I disagree with the government on the Shisha ban.

Mohammed Dilbany (London , 2020-12-04)


I’m signing this because it isn’t right, if the places are correctly sanitized, cleaned and spaced out correctly then there should be no problem.

Yoni Warsam (London, 2020-12-04)


It will affects business and the community.
As shisha smoker , I urge the Westminster council to reassess this matter.

Walid Ahmed (London , 2020-12-04)


Shisha places are good for people to relax in their free time and socialise.

Farima Mihai (LONDON, 2020-12-04)


i am against the ban as it involves people losing their business

Houdah Sulaiman (London, 2020-12-04)


I agree that it’s not fair to close shisha bars, whilst pubs and bars can open have number of people smoking in group or garden etc, and for those that don’t drink and can’t enter pubs it’s not fair that they can’t socialise, also the amount of restaurants and cafes that will close down because of this and the number of ppl that will loose there jobs

Layla Rahman (London , 2020-12-04)


I believe this when done safely is a good option for people need interaction and time out of their homes

james bamford (essex, 2020-12-04)


Cultural discrimination

Youssif Abdel rahman (London, 2020-12-04)


Life has to be back to normal

Emran Qasem (Grimsby, 2020-12-04)


Effecting my mental health

Ghaith Al Waili (London , 2020-12-05)


Am singing because Shisha it’s a social Fun and we want it back pls

Yousif Ali (London , 2020-12-05)



Sufian Sufi (London , 2020-12-05)


If I don’t smoke I won’t be able to sleep it’s my joy it’s my need, if you gonna stop the shisha you will have to stop cigarettes and weed

Khan Bhai (London , 2020-12-05)


I’m not a heavy smoker , but I enjoy going out and meet my friends for it
It’s not harming anyone .

Hanadi Chedid (Hayes , 2020-12-05)


shisha ban doesnt make sense.

Alaa Al-timimy (london, 2020-12-05)


This is the only place I can meet my friends because I don’t go pubs or drink alcohol.

Maryam Zaia (London , 2020-12-05)


I own a Lounge, and after following guidelines and lockdowns they shut us down and targeting our USP specifically!

H H (London, 2020-12-05)


I don’t drink alcohol and this is the only option I have to meet my friends.

Marina Zaia (London , 2020-12-05)


I have my own shisha place and it’s not fair especially with the way they came barging in!!

Sandy Sefein (London, 2020-12-05)


I'm signed this petition because I'm unhappy with this ban, I'm resident in this country for more than 15 years and never I feeled as now.
I feel that government have something with me,with my community!!!!

Tom Komy (Wembley , 2020-12-05)


it is important for maintaining cultural traditions and independent businesses

Dan Greifer (London, 2020-12-05)


I need shisha in my life! 🤣

Hal Ozba (London, 2020-12-05)


I have a shisha place and the government close my restaurant. So l lost my business and I asked all my stuff to finish their wo6

Mukles Jamil (Colchester , 2020-12-05)


I love hookahs

Boian Iozev (Coventry, 2020-12-05)


I'm signing because I want government to stop treating people like a bunch of kids. We are more than capable to make our own decisions, including smoking shisha. If they want to control our every move, let them pay for our mortgages too. Sick to

JEVGENI ILVES (Corby, 2020-12-05)


I myself work in a lounge and will be made redundant and i also believe socialising is not illegal so we should be allowed

Ruhul Miah (London, 2020-12-06)


Stop the ban on Shisha

Ali Faraj (London , 2020-12-06)


I love shisha

Khaled Korda (London, 2020-12-06)


I am signing this to support all shisha business’s out there, enough with the government control their attention should be more focused on serious global issues and shisha is not one of them.

Fatima Soufan-Debouz (Boston , 2020-12-06)


This is unfair, if you are not banning alcohol the. Why would you ban shisha.

Ali Salman (London , 2020-12-06)


I'm signing to stop the shisha ban we need dshisha bar open again

Samih gubrial (Hove, 2020-12-06)


It is ok for people to stand outside pubs, bars & restaurants to smoke cigarettes but it is not ok for people to sit and smoke shisha.

Imadeddin Jamali (SLOUGH, 2020-12-06)



Nicolai Puscas (London , 2020-12-06)


I’m signing because I’m against the shisha band

Hakim Gholam (London , 2020-12-06)


No logic to this law

François Durnez (London, 2020-12-06)


I'm signing because it's not fair to class shisha lounges under restricted businesses. I've not known a shisha lounge to close due to a covid outbreak. Lounges have excellent social distancing measures in place, better than some restaurants. Shisha lounges are where our communities come together to socialise. They are outdoors with only 50% enclosure, meaning fresh air circulation is better at a shisha lounge than a pub having all their windows open. To ban shisha lounges is a restriction on our right as a community to spend time with our friends in the outdoors.

Mo Myze (London, 2020-12-06)


I operate a restaurant

Moustafa Fekri (London , 2020-12-06)


Is very bad for my business and for my family and for my staff

Hasan Albatta (COLCHESTER, 2020-12-07)


I’m against closing Shisha

Fahad Almuammar (London , 2020-12-07)


There is no reasonable reason to ban shisha, there is thousands of people working in this kind of business

Ayman Alami (London, 2020-12-07)


It’s a cultural thing

Zainab Noukhas (London , 2020-12-09)


Because I don’t agree with the Shisha ban, I don’t smoke shisha but my husband does, I don’t see a reason why it should be banned.
Covid-19 is not a reason !!!!!

Samara Nouhi (Greenford , 2020-12-10)


I’m signing because it is not right to ban this form of socialising in my view.

I spend most of my social time at shisha cafes and most of my professional network had started at a shisha cafe.

Oleksandr Dmytryk (London, 2020-12-10)


This is unfair, it's a tradition of many of the minorities, and it will be seen as an insult to the many, and as double standards,

Khan Shaj (Birmingham, 2020-12-17)

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