A Change for Jennie Poole❤️



To many girls suffering in silence

Catherina Kelly (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


No one should ever suffer like this girl did and now her family will be left with this forever. These things should not be happening in this day and age something needs to change.

Rita Mitchell (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


Every woman has the right to feel safe and be safe

Carmel Cashin (Wicklow, 2021-05-01)


Domestic violence and abuse has to stop and men and women need more support. Longer sentences needed for the abusers

Adrienne Byrne (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


Because this needs to be done. Simple

Declan Gahan (Dublin , 2021-05-01)


This should never happen again to any person male or female, Such a tragedy

Bernie Lynch (Coventry, 2021-05-01)


We need to makes changes in Jennifer,s name

Sharyn O Donnell (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


This law should have been brought in long before now

Diana O Callaghan (Dublin 7, 2021-05-01)


I'm signing to support all people who are affected by this.

Aileen Fitzgerald (Boherbrack, Lispole, 2021-05-01)


The law is to light a life for a life no man or women should suffer at the hands of an abusive partner it shouldn’t take the loss of a life for this law to be brought in should of all ready been in

Laura bowden (Finglas east, 2021-05-01)


Jennie deserves justice

Ciara Jackson (Blanchardstown, 2021-05-01)


Not only was Jennie a friend and should not have been took like this I don't want this to happen anyone else or at least have help there .

Vivienne Kavanagh (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


I've known the poole family all my life & just can't believe whats happened..Beautiful young girl and mother that was loved by so many took away from her family so viciously and horrifically..she must have suffered in silence, so afraid of making a move in fear of him getting mad and turning evil which he did, absolute animal, words couldn't even describe the evil depraved human being that did this to such a young brilliant mother..maybe if there was more support, services and a safety net for young women in abusive relationships then they might not be so afraid to ask for help and feel like they'll be more safe in doing so..Jennies law needs to pass. .R.I.P SWEET ANGEL 😇 YOU'LL ALWAYS BE IN MY THOUGHTS..In absolutely everyone's thoughts who this has touched and it has touched the whole of Finglas, Dublin, Ireland & beyond..My thoughts and prayers are with the whole poole family at this tragic and horrendous time 😢 I'm so so sorry this happend to Jennie, sending so much love 💔 ❤❤❤❤

Tracey Chaney (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


Jennie didn’t deserve the horrific fate her so called boyfriend decided for her !
Justice for Jennie !

Gwen Branagan (London, 2021-05-01)


It can't keep happening an people just getting a slap on the wrist isn't good enough!

Michelle Chrystal (Dublin, 2021-05-01)


I want a change

Shane McNeill (Dublin , 2021-05-02)


My daughter knew jennie and what happened to her shouldn't have. HOPE HER DEATH IS NOT IN VAIN, and Shines a huge light on what is going on behind closed doors, poor girl and her family Anna kids,my daughter is the same age. I also worked with Jennies Aunty Janet and my mam knows all the family cz she lived and grew up with them. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. 🙏💜💔💔

Gillian Melia (Dublin, 2021-05-02)


Men and women should not feel unsafe in there homes by someone they know. It shouldn't have to get to a stage of murder that person she feels protected from first time on been reported. Garda need to feel they can step in straight away and not wait on court order !!!

Alice Dunne (Dublin , 2021-05-02)


Women need to be safe in and out of their homes.

Edel Coughlan (Navan, 2021-05-02)


I Knew Jennie well and so many have been left heartbroken from her sudden and tragic loss. Laws need to change to protect more women against domestic violence. We need to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Lynn Devoy (Dublin, 2021-05-02)


This is the right thing too do rip Jennie ❤️💕

Ciara Ronan (Dublin , 2021-05-03)


I believe too many people suffer and they should be protected by the law.

lorraine gahan (dublin, 2021-05-03)


To many suffer domestic abuse in society ... son daughters mothers fathers brothers sisters to many turn a blind eye

Jackie Wolfe (Dublin 11, 2021-05-03)


Domestic violence needs a change in the law.

Natasha Jordan (Wicklow, 2021-05-03)


cause what happened shouldn't have happened

Michelle obrien (dublin, 2021-05-03)


Because no woman ever deserves to lose her life and leave her precious children without a mother because of an evil mans actions. I hope Jennie gets the justice she deserves x

Kellie Murphy (Finglas , 2021-05-03)


No one shud ever have to deal with abuse

Melissa Melissa (Dublin, 2021-05-03)


although jennie was a neighbour of mine here in melville i didn't actually know the girl but i knew her daughter as she played with my little one now & then.a shocking incident that genuinely stopped a town stone cold.love prayers & all the best wishes,ed

Ed Dunne (Dublin , 2021-05-04)


Iv 5 daughters and wouldn't want any family to go through what the family of Jennifer are going through.

Ann Flood (Dublin , 2021-05-04)


To many woman trapped with partners like this

Gloria Donaghue (Monaghan, 2021-05-04)


Jennie Poole

Annette Murray (Dublin, 2021-05-04)


I agree

Cindy Fallon fallon (ballymun, 2021-05-04)


I think the law for domestic abuse has to b serious and very strong poor Jennie and all the other victims

Therese O Neill (Santry avenue, 2021-05-04)


This needs to be a law

Chloe O meara (Dublin , 2021-05-04)


I'm a woman and would never like to be put in that situation that that girl had to be put try every day that she was with that man # NoOneNosWatHappensBehindClosedDoors ,,

Rest in peace Jennie Hun 😇

Charlene Phillips (Dublin, 2021-05-04)


I'm signing because theres to many people being abusive because theres no consequence

Jacqui Browne (Limerick , 2021-05-05)


Jenny was my neighbour and I've seen the effect that her violent death has on her friends, neighbours, family, children and her whole community. This type of violence happens too much in Ireland and change needs to happen.

Caroline Bradley (Dublin , 2021-05-05)


This shouldn't keep happening, punishment for offenders/abusers is to light..

Samantha Jameson (Dublin, 2021-05-06)


I’m signing because Jennie was a lovely person and never deserved anything like this so any initiative to take action against this stuff

Ross Nelson (Dublin 2, 2021-05-07)


Its every person's right be they male or female to live without fear and knowing there is help and support available should they need it.

Caroline Nathan (Dublin, 2021-05-07)


Change the justice system

Diana Ryan (Dublin, 2021-05-07)


Josephine Scully

Josephine Scully (Finglas , 2021-05-07)

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