Allow hospitality venues to open as workspaces for remote workers



I believe venues should be able to reopen safely.

Emily Cleary (Stoke Poges, 2021-02-15)


The ongoing closure of these venues is crippling and killing a vital industry

Carol Slater (Lindon, 2021-02-15)


It makes sense that with a vaccine in distribution and offices forcing non essential people to work in them with no repercussions then the service industry should also open its doors any way it can.

Antony Ramswell (london, 2021-02-15)


working from a location even pre-covid was a great idea, but even better now I'm a full time home worker and a change of scene would be most welcome as well as keeping my favourite hospitality venues runnin

Erica Bennett (Barnstaple, 2021-02-15)


We need to support our local businesses!

Cecilia P (Primrose Hill, 2021-02-15)


I support this petition.

Heidi Marron (Ruislip , 2021-02-15)


I'm signing because the hospitality needs a positive break.

Alex Hall (Bracknell, 2021-02-15)


This makes complete sense for people who don’t have space to work efficiently at home and also helps keep our loved cafes restaurants and pubs open for when we can use them properly again.

Nadia Jan (London, 2021-02-15)


This is a very creative idea to help both the hospitality industry and people who need to work remotely, in a safe and responsible way.

Simon Carruth (London, 2021-02-15)


Great idea ! Makes sense!

Lucy Moore (Uxbridge , 2021-02-15)


I work in hospitality

Nigel Knowles (Hayes, 2021-02-15)


We need to get back to normality!

Rachel Harper (London, 2021-02-15)


Business should be open enough is enough

Gill Dolling (Little clacton, 2021-02-15)


We need pubs open as they are essential parts of the community!

Jai Dosanjh (London, 2021-02-15)


I’m signing this petition because my son in law and his family are in the hospitality business. This is ruining their livelihood.

Louise Beale (Uxbridge, 2021-02-16)


I’m supporting the industry

Claire Davis (London, 2021-02-16)


Pls let business and bars to be open it’s time to strive safely

Inesa Nikitina (London , 2021-02-16)


i agree this would happen

nathan rae (uxbridge, 2021-02-16)


Everyone should be able to earn a salary!!
Safe.and responsible aspects should be put in place to allow this!+

Diedre Wessels (Pretoria , 2021-02-16)


I want my life back!!!!!

Emanuel Vasile (London , 2021-02-16)


I'm signing because my husband work in bar

Daniela Vasile (Uxbridge, 2021-02-16)


As I work in a hospitality setting, I believe it’s the exact same as a school even when there is more contact

Jake Harris (London , 2021-02-17)


Everyone is struggling in the current climate on top of the inevitable financial crush of Brexit

Sabina Cameron (London, 2021-02-17)


Let us fucking open

Caroline Santi (London , 2021-02-17)


We need a normal life

Luminita Mateiciuc (Harrow , 2021-02-18)


I’m signing because I work in the hospitality industry. We are a very small amount contributing to cases yet we will be the last to open. We are safer than supermarkets and we use track and trace where as other places don’t.

Emily Fisher (Buckhurst Hill, 2021-02-19)


I believe only after the pandemic has died down will we truly see the devastation wrought on this sector. Surely doing something now would be better

Caroline Mace (Aylesbury , 2021-02-19)


It is important to the country's economy to get these places running, albeit differently to their main purpose, but still making money

Clare Davies (Camberley , 2021-02-19)


I'm a doorman and I need to go back to work

Darron Smith (Reading, 2021-02-20)


Im signing because as a chef I think the hospitality industry with precautions we are safe to open

Stewart warren (12160, 2021-02-20)


Because I work in the industry and we never had 1 case if covid was checked all the time was safe

Teressa Howard (London, 2021-02-20)


This is a great idea- especially for remote working for work life balance and mental health.
Plus hospitality establishments in my area were following strict guidelines and monitoring all safety aspects.

Louise King (Bexhill on sea , 2021-02-20)


Something needs to be done to save the hospitality industry.

Barry Gale (Livingston, 2021-02-21)


Because hospitality has been thrown under a bus

Caroline Santi (London , 2021-02-22)


I am singing because I work in catering industry

Andrew Colwell (Brighton, 2021-02-22)


I think The hospitality industry pubs bars clubs gyms should be open if they can do Covid friendly

Anthony Sullivan (White, 2021-02-22)


The economy needs to get bk to normal and hospitality has suffered enough they are As safe as supermarkets if not safer

Jane Parrish (Bexley, 2021-02-23)


I work in hospitality and we were safer and stricter than any supermarket. Our capacity has been halfed and our rules and regulations change weekly.

Donna Tomkins (Kent, 2021-02-23)


I don’t agree with the lockdown any further . W have to live with this Covid virus & our economy & young people are suffering we need to socialise it’s why we are human . Mental health is suffering

Debbie Warlow (Ickenham, 2021-02-23)

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