Margaret Beckett MUST Resign as Chair of NEC for unacceptable language



this is not the way the Labour party NEC should behave. It is not left or right it is respect and non sexist behaviour that is required.

Peter Rose (Aylesbury, 2021-03-12)


This is offensive, misogynist language. An apology feels limp.

Barbara Henderson (Berwick upon Tweed, 2021-03-12)


It is unacceptable bullying. No apology is needed, she must resign or fired!

Funda Kansu (London, 2021-03-12)


It's a disgrace. A woman of influence talking to another Labour colleague like that calling her a "Silly Cow. She needs to grow up. THAT'S WHAT BULLIES DO IN A SCHOOL PLAYGROUND. She must resign "NOW" Her position is not tenable

Jackie Cairns (Preston, 2021-03-12)


I am a Labour Party member and no member should abuse another, most especially the Chair of the NEC. Dreadful behaviour and if she had any integrity she would have resigned immediately not waited for a petition to tell her too.

Annette Rigby (Wigan, 2021-03-12)


I am signing because I think is disrespectful and un Democratic not to respect colleagues opinion. shutting down others talking send a wrong message to others about intolerance and create a bullying environment.

Fenik Adham (London, 2021-03-12)


The labour Party 'new management' has created a cess pit ineffective party management and is losing support across the country.

John Lincoln (Peterborough, 2021-03-12)


I am a Labour Party member and I want my party to operate in a spirit of comradeship and listening to different points of view.

Simon Carruth (London, 2021-03-12)


She needs to go NOW

Margaret Cubitt (Alicante, 2021-03-12)


The centre seem to think they can get away with saying what they like about the left, THEY CAN’T

David Cooke (Nottingham, 2021-03-12)


Margaret Beckett's behaviour was unacceptable.

Margaret Houston (London , 2021-03-12)


It really was absolutely disgusting behaviour by that so called "Dame"Margaret Beckett a has been who should have never got the job as NEC chair in the first place. Laura Pidcock is a good solid socialist and that spiteful vindictive Beckett should either resign or be fired.

Margaret Beckett's behaviour is typical of people like her and the equally vile likes of Peter Mandleson and Margaret Hodge who arrogantly think the Labour Party belongs to them.

Starmer and Rayner do nothing about their disgusting arrogant behaviour to the point of making excuses for it whilst good solid socialists are being driven out of the party, it just shows they both
have all the spine of a jellyfish!

Solidarity with the good Socialist comrade Laura Pidcock!✊🚩

Paul Lawlor (Gloucester, 2021-03-12)


I'm signing this because Margaret Beckett is not suitable for the position she holds.
She is not impartial.

Bernie Lumb (Northampton , 2021-03-12)


Uncomradely behaviour and abusive language are prohibited by Labour Party rules. These rules should apply to all equally, especially when it comes to demeaning someone based on their gender.

Margaret Egerton (Weston-super-Mare, 2021-03-12)


There seem to be double standards in Labour (and in politics generally, but that’s a further matter) at present, where any socialist or pro-Palestine statement is decried as “anti-semitic”, where left wing views cannot be spoken, yet verbal abuse is tolerated and ignored by the party leadership when uttered by right wing elements of the party (yes, I mean Margaret Beckett).

Malcolm Bates (Millom , 2021-03-12)


Disgusting and totally inappropriate behaviour

Diana Baker (London , 2021-03-12)


Beckett was parachuted into the Chair of NEC, has no right to be there, and swearing at Laura Pidcock is indefensible. It shows how the right wing really feel about Socialists in the Party. She should resign or be sacked.

Angela Edmunds (Sutton on Derwent, 2021-03-12)


I find such behaviour unacceptable.

David Turner (Blaydon , 2021-03-12)


Abuse from the Chair in a meeting is unacceptable.

Jean Braidwood (Aspatria, 2021-03-13)


She's supposed to be the Chair, she clearly isn't suited to this role.

Irene Newcombe (Birkenhead, 2021-03-13)


Unacceptable language to use against anyone. Especially disturbing from a woman in a position of power. Bullying and abhorrent. Beckett must admit fault and resign.

Glain Fox (Leeds, 2021-03-13)


Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated in the Labour Party, and those in positions of authority and power must be seen to show a good example.

Julia Silezin (Aberdare, 2021-03-13)


Fellow Labour members should have respect for each other in their language.

Susan Phillips (Swansea , 2021-03-13)


This language is unacceptable and inappropriate. All Members should show respect to others, even if they disagree with them.

Kathryn Janes (Bristol, 2021-03-13)


If it was the other way round, Laura Piddcock would have been suspended

John Tester (Guildford , 2021-03-13)


Labour must remove the poison and pollution from the party.... Including Starmer!

Martyn Meacham (Cardiff, 2021-03-13)


The language used by Margaret Becket is unacceptable.

Peter Barlow (DERBY, 2021-03-13)


Stop New Labour being infiltrated by right-wing MP'S who believe they are all above the law.

Helen Wheeler (DUMFRIES, 2021-03-13)


LI member s views need to be heard

Terry Ryan (Limoges , 2021-03-13)


This type of language from a chair person is absolutely unacceptable

Pauline Hudson (Stafford, 2021-03-13)


This is not the way anyone should behave in our party. Her position is untenable.

mary and tony winter (aberdare, 2021-03-13)


Her behaviour was totally out of order. If this had been the other way round, Laura would have been suspended from the party

Polly Rodwell (Ipswich, 2021-03-13)


Behaviour like this is unacceptable in the Labour Party. We must show dignity and respect towards each other, something that Ms Beckett has failed to do. She needs to resign to set an example that this behaviour is wrong.

Dawn Matthews (Mountain Ash, 2021-03-13)


This is unacceptable. Time to go.

Julie Goodman (Honor Oak, 2021-03-13)


This behaviour is unacceptable and creates a toxic culture. Time for her to retire and let someone more respectful and in keeping with what should be Labour values take over.

Debbie+ Waller (Hayle, 2021-03-13)


The bullies in the Labour party need to be challenged, but given that Starmer is the worst, there's not much chance of that happening any time soon.

Carole Morgan (Ryde, 2021-03-13)


There's a definite line between basking in eccentricity and the absolutely unacceptable.

Maggie Pearson (Bristol, 2021-03-13)


I'm signing because of double standards, the outrageous calling of names, yet nothing is done about it

Linda Gizzie (Glasgow, 2021-03-13)


Beckitt and her ilk do not repesent the party that I love.

Frank Sprules (Leamington Spa, 2021-03-13)


It is unacceptable and Labour should apply standards equally

Joyce Payne (Brampton , 2021-03-13)


I am sick of the double standards in the so called labour party. Centrists can break rules, swear at people, do nothing to weaken the tories and purge left wing members. I have resigned and am disgusted with Starmer's lack of leadership.

Max Phillips (Ipswich, 2021-03-13)


The language used is totally unacceptable for someone in such a senior position

Sarah Byrne (London , 2021-03-13)


This was more abuse similar to Margaret Hodge telling Jeremy Corbyn to F off the so called Labour Party doyens are abusers it seems

Sue Kelly (Birmingham , 2021-03-13)


This is very unconstitution language and uncalled for.

Roger Tooth (Chatham, 2021-03-13)


Such comments are ignorant and demonstrate a lack of knowledge of what is acceptable in the 21st century.

Catherine Waring (Chorley , 2021-03-13)


Margaret Beckett's language and behaviour towards a democratically elected member of the NEC is totally unacceptable. She must be censured and forced to resign

Stephen McGuire (STANLEY, 2021-03-13)


Im signing because Jeremy Corbyn was vilified by people like her which meant we lost our best chance of having a competent compassionate PM

Catherine Slater (London, 2021-03-13)


She should know better,Than speak to people like that.

Pat Melia (WIDNES, 2021-03-13)


As a member, I wish to excersize my right asking for her resignation. I question her values.

Stephen Lindley (Brighton, 2021-03-14)


Object to Margaret Beckett ‘S unacceptable language .

Chowdhury Usmani (Swindon, 2021-03-14)


Margeret Becket's behaviour is not of the standard that every politician should aspire too, it was rude, disrespectful, not called for!

Kevin Glennie (Cardiff, 2021-03-14)


I'm signing this because of her nasty way she treated a female MP

Teresa Merrison (Leigh-on-Sea, 2021-03-14)


Her behaviour to another NEC member was unnacceptable.

Julia Vincent (Rhondda, 2021-03-14)


I am signing because such language is totally inappropriate, perhaps particularly from a chair, and illustrates a level of toxicity in the Labour Party now which must be ruled out of order.

Angela Everitt (Clevedon, 2021-03-14)


I feel ashamed of Margaret Beckett's comments.

Judy Vigurs (Newcastle upon tyne, 2021-03-14)


She is a disgusting creature if it was a rabid dog it would be put down

Robert Relf (Whitstable , 2021-03-15)


Absolutely disgusted at this language to another woman and colleague.

Jennifer Stewart (Inverurie, 2021-03-15)


For me it is totally unacceptable for the Chair of the NEC to abuse another member in such a way in a meeting and as a woman I fell abused also.

Ndaizivei Scholastica Paul (Chatteris, 2021-03-15)


We do NOT need fascists in the government!

C B (London, 2021-03-16)


So many shameful examples to list.
But this to a fellow sister,
the character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn, loosing us the last election, aiding the removal of socialist left in Labour, gouging the heart out of the party.

Lesley West (Canterbury , 2021-03-16)


Her behaviour was unacceptable. It shows her bad attitude to the views of another woman and her arrogance in believing that her own view is superior.

Lynn Booth (Oswestry, Shropshire, 2021-03-17)


Basic politeness is surely all that is required in this case.

Diane Cheshire (Axminster, 2021-03-21)


No 0ne should be above recrimination. Beckett has done wrong and should go.

Jo Buckley (Northants, 2021-03-22)

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