Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



I’m signing because, as a retired commentator,
I’m saddened at this fatality and because I so much admire our wonderful marshals and the brilliant work they do.

Andrew Wilkins (Solihull , )


It is a fitting tribute

David Thompson (HULL, )


It would be a lovely gesture

Martin Bishop (Farehan, )


In memory of Robert Foote

Edward Ledin (Linköping , )


I worked with him at many circuits.

David Brogan (Salisbury, )


I have been to brands many times and the tunnel is used all the time during a race weekend. This is a fantastic idea and hopefully we can all get it across the line and for it to be a symbolic tribute to Robert and all other Marshall’s around the country and world. We cannot go racing without you.

Dominic Smith (London, )


I agree with the petition.

Elliot Mason (Wellingborough, )


This is a great idea to identify the sad loss of a member of the Motorsport Support community (The Orange Army in this case) and all that they give to ensure so many can enjoy motorsport without which we would not have that pleasure.

My thoughts are with the family and friends

Colin Hewett (Bridport , )


I believe he should be remembered for the work he did I race myself in STREET BANGERS AT BUXTON raceway with out marshalls we could not race they do a superb job R I P ROB

Paul Knapper (Moira swadlincote, )


Mr Ross Piper

17 Kent Avenue Maidstone (Maidstone, )


Robert, should be remembered, for his hours of voluntary work to motosrsport.
Also a plaque on the tunnel to remember him.

Angela Jacques (ALTRINCHAM, )



Andrew Tiny (Kent, )


It’s the right thing to do.

John Blair (Workington, )


Without these marshals, who give their time freely for a sport that they love, there would be no motorsport. 🧡

Mike Kitchen (York, )


Without these men and women, who give up their time to do it, we wouldn't have motorsport events.

Kath Fardo (New Tredegar , )


As a marshal at Warton Stock Car Club I know the risks and dangers too well of motorsport and whilst incidents like this are very rare it is important that they are not forgotten and by having the tunnel named after Mr Foote, it would be a lifelong tribute and reminder to all who participate.

Catherine Clarke (Preston, )


His name needs to be remembered 😢

Libby Seldon (Fordingbridge, )


Its the right thing to do

Nigel Forrest (Stockport, )


I am signing because I used to be a member of the orange army and this would be a great tribute to their hard work and dedication. We should never forget the sacrifice that Robert made.

Andy Hunt (Maidstone, )


It’s a great a fitting idea. Well done on the suggestion

Mark Green (Reigate l, )


All the brave Marshalls who make this wonderful sport possible deserves all the respect and remembrance because they are the unsung heroes of this boat.

Owen Hart (Macclesfield, )


Because it would be a fitting tribute to a fellow marshal.

Caz Phipps (Gosport, )


we could not race without these hero's

Richard Armiger (Arterial Road, )


Marshals deserve recognition. A lot of money floats around motorsport yet the marshals get forgotten

Glyn Ellis (Market Rasen, )


A lovely tribute.

Lisa Burton (Shaftesbury, )


What an amazing gesture for a Robert Foote tunnel xx

Andrea Evans (Stevenage , )


Marshalls need just as much recognition as drivers and it would be a fitting tribute

John Lambert (Burnley, )


Without these guys/girls giving their time for free we would not have motorsport

Anthony Townend (Milton Keynes , )


I’m signing because I think we should remember him, respectfully

Madeline McMahon (North Shields, )


I am a marshal #orangearmy

john brownlie (Shrewsbury, )


In memory of a fellow marshal.

Joe Shingler (Tetbury, )


I'm a fellow member of the Orange Army

Bruce Ingram (Lincoln, )


It shows how much the Orange Army means to everyone on mororsport

Mark Kenton (Harrow, )


Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper (OLDBURY, )


As a former motorsport marshal, it is a fitting memorial to a dedicated member of the team who sadly lost his life doing what he loved

Richard Clark (Exeter, )


He was a great friend and marshal

Elizabeth Shury (Basingstoke, )


It is a wonderful way to remember our fallen orange hero #orangearmy

Katie Eames (Preston, )


I’m signing because, having been involved in Motorsport all my life, I’m fully aware there wouldn’t be any Motorsport without the Orange Army and there’s not enough appreciation for them. The fact that Robert died in the course of facilitating other people’s fun, should be formally recognised.

Carol Mason (Silverstone, )


It’s the right thing to do

Connor-Axl Botting (Chippenham, )


I used to race many years ago and without the Marshalls there would be no events being held

Brian Simpson (Derbyshire , )


I'm signing it because I use to Marshall at moto Cross and banger racing but now love watching motorsport

Jo Hawker (Dorchester, )


As a Brands Hatch Orange Army marshal myself, this would mean the world to all us marshals here and worldwide

Steph Beeken (CRANBROOK, )


To all our hero Marshall’s

Natalie McFadden (Ballyclare, )


I'm signing this because it would be a lasting tribute to Robert Foote, and rememberance to all the volunteer marshals like myself.

Suzanne Roberts (Whitstable, )


I'm signing because I feel it's important to remember not only what this man did to keep the sport going but all the marshalls that still do the job and those yer to do it.

Dan Welch (Hove, )


there needs to be a lasting tribute to the life of this marshal who tragically lost his life.

Be Litton (Lake Oswego, )


I think the memory it could offer would go along way to recognising sone unsung hero’s at the race track

Tim Bill (Rochsster, )


A fitting memorial!

George Galloway (East Harling, )


My son is a Marshall and in recognition of the service they all provide

Sean Colbourne (Portsmouth , )


As a member of the orange army myself
and involved in an incident on track where a driver died. Im happy to sign this RIP Bob 🙏

Brian McDowell (Belfast, )


These great people are the backbone of motorsport in the UK and should be recognised as such.

Ian Tedds (Merseyside, )


I was there on the day and saw what happened !! Deepest sympathy to all of his family........ Sad times.

Ray Ellis (Reigate, )


A wonderful tribute.

Darren Cook (Kettering, )


The Marshall are the unsung heroes and deserve recognition

Janis Bartles (Sandycroft, DEESIDE, )


These people make motorsport possible. This man deserves to be remembered for his sacrifice. Thank you orange army.

Gemma Cater (Bradford, )


It's a class thing to do

Scott Fulton (Strathmiglo, )


I'm a fellow marshal and feel I've lost a member of my family.

Roger Still (Telford, )


It would be a respectful recognition of his services and sacrifice.

Tracey Marshall (St Austell, )


It's the right thing to do

Nathan Woodard (Houston, )


I believe it is important to memorialise the import work and dedication of Robert and all the Marshalls.

Debbie Moody (Sheffield , )


It would be a lovely gesture to a lovely man who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time but was doing something he loved.

Jo-Anne Harding (Essex, )


marshalls are the reason that the races we love can go ahead and when tragedy strikes they deserve to be memorialised in the same way that drivers are

Tom Barker (St Albans, )


Marshall’s are the unsung heroes of all motorsport

Scott Aldridge (Flintshire, )


I think the Marshalls are just as I,portent as the racers and this man’s sacrifice should be recognised

Erika Lock (Tonbridge, )


Think this a fitting tribute to Robert
After the price he paid to OUR SPORT

Colette Tait (Sheffield , )

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