Maintain Hala



The maintenance and upkeep from the council is appalling, and needs putting rite.

Daniel Wilkinson (Lancaster, 2021-07-14)



Kelly Patterson (Lancaster, 2021-07-14)


I pay for it so I want my monies worth and it looks a mess

Colin Wilkinson (Lancaster, 2021-07-14)


It is very unsafe left as it is, not to mention it looking a mess.

Amy Auty (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I am now living opposite a jungle i cant even walk my small dog on . It is an eyesore. No excuse for this mess

Amanda Hogg (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


The play park isn't safe because of overgrown nettles etc and the bridge over the beck still hasn't been replaced

Rachel Houghton (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


The whole area is a mess. Road need sorting, pavements are a mess the council don’t care when cutting the grass. Weeds on the pavements and hard to push a pram.

Michael Rawsthorne (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I'm signing because hala is looking seriously run down

David Owens (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I live here, it's a mess and needs sorting! Never seen it so bad

Dan Jackson (Lancaster, 2021-07-14)


It’s needed

James Holl (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I live on hala

Heather Wall (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


It's a Harvard,not safe to let children play

June Foxcroft (Lancaster, 2021-07-14)


I have 3 adult children who live on different Drives on Hala and 7 grandchildren who like to play out. My daughter and her 3 sons live on abbeystead Dr, and the 2 youngest ones like to play on the field opposite thier house.

Janice Angus (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I grew up on Hala it’s a disgrace

Deborah Lund (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I grew up on Hala, Abbeystead Drive. The estate and it's greenery plus surrounding environments gave me and the other children a great place to play throughout my childhood and especially during the Primary and early Secondary age. Those experiences were absolutely vital for the job I do today. Without that experience of playing out on Hala I would not be able to organise the activities that I do in my work. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. The football, cricket and Olympics we used to play and organise ourselves are central to my job. As is my love of nature; becks, trees, grass and hedges and conveying this to today's children. The majority of this came from playing out on Hala. Do not underestimate the power of the area you grow up in to positively influence the rest of your life.

Lee Angus (Bromsgrove, 2021-07-14)


It’s a mess truthfully , kids can’t even get to play in the beck the grass is that long

Caroline Wilkinson (Lancaster, 2021-07-14)


I’m signing because our estate is becoming an eyesore. My children are unable to use the park or the grasses areas and the summer holidays are almost here.

Charlene Shuttleworth (Lancaster , 2021-07-14)


I’m not from the area but have friends there and I’m sure it’s important to them.

Riley Freeman (Sunderland, 2021-07-15)


I live here and have children that play out

laura jones (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


Because hala is disgusting at the moment the grass is so long that rats are living in it! £177 council tax I pay and for what?

Sheree Sharkey (Hala lancaster, 2021-07-15)


The estate needs to go back to how it was and also a safe place for the children to play in. We pay our council tax so please clean us up.

Linda Nicholson (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


I only recently moved away from Hala and when I visit family it is sad to see the state it is in! It looks horrendous and neglected.

Ocean Heward (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


Because I live in this area and the grass is disgusting, I cant even see my dogs when I'm walking them!!

Amy Tennant (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


Im signing because we live on hala and my kids cant play on the park as it needs maintenance or the grass as it is too long.

Louise whitaker (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


We need the grass cut to bring Hala back to the estate we know.

Thomas Angus Angus (Lancaster , 2021-07-15)


The state of the whole town is depressing.
Hala estate has always been full of green and well maintained until the covid excuse ????
Its dangerous around the beck side for children , creating vermin tics and more , we can no longer walk our dogs and enjoy the outdoor walks , curbs are full of strong weeds which are now uplifting flags and causing hazards for everyone , disabled and vulnerable residents can no longer walk or ride their mobility aids without coming across hazardous paths and walk ways. Parks that are adjoined to private property have been so neglected that thick weeds and trees are now imposing over onto private property and pushing at fencing which will eventually creat danger and claims being submitted. If this was residents leaving their outdoor property in such a poor neglected and dangerous state they would be prosecuted by the council and ordered to clean it up ! So Lancashire and Lancaster county council must be liable to maintain this historic town and encourage visitors back.

Tracey Hurtley (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


I live on hala

Alicia Barton (Lancaster , 2021-07-15)


Hala is a nice estate to live on and with everything overgrown its looking scruffy. My kids can even go to the play park due to the over grown vegetation. Please sort it 🙏

Mathew Raby (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


It’s a disgrace and dangerous

Paul Eden (Lancaster , 2021-07-15)


I want hala back to how it was before lockdown, it’s a disgrace and an eyesore. The children need some where to play and socialise . Especially the grass on hala hill which looks like an overgrown jungle!!!! Bring back the big slide that used to be there too many years ago . This needs sorting !

Sarah Knowles (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


No point paying council tax for absolutely nothing done by the council.

Michael Bickerstaffe (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


I come to
Lancaster often to see my family regularly and was very disappointed to see the unloved field

Jackie Eden (Bury St Edmunds, 2021-07-15)


I live on Hala

Paul Conway (Hala lancaster, 2021-07-15)


I grew up on this lovely estate and go back regularly to visit family and friends. It used to be a tidy estate to be proud of and now it looks absolutely awful to be truthful. No hesitation in signing this.

Tracey Harkin (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


Gala needs some respect

Jeff Woodburn (Lancaster , 2021-07-15)


I'm a resident of Hala

Louise Smith (Lancaster, 2021-07-15)


I’m signing because Hala field and neck area is in an absolutely disgusting state. About 6 environmental vans there all day. How long does it take to decide the area needs sorting out.

Lee Bishop (Lancaster , 2021-07-15)


We have family that live in the area and often visit. The area that was once a great place for our children to play is now an unrecognisable over grown mess.
The local council are often seen wasting money on other things and should at least have the area on their radar to manage and maintain to give the local family’s an area to play and socialise.

Luke Hetherington (Garstang , 2021-07-15)


I am a resident of Hala and have been for 40 years. It has never been this unkempt. It is lovely for bees and nature, but for people walking or playing sports on the fields, it is not. Hala is not a nature reserve, it is a housing estate and a nice one. Please get back to the upkeep of our grassy areas and grave yards.

Rachel Bambrough (Lancaster, 2021-07-16)


The fields are over grown, unkept.

Louise Mole (Lancaster, 2021-07-16)


The fields are too overgrown!! the only places kids can play are on the roads and the park, its not fair

Eden Sutton (Lancaster, 2021-07-16)


Lancaster City Council need to be reminded that they work for us as Council Tax payers and as such should have the decency to consult us about the decisions regarding are green spaces.who the hell do they think they are??? We are being run by people that are not Lancastrians but ex Lancaster University Graduates and I’ve got to say how lovely the grounds are at the University. While these butterflies are running are City we will be left living in a rat invested jungle

Carol Kernick (Lancaster , 2021-07-16)


Born and bred on hala..disgusted how l.c.c have let hala go from a flagship estate to a over run wildness..

Carol Bleasdale (Lancaster , 2021-07-17)


I am fed up of looking out at and living in the middle of what looks like an unloved area.
It needs properly maintaining not the half hearted effort we have endured for the last 2/3 years.
Hedges hsve not been touched for far too long.

Sue Carter (Lancaster , 2021-07-17)


All of the above. The area is a disgrace.

Hugh Haddow (Lancaster, 2021-07-20)


I think we should be able to walk round all public areas that are well looked after. We pay our council tax for that to happen and it isn’t happening

Martin Rawlings (Lancaster , 2021-07-26)


I’m a local resident and I am disgusted on how the area looks at the moment.

Jannice Meyrick (Lancaster, 2021-08-03)

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