Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



As a previous race Marshall I realise the commitment provided. All free...

Graham Wright (Lincoln, )


Mr Wesley hooker

Wesley hooker (HAYLING ISLAND, )


Its the right thing to do

Remy Kesanen (Hvam, )


I am a member of the Orange Army from Canada.

Colene Allen (Cambridge, )


No Marshalls, no racing. Simples.

Rob Walker (Bristol, )


A noble cause it is.

Mũthoni Macharia (Nairobi, )


It’s the right thing to do!

Angela Robinson (Liverpool , )


It is a good idea

Ben Colley (Preston , )


We cant race without Marshalls

Rhys Cleary (Southampton, )


Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis (RUNCORN, )


It’s a mark of respect for Robert who lost his life doing what he loved.

Lee Jones (Longfield , )


Unsung hero should be remembered

Keith Hamer (Chester, )


I am a marshal and I was at Brands Hatch that weekend and I think this would be perfect.

Thomas Davies (Fleet, )


Without marshalls there would be no racing, they make it happen. A bit of recognition goes a long way.

Steve Loe (Bournemouth, )


I’m a fellow marshal.

Paul Havell (Minster-on-sea, )


I am a track marshal and a part wider large family of marshals

Phil Twells (Nottingham, )


I'm signing because it would be nice to think that marshals are as valued as the race drivers that many track parts are named after.



Without marshals motorsport would not be able to take place. They are the safety team of each and every event. And to do it without pay just shows how much they love their roles.

Carl O'neil (WIDNES, )


I am a fellow marshal down at brands hatch

Laurens Marchant (Ashford, )


It is the right thing to do!!

Steve Moore (Bridgewater , )


This marshal needs

William Young (Manchester , )


This is a fitting memorial to a sadly lost member of the motorsport community

David Spedding (Stockport, )


Any racer understands that without the volunteer marshals you don’t go racing… Thankyou for your service to motorsport Mr Foote, and thankyou to everyone else who enables me to race

James Bilsland (Ashford, )


I’m signing because I appreciate & respect the work of our amazing Marshall’s & would like this to happen in memory of one of these heroes.

Gillian Chesney (Northampton , )


I’m signing because I believe this is a perfect tribute to ROB , as a marshal myself I fully support this

David Franklin (Hampton, )


Ex marshal and driver

john chaplin (Neuvic Entier, )


As a racer our sport wouldn't exist without the Marshals.

Deborah Evans (Wisbech, )


Jennifer Gill

Jennifer Gill (Tydd Gote, )


I am a member of the Orange Army and he needs to be remembered. RIP

Celia Ellis (Chandlers Ford, )


I’m signing because it’s a great mark of respect for this man who lost his life doing what he loved doing 🧡

Simon Stubbs (Manchester , )


I believe without volunteer marshals, we would not have the quality and ability to go racing. Respect to Mr Foote and all marshals.

Andrew Knox (Northallerton, )


It’s important we recognise the amazing work our Marshalls do.

Chris hubbard (Grove, Wantage, )


I am a marshall

Katrina Lines (Bury st edmunds, )


It needs to happen

Chris Bourne (Ashford , )


It is a great ideas 👍

Anton Van Rooyen (sunderland, )


I’m signing this because the orange army are an integral part of any motor racing event and without them we would have any racing at all.

Daniel Pester (Warrington, )


I think it is right to name something after Mr Foote, we couldn't race without the Orange Army.

Ade Lewis (Walsall, )


Such a wonderful way of remembering a volunteer member of "The Orange Army" who carry out sterling work, so we are able to attend and feel safe

Janice Wakefield (HUDDERSFIELD, )


The marshalls do a great job and without them racing is impossible. It would be a fitting tribute to remember Mr Foote

Paul Miller (Ashford, )


I think it’s a good idea.

Max Coates (Leeds, )


having been a marshall many years ago.. I fully understand the dangers we are exposed to. And I would still do it to this day if I had the time. Without the orange army, no motor racing in the UK would happen.

Stuart Inness (Nottingham, )


John Saunders

John Saunders (Southampton, )


I believe in this as I am a marshal aswell

Perrin Osborne (Snodland , )


I’m signing because we need to honour Robert

Chrissie Gray (Alnwick , )


BMCC Marshal, we'll miss you Robert

Torsten De Lange (Peacehaven , )


My heart goes out to his family... he loved motorsport an no one deserves to loose their life this way its just so sad ...

michael Findlay (Leeds, )


If it wasn’t for our great Marshall’s there wouldn’t be any racing so personally I think it’s a great idea 🧡🧡🧡

Jim Birch (Stockport , )


I’m a member of the orange army

Martin Cox (Hawick , )


Marshals are vital to motorsport

Jude Worley (Braintree , )


This man died being a volunteer and deserves to be remembered

Tsarina Wilson (Northallerton, )


It is the right thing to do

Rob Child (Rotherham, )


I'm signing as a marshal to show my respect.

Graham Ellis (Chandlers Ford, )


Please honor this gentleman for giving his life at Brands Hatch. It would only be fitting and right. Thank you for considering this

Jeff Firebaugh (St Louis, )


Love of motorsport and the importance of the role of marshals

Maddy Maguire (Thornhill , )


I'm signing this because Robert and this tragic accident should not be forgotten, as a reminder of the necessary but potentially dangerous work that we marshals do.

Nicholas Bowen (London, )


Needs to happen

David Taylor (STOURBRIDGE, )


As a ex marshal it would be a fitting tribute

Sylvia N Paul Edwards (Wrexham , )


I'm signing this because as a race mechanic i couldn't do this on a weekend without the orange army

peter cooper (CHESTER LE STREET, )


It would be a fitting thing to do

Andrew McGee (Holmfirth , )


I’m a goodwood Marshall.

Andrew Bridgman (Fetcham , )


This guy deserves to be remembered

Chris Cornwell (Llanelli , )


I used to be 1 of the orange army and although they give up their time most weekends you never hope this sort of thing would happen to you

Andrew Price (Beulah, )


My husband is a marshal at Oulton Park and Donnington and loves doing this important volunteered job. Without the marshals the drivers couldn't do their part. So yes I think this gesture is great to remember a member of the orange army

Millie Ashcroft (Higher Runcorn, )


Without the Orange Army of volunteers there would be no racing. No F1. No BTCC. No BSB. No safety trickle down of safety and tech to our family cars..

Dave Forrest (Swanley , )


It is the right thing to do.

Ray Vale (Clacton On Sea , )


A person who,volunteering to enable a spectacle sport for others to participate, lost his life. Without him and many others, racing would not take place.
Honour him, and all Marshalls, by naming another essential item after him.

David Smith (STOCKPORT, )


I am signing to ask MSV to name the access tunnel at Brands Hatch in honour of Robert Foote.

Gary Davison (Ely, )


It's a fitting tribute to Robert and also to the men and women whom without we cannot watch motorsport.

Nick Hodson (Atherton, )


Recognition of service and in memory of.

Stuart Reid (London, )


John Stevens

John Stevens Stevens (Bradford, )


I think it will be a suitable memorial

Paul Bernal-Ryan (ASHFORD, )

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