A Change for Jennie Poole❤️



We lost my beautiful cousin Jennie 💔

Carly Walsh (Dublin, 2021-05-07)


I believe change is needed

Tanya Mills (Killester, 2021-05-07)


I was deeply saddened by Jennie's passing, something needs to be done to help stop domestic violence 😥

Lyndsey Mulvey (Dublin, 2021-05-07)


Because more help is needed for people suffering from domestic abuse and longer sentences to those who abuse a

Elaine Travers (Dublin 11, 2021-05-07)


I believe their needs to be stronger sentences and more protection

Sharon Jones (Dublin, 2021-05-07)


I have been in an abusive relationship and came out the other side of it some girls/woman aren’t as lucky as I was and I will do anything to help anybody going true this 💕

Silver Culligan (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


This poor girl deserves justice this shouldnt have happened RIP Jennie

Emma Tormey (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


No women should have to lose there life over a man

Jennifer Conway (Tubbercurry, 2021-05-09)


Im with it 100 percent

Thomas Lawlor (Dublin , 2021-05-09)


Everyone has a right to live without fear especially in their own home

Marion Martin (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


This should never happen. Young mother taken away from her children.

Brid Collins (Meath , 2021-05-09)


I am an abuse survivor

Donna McDonald (Cootehill, 2021-05-09)


The law needs tougher penalties

Gemma Prado (dublin11, 2021-05-09)


This poor women didn't deserve her life to be taken away he was an evil cruel basterd.

Sonya Wilde (Meath, 2021-05-09)


The law needs to give tougher sentences and more needs to be done to help

Carol Byrne (Wexford, 2021-05-09)


Children should be reared by their parents, not their family due to domestic violence or abuse. We cannot let our next generation grow up without their loved ones in their lives

Bernadette Egan (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


Gender based violence needs to stop

Alison Doyle (finglas, 2021-05-09)


What happened Jennie should never happen again. There is no excuse for abusive behaviour in a shape or form.

Margaret O Donnell (Dublin 11, 2021-05-09)


I'm signing this because what happened to Jennie should never happen to another person in this country

Lorraine Keane (Finglas East, 2021-05-09)


Nobody some suffer with abusive behavior

Shauna Clarke (Irel, 2021-05-09)


I am signing because I know a few friends that have been a victim of abuse by a partner

Catherine furlong (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


Jennie shouldn't have gone through wat she went through xxxxx

Fiona Fitzpatrick (Finglas, 2021-05-09)


Rest in peace Jennie, she deserved so much more x

Nicole Bolger (Dublin 7, 2021-05-09)


Women need to be safe in there own homes

Sandy O brien (Malaga , 2021-05-09)


We need more action on tackling violence against women.

Yvonne McCarthy (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


The law needs to be tougher on domestic violence

Mary Hennessy (Dublin , 2021-05-09)


These services are badly needed

Edel Maher (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


Law needs to change

lorraine byrne (dublin 17, 2021-05-09)


Jennie was an old school friend. A beautiful soul who would brighten anybody's day and an amazing mother.

Rebecca McKenna (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


Not enough support or help for suffering domestic violence

Geraldine brennan (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


Yet another woman has lost her life and died a violent death at the hands of her partner.

Angela Oneill (Dublin , 2021-05-09)


Women need to be protected by these abusive men. Guards should be given the power to arrest any man that is using threatening behaviour towards a girl/woman and vice versa instead of being told to go to court and get a barring order. Men like that think they are above the law so they should be shown from the very first start of abusive behaviour that they are not above the law. I believe this law should protect men who are being abused by women also.

Margaret Trolan (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


I do not want another young person or their family to have this happen again law needs to change

Adrienne Ashmore (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


I know about having an abusive partner and had to get a barring order so more needs doing.

Aisling O Connor (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


I just want Jennie to rip she was took from her children family friends way to quick please give ur ma da sister brother and ur baby’s the strength to get tru these next few horrible days xx

Linda Doonan (Dublin , 2021-05-09)


I am a Male fleeing domestic violence my self and it is not nice..

Seamusi Kennedy (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


For Jennie

Amy Hansard (Dublin, 2021-05-09)


No one should ever have to live there life in fear especially in there own home 💔

Melissa Kearns (Dublin , 2021-05-09)


These people are afraid and then to feel like if u tell, the penalties are so little for the abuser that u end up with a fear they can just get off and come back for you

Laura Flynn (Finglas, 2021-05-09)


Big changes need to happen

Elaine Byrne (blanchardstown, 2021-05-09)


Shannon Adamson

Shannon Adamson (Coolock, 2021-05-09)


this is something that should never happen again

Sheila Pearson (Liverpool, 2021-05-09)


She was a hard working mother who didn’t deserve to be taken away .

Hayleigh Byrne (Dublin , 2021-05-09)


More services should be available for any sort of relationship abuse.

Danielle Hand (Dublin, 2021-05-09)

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