CWU Capita Tesco Mobile Petition 2021



Out keyworkers deserve so much better.

Hannah Sadler (Widnes, 2021-06-04)


Ive eorked here since telefonica dsys, i deserve to be treated better than this

Hollie Reid (Bacup, 2021-06-08)


I have worked in this building for almost 22 years and think their expectations are unreasonable and unfair

Scott Watson-O'Hara (BURY, 2021-06-08)


I believe capita can do more to keep jobs in Bury.

Sajid Patel (Bury, 2021-06-08)


“I’m in full support of the proposals put forward by the Communication Workers Union to retain these jobs in Bury by allowing employees to continue working from home where appropriate and looking for an alternative site in Bury to keep these jobs in our borough.

Zahid Ashraf (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


Disgusted by the way being treated by this company

Irshaad Babariya (Bolton, 2021-06-08)


I work there.

Lawrence Slomofsky (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


I don't agree with how capita are treating emotes
They should its bad for there business
But more importantly it'll leave me with no job
It isn't reasonable to ask me to drive to preston brook and I won't
It isn't reasonable to remedy me and I would struggle to work from home

Julian Corden (Greater manchester, 2021-06-08)


The way we have been treated by Capita is disgusting, we have not been taken into account in this closure whatsoever,
Tesco Mobile was founded at Bury and should stay in Bury
Stop trying to bully workers into travelling miles to save their jobs
More home working opportunities need to be opened

Susan Bowker (Bury , 2021-06-08)


I have family and friends in Bury, this will be detrimental to the local economy

Shaf Patel (London , 2021-06-08)


Capita need to seriously reconsider the way they treat their staff it is simply not acceptable from such a large organisation.

I S (Bury, 2021-06-08)


I’m signing because I think it’s unacceptable this is happening Iv worked there for 4 years and don’t believe transferring us to Preston Brooke will benefit any colleague situated in bury

Steven Moore (Manchester , 2021-06-08)



Toheed Hussain (Manchester , 2021-06-08)


Help support my sister to keep her job

Samina Asghair (MANCHESTER, 2021-06-08)


I am supporting my sister to keep her job

Shabana Ali (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


Because the move to PB is absolutely ridiculous. Pay for my fuel.

Mohammad Hussain (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


I want to stay at the bury site

Fawwa Yaqub (Manchester , 2021-06-08)


It’s not right that the employees worked there even with all covid stuff going on and now they don’t need them so they are closing whole building down

Ashiya Patel (Bolton , 2021-06-08)


I work for the company and even if my job is secure my friend and colleagues who have worked really hard for the company are unsure about the job.

Natasha Iqbal (Bury, 2021-06-08)


I’m signing because I care about people’s lives and mental health which this situation has caused them to be all over the place which is absolutely not fair

Qas Majid (Manchester , 2021-06-08)


These workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect for what they do instead of being seen as costing too much for the shareholders

K Kendrick (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


I totally support this campaign. We ALL should!

Brian Kenny (New Brighton, 2021-06-08)


I am upset and very disappointed with both Capita &Tesco with the way this as been done to our award winning Bury site as a loyal worker for over 20 years it discussing the way we have all been treated

Beverley Fierro (BURY, 2021-06-08)


I am not able to travel to PB for work & 25% WFH % i feel is not enough

Mohammed Ali (Manchester , 2021-06-08)


I am supporting cwu members to keep there jobs

Sajid Shaikh (Birmingham , 2021-06-08)


These key workers deserve better after their loyal service through the present pandemic

Ros DavisThese (Bolton, 2021-06-08)


Its the right thing to

Philip Hanson (Ivybridge, 2021-06-08)


Key workers deserve better than this disgraceful treatment.

Emma Garner (Runcorn, 2021-06-08)


Key workers deserve to be treated better!!!

Clare Drummond (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


I am personally effected by this as I am currently on a Tesco mobile Tef contract and I am appalled at how we are being treated by capita after being their for over 10 years

Arfan Ahmed (Manchester, bury, 2021-06-08)


I’m signing because this is wrong and jobs need Protecting

Mark Ward (Wolverhampton, 2021-06-08)


Clearly we are just a number. They don't care about us.

anisah farooq (Bolton, 2021-06-08)


An act of solidarity with telecoms comrades.

Mark Stevens (Nottingham, 2021-06-08)


To force key workers to work from home or lose their job after they’ve worked throughout the pandemic isn’t fair. There must be another solution other than this.

Curtis Walsh (Manchester, 2021-06-08)


Companies need to realise that staff have a life outside of work. To have to travel that amount before starting work is disgraceful

Florence Hill (Bolton, 2021-06-09)



Ruheen Mohmed (Manchester, 2021-06-09)


Unfair for the people who have been employed by the company for years and have dedicated such a long time to the company

Ishrat Arra (Bury, 2021-06-09)


These key workers deserve better and their jobs need to be protected from these proposals.

Eamonn O'Brien (MANCHESTER, 2021-06-09)


I have worked in bury and have family members working and living in bury.
Will be a detriment to the community.

Islam Patel (Blackburn, 2021-06-09)


I am signing this because myself and other colleagues have been affected by the decision made by Capita.

Ameena Iqbal (Bury, 2021-06-09)


I'm signing because I feel the options and alternatives to help closure and tfr to Preston Brook have not been explored fully and that the company has not put to use the technology at its disposal to make wfh work

Jean MYATT (Bury, 2021-06-09)


I believe keeping the jobs in Bury will be beneficial to the workforce.

Saf Khan (Rochdale , 2021-06-09)


Capita key workers deserve better

Ryan Hyndman (Manchester , 2021-06-09)


The working class needs to have a Say and strand up to the powers that rule there lifen

Marie Garner (Runcorn, 2021-06-09)


My brother is working for Tesco mobile and he is very stressed with this. His kids go to school n bury and his wife does not drive. It would not be worth him going all the way to Preston Brooke. He had been working for this company for over 10 years.

Sameira Khan (Manchester, 2021-06-10)


My brother works for them currently

colin torkington (Blackpool , 2021-06-10)


This is my friend's livelihood.

Joanne Kenyon (Salford, 2021-06-10)

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