Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



This would be a fitting tribute to a man who gave his life to motorsport and should be remembered along with all the stars of motorsport as they are named after track corne

Chris Davis (Heysham , )


I am signing this Partition as I think Marshalls play a very big part in any motorsport is the least that could be done

Ian Ashton (Sompting West Sussex, )


Marshall's are heroes

Richard Strathdee (Aberdeen, )


To remember a person who gave up his free time so as we can enjoy motor sport. One of the few who ended giving his all. Thanks Robert,

Eddie Richards (Ashford, )


Its a lovely way to honour him

Denise Hughes (Widnes, )


The poor chap give up all is time to the motor sports so what a fab way to remember him

Darren Clark (Boston , )


I am a member of the Orange Army.

Iain Dunton (Morecambe, )


I’m signing because of the reasons given above

David Richardson (Crewe, )


Marshalls are amazing people that give a lot up to let's us race. They deserve this type of recognition when they suffer for what they have given to us.

Dean Langford (Lighthorne Heath, Leamington Spa, )


Rob was my friend of nearly 40 years and this would be such a lovely tribute to him. He would be so chuffed, I'm sure.

JOHN DIBDIN (Kings Langley, )


I have known Rob as a friend for over 30 years and he was always a generous giving person.

Andrew Stephen (Bristol , )


Without our marshals we would have NO motor sport.

John Payne (London, )


I am a marshal

Arlene Chase (Dartmouth , )


Volunteers and track Marshall’s are one of the most important pieces to a successful race weekend. Whether it be at club level, or international events, without them there is no racing. What has happened at Brands Hatch has shook the whole Motorsport community worldwide.

Aaron Thomas (Brisbane , )


As a Fellow Marshall I think it's a fitting tribute.

Ray Couchman (Dudley , )


Without the marshals there would be no motor sport. And they don't do it for reward, they do it for the love of our sport.

Clive Somerfield (Lutterworth , )


I am a (soon to be) marshall myself and love this idea.

Tiemen Scholten (Nieuwegein, )


Marshals are a major part of the bsb or any other racing event and it is about time these people were recognised and by doing a simple act of naming the tunnel after rob foote who died at brands hatch while volunteering and remember these are volunteers, it would be a massive boost to not only the Marshalls but to millions of fans and to all the teams affected by this sad incident.

Ron Goring (Sandwell, )


I believe this is a beautiful tribute to a passionate volunteer. A very suiting memorial.

Craig Tucker (Portsmouth , )


Every Marshal is vital and should be commended for the work they do and the dedication they display.

Steve Maund (Llantrisant, )


I believe that, subject to his family agreeing, this would be a fitting memorial to a person who gave his all for motorsport and paid the ultimate price.

Drew Hornsey (Trowbridge, )


Showing support to a fellow

Duncan00 Masters (Aylesbury, )


I am a marshal who regularly attends Brands Hatch

Paul White (Essex, )


I fully support this petition to rename the tunnel in honour of the marshal who lost his life

Gerrard Singleton (Rochdale, )


This is the right gesture

Malc Merrifield (Leicester, )


Marshalls are vital to my hobby.

Joseph Palmer (Rotherham , )


Rob was one of our own at Goodwood Marshals Club

Richard Green (Worthing, )


I'm signing because the heroes of motorsport go unsung and they have lost a member of the family and it would be such a great show of respect

Brian James (York, )


I am a life long fan of motor sport and was involved in the organisation of motorcycle grasstrack racing for 20 years, so I fully appreciate the importance of Marshall's.

Christine Baxter (Chislehurst, )


Isobel Hollingsworth

Isobel Hollingsworth (Oxford, )


I knew Rob years ago, lovely man. And volunteers make the world go round.

Emily Dibdin (Swansea, )


I'm signing this petition because I would like to dedicate to the marshals that safely oversee all of the motorsport. Without them there would be no safe motorsport

Josh Marston (Edmonton , )


Weekends are precious and the Marshall's work hard so we can enjoy our weekends and especially the riders, drivers and crowds are safe. Robert Foote and all the Marshall's deserve this .

Jane Louise Cameron (Telford, )


Without the Marshall's the sport we love wouldn't be possible. It would be a lovely tribute to the family of Robert who lost his life, he will always be remembered

Nichola Clarke (Woodbridge , )


Is good for his memory to live on

Andy Myers (St helens , )


It's would be a very fitting tribute

Chris Boak (Carlisle, )


Robert should be remembered for all his enthusiasm and efforts to allow everyone to enjoy their motorsport.

Alan Smith (Wirral, )


This would be a fitting way to remember Robert Foote

Aaron Morgan (Basingstoke, )


Marshall are unsung heroes

W Ann Beevers (Llandudno Junction, )


I support the idea

David Brown (Leeds, )


A fantastic tribute to the Orange Army.

John Power (Weston Hertfordshire , )


I’m signing because without the marshalls none of the great motorsport in this country could happen, they are all volunteers who put themselves at risk every time.

Kate Boddy (Basingstoke, )


I’m signing because without the orange army none of the motorsport In the country could happen, they are all volunteers who put themselves at risk every time

Alan Boddy (Basingstoke, )


I agree with this totally, Marshalls are the unsung heroes of any race, and are always overlooked...

Stuart Nottingham (BRISTOL, )


Im close marshaling friend and marshal on Brands Hatch.

Marius Berghuijs (Haarlem, )


I think it's a fitting tribute. You can cross from the outfield to the infield 'on Foote' or using the 'Foote crossing'

Mike Headington (Carshalton Beeches, )


Rob was a great person and lovely to work with

Clive Thorne (Weymouth, )


It would be an ever lasting memory for such a tragic event.

Lucy Mair (Ropsley, )


Marshals are the only reason motor sport exists
Nameing this after Robert is the very least Brands hatch can do.
I would like to see more
A fund set up for all marshals in case of accidents and funded by all the professionals drivers who earn millions out of the sport

Ken Watson (Rowlands Gill, )


I’m signing because without the Orange Army motorsports couldn’t happen also my father was a Brands Hatch marshal for over 20 years. RIP Robert Foote

Ian Tomalin (Addlestone , )


X Marshall at many races over 15 years know what the job entails no matter the weather.

Derek erskine (Montreal , )


I'm a Marshall myself at No Limits Racing so its a great petition.

Scott Churchill (Bridgnorth, )



Tony Chilver (Essex , )


It’s important!

Mark TREDGETT (Essex, )


I believe it should happen!! The orange army do this free of charge and to lose a life over it!! He deserves it

Paul Ablitt (Southminster , )


No orange army no racing they deserve our thanks and respect for what they do for us army in the world xx

Sandra Wilkinson (Lincolnshire, )


There would be racing without Marshall’s

Gill Mison (Sudbury, )


I’m signing because it’s a great idea and a good way to remember someone for what they have done.

Jordan Poole (Jersey , )


It feels the right thing to do, as with all motorsport we wouldn't have it if it wasn't for the orange army.

John Harvey (Clacton on sea, )


It's right marshal that volunteered lost his life at Brands Hatch should give him the remembrance he deserves.

Jo Bremner (Little Chalfont, )


I drive and visit brand hatch regularly and these marshals always have you back thank you.

Micharl Riddock (Kent, )


As a fellow marshal I feel it is only right to name it in his honour.

Paul Haddington (Harrogate , )


I am a bmmc volunteer and part of the Orange army our own safety is paramount but respect for the drivers
And officials is also at the forefront of what we do

Mark Woodward (Macclesfield, )


What possible objection could anyone have to it given what happened?



I'm a Marshall at motorcycle events, and will show my support in this great gesture

David Schofield (Barnsley , )

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