Cap the Costs of UK PCR Tests to Allow Brits to See Loved Ones Again



this must be cut need for this ridiculas overcharge

clifford jeffs (la xara, 2021-04-17)


I am singing because I have all my family living in England I am 83 years old and I am living with my pension if the Boris Johnson etc.. doesn't change his policy it will be impossible for my to see my family

Josephine Booth (Alicante, 2021-04-17)


I want to see my daughter in the UK who I haven't seen for over 18 months.

Shelagh Lyons (Los Montesinos, 2021-04-17)


There needs to be some control over the cost of PCR tests. Families and friends have been separated for such a long time due to the pandemic, and tests must be affordable to allow families to travel again once international travel is allowed.

Tara Rippin (Altea, Mascarat, 2021-04-17)


Cost me over £500 in tests to visit my 90 year old Mum. Rip off.

linda day (benijofar, 2021-04-17)


My partner had to return to the UK at the end of March under Schengen zone rules. At present I could not go over for a week as I need a negative test two further tests and ten days self isolation, then tests again to return.

Jill Swain (OLIVA, 2021-04-17)


My sister is resident in Spain and our family like to visit her and she likes to visit us in UK.
The last time 4 of my family visited December 2020 it cost £950+ and that was not including flights!

Jacqueline Thomas (Torfaen, 2021-04-17)


Not seen my family since end 2018

Anne Bopst (Mazarron, 2021-04-17)


I’m signing because I am desperate to see my three children who live in the U.K. and they are desperate to come here. They’re in their 20s and can or afford high PCR costs and i have not been working for 1.5 years to pay for them

Jo Walton (Mallorca, 2021-04-17)


I haven't seen my family since the first lockdown in the UK. I have two sons, a daughter, daughter in law, two grandchildren, a dearly loved sister and an ageing older brother. My older sister died in April 2020 and I was distraught not to be able to see her before she died. PLEASE end this separation
from all my family and loved ones.

Suzanne Shailer (Mijas Costa, 2021-04-17)


Pre departure & Fit to Travel certificates should be combined. Early release tests should be combined with day 2 and day 8 test arrangements for those isolating (non green countries). All prices are ludicrously high!

John Leonard (Taunton, 2021-04-17)


Ive just spent around £600 on all the tests required just to see my partner and family.

Samantha Mills (Palma de mallorca, 2021-04-18)


We are signing because we are naturally desperate to see our family after nearly 2 years. As pensioners we simply cannot afford the high cost of PCR tests.

Tony and Barbra Dean (Rojales, 2021-04-18)


I live alone in Spain after my husband died. I am a pensioner on a fixed income and all my family live in the UK. I would like the chance to go and see them and vice versa without it causing any of us financial hardship.

Trish Davis (Vera, 2021-04-18)


International travel needs to be made affordable again as soon as possible. Families need to be able to see each other again.

Roger Jenkins (Malaga, 2021-04-18)


This is clearly a money making gig the government should be ashamed. A PCR test shouldn't have to cost more €30/40. We haven't seen our families since end of 2019.

Chandrakant Dhanjee (Mijas Costa, 2021-04-18)


I have two properties in Spain which I cannot get to

Bernard Mieth (Rugby , 2021-04-18)


I'm signing because I have lots of family and friends in the UK that usually comes to see me up to 3 times a year. I have not been able to see any of them since the Pandemic arrived. It is all so upsetting and makes you feel very depressed and upset when you are unable to see your family and friends.

Denise Hardy (ALICANTE, 2021-04-18)


I believe the cost of the per test are far too expensive and need to be lessened.

william fay (glasgow, 2021-04-18)


I have a property in Spain I also belong to a singing group and I have many friends who live there
Spanish and English I love the people the weather and the Spanish way of life

Diane Bate (Stourbridge, 2021-04-18)


It is never right for companies to profit from the misfortunes of others

John Lewington (Essex, 2021-04-18)


It's time we stood up and stop all this ripping people of with these useless tests just a waist of money ,you get tested then you board the plane how do we no that the crew have been tested! How do we no the plane has been cleaned and we all no what the toilets are like on planes so we step of the plane at our destination not knowing we would have pick up covid and spreading it around till we get to our home or hotel .what a waist of time ,we have not seen our kids and grandchildren since the start of all this crap and if we can get cheaper tests I am all for it ,the uk government have wasted so much money and hundreds of thousands of people have died unnecessary do to there slow response in stopping this virus and should be made accountable and I hope 1 day there will be a inquiry into this ,and its happening again with all these new variants that's coming into the uk and spreading like wild fly they no were it has come from but have they stopped the planes from India and Africa NO they haven't just stupid these idits should not be in power and they are ruining it for people that want to see there families...

Robert Newman (Mijascosta , 2021-04-18)


My immediate family live in Spain, and my dad passed away at the very beginning of lockdown and it has been horrible not being there with them. These prices are just making things more difficult for me.

Carly Holder (London, 2021-04-18)


I need to see my family. I have two new great grandsons which I dearly want to see also I need to see my grand children.

Suzette Benallaoua (Murcia, 2021-04-18)


I want to be able to see my family but can’t afford the amount they are currently charging for a PCR test

Kelly Barton (Nottingham , 2021-04-18)


Profiteering from the pandemic is disgusting.

Janet Izod (Chigwell, 2021-04-18)


Whilst the need for testing is recognised the cost is prohibitive on many levels. Any testing carried out should be on a cost neutral basis to aide an industry that employs a high number of employees and allow families to meet up again.

John Gilluley (Johnstone, 2021-04-18)


I am signing this petition because I am an OAP and these extra costs are too much to pay along side the rising travel costs when our pensions do not increase at the same rate.

Caroline Butler (Málaga, 2021-04-18)


I haven't seen my 2 sons a daughter and 4 grandchildren for 16 months ... my son has postponed his wedding twice so I can be there but afraid I won't be able to afford to go 😢

Sarah Jane (Priego de cordoba, 2021-04-18)


Desperately need to see my family 👪 knowing the tests aren't going to cost more than the flights

Sarah Paul (Cordoba, 2021-04-18)


I want to see my family in the UK but can't afford the exorbitant prices for the PCR tests

Sheila Feates (Cheste, Valencia, 2021-04-18)


I think it is scandalous the government doesn't regulate this to help get international travel back on track

Eric Smith (Glasgow , 2021-04-18)


I want to be able to travel between spain and england as and when ,and because I have had both jabs I see no reason that I need to take 3 tests in england, or infact any tests but we are dealing with an in ept uk government so anything is possible.

brian bell (alicante, 2021-04-18)


Normally I travel frequently to UK and also enroute to visit my family in the USA, none of whom I have now seen for 15 months!

Fay Tennant (Guardamar del Segura 03140, 2021-04-18)


I totally agree that prices should be caped.

Margaret Epstein (Palma, 2021-04-18)


I have disabled family in the uk that i have not seen for 2 year. My partner has parent's both in their 80's who again hasn't seen them in 2 years.

Gary Collins (Mijas Costa,, 2021-04-18)


I too am looking forward to seeing my family in the UK again after over a year and need these tests to be controlled and price brought down to a reasonable level.

Bernadette Hirst (Mijas, 2021-04-18)


I need to see my family. I have also missed my covid vaccinations.

Anthony Martin (Chercos, 2021-04-18)


I want to see my family

Julie Martin (Chercos, 2021-04-18)


I need to see my parents who are 84 , but I am a restaurant owner whose finances have been more than severely affected by the closures during the ongoing pandemic.

NIcola Karkaletsos (Benahavis , 2021-04-18)


I have family in Spain who I want to see

Val Verinder (Culcheth , 2021-04-18)


I cannot get to my house in Spain to ensure its security.

Alan Paterson (Helensburgh, 2021-04-18)


General fairness to everyone

Weather Jean Wainwright (Malaga , 2021-04-18)


It is important to get international tourism going to save jobs

David Surrage (Oxford, 2021-04-18)


The high cost of testing to visit family

Rory Paskin (Malaga , 2021-04-18)


I want to see my dad!

Becky Gunn (Estepona , 2021-04-18)


I am desperate to see my family, especially my grandchildren who I haven't seen for 15 months. I am not state pension age and have limited budget. I ask the government to be realistic in their testing costs please.

Jane Maciver (Torrevieja, 2021-04-18)


I think that the cost of PCR is too high for families to visit either country & also for
tourists coming to visit Spain.There are
many businesses that have had to close
owing to the lack of tourists & worry that when tourists are allowed to travel they won’t be able to afford to come due to the
extra cost.

Christine Coleman (Malaga , 2021-04-19)


Wsh to visit family but unable to pay costs

Christopher Donohoe (La Xara, 2021-04-19)


I haven't seen my 90 year old Mother since my last visit in October 2019 as visit April 2020 cancelled. During this time my Step father has died and not been able to be there to support my mother at this sad time.

Anna Maria Catharina Mayo (Villanueva Mesia, Granada , 2021-04-19)


To visit my beautiful villa in Spain that has remained empty for over 18 months

Neville Cornforth (Felixstowe , 2021-04-19)


My family (daughter & grandchildren) live and work in Spain.

Roger Ryan (Taunton, 2021-04-19)


it should not cost an expat so much to visit their country of birth

ray welbourn (orihuela, 2021-04-19)


I'm signing because we haven't seen our U.K family for over a year. I think the Covid tests shouldn't be necessary if you've been vaccinated. If the government wants to insist on an unnecessary test they should pay for it.

John Redmond (Beziers, 2021-04-19)


I'm signing because I believe all PCR tests should be free (or have a very small cost attached to them) The current costs are making travel too expensive for most.
How can the cost for these tests differ so much?

Helen Smith (Marbella, 2021-04-19)


My parents live in Spain and I have a 16 month old son who my dad has never met and my mom has only seen twice.

Jodie Ladkin (Dudley, 2021-04-19)


I want to see my friends and family also support local business

Auriol Thompson (Orihuela costa , 2021-04-19)


I believe that the cost of PCR tests need to be brought to an affordable level for people to travel. Currently too expensive for most families.

Rosemary Mulroy (Chester Le Street, 2021-04-19)


To help all those suffering who gave been unable to see their families for so long. The impact of separation can be devastating.

Christine Hatchet (Denia, 2021-04-19)


I'm signing this petition because I want to go back to work as aducation assistant

keitumetse Julia (Mahikeng, 2021-04-19)


My partner and I are long term visitors to Nerja,our favorite place in Spain.Now we are pensioners,high PCR charges would be punitive.

Michael Orton (Harrogate , 2021-04-19)


To pay for two of us to go back to U K will just be beyond our reach especially ha ing had both I jections should at least meam something even a bit cheaper

Sandra Probert (Alicante, 2021-04-19)


I am a pensioner and wish to visit my family in UK. At the moment I cannot afford all the required tests to make this visit.

Myra Davis (Turre, Almeria , 2021-04-19)


I really want to see my beloved family and friends.

Heather Harvey (Mojacar, 2021-04-20)


I believe there are companies "making hay whilst the sun shines," at the expense of those less well off. The cost of my test when flown BRU-ALC is €70. I would guess that those companies charging the most are registered offshore so their profits are outside the U.K. tax system!

Syd Avery (Guardamar del Segura, 2021-04-20)


I am signing because I have a holiday home in Spain that all my extended family use and PCR prices will make travel costs very high. Will be only for the RICH

Leslie Fraser (Loanhead, 2021-04-20)


Current charge is crazy

Nye Demetriou (Alicante, 2021-04-20)


I have family in UK who I haven't seen since December 2019. 2 sons and 2 Grandchildren.The tests need to be an affordable price. We just want to see family, not go on holiday

Carol Woolnoth (San Pedro de Alcantara, 2021-04-20)


I'm signing because I want to see my family.

Wendy Simpson (Javea, 2021-04-20)


I want to see my family in Spain

Terri Taylor (Redditch , 2021-04-20)


valerie browse

Valerie Browse (Torrevieja, 2021-04-20)


Want to see family

Bonita Preston (Albir, alfaz del pi, 2021-04-20)


I have children and grandchildren in UK, elderly mother and siblings...who in normality would visit, and vice versa, but the added costs of PCR tests on top of flight, seat, baggage and insurance makes a week trip for 4 extortionate..same for hubby and I if we visit UK..if you have had vaccine why is PCR test even required ..

Pauline Pauline Mitchell (Zurgena , 2021-04-20)


I need to see my family

Frances Gray (Ontinyent, 2021-04-20)



david johnson (Bolton, 2021-04-20)


Many families are unable to meet the costs of these tests, therefore would not be able to meet with relatives.

Malcolm Forrest Hazell (Turre, 2021-04-20)


I have just paid £350.for a test in Spain and England. This is for a visit to the U.K. which for a family it would it would put a trip beyond reach. This is only 1way the cost going the other way I don’t know yet.

James Mundy (Darlington , 2021-04-21)


I would like to be able to return to the UK to see my family. I have a wife and 4 children so am obviously concerned about the total cost of pcr tests for all 6 of us. My children are desperate to see their grandparents and extended family back in the UK.

John Day (San Miguel de Salinas, 2021-04-21)


I haven't seen my family for a long time and I worry that, as I am now 78 , I will soon not be able to travel too well.

Robert Wells-Gaston (Manilva, Malaga, 2021-04-21)


I want to see my family!

Virginia Brett (Malaga, 2021-04-21)


PCR test prices must be standardised in order to make it affordable for Britons to travel between UK and Spain. Profiting during a pandemic is despicable. Empathy must prevail.

Sally Bloom (Alicante, 2021-04-21)


I have a 96 year old father in the UK that I gave not seen since Dec 2019. I also have a brother who is disabled again not since Dec 2019 have I seen him. They are both unable to travel here. The cost of PCR tests in the UK make travel cost prohibitive. It is also scandalous the price charged.

Graham Blackburn (Mijas, 2021-04-22)


I have family in Britain and cannot afford to go back to see them due to the price of PCR. We paid 160 pounds in December vto get back to Spain. However the new rules mean it will be double this.

Maureen Rego (velez malaga, 2021-04-22)


I need to see my children as they are vulnerable and I'm concerned but cannot get them here or i cannot get back due to the costs

Tracy Radcliffe (Majag, 2021-04-22)

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