Our Drs surgery needs to stay in the village, poor public transport links to Chirk mean that residents will be unable to access Chirk surgery.

Heather Jones (St Martins, 2021-05-31)


The village is ever expanding and its population is aging. We need the surgery due to extremely poor lack of transport and facilities.

Rachael King (St Martin's Oswestry, 2021-05-31)


St Martins needs to keep the surgery to serve the vulnerable within the village and also to cope with the increasing population of the village.

Glyn Churchill (St Martins, 2021-05-31)


I'm signing this because St. Martins needs it's own doctors.
With over 600 houses being built and the elderly population having to wait 1hr each way to get to Chirk I feel it would not be beneficial to close the Surgery.

Marie Cookman (Oswestry , 2021-05-31)


As a resident of St Martins and a registered patient at the St Martins Surgery, please accept this signature as a profound statement of concern and disappointment at the news of the closing of our surgery. I think it is shocking how little say we have in the matter, as we appear to be devoid of any local representation who are willing to put forth any effort into this matter. This seemingly leaves us defenceless against this action. Also it would seem to me to be highly immoral to have hundreds of houses being built in St Martins while allowing the surgery to close.

DeAnn Barnhart (OSWESTRY, 2021-05-31)


A village of this size needs the surgery! Not everyone has transport or can make it to the bus stop at the school.

Kerry Browne (Shropshire, 2021-05-31)


I live in st Martin’s and a surgery is needed

Sue Jones (Chirk , 2021-05-31)


This surgery provides a very important service to our village which is growing all the time and the staff become part of some people’s family as they get to know them well when they may have no one else
Please stay we need you

Beverley Williams (St martins, 2021-05-31)


We need a doctors surgery in St Martins. Not all can easily get to Chirk. There are so many new houses being built in St Martins that a doctors surgery is a must.

Vicki Woolf (St Martins , 2021-05-31)


The village is expanding and needs a surgery in the village. I know there is an hourly bus service to Chirk, but this only goes from the bottom of the village, so the elderly who live at the top of the village and can't drive are going to struggle to get the bus.

Vi Bowen (Oswestry, 2021-05-31)


I want to save the surgery

bruce Pittman (Oswestry, 2021-05-31)


St martins needs a surgery, it is a huge village. The transport links to Chirk are not frequent enough and don't run from the village only the one end which is over a mile walk for some.

Neil Penrose (St martins , 2021-05-31)


The people of St.martins would be lost without a surgery

Barbara Jones (Oswestry, shropshire, 2021-05-31)


With our village getting bigger by the year,with the amount of new houses going up I believe the surgery is essential. Plus a lot of the older community will find it hard to get to Chirk as they don't drive and the bus route is the opposite end of the village.

Christian Pugh (St Martin's , 2021-05-31)


St Martins is a rapidly growing village with a large number elderly residents and young families. There are people who would struggle to travel to Chirk. Please keep this important facility open.

Debbie Higgins (St Martins , 2021-05-31)


I'm lucky enough that I can drive to Chirk, but others in the village aren't so lucky. The bus only leaves from Rhyn Park, and it isn't a regular service, so in order for somebody to get to chirk, they would either have to walk down (no use if elderly) get a bus to the school, then a further bus to chirk, or get a bus to gobowen and catch the train. Not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to afford taxis, and the cost of public transport it through the roof.

Kaylee Evans (St Martins, oswestry, 2021-05-31)


I have been with Chirk doctors since I was born 48yrs ago. I live in St Martins and the surgery is convenient to walk to

Melanie Jones (St Martins, 2021-05-31)


St martins surgery is a vital asset to the community. The village is expanding so services should be enhanced not taken away.

Catherine Cartwright (Gobowen, 2021-05-31)


I'm sighning this so we can save st martins surgery

Tracy Owen (Gobowen oswestry, 2021-05-31)


I'm signing this because the village of St Martins needs the doctors surgery.

Katie Griffiths (St Martins , 2021-05-31)


St Martins is a very large and growing village and NEEDS extra access to doctors NOT less, the current Chirk / St Martins partnerships needs to continue and hopefully expand.
There are also a large amount of elderly residents who would suffer as a reult if a closure as the would be unable to get elsewhere to be seen.

Marcus Rheade-Edwards (St Martins Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


The fact that a large rural village like St.Martins doesnt have a medical practice is unethical and unsafe.

John fisher (St.Martins , 2021-06-01)


Our village has always had the surgery & now that the village is again growing it will be needed even more so with the additional population. The majority of people live approximately 3/4 of a mile away from the surgery itself and most are able to walk. If this service were to be removed from the village, Chirk is where we would need to travel to where the public transport service timings are diabolical. Most people would need to travel a mile or so to catch the bus from the top if moors bank, as this is the only place public transport (bus) is available and that is located on a very busy junction in front of the school. To remove the surgery service from St. Martin's is not only a bad decision ethically but also morally too.

Mark Morris (St. Martins, 2021-06-01)


The village needs a surgery and with all the new houses going up even more so would even warrant a new build

Gareth Williams (Shropshire, 2021-06-01)


St martins surgery is one of the cogs that keeps this village great! There is an abundance of elderly and disabled that would suffer greatly if this surgery should close its doors, not to mention the ever growing population in general.

Lynn Graham (St martins, 2021-06-01)


I need the surgery, im getting older and public transport wont be an option for me. Its the miners of the village that created the surgery in the 1st place, paying an amount out of their wages ever week to fund it, more and more houses being built, we all need the surgery please,

John Barry Fleet (Oak drive, st martins, 2021-06-01)


Not everyone has the option to travel to chirk surgery. St.martins is very handy and before covid was a very busy surgery for elderly not all have the privilege to travel that far

Chloe Pitcher (Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


Because it is an essential service for a growing village and an aged community.

Pauline Smith (Shropshire, 2021-06-01)


Being 91 and with mobility issues would find it difficult to get to Chirk!

Doreen Powell (Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


I am 72 years old & live in St Martins. At the moment I can drive but worry about when I can’t. Also I don’t trust Shrewsbury Hospital for a very good reason so would always go to Wrexham Maelor.

Sheila Simms (Oswestry , 2021-06-01)


Taking the practice out of our village is shocking as getting appointment at chirk is bad enough as it is,with all the new houses in St martins and chirk being built its only going to get worse.yet another decision made for financial reasons and not to provide the service all these people pay there taxes for

Richard Alan Williams (Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


Less mobile people without cars will struggle with buses to get to chirk

Adrian Herbert (St Martin’s Oswestry , 2021-06-01)


: it's our local GP & easier for us too attend & taking our child too + we like too support local businesses etc.

Rachel Owen (ST MARTINS SHROPSHIRE, 2021-06-01)


The surgery is invaluable for our village. Especially our elderly and families with very young children who do not have access to a car. Bus services are not regular enough to Chirk.

Sally Whittall (St martins Nr Oswestry , 2021-06-01)


I don't drive and getting back and to .. to the surgery would be a struggle for me

Sandra fordham (Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


We need a surgery in the village

Maureen Thomas (Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


We need our surgery in our very fast growing village. People who have no cars and low income find it hard and expensive to get to Chirk. The cost via taxi one way is £8 and by bus £4. The only bus from St Martins is down the bottom of the village by the school. For some people that’s a mile. How can elderly,disabled and children walk that far. Chirk Drs say the building needs renovation to enable us to continue using the building, well surely this can be done. They also say no privacy to talk, but neither has Chirk. No room to social distance, just put a cross on the seats like they have done in Chirk. A Dr can’t social distance as he has to examine. With regards to the receptionist put a screen up like Chirk. Disabled can get in the same way they have done for years. There is plenty of room.



St Martins is a small village, but with so many more houses being built we need a doctors surgery!

Debbie Debbie Younger (Oswestry, 2021-06-01)


The surgery has always been been a part of the village, it's needed now more than ever.

Liz Purvis (Ulrome , 2021-06-01)


Myself and my family rely on the surgery in the village due to poor transport links to any other practice.

Huw Manford (St martins, 2021-06-01)


We need our St Martins surgery kept open.

June Jones (St Martins , 2021-06-02)


It needs to stay in st martins as alot of residents dont have transport to get to chirk

Janet Mapp (Chester, 2021-06-02)


I grew up using this surgery. My mum and brother still use this surgery and neither can drive. Essential facility in an ever growing village.

Debbie Sullivan (Swindon , 2021-06-02)


I think it's very important to the village to keep the surgery open the village is getting very large with all the new houses being built and it's important for people who don't have transport to get to chirk.

Sadie Herbert (Shropshire, 2021-06-02)


I have lived in St Martins for 23 years. I would hate to see the Doctors practice go. So many people relied on it, especially those who dont drive.

Vicky Nicholas (St Martins , 2021-06-03)


It is unthinkable that we do not have a surgery in St Martins, we need to keep it open.

Karen Thomas (Oswestry, 2021-06-03)


St Martins needs its own Doctors' Surgery. It's a large village and is set to become even larger with the new development of local housing. It is not feasible for many people to get to where the No. 2 bus stops so to say that there is an hourly bus service is not really accurate. The service provided by the St Martins surgery was wonderful and I feel very strongly that the proposal to close it is a huge mistake and will be very detrimental to the people of St Martins.

Helen Moran (St Martins, 2021-06-03)


Its for our community which lots of people used including myself and family. My daughter does not drive as do many people so this surgery is very much need more.

Debbie Jones (Shropshire , 2021-06-03)


There is lots of people that don't drive and are village is getting bigger

Debra Webb (181, 2021-06-03)


St Martin's is the largest village in Shropshire. It is an ever expanding rural village with a vibrant 3 to 16 educational academy spread throughout a lengthy road network. The doctor's surgery is vital to the community here. Travel without access to a car is prohibitive, the bus service links to Chirk are very limited as it only serves the lower extremity of the village . Making appointments to tie in with this service would be challenging for those in best of health let alone those of elderly, ill or mothers with younger children who simply cannot walk the distance from their homes . The idea of closure is based on pure financial basis and certainly not to delivery better community healthcare.

Mrs Gillian Owen (St Martin's, Oswestry, 2021-06-03)


The village is growing and we need this surgery now more than ever! Chirk cannot handle both villages. Simple as.

Priya Singh (St Martin’s, Oswestry , 2021-06-03)


I live in st martins and are under Chirk doctors
This village needs to keep its surgery open it’s hard to get to Chirk when your not well. And the village is getting much bigger so more people need to use it.

Sandra Coombes (Shropshire , 2021-06-03)


The village is growing rapidly and therefore needs a gp practice

Christine Sudlow (Oswestry, 2021-06-04)


To help people's

Susan Titherley (Ilkeston, 2021-06-04)


I think it is vitally important to maintain this service within walking distance of the residents of St Martins. Not everyone can easily make it to Chirk.

Christopher Wilson (St Martins, 2021-06-04)


I’m a patient

George Tustin (Shropshire , 2021-06-04)


There are far too many elderly people in the village who simply couldn't access the Chirk services! The bus service isn't simple! How are they supposed to get there?! The village is large and getting larger. It needs its own surgery. Look at the new building development! That's more people needing to register with a GP.

Come on, if the village can support a vetinary surgery, it can support a GP surgery! If it can support an all-through school, it can support a local GP surgery. If it can support a large supermarket, it can support a GP surgery.

The current surgery could be adapted to reduce the size of the reception area space to make the waiting room bigger.

In truth, if it's the money you're after for the sale of premises. Units could be bought at the renovated industrial estate or as part of one of the new housing developments.

Lorraine Elliott (Oswestry, 2021-06-05)


I am a patient at the surgery, as a non driver the closure of it places me at a massive disadvantage. In order to attend a recent appointment I had to walk nearly two miles, incur bus fair and also take two hours out of my working day. If the St Martins surgery was open it would have taken less than half an hour and cost me nothing. The closure places a physical and financial barrier against obtaining first line healthcare.

Jennifer Heard (Oswestry, 2021-06-05)


We need it

Sally Harris (St martins, 2021-06-05)


It’s an issue I think is important for our village and hold close to my heart x

Lucy Roberts (Oswestry , 2021-06-07)


I am a patient

Diane Jones (Shropshire, 2021-06-09)


I dont drive and bus stop is opposite end of village i use mobility scooter due to illness i dont like to have to depend on other people the bus route isnt even reliable get the facts right

Lynn Cookman (St martins, 2021-06-10)


St. Martin's was part of Wales before they decided to move the borders!!!!! We have Always been part of the Chirk Practice. If the surgery closes, it will cause a great deal of unnecessary stress & hardship for a large majority of St. Martin's residents including myself being a none driver. It's ok saying there is a bus service but this service only runs from the school so is not helpful at all to the residents living the other end of the village - plus the last thing you need when feeling unwell is having to walk a mile or so to catch the bus. I urge you to PLEASE reconsider the closure of this VERY necessary service in the village. With Regards,
Angela Morris

Elizabeth Angela Morris (Shropshire , 2021-06-10)


I really want St. Martins surgery to stay open for the growing population here and as a pensioner its so much more convenient to get there. Please stay open for us all

Sheila Palmer (St. Martins, 2021-06-11)

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