40mph speed limit between Henfield and Woods Mill, A2037



I authored the petition.

David Stanton (Henfield , 2021-05-30)


I live on this road, cars speed all the time, and these fatalities are too sad for all involved.

Liz Borissow (Henfield, 2021-05-30)


To many fatalities

Keith Henley (Steyning , 2021-05-30)


I use this road often.

Tony Arnold (Brighton, 2021-05-30)


Too many accidents, far too many lives lost.

Angela Pennicard (Henfield, 2021-05-30)


The road is too fast with tight bends. There have been far too many accidents where control has been lost and lives have been taken

Maria Stwvenson (Lancing, 2021-05-30)


My parents live on this stretch of road and have been first on the scene to many accidents outside their house, from people taking the corner too fast.

Danae Jerrim (Hove, 2021-05-30)


Too many accidents happen , people fly along this road. My daughter has just passed her test and it’s a worry! Plus she rides a horse and has to cross this road which can be dangerous.

Kathryn Partridge (Horsham, 2021-05-30)


Too many lives have been lost on this road

Jennie Bryant (Henfield , 2021-05-30)


For safety reasons to reduce deaths on our roads by reducing speed.

Joanna Collins (Haywards Heath, 2021-05-31)


How many more people need to die before common sense prevails. Lower the limit.

steve colverson (Brighton, 2021-05-31)


I’m signing because I am a local Henfield resident. I use this road nearly every day and know how fast and dangerous this road has become.

Anne Dewdney (Henfield , 2021-05-31)


It’s a dangerous part of the road and people use it as a race track. The limit needs to be 30 mph. It doesn’t help with the industrial estate being allowed to expand on both sides of the road.

Lorraine Eames (Henfield, 2021-05-31)


I'm signing this position as a concerned citizen who owns property on this section of road.

Sean Preston (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I live on this dangerous section of road, there is also a footpath past our house that comes out onto it and stops with no safe place to walk along a 60 mph stretch of road. It is so unnecessary that the limit is 60 mph for not more than a 3/4 mile stretch with a nasty bend where there have already been fatal accidents.

Nicola McGregor (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


Too many people have died on this road. Before anyone else falls victim to yet another horrific accident here the speed should be reduced to 40. Further, it's a road lined with residential properties, it's not safe pulling out onto a road where cars are regularly exceeding the current 60 limit.

Katrina Chisholm (Windsor, 2021-06-01)


There have been too many deaths at this point and it needs a speed limit

Jayne Dempster (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I live on this stretch of road and personally suffer the fallout of these accidents.

Ian McGregor (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I fully support this call for a change in the speed limit on this potentially dangerous stretch of road.

Emma Osman (Edburton, 2021-06-01)


We need to reduce the speed limit

Philippa Wright (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


Please consider reducing the speed limit on this dangerous road section

Hugo Wilson (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


To maje this stretch of road safer and prevent anymore fatalities

Angela Mariner (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I want action which will make the road safer and reduce the chance of more accidents and fatalities

Sue Wright (Henfield , 2021-06-01)


I live at the bottom of Barrow Hill, opposite Broadmere Common. This is where you leave a 40 and enter the 60 zone and has been a spot for endless accidents in the 6 years we’ve lived here. Drivers have to stay at 40 to avoid these needless tragedies.

Neha Hampton (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I'm local

Cherry Hember (Shermanbury, 2021-06-01)


I grew up in Henfield and this has been a problem for far too long.

Steve Evans (Lowestoft , 2021-06-01)


There have been several accidents and it such a short stretch of busy road that is 60 mph sandwiched between 2 x 40 mph speed limits , it seems to make total sense to keep things simple and safer by having the whole road at 40 mph

Joanne Preston (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I live locally and this needs to be safer.

Justine Barker (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


This stretch of road has all too clearly proven to be dangerous at speed, and not having a speed limit gives a wrong impression of safety.

Alyson Persson (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


This is a dangerous road and needs making safer.

Melanie Whitehouse (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I live just a few houses away from this stretch of road. It’s a ridiculously high speed limit for a road that has such a bend and a bit of a camber. My friend’s life lost his life there and now there’s been another fatality and there have been others in the past too. I’ve lost count also of the number of times there’s been signs of crashes on that stretch. How many more have to die before something is done about that speed limit?

Carol Firth (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


This stretch of road is treacherous and the speed limit needs to be reduced. Too many accidents and deaths have occurred to ignore this any longer.

Helen Graham (Henfield , 2021-06-01)


This road is dangerous and people drive way to fast. Now someone has died!! Surely, that’s enough to get the message across?!

Tarquin Scadding-Hunt (Henfield , 2021-06-01)


I’m signing because I am a driver.
I am mother to young drivers .
Lower speed limit will save lives .
It is simple.

Helen Schlüter (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I agree that if the road is not know to drivers 60mph is too fast

Susan Westman (Henfield , 2021-06-01)


The speed limit reduction might save a life.

Penny Burberry (Horsham , 2021-06-01)


This piece of road needs to either have a speed camera or a speed limit of 30 mph. I'm a Henfield resident on the south side and just hearing how fast people drive this part of the road is terrifying . Sadly too many lives have been taken on this stretch of road .

Sarah Green (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


I drive along this road whenever I visit my daughter who lives in Henfield and find the road extremely dangerous because of the speed of some of the drivers.

Lavinia Bell (Reading, 2021-06-01)


My daughter lives on his road.It is a nightmare turning out of her drive. Traffic drives far too fast.

Raymond Bell (Reading , 2021-06-01)


Three years ago my family and I moved to Nightingale Hall barn which is on the brow of Nightingale Hill adjacent to Barrow Hill. Sadly pulling out from our drive onto 60mph road we take our lives in our own hands. Unfortunately We have now had numerous very near misses. My children use this stretch of road to access Henfield high street.
I recommend this to be a 30mph limit.

Mr David Lee (Henfield , 2021-06-01)


Inside and outside henfield need to be speed restrictions. Why do people need to die before something is being done

Dagmar Wright (Henfield, 2021-06-01)


Lives are being lost (including that of a childhood friend of my son) and that is intolerable especially when the solution is so simple.

Suzanne Harrison (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


That area on the road is dangerous

Linda Lucas (Henfield , 2021-06-02)


Nobody should have to receive the news that their lives one has died due to someone’s careless driving...

Suzie Newbold (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


Because I was personally the first on the scene of a fatal accident outside my home and last year my garden wall was driven into causing £20,000 worth of damage, that driver was luckily unharmed. My daughter was also first on the scene to deal with another fatal accident further up the road where the one happened this week. The speed limit needs to be changed or the road straightened. It is a deceptively bad bend.

Susan Mclaughlin (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


Far too many accidents have happened on this road since I moved to the village 7 years ago

Tracey Collins (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


I cycle through Henfield a lot

Graham Geeson (Hove, 2021-06-02)


This area is a real accident blackspot which has resulted in at least 2 recent deaths and injuries recently. It's essential that it be a made a 40mph speed limit.

Alison Crowe (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


i believe all the speed limits on roads around Henfield need limiting .... once drivers leave 30mph limits - they just put their foot down as tho its a face track ....

jan Sisson (henfield , 2021-06-02)


This is a nasty bend that is notorious for accidents. Maybe a 'Slow Down - Sharp Bend' flashing sign should be put up that acitvates if vehicles are doing more than 40mph.

Kerri Holder (SMALL DOLE, 2021-06-02)


This stretch of road has been proven as dangerous at the national speed limit. The proposed expansion of the Business Park will see more traffic joining this stretch of road and it makes absolute sense to do what we can to encourage drivers to slow down.

Malcolm Eastwood (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


Far too many people have lost lives and loved ones on this road

Paula Ray (Henfield , 2021-06-02)


There have been too many fatalities on this stretch of road, mainly caused by speeding vehicles, often by younger drivers. I would suggest that as well as lowering the speed limit a speed camera is installed at this location.

Eric Holder (Henfield, 2021-06-02)


I drive along this road several times a day and rarely feel it’s safe to drive much above 40 anyway. I think this would be a sensible move.

Veronica Juretic (Small Dole, 2021-06-02)


I cycle this busy road often and think enhanced traffic measures are required to prevent further fatalities.

John Kettle (Shoreham by Sea, 2021-06-02)


I am signing because as a frequent visitor to this area, as both car user and cyclist i would support any traffic calming measures in the area

Helen Hunter (Hove, 2021-06-03)


We have lost too many people on this stretch of road and the speed limit needs to be reduced.

Helen Boosey (Henfield, 2021-06-03)


I have seen the grief and devastation of a family who have lost a loved one on this stretch of road

Katie Hill (Newhaven, 2021-06-03)


There have been far too many accidents,some resulting in death ,along this road.

Maria Gill (Small Dole, 2021-06-03)


40 mph is plenty. Motorists' addiction to speed is a menace which should be fought with all available resources.

Jim Grozier (Brighton, 2021-06-03)


I'm a driver and a cyclist. I visited the area recently, and from what I saw this petition makes sense to me.

Richard Spong (Hove, 2021-06-04)


I value my life as a cyclist

prudence fletcher (brighton, 2021-06-04)


That whole road needs to be at 40mph it’s dangerous and I’ve seen/heard many accidents on that road and sadly has cost some people’s lives.

Donna Angood (Henfield , 2021-06-04)


I am concerned for the safety of lives.

Hananh Graham (Henfield, 2021-06-05)


Frightening the speed of some traffic along this road. There are also many 'hidden' drives that access directly on to A2037.

Karen Beadle (Henfield, 2021-06-05)


Something needs to happen, it’s too dangerous

Alice Forward (Lancing, 2021-06-05)


So many lives lost on this corner

Judith Hill (Henfield , 2021-06-05)


It needs to be done

Christopher Simmondd (Henfield, 2021-06-05)


I’m signing because too many are dying on this bend!

Cheryl Keen (Small Dole , 2021-06-06)


It's far too dangerous

Helen Tubb (Upper Beeding, 2021-06-08)


I know people who have been killed on this road

Olly Fataj (Henfield, 2021-06-08)


I’m signing because I cycle that route sometimes and the traffic is a bit scary driving very fast.

Susan Pringle (Brighton, 2021-06-10)


There have been 3 fatal accidents now on that stretch of road between Henfield and Upper Beeding in the last few years plus at least one non fatal accident .

Hilary Green (Henfield Bn5 9PG, 2021-06-11)


This stretch of highway should be restricted to at least 40 mph. Numerous properties line the road with crossovers and junctions. The road has unsighted bends, reverse cambers and poor visibility in many places. There is a tendency to use the short stretch between the restricted speed limits in the villages of Henfield and Small Dole to accelerate and make up time. A speed limit is urgently needed to help prevent accidents and hopefully prevent any further loss of life.

Ian Henham (Henfield, 2021-06-12)

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