Save the future of FF4K and NUFC at Blondin Park



My children’s have been going to FF4K for over 7 years now and also okay for NUFC.

These activities have been a primary reason for my children to both keep fit, but more importantly become confident young children who have developed many life skills such as team work, handling conflict, communication skills etc.

The thought that an unelected body can stop this is despicable. Save FF4K and NUFC at Blondin Park!

Kamal Bal (London, 2021-07-10)


I'm signing because we have enjoyed Footy Fun 4 Kids immensely and it would be a real shame for the local community if they loose their place at Blondin Park. Good luck guys, hope all your hard work over the last 8yrs isn't wasted!

Ciara Daly (Hanwell, 2021-07-10)


My 6 year old son Ivor loves footy fun in Blondin. It’s sparked a love of football and exercise in general and they are huge part of our community as both Footy Fun and Northfields United. I am BAFFLED as to why these guys, who have been pretty much the only organisation using the space regularly in the last 7 years, are at risk of losing access to the space.

John Hirst (London , 2021-07-10)


Footy fun for kids is a fantastic organisation enabling young children to develop a love for sport from a young age. Saturday in Blondin Park would be soulless without it. They bring together the community and give us a reason to visit the park which the children now love as a result.

Sonul Badiani-Hamment (London, 2021-07-10)


This is a valuable local resource, and the hard work deserves support

Antony Swiatek (Ealing, 2021-07-10)


My son loves the footy fun for kids on a Saturday morning!

Louise Reen (London, 2021-07-10)


I want FF4K to keep delivering the amazing football services it currently provides in Blondin Park to our community

Sophie Service (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4K iand NUFC are brilliant for the local community, encouraging neighbourhood bonding and health/fitness for children.



Footy Fun 4 Kids is a vital sports club at Blondin Park for the health and well-being for families in Ealing.

Adam Shorey (London, 2021-07-10)


I am signing this petition because ff4k is such an important part of our local community based around blondin park. It is even more important now to ensure children have easy access to sport for health and social benefits. It would be a huge loss to the community if they were unable to continue using blondin.

Teresa Heiskanene (London, 2021-07-10)


I'm signing this because FF4K and NUFC is so important for the community. Hundreds of families enjoy these groups and would be devastated by their loss.

Lindsay Turnham (London, 2021-07-10)


A great facility for kids and they have been here for many years. Huge shame if they didn’t have a future at Blondin.

Philip Pecar (London, 2021-07-10)


My daughter loves Footy for Fun at Blondin. The staff are excellent and the convenience of Blondin Park works for your family when juggling childcare and holiday camps. Without Footy for Fun we would be lost in the holiday periods.

Laura Begg (london, 2021-07-10)


We have been coming right from the beginning, we as parents have volunteered our time, expertise and money for this facility as we thought it would benefit our children and help an amazing company of Footy Fun 4 Kids and Northfields United. They have put a lot of time effort and money into Blondin park and I think it is terrible that we meaning us as a community are in doubt wether we will be back next year. This is a place where both my children and us as parents enjoy coming and being part of a community.

Vicki Keast (London, 2021-07-10)


We want football to stay in Blondin Park.

Tristram Armour (Ealing, 2021-07-10)


FF4K and NUFC are both incredibly important and valuable benefits to our community, and it is unacceptable for them to not have a home in Northfields.

Lesley Yeung (London, 2021-07-10)


I'm signing bacause it is important local kids have a place to safely learn and play football with their friends

Selina Reen (London, 2021-07-10)

#29 is a vital part of my community life, allowing my children and myself to integrate into the community. I am strongly against anything that could jeopardise their ongoing presence in Blondin Park

Daniel Foley (Hanwell , 2021-07-10)


Footy Fun 4 Kids at Blondin is very popular with children and parents, and is very much part of the community. It would be a great shame for FF4K’s future here to be under threat.

William Sallitt (London , 2021-07-10)


FF4K and NUFC make a valuable contribution to the local community. Let them stay in Blondin!

Kathryn Lacey (London, 2021-07-10)


I’m signing because the provision that footy fun and Northfields United provides is so much more than football. Attending the sessions gives the children much needed exercise and a boost to their mental health and the classes have been a total lifeline for so many families over the last 18 months. There’s a real sense of family and community within the club and it would be devastating to the local area to lose this provision.

Naomi Jones (London, 2021-07-10)


My son has sensory needs and very high energy levels. Football, specifically FF4K, has been an amazing outlet for his energy while also learning personal space and following instructions. This organisation has been amazing in making him feel welcome. We would be heartbroken if it could no longer continue.

Alicia Harvey (London, 2021-07-10)


Grassroots football is essential to kids development

Andrew Bishop (London, 2021-07-10)


We love playing football every Saturday in Blondin Park. Would be heartbroken if this wasn’t an option

Tara Bailey (London, 2021-07-10)


This is a wonderful addition to a community they have built so brilliantly over the years!

Serena McMahon (London, 2021-07-10)


I’m a parent if two children whose lifeline is Chris Lara and the football coaches, every Saturday and Sunday.

Rachel Drake (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4k has been serving this community for years. My child have attended for a long time. My son is also a meme et of Northfields United. He loves it. This is a community lead club and has helped bring us all together.

Terry Brown (London, 2021-07-10)


My children love FF4K and NUFC. Been going since it started. 2/3 are members of NUFC teams. This would be a massive loss to the community.

Dan Drake (Ealing, 2021-07-10)


My little one just joined the footy fun classes and loves it! It would be such a shame to loose this opportunity for the children of our community.

Ilaria Fantin (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4K and NUFC have for years been almost the only users of this space at Blondin Park. The community has been built around them and whole need for a pavilion in Blondin park is because of the community who use the park.. because of FF4K.

Maggie Lester (London, 2021-07-10)


Chris and team are essential to the community and have played a huge part in my daughters growth and social integration. The thought of the team not being around is very disheartening and whoever makes this decision should tell the children that they have served over the years to their faces that they are taking this away. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss further.

Simon Seitz (London, 2021-07-10)


Blondin park and FF4K are an important part of helping local families keep fit, stay healthy and have fun.
For the more vulnerable families it is a lifeline, allowing safe outdoors space and meet ups whilst children can also de-stress with football.
Losing this facility is more harmful for the community and local company.
Please ensure FF4K continue to provide their excellent services at Blondin park.

Anju Verma (London, 2021-07-10)


All three of my children play football in blondin park, footy fun for kids is absolutely central to the Ealing and Northfields community.

Hamish Phillips (London, 2021-07-10)


Let the kids play

Tom Moore (Ealing, 2021-07-10)


This club is a wonderful asset, provides great coaching and it would be very wrong to remove such a positive facility from the community.

Emma Clayton (London, 2021-07-10)


The football is a great use of space for hundreds of kids on the and their families who come together through that.

Nicky Lawrence (London, 2021-07-10)


Because I feel strongly about this

Poppy Ward (Brentford, 2021-07-10)


Footy Fun 4 Kids provide an amazing service to the local community, making sure our children stay fit while building a passion for football.

Paloma Baraja (London, 2021-07-10)


My children have got great enjoyment from playing football with Footy4fun over the last few years and I think it would be a huge loss to the community if they were not allowed to continue in Blondin Park. Not only is Footy4fun part of our community, they also play an important role in bringing many more skills to children as they grow. The fitness, teamwork and confidence boosting skills they will learn from this nurturing environment is immensely important for their physical and mental wellbeing. Taking away the presence of such a great club would be a disservice to our children. Blondin is a park at the heart of our community and Footy4fun should be given the right to continue to train, teach and bring joy to our kids here.

Katherine Foord (London, 2021-07-10)


FFFK is absolutely brilliant and needs to continue at this location. It is part of our community

Louise Hanratty (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4K is a wonderful organisation and a I would say a major pillar of our community. Boys and girls have taken part in and developed a love for football! It has also provided an essential service (childcare) for working parents in need. I find it shocking that such a committed/ dynamic team’s efforts (especially post covid) could be destroyed at the drop of a hat!

Viviane Louis (London, 2021-07-10)


I don’t understand why?

Rhiannon Llewelyn (London , 2021-07-10)


This is a fantastic community football school/club and my children love the lessons and the fact that they can see all their local friends there. It would be a real loss to the area if this could not continue.

Nikki Webb (London, 2021-07-10)


Footy Fun 4 Kids are incredible and provide reasonably priced, inclusive exercise for local families. Who even are The Blondin Consortium and why do they have control over the park? Is it the same woman who wanted the council to erect a huge phone mast in the park in return for a donation to the Consortium. Non locals like her should not be allowed to overrule local residents and use the park as a cash cow.

Helen Evans (London, 2021-07-10)


This has been an important and regular use of the park space for so long. The use needs to continue.

Lucy Herlihy (London , 2021-07-10)


My son really enjoys the football sessions that are run here.. the coaches and staff work really hard to bring fun and enjoyment to the kids of the area

John Waggott (London, 2021-07-10)


Save the future of Ff4k. Keep kids football

Jason Bowen (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4kids has been an incredible community resource for all. Their positive, inclusive and fun approach to physical activity will benefit a local generation if allowed to continue. A shared approach is an absolute must

Mike Lawrence (London, 2021-07-10)


Everyone should have access to our public parks in Ealing.

Charlotte Putnam (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4K has been a wonderful local activity for my kids and many others during term time and holidays. It gives them the opportunity for fun outdoor exercise and developing new skills. Not clear why it would be of benefit to the community to take this away.

Anna Crawford (London, 2021-07-10)


I'm signing because Northfield United has been a wonderful experience for my son and long may it continue!

Dave Green (London, 2021-07-10)


This football community has been a wonderful source of fitness, fun and friendship over the last 6-7 years, and really helped the children through lockdown. Chris and lara have built a really special and precious thing for the local community.

Sapna Pieroux (London, 2021-07-10)


My son plays football on these playing fields, There is such a sense of community and real friendships have been forged with in the football club/team,

Russell Ryder (Slough, 2021-07-10)


I’m signing this petition because my son has been attending FF4K every weekend for the last six years and has been a player for NUFC for the last two years - it is a massive part of his and our lives. The sporting and community offering that both FF4K and NUFC offer is second to none and has been an absolute lifesaver during COVID times. Chris and Lara have also taken my teenager on board by employing him as a trainee coach - something that has been amazing for his confidence and social skills.
I must say that the behaviour of the Blondin Consortium in this matter is really quite underhand. They have used Chris and Lara and the FF4K/NUFC community extensively these past few years to raise funds for the Pavilion - even to the point of getting our parents to staff the fundraising coffee and cake stall every weekend to sell goods to the FF4K/NUFC community and getting significant donations from parents for the Pavilion. Now to turn on the community in this way feels incredibly disrespectful!

Fran Peak (London, 2021-07-10)


This is logical!

Nicholas Castaneda (BRENTFORD, 2021-07-10)


Northfields United and Footy Fun 4 Kids is the highlight of the community, bringing children of all ages and diversity together. It will be a huge blow to the children if they are no longer able to do enjoy football at Blondin Park.

Dionne Clarke (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4K has been absolutely brilliant for me and my 2 young children. It has allowed us all to make friendships, keep fit and have fun.

Daniel Kloss (London, 2021-07-10)


Sam has loved footy 4 fun since he was 3.

katy reeves (london, 2021-07-10)


I’m signing because my son massively enjoys FF4K, I think it’s a great organisation and a huge benefit to the local community supporting local kids. We need to support businesses like these to prosper not reach unnecessary hurdles and face closure at blondin.

Alice Anderson (London, 2021-07-10)


I am signing this as I really am against the proposal!

Ann Marie Fitzgerald (London , 2021-07-10)


My two sons have been playing football in Blondin with Ff4k for years. This is a fantastic group for the local community and should stay here.

Liam McNicholl (London, 2021-07-10)


A huge loss to thousands of local families if this club isn’t allowed to continue.

Adrian Bellenger (London, 2021-07-10)


This football club is an important part of northfields community and we're going to fight for it!

Chris James (London, 2021-07-10)


Loads of local kids love the football there, it really brings the community together and the kids (and families) will be gutted to lose it.

Hannah Lakey (London, 2021-07-10)


My son has played with ff4kids for 6 years at least

Sally Ali (London, 2021-07-10)


I’m signing this petition because my two children have spent many hours enjoying football at FF4K and NUFC over the last 5 years, and I have made friends with other parents through this community link.

Colin Lacey (Hanwell, 2021-07-10)


I live in the street leading to Blondin Park and do not want a public space being taken over by profit making sports

lynne west (london, 2021-07-10)


I'm signing this because NUFC and FF4K are a fantastic community and great for the local area and Blondin park. It is inconceivable that it wouldn't be given permission to continue next year.

Chris Brooks (London, 2021-07-10)


FF4K and NUFC have both played a formative role in my son’s childhood. He has made friends, gained skills and had access to the kind of support and influence that come from a well run club. What else could you put there? Nothing else makes sense! Blondin middle field is absolutely the home of FF4K and NUFC.

Sue Hugill (London , 2021-07-10)


FF4K and NUFC are at the centre of our community. 100s of kids have benefitted from the enthusiastic coaching and team atmosphere and they bring together families from all over the local area. My own children will be devastated if they can no long operate at Blondin park. I can’t understand why not allowing them would even be considered.

Louise Midlane (London, 2021-07-10)


Footy Fun for Kids and Northfields United are a massive part of our community helping kids stay healthy and developing skills and friendships. It’s amazingly well run by Chris and Lara and it would be a travesty if they couldn’t continue. Our kids would be heartbroken and it would leave a massive hole in our community.

Andy Pieroux (London, 2021-07-10)


I want my child, his football team, his club and the wider FF4K and Northfields United to have the ability to continue to use the ground at Blondin Park. It has been great to see this park used for this purpose over the last few years, bringing visitors to the park.

Sarah Hughes (London, 2021-07-10)


Both my children have loved Chris & Lara’s football camps at Blondin and, with Saul now playing for NUFC, it’s become our second home. Blondin has always felt like a safe, family oriented park for our kids to play in, and the NUFC team have embodied that sense of family and community, they are without doubt an asset to, and an integral part of, Blondin Park.

Eloise Cummins (London, 2021-07-10)


My eldest son joined FF4K as it opened. He's since played in Northfields United. His younger brother is now playing too. Chris and Lara have built something incredibly special for our community. I cannot fathom what possibly justifiable reason there could be for this club to not continue to be based here. Bluntly, Blondin meant absolutely nothing in terms of sport in the community prior to their arrival. The impact they have made already and that this club has the potential to make for Northfields and Blondin is genuinely amazing. Please reconsider and give them the support they deserve.

Iain Preston (London, 2021-07-10)


This park has been used for kids football with this amazing community club for seven years. Blondin Consortium are being unreasonable and LBE needs to step in to help this die Northfields United. Our children use this facility and it needs to be protected! Thanks

James Waight (London, 2021-07-10)


I’m signing this because I have three boys who love FF4K and play for Northfields United. This ground is home for us and has been for 7 years!

Anja Bone (London , 2021-07-10)


I’m signing because FF4K and Northfields United is a fantastic local organisation and is of enormous benefit to a whole range of local children

Jacky Green (Ealing, 2021-07-10)


We need our community grassroots sports more than ever. I can think of no reason that our Blondin football group should loose their place to play.

Pauline Orpin (Ealing , 2021-07-10)


I believe there are too few activities for children in the area. Also it's good to see the park being well used. The football club is good for the community. I don't have children in this age group ( mine are all grown up) but feel strongly about the club continuing.

Gill witcomb (ealing, 2021-07-10)


It’s important we have a community space for our children at the heart of Northfields

Natasha Odell (London, 2021-07-10)


The grounds we are at is a home to NUFC. If that is removed from the players, it will be hard to find another place to base the team around.

Joel Stallion (London, 2021-07-10)


NFUC is a fantastic asset for the community and their use of Blondin park has enhanced the value of the park as a meeting point for the local community.

Johan Lindstrom (London, 2021-07-10)


I strongly support the continued community use of Blondin park facilities by Footy Fun 4 Kids and Northfields United Football Club. They have provided invaluable acces to open space and activities for people all ages, and all backgrounds.

Jovan Luzajic (London, 2021-07-10)


My grandchildren play football at this park. Given this Government’s focus on children’s exercise, I think the person making this comment needs to look beyond the welfare of the grass.

Alan Downward (Maidenhead , 2021-07-10)


I’m signing because this club means so much to the community and we want it to stay in its rightful home!

Lara Vidal (London, 2021-07-10)


We need Northfields united in Blondin. They are the heart of the community. Our kids have grown so much thanks to them.

Beatrice Dautzenberg (Ealing , 2021-07-10)


My Grandson gets a lot of pleasure from playing football on this pitch. Children need this facility after the Covid year they have had.

Jenny Downward (Maidenhead, 2021-07-10)


My grandsons love playing football in Blondin Park and have learnt new skills through FF4K. It is really important that children now and in the future can continue to enjoy the teamwork and excitement of playing this sport. Blondin Consortium must continue to allow existing access to the facilities.

Vicki Graver (Robertsbridge, 2021-07-10)


My son loves FF4K/NUFC and all the coaches.They has became a vital for local children and families already and it's impossible to lose them now.

Tomoko Matono (LONDON, 2021-07-10)


These kids end up being the Raheem Stirlings and Harry Kanes of the future

Mr Tone (Poole, 2021-07-10)


Northfields United FC are based in a Blondin Park and it’s a wonderful, inclusive and vibrant club. We should preserve it.



My nephew plays for NUFC

Michael Rainbow (Acton, 2021-07-10)


My son Jake really enjoys footy fun for kids.
It's really important for the local community to have access to regular sport.

Edward Rives (Greenford, 2021-07-10)


Its important

David Coleman (London, 2021-07-10)


My two boys do FF4K and love it - a brilliant set up, great for the local community

Edward Wilson (London, 2021-07-10)


It is great to see Blondin park used by so many local kids in a healthy, inclusive, flexible, affordable and welcoming way. My children have benefited enormously from the expertise and encouragement of the great Footyfun4kids coaches, and I’m looking forward to them joining Northfields United.

Anna Trickett (London, 2021-07-10)


I think it's vital to the community and children that spaces like this are kept available to support young people and families in a healthy way of life, along with providing children key team learnings as well as fitness and fun.

Mel Aston (Poole, 2021-07-10)


Our kids play with footy fun for kids and the facilities they offer to the local community are great.

Rachel Warren (London , 2021-07-10)


Sport for all should be encouraged!

Katherine Pageon (London, 2021-07-10)

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