Pedestrian crossing needed on Tithby Road!



My children are at this school.

Sarah Newton (Nottingham, )


My daughter has nearly been knocked over twice when leaving school
I have even received abuse from the driver when asking them to look where they are going
The road is incredibly dangerous especially at school time

Louise Gray (Aslockton, )


Because there is no safe place to cross the road until right at the bottom near the White Lion. Also, implementing some sort of crossing will help to reduce speeding on the road.

Grace Watts (Bingham, )


I'm signing this because I walk to work/ shops everyday on Tithby Road, it's extremely difficult to cross around 8am, due to parents dropping off, volume of traffic, parking. This also goes for my child who attends toot hill and about to start college, this road seriously needs a crossing especially at the railway bridge, with electric vehicles and being hard of hearing I have nearly been run over twice on this road.



My child attends toothill

Victoria Holmes (Newark, )


I agree this is crucial! I myself cross that road quite often and have 2 teenagers who go to Toot Hill and I’m constantly concerned about them and their friends crossing that busy road!!!

Sarah Gibaldi (Nottingham , )


I regularly cross Tythby hill at various times of the day including the morning school run the traffic is dangerous and despite a speed warning sign the limits are regularly ignored

Kirsten Hartley (Bingham , )


My son has to cross tythby Hill for school and its not she with how busy it is

Melanie Dyer (Nottingham, )


We worry about the school children crossing the road going to and from school.

Lisa Effingham (Nottingham, )


It is an accident waiting to happen

NG13 9AP (Nottingham, )


I’m signing because my oldest daughter has to cross that road on a daily basis as she attends toot hill school also drivers go far to fast down that road for the amount of kids crossing it

Natalie Boultby Mcguiness (Bingham Nottingham , )


Live, work as a childminder and use tithby road

Victoria Kieran (Nottingham, )


I live at Tithby Rd and think a crossing is needed for the safety of all as its a very busy Rd cars lorries heading between town and A52 at speed

Frances Lee (Bingham , )


This is a much needed resource to keep our families safe- urgently needed

Sue Gowton (Cropwell bishop, )


My boys go to Toothill

Nic Elliott (Nottingham, )


It’s such a busy dangerous road for kids and adults to try and cross during school times

Claire Park (Nottingham, )


We need a safe crossing as people drive too fast along Tithby Road

Hannah White (Bingham, )


I'm signing because I feel it's very dangerous to cross these roads in school start and finish times. I am a driver and understand how dangerous it must be for all age groups in these times. Some drivers do not care where they park and how they drive. I would also like to recommend a one way system for Banks Road.

Racheal Grubb (Newark, )


My son goes to Toothill School and has to cross Tithby Road every day. It is incredibly dangerous at peak time. It’s unrealistic to expect them to walk to the bottom of the road to cross safely

Nicola Beech (Nottingham , )


I used to live on Tithby Road and the speed that the traffic travels down the hill to beat the traffic lights at the bottom is just ridiculous. There is a school there of which my child attends.
A crossing would slow the cars, make them think. And make it safe for everyone to cross

Hayley Cockayne (Nottingham, )


This road needs a crossing.

Gill Young (NOTTINGHAM, )


My children have to cross the road to and from to get to school and home again on their own

Faye Connolly (Nottingham, )


My son walks to toothill and the traffic is chaotic at school times. It’s dangerous to cross that road with all the parked cars and buses and traffic.

Nicola Faulkner (Nottingham, )


The road is very busy and it would be helpful to have a crossing between The Banks & Langar Road.

Sue McFarlane (nottingham, )


I live on tithby Road and it's such a dangerous road

Penelope Griffiths (Nottingham , )


Safety of all pedestrians including children crossing from one side of Bingham to the other. It’s a busy road.

Polly Lunn (Nottingham, )


As a resident of Langar Road and with two young children and a dog I find crossing Tythby Road extremely difficult. This is particular stressful at school drop off/pick up times but also hazardous at other times during the day.

Richard Bailey (Bingham , )


I risk my life on walk and runs trying to cross this busy road.

Louise Birks (Nottingham, )


This needs to be done

Shelley Davies (Nottingham, )


My daughter has to cross this road to get to Toothill, it’s very busy/dangerous at drop off and pick up times. I drive up this road to go to work and find it frightening how many kids dart across the road In Front of me, risking their lives. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Claire Helen (Nottingham, )


I’m signing because so many people use this road and too many cats drive to fast along it.

Daphne Nicholl (Nottingham, )


I want my children to be able to cross the road safely

Lindsay Braithwaite (Nottingham, )


It is a busy road especially when school children are arriving & leaving and with so many new house at the top end.
Better before a fatality than after.

Mary Hackett (Nottingham, )


Daughter attends college and crosses this road on commute

Angeles Poyser (Nottingham , )


My daughter will be starting in September. I remember how bad this road is from when my son was at toot hill. Vehicles go much too fast up and down Tithby hill. It’s a death waiting to happen

Samantha Blow (Nottingham , )


Im signing because the road is dangerous - too many peolw
Speesing and a major school being accessed from the road…

Sam wilson (Bingham , )


I have kids that go to Toot Hill and I regularly see the problems and dangers encountered by kids trying to cross a very busy road, particularly with cars parked on both sides obstructing their view.

Belinda Chettle (Cropwell Butler, )


The need for this is at least 20 years old. Tithby Road is busy & dangerous at the best 8f times. A safe crossing, especially considering the huge size if the school is necessary

Ashleigh Drew (Nottingham , )


There are so many children crossing this road to get to school. Half of Bingham school children have to cross it.

Karen White (Nottingham, )


my daughter crosses this road for school and is dangerous.

Cathy Graham (nottingham, )


The road is lethal at drop off and pick up due to parents and bus drivers.

Jennifer Hare (NOTTINGHAM, )


It’s so dangerous without a crossing outside school

Emma Shaw (Nottingham, )


It's a very busy road, used as a cut through from A46 to A52 or vice versa. It has a huge school on it, many buses and cars pickup at school. I use this road daily and a crossing would be a really good idea.

Lisa Parker (Bingham, Nottingham , )


It is much needed!!!

Zoe Bacon (Nottinghamshire , )


Of child safety

Debbie Green (Nottingham, )


We need it for the school children and the volume of traffic that uses the road! It’s not safe to cross

Louanne Saddington (Nottingham , )


To provide a crossing on a busy road to enable young people in particular to cross safely to school on their own. A crossing would further enable parents to allow their children to walk to school unaccompanied as is the norm at secondary school age. It would remove the risks that young people currently take at the moment to cross the road into school.

Joannah Montgomery-Sandhu (Bingham, )


Many children struggle immensely to cross this road I have had a few near misses of hitting children when they have chosen the wrong time to cross

Nicola Jerem (Nottingham, )


I have lived in bingham all my life, I believe that we should have more zebra crossing/traffic lights to slow the traffic down coming into bingham.

Debbie Worthington (Bingham, )


My children regularly need to cross this road and I’m always concerned with the speed of the traffic that they may not make it across in time.

Claire Sutcliffe (Bingham, )


I’m signing this petition as the safety of pedestrians crossing this road is very important.

Caroline Powles (Nottingham, )


Because I agree there no safety spot and any one across its a fast road too.

Samantha Hall (Nottingham, )


I drive down this road multiple times a week and regularly see poor mums with prams or small children having to do a mad dash to get across the road, let alone the teenagers that have to cross daily!

Amanda Linday (Melton Mowbray , )


I think the road is dangerous, there is far too much congestion on this road in particular at school opening and closing times, Toothill school area.

Louise Smart (Nottingham , )


Both my children have to cross Tythby Road to get to school and it’s absolute chaos at drop off times. There are frequent building works on the houses along the road which only adds to the poor visibility for children, sometimes having to just ‘go for it’ and cross the road because they can’t see if anything is coming.

Ria Bailey (Bingham, )


My children go to Toothill school

Sarah Craig (Nottingham, )


I drive along tythby road daily as the school buses are arriving for school. Children are walking and crossing onto school grounds and parents are stopping to drop children off. It is always extremely busy and chaotic. There needs to be a place where children can get into school hounds safely

Christine Howe (Bingham, )


Safety for children

Caroline Ward (Nottingham, )

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