Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



Because its
A great idea , also he will be remembered in years to come

James Robertson (Littlehampton , )


Volunteers rule the world. Without them there would be no racing

Dave Wheelis (Grandville, )


I love motorsports and without these lads and lasses there would be none

Mark Denham (Eyemouth , )


im a race fan

ian simpson (Bebington, )


I was a marshal at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, USA. This is a fabulous gesture of remembrance, respect, and gratitude. Thank you~

Susan Bigelow (SLC, )


Without the orange army there would be no racing

Allan Clark (Sevenoaks, )


No marshals no races...fantastic people.

Alastair Mann (Sunbury on Thames , )


He should be rememberd

Kenneth Sherwood (Murcia, )


I’m signing because without the Marshalls we have no racing. They give up their spare time to enable us to enjoy the thing we love the most, motorsport.

Benjamin Yeldham (Chelmsford, )


Robert should have a permenant memorial for his service x

Carol Williams (Cheshire, )


I’m signing because it’s important to give marshals credit they deserve for their work.

Sandro Jashiashvili (Tbilisi, )


I totally agree.

Marie Hooper (Derby , )


I'm signing because it's a good cause.

Corey Smy (Beccles, )


Robert was volunteering for motorsport as all the orange army do and sadly paid the ultimate price. The least motorsport can do is make sure he is never forgotten. RIP Robert

Colin Leggat (Erskine, )


I am a marshal, so this means a lot to me

Gordon Turner (Harlow, )


I'm signing as an ex marshal of 17 years with cars and BSB.
There are thousands of marshals dedicating there free time to the fantastic world of Motorsport. Luckerly despite the danger marshal deaths are very few and far between, mainly due to the track safety and the strict training marshals have.
Naming the tunnel would be a great way for Brands Hatch to honer this marshal and his family

Stephen Taylor (Witham, )


Without these marshals we wouldn't be able to come and watch racing

Andrew Garfirth (Fakenham, )


Because the Marshall do a fantastic job. To loose it as a volunteer should always be remembered. It shows respect for the hard work they do

Julie Dale (Chesterfield, )


Someone lost their life doing what they loved and helping others. He should be recognised for his support of the sport and giving up his time in honour of others RIP

Heather Robbins (Somerton, )


It would be a fitting tribute

Glenn Ginn (Chelmsford, )


I’m also a Marshal and I agree that a memorial to Rob is a great idea for Brands Hatch and fellow marshals can remember the work he has done over the years.

Roy Joseph (Farnborough, )


I'm signing because Marshals do the job for the love of the sport and are not paid. It would be a fitting tribute

Bev Lowton (Liverpool, )


These volunteers are the true hero’s of all motorsport events. Without them=no racing.

Dave Heath (Bridport, )


It was my first race meet I had just arrived and this awful accident happened..... He should be remembered x

Tina Johnson (Sevenoaks, )


The Marshall's are so important to the sport we love and I believe we should recognize Mr Foote who has loss his life while supporting this sport

anna crane (Auckland, )


Showing support to EVERYONE involved in ALL motorsport. Marshals & support crew truly are heroes ❤

Lou-Anne Andrews (Grays , )


I am signing this as we should remember the support that makes the racing possible. We should reflect that the orange army are voluntary which means they do it because they want to be close to the action. RIP Robert Foote x

Karen McLaren (Cambridge, )


Without the orange army there is no Motor sport at any circuit.
This is an amazing way to honour a fallen volunteer....
God speed

Darren Mason (Ashford, )


As a Marshal we ask for little but when we lose one if the family, it's only right they are remembered

Gary Elson (Cardiff, )


Without de marsalls there is no racing all over the world. And they do it voluntarily!

Mark Dols (Landsmeer, )


I grew up only 5 miles from Brands Hatch and have been a Spectator, Marshal and Competitor there for over 40 years. Motorsport would be nowhere without the enthusiasm and dedication of marshals like Robert.

David Pierce (Aylesford, )


I've raced, I couldn't do it without marshals. Simple as.

Stephen Kershaw (Dublin, )


Robert deserves a permanent memorial for his service and courage.

Keith Mehaffey (Dunfermline, )


As a BSB medic, I support the marshals 100%

Pete Edwards (Bury St Edmunds, )


Without marshals there is no racing. They give their time selflessly without pay, fame or glory, seeking only to help others compete in or spectate at a motor sport event in as safe a manner as is possible. They are the unsung hero's of motor racing and the time has now come to honor them all with the Robert Foote tunnel.

carron bridges (wetherby, )


I raced at BH back in the 60's and know how vital marshals are. God bless you Sir.

David East (MATARANKA, )


I believe this would be a fitting tribute to the gentleman who like all marshals are the essential backbone of motorsport. Honour the man, the job and the sacrifice. Make his family and friends so proud of him.

Karen Davies-Buckingham (Gloucester , )


I know how much of an important job marshals do and Robert Foote deserves to be remembered for all his hard work, without marshals like him events simply wouldn't run. 🧡

Nick Dawe (Marske By The Sea, )


I believe that this would be a fitting and lasting tribute to the memory of Robert Foote. Who I have personally had the pleasure of working with on many occasions at Gurston, Thruxton etc. He was always attentive and very responsive to help and advice. Along with asking for additional advice when required. Robert will be sorely missed. R.I.P. my friend.

Leon Smigielski (Salisbury, )


What a fantastic gesture, well thought of.

Carol Brogan (Coventry, )


As a future Marshall, the orange army collective efforts and grief over a colleague is inspiring and he deserves to be remembered permanently

Matthew Baseden (Orpington, )


I ha e been to many races and without the marshals it would never happen they all deserved the upmost respect, and it if possible is the right thing to do.

Paul Metcalfe (Rushden , )


Without the marshalls, we wouldn’t have motorsport in the uk. It would be a fitting tribute to someone who dedicated their Time and shared their love of motorsport

Heather Robinson (Hebburn, )


I love Motorsport, and watching it is only possible because of the work of the Orange Army. This tragedy needs to be remembered, and actions taken to minimise risk for Marshall’s in the future.

Ruth Johnston (Ledbury, )


I agree , Marshall's are there for sll of us.
Name it the Foote tunnel

Ken Newby (West row , )


I love Motorsports an the Marshall's do a great sport without them

Andy J Bowler (Eastwood notts, )


I would not have been able to race many years ago if not for the Marshals and many became my freinds

David Orange (Leeds , )


It’s the right thing to do

Paul Godfrey Godfrey (Sidcup , )


I've raced at Brands Hatch and met many Marshalls, each one a diamond.

Steve Jarrett (Norwich, )


I needed too, a wonderful person and friend.

Norman Bullen (Salisbury Wilts SP5 4HP, )


I fully support the reasons for this petition.

Kenneth Thornhill (Reading, )


I love motor sport and I could not do so without marshals.

John Senior (Huddersfield , )


As I'm a Marshall to I'm happy but sad to find out af the news so please let's do it for the memories I know of Robert from Marshaling,,,

Dennis Butler (Guildford , )


It is a small gesture to a team of volunteers with big hearts that make the world of motor sport in all its guises.

Gary Purps (Andover, )



Bryan Williams (Port Talbot , )


This is one of the greatest honours Brands Hatch could do. I also think that big events from now till end of season do a slow lap of honour in his memory and also to thank all those Marshall’s past and present for their work because if it want for them we would not be racing!

Mark Nichols (Oakham, )


My son and grandson race there and know the marshals are a vital necessity.
The tunnel should be named after Robert Foote

Sandra Brooke (York, )


It's for a good cause

Terry Harper (Swindon, )


Total respect for all Marshall’s.

Peter Tipper (Stourbridge, )


He deserves to have his name above the tunnel at brands hatch he's one of our unsung hero's of the orange army.

Paul Hart (Wigan, )


These guys gave me many years of racing, without them I wouldn’t have been on track, simple

Doug Ross (Northampton, )


Fully agree with petition

Simon Owens (Brackley, )


I'm signing because it's vital that Robert Foote is remembered at a place he loved, and gives recognition to our unsung heroes, the marshals

Allan Hillman (Truro, )


Without them we wouldn’t be safe and we couldn’t race. Thank you Robert Foote and the #OrangeArmy

Oshin Shahiean (London, )


I’m signing this petition because without these wonderful people my Husband and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy many years of racing. It’s a wonderful idea please go ahead and put in place this memorial.

Louisa Morris (Oxford, )


Marshall’s are a key part in F1, we should owe our respects and make this tunnel a memorial to remind us how important they are and to celebrate Robert’s life

Lauren Ruddock (Brandon, )


I'm a member of the 'Orange Army', and to lose one of our own is just tragic, my heart goes out to Robert's family, friends and fellow marshals with him on Saturday, I feel it would be an emmense tribute and a lovely gesture to our fallen brother, Robert may you Rest in Peace Sir, much respect to you 🧡🖤🏁

Garrie Appleton (Warrington, cheshire, )


This will be a great accolade to the service that the marshals contribute to the sport and to Brands Hatch

Paul Craft (New Romney , )


As volunteers they should be recognized anyway, but when one loses his life for the good of others he should be rembered

David Muckle (Sheerness, )


Marshals are an integral part of the sport. There is no competition without them and are easily taken for granted.

Chuck Barth (Tucson, AZ, )


He deserves the recognition 🧡

Sarah Webberley (Brandon, )


I believe this is a heartfelt gesture

Mark Forsyth (Oxford, )

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