Locals and holidaymakers alike should have the option of a short stay option in our local car parks.

Annwen Beswick (Llanfair, Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Very little use this car park as a long stay option, the majority of people use it for 2-3 hours.

Jon Taylor (Cheslyn Hay, 2021-07-01)


Already today our guests have been commenting on the increased prices here and in surrounding areas asking why there is no option for short stays anymore and commenting that the high prices may impact on them returning.

Marie-Claire Marsden (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I think it’s too expensive and you need to be able to park for an hour or two!

Sharron Sarullo (Wolverhampton , 2021-07-01)


The rise in car parking charges are awful for residents and holidaymakers alike

Clare Barber (Wolverhampton, 2021-07-01)


We often go to llandanwg. Have a walk and a coffee. It is going to be expensive to do this now. Gwynedd council are all about attracting visitors to the area. Not anymore if they keep carparking charges this high

Carol Philpott (Penrhyndeudraeth, 2021-07-01)


I pay enough in council tax without being stung again and again

Ray Forster (Maentwrog, 2021-07-01)


I want to support small businesses affected by the high cost with no 1 or 2 hour options. Also thinking about the increase in parking on local roads by those trying to avoid the charge.

Karen Blackshaw (Kettering, 2021-07-01)


Object to rise in parking fee

Annette Rissbrook (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I work at y Mars cafe llandanwg and I always park on the car park and pay £1.10 as it’s reasonable but £5.50 is ridiculous, many people come down up llandanwg and at this price no one will be coming and if the do they will be parking up the road which will be very dangerous…..

Olwen Richards (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


This price hike will discourage people from popping in for a coffee at the cafe at Llandanwg and will encourage parking along the road instead. Please allow for hourly parking rates.

Helen Smith (Milland, 2021-07-01)


Usually people are there for a couple of hours only and it’s unfair and a rip off to have to pay the long stay rate

Paulie Williams (Blaenau Ffestiniog , 2021-07-01)


Shorter parking times so people can access the area safely

Steph Dutton (Aldridge walsall, 2021-07-01)


Not fair on local businesses who rely on summer trade

Julie Jones (Littlestone , 2021-07-01)


There should be a scale of parking charges. £5.50 is far too much for 2 hours in Llandanwg

Heather Jones (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I have visited Llandanwg for over 40 years usually just for an hour or so to watch the sunset or visit the cafe and walk on the beach and totally understand the absolute flood of inconsiderate tourists which could do with being slightly curbed. I don't understand why there cant be one short stay option though. Also, why offer a 24 hour option when overnight camping is not allowed? How about 90 minutes and 12 hours as options? Then everyone can be catered for and local residents can enjoy their local beach without being unfairly charged too! This blanket high charging will unfortunately drive tourist parking onto streets and side roads.

Ceri Sharp (Dyffryn Ardudwy, 2021-07-01)


I enjoy walking my dog on various beaches in gwynedd and it seems disproportionate that I have to pay £5.50 for a 30min or 45min walk on the beach

Jodie Pritchard (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


The charges are excessive and do not allow apportionment for short stays. Visitors and residents will be deterred from visiting this popular destination and the popular cafe will suffer significantly which after the suffering the business has experienced due to Covid is totally unacceptable. Visitors will as a result of the charges park on the approach road which will inconvenience residents as a result. As a destination for visitor's to the area the Council are deterring them and they will seek other destinations and without a doubt the local economy will suffer as a result.

Alan Edwardw (Harlech , 2021-07-01)


There should be an option for locals especially to visit the beach for a short period without needing to pay for a whole day.

Maria Beaumont (Barmouth, 2021-07-01)


(a) how can anyone justify a 500% increase in charges - what other industry would this be allowed or toleratec?(b) ludicrous that the rate is so high and that there is no short stay option. All this is going to do is force people to park on the road and if that is not possible you are turning visitors/tourists away. This will have an impact on local businesses such as Maes Cafe who relies heavily on tourists.

Julie Hedge (Birmingham , 2021-07-01)


There should be a short stay price of about £2 for up to 4 hours. People usually only pop on beach to give dog's a run etc. People will stop going and will park in lay bys. Some people have no common sense. Especially those who have authority.

Dawn Swinnerton (Shropshire, 2021-07-01)


Because it is ridiculous price who goes to the beach for 12 hours. People are going to avoid and the poor cafe that has been hit hard already is also going to loose more business due to this. It needs sorting

Kylie Mcloughlin (Gwynedd , 2021-07-01)


The 500% increase in parking charges in Llandanwg is totally unacceptable to both locals and tourists alike. This car park appears to be classed as a "Long Stay" car park but the majority of visitors only stay an hour or two and rather pay for 12 hours parking are leaving the area. Many of those visiting come for a walk on the beach and the Maes, visit the church and possibly some refreshments. There must be a short stay option on this car park.

Geraint Jones (Llanfair, 2021-07-01)


This long stay only option will dissuade us from visiting the lovely Y Maes cafe.

Graham Williams (Shrewsbury , 2021-07-01)


I have fond memories of llandanwg beach and cafe. A £5-50 parking charge for a couple of hours is extortion.



Charges are far too expensive. It should be a short stay Car park.

Colin Rayner (Talsarnau, 2021-07-01)


We visit the cafe there and don’t want to pay for full day parking council greed 😡

Craig Fletcher (Milton Keynes , 2021-07-01)


This charge has basically stopping my evening stroll on the beach. Motorcycles should not be charged on any car park. They take no space and have nowhere to display a ticket.

Mike Finch (Harlech , 2021-07-01)


This charge is ridiculous for the area . There is 1 cafe a church and a beach .
A short stay fee would be more appropriate. This is detrimental to the small business owner of the cafe !

Sandra Lloyd (Manchester, 2021-07-01)


I’m signing because the charges don’t reflect the use of the car park. It will stop people using the local area for regular shorter visits and impact on local businesses.

Cara Wesson (Nottingham, 2021-07-01)


I like to visit this cafe and walk my dogs on the beach and see local people, a short stay fee would be fine but a minimum charge of £5.50 is disgusting for a stay that may be the maximum of an hour.

Paula Hughes (Birmi gham, 2021-07-01)


I think it's disgraceful charging such an amount even if you only want to stop for the toilets or for a quick snack and drink from the cafe... are they trying to stop people visiting places around the island

Gary Mcleod (Flintshire, 2021-07-01)


People have suffered enough over the last 18 months. The price increase is excessive and unfair.

Trudi Thomson (Llandanwg, 2021-07-01)


I live in Llandanwg and the blanket 12 hour cost for parking will not be helpful to locals ie dog walkers, people visiting the cafe or church. Also I am concerned about people parking along the road as there is no pavement and people drive to fast. This will be dangerous for people walking down to the beach.

Lesley Adams (Llandanwg, 2021-07-01)


It is important for people to have the option of short stay, for some a short stay is often needed, this decision takes away choice or forces people to pay a higher price.

Donna Houlden (Wrexham , 2021-07-01)


People will only park further up the road and cause a nuisance .
Llandanwg is the most accessible beach in this area for people with disabilities .
Who goes to the beach for 12 hours?
I visit most days in the winter for a 20 min walk .

Gwyneth Vaughan (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I'm signing because I do not agree with the quadrupling of the parking fees which will impact on ours and other local business owners.

Julie Thomson (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Im signing because I cant see any point in making this a long stay car isnt big enough to cater for the many local residents to use if people are keeping their cars there all day. As local residents we would go for a beach walk in rhe evening but wont do so now due to the increase in price.

Sue Jackson (Talsarnau, 2021-07-01)


I strongly support the option for short stay charge in places such as Llandanwg. Visitors will avoid the charge by parking on the grass verge opposite my driveway making it difficult for us to leave or access our property and certainly not with any safety.

Margaret Roseblade (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


This is a short-sighted and damaging policy. The Council needs to support local businesses, not hammer them.

Adam Hammond (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Its ridiculous not to have a short stay charge

Christopher Kay (Wrexham, 2021-07-01)


It’s out of order to increase charges without any prior notification to locals os local business . No consultation at all,

Ian Roberts (Llanbedr , 2021-07-01)


A price hike from £1.10 to £5 is not acceptable.

Steve Hedge (Birmingham , 2021-07-01)


We visit often, walk around beach, stop for a coffee and sausage roll. We're not sit on the beach people, stay about 2 hours.

Sheila Lloyd (Coventry, 2021-07-01)


For locals wanting to excerise for an hour or use the cafe this is obscene

Martin Nicholas (Llanfair , 2021-07-01)


I’m signing this because there should be an hourly rate for this car park. When we holiday in the area every year we go to that car park several times in a week so we can go to the cafe for an hour and a short walk on the beach for a while. We don’t want to go there once a week for 12 hours! And so we don’t want to pay over £5 every day we go there! We don’t mind paying a reasonable hourly rate several times during the week. But if the rate is over £5 per one visit even if we are only there for an hour or two then no one will be able to just go to use the cafe, and people will park up the road and block the road instead to avoid charges.

Alison Sidaway (Buckinghamshire , 2021-07-01)


I think its a disgusting charge to pay so high as well. When we lived in Harlech everyday we used to come to the beach there, the church on their services days. You should have a short stay option otherwise tourists and locals will not return!

Michelle Emery (Blackpool, 2021-07-01)


Think it's a disgusting

Julie Price (Harlech , 2021-07-01)


The encouragment of tourism is vital to this area so the cost is extortionate. However, more importantly, this cost to locals who take a casual walk on Llandanwg beach and the maes, as well as other areas that have always been easily accessible to them (and rightly so!) is insulting!

Heledd Evans (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


A huge hike in cost which is unacceptable if one just wants to spend an hour at Llandanwg. As a local resident I often visit the cafe as it is accessible for us. No one wants to pay over £5 to do this. How are businesses supposed to survive after what has been a dreadful time through Covid restrictions to now face visitors not wishing to park because of the cost of parking. It makes the cost of a drink/snack prohibitive. Please think again about the fees. To go from £2.20 to £5.50 is disgraceful.

Carol Lowther (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


These are unacceptably high and unreasonable charges. A short stay option is necessary secure local business and not penalise local regular visitors who use the beach for exercise and well being activities.

Mark Downey (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


So many people use the beach car park for short stay reasons, especially local people. Paying the current fee, £5.00, is too much to ask for someone who is walking the dog for less than an hour, or going for a quick coffee in the cafe. Surely it would make sense to have short stay options of; under a hour, and between 1 and 2 hours.

Huw Lewis (Edinburgh, 2021-07-01)


This is my holiday location for 40 years and worry for the tourist industry and local businesses

Joanne Gladman (Leicestershire, 2021-07-01)


These charges are a thundering disgrace. Why on earth aren't the Council supporting our community. Who benefits? Nobody ! Whose harmed - local people !

Joe Patton (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


The price increase is ridiculous, how do you expect local businesses to have customers and visitors to stop when you inflate your prices by so much. 😓

Laura Price (Kidderminster , 2021-07-01)


Gwynedd Council have ludicrous parking charges across the county!

Judith Strevens (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Because the countryside and beach should be free for all. Ordinary families wouldn't be able to come and especially locally families. It is not exactly easy to get to with out a vehicle.

Miss RJ Downey (Sale, 2021-07-01)


I am a regular visitor to Llandanwyg and often use the cafe, I do not mund paying £1 or £2 pounds for he couple of hours I am there but will not pay £5+. This is not a long stay carpark and this charge will kill the local business.

Steve Farrow (Kiddermi stet, 2021-07-01)


I’m signing because my family and I stay in the area every year and we like to head to Llandanwg in the evening for sunset and a walk on the beach. The charge of £5.50 for that short stay is ridiculous and people will just park on the road causing a nuisance to residents. The cafe will also suffer because that charge will put people off just popping down for a cup of tea. There should be a short term stay option for people who do not want to be there all day on the beach.

Linda Taylor (Sheffield, 2021-07-01)


I use this car park for short walk and coffee

Lynn Wesson (Leicestershire, 2021-07-01)


It's a disgrace that the council feel they don't need to have a short time parking fee. Have they looked into local businesses in these areas ? Get your act together Gwynedd council.

Jennifer Dunley (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I have visited Llandanwg for over 70 years, firstly with my Nain and now with my grandchildren. I now visit regularly for an hour or so to walk the dog and visit the very popular cafe.

Ann Lashwood (Liverpool, 2021-07-01)


I think the massive hike in charges is ridiculous. Blackmail as people have no choice in stay cation and detrimental to small business owners who rely on cars being able to park close by

Caron Smith (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


This charge is ridiculous, so hugely increased in one go and people don't want to spend 12 hours at the beach!

Hannah Woodcock (Penrhyndeudraeth, 2021-07-01)


A shocking decision by the local authority. There should be options for shorter stays at a car park used almost exclusively for beach access.

Andy UNWIN (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


We visit Wales 5 to 6 times a year

Glenda Greenwood (Leicestershire, 2021-07-01)


I love visiting towns on the north wales coastal area. Have a caravan which we use to stay in north wales when we can. Think it will kill off so many towns with these charges which will be criminal

Angela Nichols (Wrexham , 2021-07-01)


You are destroying a small business bringing a lot of trade to the area.

Jean Klages (Oswestry, 2021-07-01)


We regularly use the car park as my husband uses a kayak and takes it down to the beach in the car. Obviously it going to be very expensive if we have to pay the new charges. It could also affect the cafe business which would be a great loss to the community.

Jane Klages (Oswestry Shropshire, 2021-07-01)


Forcing visitors who want to stay for one hour, two hours or a half day to pay for a full day is cynical and unfair. I will take my personal and business custome elsewhere on principal because of this unfair way of charging. That will also mean that businesses I used to support close to Gwynedd cc carports will loose my custom.

Chris Millward-Hopkins (Wrexham, 2021-07-01)


This is so unfair on the local cafe also people who just want a amble on the beautiful beach.

Lynn Bowen (Pensarn , 2021-07-01)


Shocking hike in cost at a time when businesses need our support and home incomes have been impacted by furlough and job loss.
Visitors will not return, they will use social media to influence others. Why visit harlech and local beaches when it cost nearly £6 for the pleasure? This is not a city, harlech does not offer the amenities of other places, what it does offer is a beautiful little town, with beautiful beaches but for £6 for a couple of hours on the beach you wouldn’t return ever again!!
As for the lovely cafe at the beach that has just gone through a horrendous year how many regulars will be happy to visit there now? The impacts to this business alone are going to catastrophic, I’m sorry but I know I am not alone in saying that I can not afford £6 for a couple of hours walk on a small beach and a drink.
I have never visited shell island purely down to the cost of parking there - many people will view this beach in the same way.
The cost is not justified - shocked and appalled!

Joanne Mcguire (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


There needs to be short term parking in the carparks in Harlech.

T L HACKMAN (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Most users of the car park at Llandanwg stay for a short stay ( up to 2 hours). The high long stay charge will put individuals and families off parking. This will impact myself and those using my self catering cottage. Families, in particular, cannot afford this rate on several days during their holiday. Residents certainly cannot afford it for short walks and dog exercising. I wholeheartedly agree with this petition.

Anne Adams (Pensarn, 2021-07-01)


Signing because you leave local businesses no hope , and only interested in lining you own pockets

Aron Jones (Harlech , 2021-07-01)


I visit the area, local businesses will suffer as people whether local residents or tourists will be less likely to go to the places where the parking prices have gone up so much

Nicola Wells (Oxford , 2021-07-01)


I do not agree with the rises in charges. I know people who have stopped visiting Harlech beach because of the car park charges.

Dawn Edwards (Tamworth, 2021-07-01)


We need to keep local businesses alive and high parking charges prevent short shopping stops.
Also quite often non walkers like to park up and enjoy the views and fresh air but not at high price..

Diana Standing (Coleford, 2021-07-01)


I don't agree with the expensive car park fees ...and feel the car park needs to go back to short stay with affordable charges

Carole Honey (Barmouth , 2021-07-01)


This business will not survive with these charges and driving there is the only option with the trains only running every 2hours. After the struggle with Covid this is a further kick to the small business

Alison Taylor (Middlewich , 2021-07-01)


To help small businesses after a dreadful time, they need help to attract customers not put them off. A lesser charge for a shorter spell is just common sense! Also you'll just get people parking on roads/side streets.

Michelle Benton (Bolton, 2021-07-01)


I think it should be possible for local people ei pay & park for shorter periods to visit the Cafe, church and beach

Kevin Titley (Llanbedr, 2021-07-01)


The non-sensical and extortionate car park price hikes make make no sense. They are damaging to the local community and essential tourism economy alike. No one wins. The beaches are the jewel in the crown of the region and you are putting a big barrier up to all. It is essential this policy is overturned immediately.

Tallulah Cooper (Birmingham, 2021-07-01)


I dislike what the greedy council have done

Andrew Parry (Caerphilly , 2021-07-01)


GC are a disgrace!!

glyn roberts (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Parking should be by the hour

Pavlos Kyriacou (Barmouth , 2021-07-01)


There should be a short stay option in all car parks in Gwynedd.

Lynda Dodd (Blaenau-Ffestiniog, 2021-07-01)


5.50 it's too off putting to locals and visitors alike! Why not have graduated charges

Sarah Collick (Bangor, 2021-07-01)


These charges are beyond most local peoples means when we just need to do the our local shop.

Richard ANELAY (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Locals should be able to visit for a brief trip to the beach without having to park on road.

Lucy Bratton (Leamington spa, 2021-07-01)


I'm signing because it's too much for poorer people.

JAMIE GASKELL (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


There is a need for flexibility when choosing parking needs.

Peter Richards (Llandanwg , 2021-07-01)


This will contribute to the further decline of the high Street. Extortionate fees.

Elaine Beer (Penrhyndeudraeth, 2021-07-01)


I have often used this car park so that I can access the beach. I have mobility issues so It's ideal to park and walk there, unlike Dyffryn and Talybont. Being able to have an icecream or a cup of tea afterwards is an added bonus. The cafe is very popular but this change of use to a long stay car park with increased charges will have a huge impact on this business. It will lead to cars parking along the road which could affect local residents. I don't remember seeing any consultation being made public. Other locals I've spoken to have not seen any consultation by the Council advertised either.

Jan Wright (Dyffryn Ardudwy , 2021-07-01)


Absolutely ridiculous that these high charges apply, All it does is encourage people to park any old how on the approach road.

Christopher Littlewood (Telford, 2021-07-01)


The hike in parking prices is so enormous and does not reflect the use of this car park where most people are short stay visitors for an hour or two. This will have a terrible impact on business on Y Maes cafe as numbers of visitors is bound to be affected and will encourage off road parking on the verges all the way down the road leading to the car park which will impact on the local residents down that road. It’s a shocking decision by a local authority who should be encouraging and supporting small local businesses, the local community whilst being mindful of their environmental responsibility

Lisa Roberts (Sulgrave, 2021-07-01)


We use these car parkings but most times it’s not all day so a short day stay will be better.

Stuart Gilbert (Wolverhampton , 2021-07-01)


I think this high charge will adversely affect both the cafe and put people off using the car park at all.

Michelle Durrant (Trefor, 2021-07-01)


This will drive away anyone who only wants a short stay, or force them to park elsewhere creating problems with local residents.

Dave Woods (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


Disgusted with the lack of understanding of this area …it will drive tourists away

Ann Myfanwy Jones (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I wanted to briefly pop into the shops in Barmouth today but when I saw the price of the carpark I left. This will affect local businesses and locals will not pay that much to shop.

Karen Golbourn (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


This is a ridiculous charge for a small car park with a small business next to it that relies on customers coming and going through the day

Lesley Bernard (Penrhyndeudraeth , 2021-07-01)


Disgusting price increase
It will affect the cafe and also visitors to the beach

Eddie Brookhouse (Walsall , 2021-07-01)


By making the parking fee so expensive you are making it that people won't go to Y Maes and the knock on effect of that is that Grahams cafecwill go bust. We regularly go there when we are in Barmouth and would miss the lovely kind welcome we get and his food.

Julie Beasley (Birmingham, 2021-07-01)


I'm signing because the parking fee is greedy and does not take into account those visiting for short periods.
The fee is also short sighted. There are many beautiful places that I and others can visit in alternative places to Wales where parking charges are non existent or much lower.

Joy Wilkinson (Shropshire, 2021-07-01)


This dramatic increase in charge without a short stay cheaper option is self deafeating and will do nothing to support the vital tourist trade and will also deter local people from these car parks and the amenities nearby. It is simply crass.

David Naylor (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


It isn't the best way to help the economy of the high street

Esyllt Lewis (PENRHYNDEUDRAETH, 2021-07-01)


A 500% increase in parking charges is outrageous. No one visits a beach for 12 hours.

Sally Anne Watkiss (Llanfair, 2021-07-01)


Unnecessary parking charges. Putting people off coming to support the area.

Iorwen Jones (Pwllheli , 2021-07-01)


I use this carpark almost daily when on holiday, for around 2 hours. Not providing a reasonably priced parking option will just result in short stay visitors parking on the road in the run up to the carpark.

Vicki Taylor (Derby, 2021-07-01)


I will not pay £5.50 to stop at Llanddanwg or Criccieth for half an hour.

Beryl Williams (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


This is an outrage for local people who wish to do their weekly shopping. Local businesses are already struggling from the aftermath of the pandemic. It's not just tourists that use these car parks. This is the last thing we all need!

Richard Golbourn (Harlech , 2021-07-01)


The proposal is ludicrous in that it penalises local residents re shopping & local business reliant on tourism. Given our reliance on leisure why are we doing our upmost to drive tourists away. Remember a % of something is better than 100% of nothing

Bryan Roberts (Cricieth , 2021-07-01)


This car park is a vital part of local life in Llandanwg

Lesley Holland (Manchester, 2021-07-01)


Dydi hyn ddim yn ffafrio pobl leol sy'n piciad i'r siop ac yn sicr ddim yn helpu busnesau bach lleol

Llinos Griffin (penrhyndeudraeth, 2021-07-01)


I am a frequent visitor supporting the cafe on this site. We enjoy walking along the beach but are never likely to stay for 12 hours. A short stay option should be implemented not only to prevent congestion along the road to the car park but also to ensure the small business does not suffer as result of people refusing to pay the charges you are imposing.

Paula Van Ommeren (Telford , 2021-07-01)


We visit this beach frequently and usually buy food from the cafe there. A large increase in the parking charge would prevent us from using the beach as our only income is our pension.
The beach offers fabulous walks and is different each time we walk there. It’s good for physical and mental health and well-being.
If the charge for parking is too high we will need to go elsewhere and the small business run from the cafe in the car park will suffer, disastrous after lockdown!

Jacqueline Martin (Dolgellau , 2021-07-01)


This is a very sensible idea to encourage business and tourists alike, especially at Llandanwg.

Mary Jeffreys-Jones (Edinburgh, 2021-07-01)


Great food and a service for all.

Eric Styles (Middlewich, 2021-07-01)


I don't agree with the extortionate price increase implemented on llandanwg beach car park.
We pop down for half an hour to an hour most days, but find these charges outrageous.
This will result in less visitors to the cafe, which has struggled like most businesses this last year.
Please reconsider these charges.
Thank you.

Sarah Turner (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


It’s really important not to hobble businesses like Y Maes cafe that visitors want to be able to park and attend without having to pay for the whole day’s parking. Adding a short stay option will also increase parking revenue as people will not end up going elsewhere

Kieran Cooper (Cambridge, 2021-07-01)


This is so wrong, the electorate has already paid for the car park. If the council want funds for its upkeep they should take this from the illegal parking, not penalise those that follow the rules correctly.

Darren Dean (Caernarfon, Groeslon, 2021-07-01)


Long stay parking fee unacceptable for short visit

Linda Roberts (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


This is nothing but a rip-off money-making ploy by Gwynedd County Council. I would have thought in a region where tourism is a seasonal life-blood that the local authority should be doing everything in its power to encourage visitors BACK to the area as we begin to emerge from a lengthy period of lockdown — not doing everything it can to ALIENATE them!

Many is the time I have visited this particular car park at Llandanwg to enjoy the lovely area for just a couple of hours. Now, it seems the apparatchiks on Gwynedd Council are determined to fleece me an extortionate amount for up to a full 12 hours and for a full 24/7 period!

Do the decision-makers responsible for this money-grabbing idiocy all carry pistols and wear (non-Covid) masks over their faces like the Highway robbers of old?
It would appear so!!

And we’re the Council anything like so keen to deal with an illegal ‘invasion’ when this car park was taken over by ... errr ... members of a travelling community. No!! They flippin’ well WEREN’T !!!

Rise up people, and fight against such crass, ill thought out dictatorship with all your might.🙄🙄

Mark Pearce (Abermule , 2021-07-01)


It is ludicrous to force visitors to pay for 12 hours when they want to visit for an hour or two. I’m happy to pay for parking, but this is a ludicrous decision which will mean that I search for places to park on the local roads rather than in car parks.

Keith Perch (Derby, 2021-07-01)


I love this area and cafe but can't justify spending that sort of money to just spend an hour or two. It's doing the café out of business, please think again.

Mary Goodhew (Cranleigh, 2021-07-01)


I often need to visit places for a short time but pay for hours.

Shirley Liderth (Stockport, 2021-07-01)


The new prices at the are inappropriate for a village with one car park and limited alternative transport links, and will be damaging for both local residents and businesses. The consultation process feels like it was a box ticking exercise with little public engagement, and it has led to this clumsily thought out price structure which will either lead to careless and illegal parking elsewhere in the village or stop visiting entirely.

Andrew Sales (Ashbourne, 2021-07-01)


We need to put the needs of locals first

Hannah Johns (Gwynedd, 2021-07-01)


I disagree with extortion of monies for parking

Neil Rawlinson (Llanfairfechan, 2021-07-01)


Need to be an hourly rate option not just 12 hours of parking.

Nigel Van Ommeren (Telford, 2021-07-01)


It is unfair, and it is restrictive to force anyone to insist they can not use the public carpark for a short constitutional walk, a mindfulness break and support local cafe and see friends, that we have to pay for 12 hours !
I object to no short stay or any flexibility in charges. This will deter locals and visitors alike. Repeal the charges!

Simon Williams (Llanfair, 2021-07-01)


As someone with COPD, who doesn’t qualify for a Blue Badge, but has serious limitations at times with breathing, I often parked at Llandanwg to take a walk on the local National Trust fields and flat beach. Exercise is crucial in prolonging my health. Even as a pensioner, I had no problems paying £1:10 or taking advantage of the free parking after 6pm. However, £5:50 will deny my ability to continue this exercise, and will remove the motivation needed to slow down the degradation of my health. This is obviously a very personal issue, but, how many others are in a similar position?
Seriously, how many will want to spend 12 hours on the beach, and why offer the option for 24 hours when your signs state quite clearly, “No overnight parking”???
No consideration appears to have been given to the local cafe which has just gone through a very tough 18 months due to Covid restrictions, now will suffer from a much decreased footfall due to the cost of parking?
Surely a charge of £2 for 3 hours could be a potential solution, offering a short-Stay option?
The current action affects locals as well as deterring tourists.

Ted Cook (Morfa Bychan, Porthmadog , 2021-07-01)


I am appalled at the huge hike in charge ffrom £1.10 to £5.50 if I only want a walk or o coffee at the cafe thus damaging small business and people will now park everywhere but the car park

Carol Richardson (Llanbedr, 2021-07-01)


I believe that the imposition of this outrageously priced parking fee is counter productive to the well being of the local economy and , I also believe if this pricing is a reflection of the rest of Gwynedd’s car park charges the council will lose more than it gains !

Michael Lynch (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


I enjoy visiting Llandanwg. I have no problem with paying for car parking to visit the beach, cafe and church, but at £5.50 I will go elsewhere.

RICHARD Tunnah (Oldham, 2021-07-01)


We often make short visits en route through from Shropshire via Barmouth to Harlech.
Likewise during our stay in Wales, Llandanwg is one of the beaches we call at to walk along, have a coffee and visit the church. However we are rarely there more than an hour.
Frankly the almost 500% rise in parking charges is outrageous, and equivalent to all day charge in a main town centre! This makes no sense and simply discourages tourism - nonsensical considering this is desperately needed to recover lost revenue due to Covid.
A short stay option would solve much of this issue, whilst also still catering for the elderly/less mobile and those on a low income, who simply want to enjoy an hour near the sea with an ice cream. Surely no one should be excluded from their basic right to do that?
Please reconsider this poor decision.

S Davis (SHROPSHIRE, 2021-07-01)


Too expensive

Eileen Greenwood (Harlech, 2021-07-01)


It's a disgusting overnight hike in parking charges. In some cases a 500% rise (Llandanwg). There should be a "short stay option" so everyone, visitors & residents, can make their choices. Short stay prices would mean a higher turnover in the car parks & more than likely create a higher revenue. In the few days since the rise I've witnessed & spoken to many visitors refusing to pay £5.50 in Llandanwg when they just want to stretch their legs on the beach & have a coffee in the cafe. They've left without doing either!

Alison Rayner (Ynys, 2021-07-01)


The proposed charges are too high for a short visit

Robert Sales (Ashbourne , 2021-07-01)


I used to live here and this will have a terrible effect on the locals

Saff Stephens (Herefordshire, 2021-07-01)


I’m signing because this is my local beach that I try and walk most days if possible. Being that I struggle with Ms, not only is £5.50 a ludicrous amount to my pocket, this would force me to park on the road which will be now more jammed than usual & potentially be to far for me to complete my daily routine which is a huge benefit to my health. Please reconsider these substantial costs to our local car parks to which so many people benefit from daily.

Llinos Meleri Evans (Llanbedr, 2021-07-02)


I will now avoid this and any similarly priced car parks. Not only will this deprive local businesses of my custom, and will discourage my visit, but If I visit, I will be parking elsewhere on public roads, to the inconvenience of locals.

Nicholas Jones (Wrexham, 2021-07-02)


Im signing this petition about the new parking charges £5.50 regardless of being there 1 hour or 12 hours . We stay next to y maes cafe in the caravan site plus use numerous carparks around the area . Charges like this will kill local businesses like y maes cafe i know councils need to recoop money but putting businesses out of business i beyond ridiculous.

Robert Lancaster (Barwell , 2021-07-02)


It is outrageous to charge people who will not avail themselves of what they have paid for. A 5 minute toilet break will cost £5.50. Tantamount to extortion....

Adrian Harris (West Midlands, 2021-07-02)


We visit Llandanwyg several times every year, either staying in our touring caravan at local small sites or travelling to the area for the day. If these draconian fees are applied will we no longer be visiting and will go elsewhere outside Gwynedd. Typically we would spend around £45 to £55 per day locally on camp fees , food and drink and shopping. This will clearly stop

If you don’t want motor homes there, put a height barrier up at 2.1m

Paul Cooper (Derby, 2021-07-02)


This already effects us with visitors parking in our street and on occasion blocking access to our home. Forcing our children to have to walk or cycle in the road just to leave our estate. It’s so very dangerous for them, even pulling out in our car.. I’m not against paying for parking just keep it realistic and fare for us all To minimise impact to residents, business owners and keep access for emergency services.

Faye Evans (Tywyn, 2021-07-02)


I’m signing because I object to paying for a whole day parking when I possibly only want to visit cafe or have short walk to the beach. Who would want to visit beach for 12 hours??

Janet Mostert (Harlech, 2021-07-02)

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