid times kids couldn’t go elsewhere!!

Lynne Cameron (Fort william, )


This is a children’s play area and should remain so

Anne McIntyre (Fort William, )


I'm signing because the loss of green space in this part of Caol would have a significant impact on the neighbourhoid, including play space for children, and would impact on traffic levels and parking in the area.

Nigel Cropper (Caol, Fort William, )


This is the only remaining green zone in caol. My nephews and the kids that stay around the green zone play daily in this area. The neighbours all take turns to maintain area that has been neglected by council so that the kids can play and enjoy this space. It would be devastating to built here and take this away from the local children. To have so many houses crammed in a small space seems unthinkable not to mention the traffic dangers and congestion it would create on the surrounding rounds.

Ayesha Shearer (Fort william, )


It is ridiculous to destroy the amenity of an area by building more and more houses in green spaces. It is bad planning and leads to reduced social capital for the residents of the area, with ongoing effects throughout their lives. Life isnt all about grabbing money left right and centre and drastically decreasing life quality for all to do so. Time to make a stand against greedy property 'developers' and speculators.

Fiona Nicholson (Alford, )


I support the community's right to be heard

Gordon Cuthbertson (Fort William, )


It's important to keep green spaces within local communities to enable everyone, especially children to be able to play outdoors safely.

June Watt (Fort william , )



Morag Macmillan (Fort William , )


I don’t agree to this green area being built on.

Sandra Fraser (Fort William , )


I am a home owner in kilmallie road ,I was brought up in glenkingie street and spent my youth playing football in this pitch alongside some top players who were capped for Scotland ,my grandchildren now play in this space it would be devastating to see this last bit of green space go .

William Barbour (Fortwilliam, )


I’m signing as having returned home after Covid restrictions it was wonderful to see all the kids out playing in this field, getting much needed fresh air and exercise. Having been informed of what was happening, this is truly a dismaying proposal. Residents have spent their time maintaining this area for kids and families to enjoy….. we need to keep these areas of green space for community relations. Thank you

Christine Renwick (BRISTOL, )


I am signing the petition for a variety of reasons. The loss of green space the main one. We have to have somewhere for our kids to play

Iain Johnston (Caol, )


Caol already has enough housing! This are is used by existing residents as a leisure and recreation ground! The world renowned Caledonian canal does not need a block of flats overlooking its bank!

David Macfarlane (Fort William, )


Please look at this area ,too many houses not enough green space ,it’s an absolute disgrace that developers try to get in the back door to get planning permission from the Scottish office when local councils have refused

Catherine Macinnes (Fort William, )


It's a disgrace

Greig Drummond (Fort william , )


The land is so beneficial to local community .we're the children can enjoy the space and the park to enhance their outdoor activities, removing this privilege would certainly be harmful to all .

Gerard Maclean (Fort, )


I'm signing because this ground is used by the local children. There is no need for extra housing in this area.

Duncan Johnston (Fort William , )


An absolute disgrace if this development was to be given the go ahead. Taking away possibly the last green space in caol.

Iain Maclean (Fort William , )


Because we need to keep our green areas

Neil Maclean (Fort William, )


It’s a disgrace losing all the green areas in caol

Neil Maclean (Fort William, )


It's ridiculous to put houses here. The traffic will be far to much and there will be trouble with parking.. Leave our lovely wee place alone

Karen Johnston (Fort william, )


I have Family living in Glenkingie Terrace. The field is used by many and is not the the right place to cram in houses/flats. The Highland Council made the right decision and it should not be overturned!

Mary Conacher (Perth, )


This field has been used for playing in when we were kids ,I'm 65, we don't need houses here leave it as it is.

Mary Anderson (Fort William, )


My parents are in one of the houses that will be affected. The plans are poorly thought out and will mean that current residents will lose out on many benefits

Helen Conacher (Perth , )


I lived in Kilmallie road and now reside in Glenkingie Terrace, In all of my 66 years this area has been used by the local community for sports and recreational activities. This development will remove one of the only green spaces availanble for future generations to enjoy.

Rober t Shearer (Fort William, )


It's a disgraceful bit of planning , no thought to anyone, just getting the number of houses built boosted .

Donald Gillies (Fort william , )


It is vital to maintain green space areas for everyone to enjoy

Paula Ross (Spean Bridge, )


This green area in the village of Caol has always been a play area for the kids. I grew up here it was a football pitch then. Whoever is making these decisions is taking away green areas for the kids to play in. There is plenty other areas that can and should be built on. Don’t take away the kids green playing area. If you do you are a disgrace and should not be in a job.

Ali Russell (The village of Caol , )


This has been a long standing area for recreational use in Caol.

Finlay Gillies (Kinross, )


I was born in 1962 in the village and brought up there. Over the years there has been a gradual reduction in green spaces and places where kids can play safely. Why oh why do all the green spaces have to be built on within the village boundaries. There is already new housing going up on the Blar behind the Police Station. This development in Caol is just greed on the part of the developer and just wrong.

Colin Davies (Thurso, Caithness, )


This green Space is essential to the community

Jessie MacRae (ISLE OF LEWIS, )


Former resident of Caol

Claire Winder (Inverness, )


This would be over development. This green space is used daily by children, families and walkers. To cram in more housing and parking here would have a hugely detrimental affect on the area. Please listen to the views of the local community.

Nicola MacMaster (Fort William , )


This green space is, and always has been well used by local children. Green space is very limited in the Caol area. Children need to have access to a safe, outdoor environment which enables them to thrive and develop in their health and wellbeing. Taking this area away from them could be detrimental for not only their physical development but also their mental development. Not only could this be detrimental for children, it could also be detrimental for the elderly in the vicinity. My own mother is suffering from a Vit D deficiency. The proposed development will significantly decrease the amount of natural sunlight she would normally have. During current times, in where they very rarely leave the garden, this could have a significant impact on her physical wellbeing.
Furthermore, in the 50 years my parents have lived there parking/access has not been a concern. This proposed development will hinder access for fuel suppliers etc. and severely limit parking for family members that attend to them daily.
If this development goes ahead I believe it will have a detrimental affect on both the children's and elderly's health and wellbeing.

Donna Cameron (Kilchoan , )


The development will

- Significantly impact the local amenity for the community in an adverse manner
- Does not meet local development policy for sustainability standards in transport
- Has the potential to adversely impact related local infrastructure - eg for flood resilience for existing homes

Gordon Mcgregor (Edinburgh , )


This is an outrage. There is a lack of local greenspace for children to play as it is. There is plenty of space in FortWilliam to build houses without encroaching on an already limited local residental area.

Don MacLean (Fort William, )


This is the only recreational area for the local children to play on. Why do we need more housing in this spot when there is plenty of space in FortWilliam for house building.

Effie MacLean (Fort William, )


The proposed development would have a detrimental effect on those currently residing there. This includes both including their mental and physical health and the area is used by everyone and was especially important during lockdown, giving children a much needed open space to enjoy.

Amanda Jones (Edinburgh, )


I'm signing because there is not enough green space in Caol, Fort William and Lochaber for our young people to play in.

Alan Gray (Caol, )


have many family who live nearby and respect their views and that of the Highland Council.

Bess mobsby (Ingatestone, )


Covid has shown the importance of green space and open space to a community. As a person who grew up in Caol I believe the Planning Committee were correct in turning this application down and the reporter should not overturn their decision which mirrors the wishes of the local community.

John Young (Kirkcudbright, )


The field is great place for kids I the community to play games. And let's face it there are not many places dedicated for them in Caol.

Sean Mathers (Fort William , )


I support the right of the community to keep this piece of land for the communal use of all ages, young and old.

Jan Slater (Fort William, )


Caol cannot afford to lose this amenity

Richie McMaster (Muir of Ord , )


I object to the totally unnecessary destruction of green recreational space!

Ian Langley (Fort William , )


I grew up at 117 Kilmallie Road, this area was and still is a major safe play zone for local kids. It should not be developed because it is easy for the developers . The original layout was put there for a reason.....it was part of original planning for a play area when there was little traffic on the roads...in these times with local narrow roads and busy traffic any safe play area should be kept and looked after. It will not be possible to develop a safe legal junction onto Kilmallie Road

Colin Shearer (Stafford , )


Green space is such an important part of our children's future. It may just be a possible site for development to some but to others it is the opportunity for children to play,exercise, interact and appreciate the community of people on their doorstep, which has never been more important than it has in recent times.

Marianne Kyle (Fort William , )


This is communal playing area for children and community to play on and congregate socially. To take this away from the children is totally wrong, and will lead to boredom and depression in the younger age group.

Lyn Wormald (Fort William , )


I feel this is another step to far in the urbanisation of green areas within towns.. The town doesn’t need it, just a money making scheme for someone.. Leave the green space for people to look out over and play on..

Marcus Valente (Fort William, )


There is not enough area for children to play or parking as it is

Ceri Ewing (Fort William , )


We need to preserve areas for children to play and not for housing .

Alan Ewing (Fort William , )


This is an essential piece of Greenland, which our children don't have alot of these days. Grew up playing on this space with everyone in the area was always a safe fun place to be.. Leave some space for our children & grandchildren to enjoy!

Mairi Logan (Fort William, )


Because this is my home town
And kids need green space.

Hazel Powell (Cwmbran, )


I see that area regularly when visiting Caol and cannot see any justification for housing in area

Dugald mcphail (FORT WILLIAM, )


For years this is where myself and several friends practiced our highland games trianing ,my father used the park in the 60's and 70's .It would be very sad to see it get developed and lost to the young that use it.

David horne (White - British, )


I do not think there is any need to cram 18 houses and flats in this small area. It will impact on the residents of the area re parking and green space.

Elaine Tutty (Fort William, )


It's a playfield not a housing estate

Angela Anderson (Fort william , )


It’s so unfair to the residents that live there to have so many houses crammed into such a small area.

Joan Reid (Fort William, )


Absolute discrace trying to cram houses into this small space, worst thing that happened was flats going up in front of us where old clinic use to be on kilmallie road, no playing fields or greenery left if they get there way.

Rosemary Jamieson (Fortwilliam, )


I am signing this because I feel there are too many houses and flats squeezed into a small area. There are green space areas left.
Too close to original residential properties.
Looking at the design it is not inkeeping with the original houses.

Caroline MacIntyre (Fort William , )


It should stay as a green area

Roddy Macdonald (Caol, )


Keeping green space is so important to health and well-being

Joanna Maclean (Western Isle , )


It was a fantastic area growing up and playing football, depriving you g kids a perfectly good play area isn’t fair

Martin Tolmie (Fort William, )


These are the places kids learn to play football and other sports make friends and away from sitting in front on a screen all day

Colin Shearer (Sheffield, )


No, No, No. This is simply wrong. Caol is too densely populated. A convenient piece of land is seen as an opportunity - reprehensible! The Scottish Government would be letting down the residents of this village if they let this go ahead. Hopefully our MP and MSP are taking note.

Jock MacGillivary (fort william, )


This is behind my parents house. Do not need this green space filled with houses and block view to canal banks etc.

Christine Gray (Dumfriesshire, )


Resident off Caol and feel it is too smaller space for both existing and prospective residents and therefore the green space should be kept

Cheryl Macfarlane (Caol, )