A low rise development would bring economic regeneration to this corner of WsM & would also preserve the heritage of the area.

sandra sutcliffe (weston super mare, )


We have to protect this are of natural outstanding beauty with spectacular views and allow the Prince Consirt gardens to remain a place for peace and reflection and viewing of the most spectacular sunsets that many come to see and forever remember .

Denise Shepherd (Weston Super Mare , )


CNM Estates' proposal is not regeneration, it's exploitation and frankly an insult to Weston and the Birnbeck conservation area

Chris Quinlan (Weston-super-Mare, )


I am against the scale of the proposed new building.

Michael Rolls (Estadens, )


I have been visiting Weston super Mare for 70 years and have always enjoyed the walks in this area. I think a development of this size and height will be detrimental.

Joy Fulcher (Worcester, )


I agree with the height restriction

Geoffrey Musson-Thorp (Burnham on Sea, )


The new block would be aesthetic vandalism

Peter Long (Kenilworth, )


I don't agree with this being so high and I have an interest in wsm aswell its environment.

wendy rolls (loughborough, )


I do not want the view from Prince Consort Gardens to be compromised by a tower block. The gardens are a haven of peace and tranquillity and part of the reason for that is because I can gaze out at what I see and create a sense of calm.

Cindy Gilvin (Weston Super Mare, )


I agree that there is no need for this development to be built to this height. ....particularly by this developer who has already let WSM down.

Carol Poole (Poulton-le-Fylde, )


It will be out of keeping. An eyesore to the area. Too big.

Michelle Roberts (Weston-super-Mare, )


The proposed structure currently feels like an over development of the site and there are no precedents for buildings of that height in the area. The nearest tall building is the Weston College Knightstone Campus and that is hard to love as a piece of ‘architecture’.

Stephen Monger (Weston-super-Mare, )


I'd rather see views than an ugly monstrosity of a tower block

Rachel Wilcox (Weston-super-mare , )


The proposed development is not in keeping with the declared conservation area (The Great Weston Conservation Area - Seafront character area - Birnbeck Road sub-area) within which this site plainly sits.

Andrew Mason (Weston-super-Mare, )


I’ve lived in the area all my life and one of the only accessible place for all to enjoy a relaxing view is the Prince Consort gardens. It would be a travesty for weston and its residents to have that spoiled by that eyesore.

Tim Ephgrave (Weston super Mare, )


Prince Consort Gardens are beautiful and the views from there are absolutely amazing.The proposed plans are not in keeping with this delightful area and would ruin the astounding views.

Sarah Biddell (Avon, )


Because whilst I have no objection to a hotel being built on the site again this is just far too high. No thought to the surrounding area and what Prince Consort Gardens and the views across the bay mean to us all.
This development needs to be reconsidered in terms of height and asthetics.

Karen Birch (Weston-super-Mare, )


WESTON doesn't have an awful lot going for it but we do have beautiful views. Enough of these ridiculous housing projects, there's not the infrastructure to deal with it anyway. Please consider the local population of the town rather than this constant need to bring more people in. Sort the pier out, that's the most important thing to the locals.

Kris Evans (Weston super mare, )


I do not like the proposal as it is obtrusive and not in keeping with the area.

Mike Coles (Weston-super-Mare, )


The historic appearance and atmosphere needs preserving

Sarah Chidgey (North Petherton, )


This monstrosity will block, what is, a lovely view

Marny Godly (Weston super Mare, )


It’s Grotesque idea
For gods sake why,??
more back handers no doubt

Linda Robson (Weston super Mare , )


I've been going to weston for 34 years and this will completely ruin the relaxing atmosphere

Laura Webb (Worcester, )


The developer is not to be trusted judging by his total contempt for the area and his unwillingness to redevelop Both back Pier

Gordon Brown (Weston super Mare, )


This proposed development is totally out of keeping with the area and will destroy the existing view for residents and visitors

Edwin Hancock (Weston-super-mare, )


I live locally

Ken Spragg (Weston-Super-Mare , )


I object to this proposal which will have a detrimental impact on a historical part of Weston

Nick Thorpe (Weston-super-mare, )


The area needs to remain public, the gardens are lovely and the building will detract from the area. This is one of the original parts of Victorian Weston-super-Mare and should not be "developed". Please stop this before something else is lost forever.

Liz Ockwell (Banwell , )


I have lived in Weston since 1949 and the view from Prince consort gardens has always been one of My favourites and should not be denied

Chris Adams (Weston super mare, )


This development is out of keeping with its surroundings .

John Holliday (Weston super Mare, )


I lived in one of the flats near the gardens when I was younger, and studied at the art school. This is a lovely spot and the view over to Brean Down and the sun setting over the sea was always one of my favourite things about the area. I'm impressed with how much work has been done on Prince Consort Gardens and it would be a shame to block the views, not just from the gardens but for lots of other people too.

Camilla Stacey (Penryn , )


We don't need them it is a beautiful natural place

Susan Adams (Weston-super-Mare, )


I do not want to spoil our beautiful land

Peter Wimpey (Weston-super-Mare , )


I believe the proposed development would be wrong for the area.

Philip Heath (Weston Super Mare, )


I think this huge structure will ruin the sea front

Sandra Raven (Weston super mare, )


I am a frequent visitor to Prince Consort Gardens and enjoy the view as it is.

Tim Robinson (Weston Super Mare, )


This is part of Weston’s heritage

Cheryl McMurray (Weston-Super-Mare, )


Birnbeck is the best area of Weston and does not need this eyesore.

Jacqueline Summers (Weston-Super-Mare, )


I'm signing because it would be shocking to allow a building of that height to become a eye sore on our sea front

Lyn Lovell (Weston-super-Mare , )


The Gardens are a landmark which identifies Weston super mare, the holidays of my youth and continue to this day.

Sharron Cammies (Kidderminster, )


Yet again, the big companies are ruining it for everyone else.

Philippa Wills (Weston s Mare, )


Weston doesn't need this blot on its landscape.

Steve Ward (Weston s Mare, )


It would totally spoil the views from the lovely gardens which are lovely to sit in.

Lynda Thorne (Weymouth , )


It is out of keeping with a conservation area

Penny Ford (Worle, )


As a lifelong Westonian I find the proposed development abhorrent and not at all in keeping with this beautiful part of our town. I am very sceptical of the developers motives given the appalling track record so far.

Nicola Bell (Weston super Mare, )


I'm signing because I think the proposed redevelopment of the Royal Pier Hotel would completely ruin one of the best views and local beauty spots in Weston. I visit the spot daily to take in the view as do many other locals and numerous visitors. I understood that North Somerset Council were trying to improve the appearance of Weston so to allow this planning application would be madness. If this is the same developer who promised to regenerate Birnbeck Pier then I have absolutely no confidence in anything they claim. Surely this proposal should be refused without question!

Penny Nowson (Weston-Super-Mare, )


The structure is far to tall and not in keeping with surrounding and current buildings.

David Jones (Weston-super-Mare, )


It’s not at all in keeping with the area, is far too high and have great concern about the strain on parking in the vicinity.

Jacky Quinn (Weston-super-Mare, )


We want to preserve the old pier and keep the old part of town old and they are after making a quick buck

Angela Campbell (Weston super mare , )


as an ex-resident .



It would be a real ugly blot on the landscape

Sarah Evans (Weston-super-Mare, )


Totally unsympathetic development. CNM’s track record over the last few years should be taken as a warning that they are not to be trusted as a developer.

David Milsom (W-s-M, )


As a Weston girl I am unhappy at the direction the town of my birth is taking.

Susan Till (Driffield , )


As the artist impression shows it is just too high, spoils the view greatly. Continual development of large blocks of flats that (assumed- probably doesn't have enough parking as well! ).

Kenn Harrison (Weston-super-Mare, )


I am absolutely horrified that any developer could even contemplate this proposal & oppose it wholeheartedly. A building of the proposed height has no place on the coast in this beautiful area. Absolutely must be stopped!! We love to sit in the gardens & enjoy the view...

Moira Perkins (Weston super Mare , )


An outrageous proposal putting pure greed before the local area and community. CNM should relinquish ownership of the pier to the RNLI who will actually take care of and preserve it. The conduct of CNM as a business is highly questionable and they should repay demolition costs to the council and seriously listen to the local community before submitting any plans. CNM display utter greed and underhand use of loopholes in the system for their own ends. Shameful

Kim Cheshire (Leicester, )


Restoration and any seafront developments should be Only sympathetic in Victoria style to keep the historic architectural charm of wsm. A modern monstrosity such as planning request photos above look aesthetically out of place.

Marita Farias (WSM, )


This is an appalling excuse to cram more people into a space which ruins the heritage, history and aesthetics of a beautiful area.

Katie Clinton (Nantwich , )


This tower block would block a picturesque view in a (rare) peaceful corner of Weston.

Laura Nicholls (Weston-super-Mare, )


I have purchased a flat very close, and enjoy the walk around Prince Consult Park, and over towards Biernbeck.

Martha David (Westonsuper mare, )


I think that CNM have no intentions of restoring the pier and are using it as a lever to get this eyesore of a development passed

Pamela Thurbon (Weston-super-Mare, )


I agree the proposed development is detrimental to the area and is a very good example of where profit is being put before consideration of the wider population. We need a sympathic development which is something this proposal is not. Rob Baker.

Rob Baker (Weston super Mare , )


I do not want to see these flats built.

Christine Gordon (Weston-super-Mare, )


Totally inappropriate height compared with the original RPH. Lack of parking spaces.

Brian Wilkinson (Swindon, )


This is the area I live in, and not only does it like crap and offer nothing to the look of the area, but CNM are unwanted in this town

Karl G (Weston-super-Mare , )


There is no way any planning or consents should be allowed for a development taller than the original building. It would be completely out of character with the area and Mr Samday must not be allowed to ride roughshod over everybody.

Mike kelly (Weston super Mare, )


1. The developer still owes NSC money for the demolition of the original structure
2. The proposed development is too high
3. Any future development should be contingent with tidying up the wider Birnbeck area. Ie new cliff edge ralings and rubbish clearance

Mark Joyce (Weston-super-Mare, )


Weston super Mare deserves to be developed sensitivity . No high rise monstrosities! A restored Birnbeck Pier will be Weston's jewel in the crown.

Susan Shepherd (Weston-super-Mare, )


I believe that development severely comprimises the conservation area and negatively impacts on surrounding heritage assets

Andy Roberts (Walsall, )


I spend every new year's in Prince consort Gardens watching fireworks over birnbeck and the water, this proposal would completely ruin this experience for our family.

Stephanie Kennedy (Watford, )


It would be such a shame to lose this lovely view from the gardens. Think of all the memorial benches in the park that are there for people's families to sit, reflect and enjoy the view.
Also, I heard there is a caviat that says no more than 3 levels to be built on that parcel of land.

It really would be a scar on a lovely part of weston and would be really out of place.
Where would all the cars that belong to the residents go, there is barely enough parking for the amount of people that live here now.

Jamie Parnell (Weston-super-Mare, )


I live in Weston super Mare and the town does not need something built that size. It is definitely not in keeping with adjacent buildings and would spoil the character of the area and would certainly look out of place.

Barbara Parnell (Weston super Mare, )


Weston needs buildings that blend and enhance the town’s character, not another generic box that profits a few but leaves the residents with yet another eye saw to live with.

Christopher Murtagh (Weston super Mare, )


I feel this part of Weston needs a sensitive approach to its regeneration...

Anthony Edwards (Weston super Mare, )


The proposed building will be completely out of place and will ruin the appearance of the sea front. Visitors to Weston super mare come to be charmed by the Victorian sea side not to see modern monstrosities ruining the views from the beautiful gardens.
The company behind the plans do not have a good record for preserving the history and integrity of our town and just want to make the most money possible leaving us to suffer the consequences of an eyesore white elephant that will be cheaply made and quickly degrade.

Angela Wood (Weston super mare, )


I'm signing this petition because an eight storey tower will be totally out of place with the surrounding townscape

David Wood (Weston-super-mare, )


This would ruin the character of Prince Consort Gardens and the whole Birnbeck and Anchor Head area.

Geoff Hicks (Weston-super-Mare, )


There is no need for the tower block to go here as there is plenty of other places to build in Weston. It would ruin the sea front and damage the Birnbeck pier and area

Tim Homewood (Bristol , )


This is a terrible idea. You are ruining special areas where the public enjoy spectacular views and have peaceful moments.

Stop thinking about profit and money and start thinking if the people of Weston-super-Mare. This is not what we want! The area is full of historic buildings and holds a lot of memories for many people and building a new ‘modern’ window covered tower I will ruin it for many people.

Megan Newbury (Weston-super-mare, )

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