Improving Dartford Canal Path between Mill Pond Road and Home Gardens



Since the development on Mill pond road, little has been done to make this estate accessible to Dartford Town Centre, poorly maintained walkways, poor lighting especially on routes to Dartford Station, particularly under the bridge by the Canal, this route we avoid after daylight hours due to poor lighting and anti social behaviour that occurs under this bridge. Litter seems to be a main issue, no bins encourage people to litter. The canal and pond at Mill pond are heavily polluted making it an undesirable place to walk.
Traffic management in the area hasn't helped. There are no green man crossing assistance at the Mill pond road and Overy road crossing.
Cars regularly speed through this area aswell. The addition of speed management and vehicle noise camera's would be a good addition.

Thank you for your time reading this.

Kind regardd

Callum Lawson (Dartford, 2021-03-12)


We need to create a safe environment for access and to prevent accidents with pedestrian use.

steve hickey (bexleyheath, 2021-03-12)


I own three flats in the Langley homes complex

Jackie Howkins (Bexley, 2021-03-12)


I own an apartment at Langley Square Dartford and am concerned at the growing incidence of theft and lawlessness in the area..

Sujoy Banerjee (Dubai, 2021-03-12)


Its currently not safe, and has many «hiding» spots for people to do illegal stuff.

Chris-Thomas Breistein (Dartford , 2021-03-12)


Area is not safe, lighting is poor and the area is un kept, people hang around drinking and smoking dope, this is very uneasy for young teenagers travelling and using this to access the train station.

Samantha Chandler (Dartford, 2021-03-12)


I use this route and in light of the recent stress on female safety, it is paramount that females feel as safe as possible at all times.

Renee Brodnock (Dartford , 2021-03-12)


I fully support the petitioners assessment of the current situation and ideas to improve it.

Michael Dancey (Dartford, 2021-03-12)


Very concerned about safety in the area, particularly in connection to the pedestrian routes to the station and the town centre. There is a lot of air and noise pollution and no safe walking paths.

Olga Parkes (Dartford, 2021-03-12)


I am signing as I believe the path should be improved, especially at the foot of the wooden bridge where it is muddy and unmade. Also the vegetation should be stripped back to make it feel safer and more open. If made more pleasant I think more people will use it so fewer people will congregate there to drink etc.

Matthew Evans (Dartford , 2021-03-12)


I use this path daily

Agnieszka Dartnell (Dartford, 2021-03-12)


Due to lack of lighting I feel unsafe to walk home from work via this path. I use a longer route every day.

Even in daylight due to overgrowth the path has become a popular place for youths taking drugs. Its highly unsafe.

Rachel Washer (Dartford, 2021-03-12)


I live on the Langley Sq development and I don’t feel entirely safe walking back to my flat from the station in the dark.

Yemi Nathan (Dartford , 2021-03-12)


Dartford is too dark, the city has loads of potential but most of the lights are not working. It has one of the highest council tax bills but seems so unkept and dark

Henry Lebile (Kent, 2021-03-12)


Like to have a decent walkway from train station to town centre and to central park

Alice Wong (Dartford, 2021-03-13)


Im a resident of Langley square and regular use these routes

Asmita Dere (Dartford , 2021-03-14)


We need to make our local area safe for everybody!

Danielle Cotton (Dartford, 2021-03-14)


I have an invested interest in this being

Amy Ellis (Darty, 2021-03-14)


This canal path can seem a bit dodgy and intimidating once the sun sets. I usually have to use pavements instead.

Jake Lowings (Dartford, 2021-03-15)


Yes it needs sorting out

Jonpaul Elliott (Dartford, 2021-03-15)


I'm signing this petition because I am a resident who would like to see safer/cleaner improvement in our local community.

Martha Khanu (Dartford, 2021-03-15)


I live in the area with my wife and 1 year old son. The area can be very dark and looks quite intimidating at times... improved lighting would help lift people anxieties about this issue.

Jamie Dartnell (Dartford, 2021-03-15)


I used it very often

Iulia Ariciuc (Dartford, 2021-03-16)


The bridge is the closest way to reach train station however I don’t feel safe due to people sitting there and smoking weed and it’s very dark there. This to me is a mishap waiting to happen !!

Prashant Shelar (Dartford , 2021-03-16)


Improvements are absolutely needed!

Eija Burrell (Dartford, 2021-03-18)


My company owns an apartment in Langley square and I would like my tenants to benefit from the improvements listed.

Bawaji Basheer Shaik (Dartford, 2021-03-18)


I use this route regularly.

Martin Cstlow (Bexley, 2021-03-18)

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