The NI Taxi industry deserves better support



Because I'm a taxi driver who has tried to work throughout this pandemic but struggled to make ends meet

Karl Black (Portadown , )


The £1500 is not enough. It’s a go away payment.

Andy Thomlinson (Newtownabbey , )


I wasn't entitled to any grants having only been in the job from 2019. My first years insurance was £3125, I haven't worked from March due to family members medical conditions and insurance refused to reduce my policy and give me a rebate. With all other expenses I'm in the red by several thousand pounds.

Gerard O'Hara (Belfast, )


£1500 as a payment to cover the loss of earnings over the Covid period is an insult.

Robert Black (Armagh, )


I am a taxi driver and the amount so far is a disgrace

Paul Lynass (Belfast, )


i.m still trying to make a livin taxiing

Eric Averill (magherafelt, )


As I'm grateful for the 1500,but unfortunately that doesn't cut it,doesn't clover over heads and lost of earnings

Robbie Doran (Banbridge , )


I'm signing this because taxi drivers need all the help they can get in these times

Joe Black (BUXTON, )


Its just not enough for taxi drivers

Terry waller (Ballyclare , )


We need more help. Our trade is on its knees with no end in sight

Stuart Muxlow (Belfast, )


I’m self employed 15 months and have got no self employed grants so the £1500 really only covers me for 1 month..£1380 are my expenses to go to work a month..not really anything to jump for joy about.

Francis Mccartney (Belfast, )


I am a taxi driver & it is not enough support!

Fiona Shannon (Portadown, )


What the government have paid me ie two furlough payments + universal credit = £7200 for 7 months totals £250 aweek impossible to live on am now in debt which I've never been in credit cards maxed out and now worried

David Carmichael (Bangor, )


One thousand five hundred is not sufficient to cover losses incurred by taxis due to the shut down of the economy by government legislation industry was on its knees before covid especially in rural areas a lifeline to community leaves door open to more illegal drivers if us legal operators go to the wall.

Michael Maguire (Lisnaskea, )


Not enough to cover the hardship and the lack of earning potential incurred due to lockdown

Darach Carmichael (Belfast , )


Taxi industry has collapsed due to covid and drivers are going under and families are going without so better help is needed now.

Kevin Brown (Belfast, )


1500 is a joke of a payment.

Steven Gill (Belfast, )


Taxi men and women are a vital part of our front line work force

Patrick Nolan (Belfast , )


Taxi drivers deserve better support. Some haven’t had any support since March

francis coogan (Belfast, )


We need money to live

Daniel McGarry (Belfast , )


I am a Self employed Taxi Driver & £1500 is not enough money to keep us going compared to the grants that everyone else is getting

John Mullan (Belfast , )


Taxi drivers deserve to be treated better here in the north of Ireland we are the lifeline of the city without us the city is nothing and couldn’t survive

Patrick Mckernan (Belfast, )


I am a Taxi Driver and feel we Need Proper Support from Our Government instead of a Go Away One Off Payment

Stephen Comerford (Belfast , )


To show more support to taxi industry

Tony Kane (Belfast , )


Too little a disgrace

James Johnston (Belfast, )


As a driver apart from July and August ive had to try live on 25% of what I usually earn due to these restrictions

Colin Bingham (Antrm, )


15000 is not enough to live on

Caolan Mcguigan (Belfast, )


Hard working NI taxi drivers have seen their custom decimated by the idiotic handling of the covid situation by stormont in NI with lockdowns, society circuit breakers etc. In order for this service to still be there when covid has departed these shores these drivers need help with much more than a £1500 go away payment.

Barry O'Reilly (Belfast, )


£1500 is an insult compared to the support other sectors of the business community have received.

Paul McKnight (Belfast, )


Im a newly self employed taxi driver who feels they have had no help at all and £1500 is an insult to me and the taxi industry

Chris butler (Belfast, )


Not enough money given

Peter Anderson (Derry city, )


Taxi drivers are a real help to the community, pensioners, the disabled , so many people depend on a taxi for every day life , but slowly but surely they are being forced off the road by not getting enough economic help, who will help these people then.

Justin Kettyle (Lisburn , )


£1500 is absolutely ridiculous and really is an insult. 7 months now Iv had little to no work yet my overheads don’t go away. More needs to be done before there is no taxi industry to go back to.

Mark Rutherford (Belfast, )


the offer off monetary help for taxi drivers was and is a pitiful amount the amount of help and relief given by this amount is next to nothing and has taken far to long to be recognised and given.

Sam Black (belfast, )


Current taxi driver , know 1st hand how industry has been decimated

Sean Osullivan (Strabane, )


We should have parity with other industry’s £1500 goes nowhere near helping us

Pat Meighan (Belfast, )


We deserve better

John Irwin (Belfast , )


this needs to be a sustainable grant backdated to march 2020.

Charles Metcalfe (Holywood, )


This is a disgrace

Charlie McLarnon (Belfast, )


Because we have basically been abandoned by the government they have closed or restricted nearly every sector that feeds into the taxi industry but we have been left to fend for ourselves. TW.

Thomas Webb (Belfast, )


Im a taxi driver

Stephen Gregg (Belfast , )


I like over 8000 other Taxi drivers feel as if not only us but our families have been treated appallingly.

Tony Drain (Belfast , )


The £1,500 is no where near the help we need totally disgrace to offer us taxi men this money we are a small business and we should of got the £10,000 business money

Darren Feeney (Belfast, )


Drivers should be untitled to more money

John Rogers (Belfast , )


We need more help

Liam Hamill (Belfast, )


I'm a struggling taxi driver, trying to survive this pandemic.

Patrick Geraghty (Belfast, )


The offer is nowhere near enough to cover our loss of income and expenses due to measures put in place by the executive regarding Covid 19

Barry Kelly (Belfast, )


The money offered was an insult

Robert Cooke (Belfast, )


Taxi drivers deserve better? Come voting time your door will be knocking we are the people that will stand up for you . Make me sick 🤢🤢🤢

Dan Greer (Belfast , )


It's not enough

Paul Thompson (Belfast, )


Not fair what is happening to the drivers. Basically whole areas of the Economy told to shut down, then to not be backed at all, but told we are all in this together............doesn't look like government holding their end of the bargain. Disgrace

Barry Fitzsimmons (Belfast, )


Taxi drivers lives matter, we are hard working people who should not be treated like second class citizens.

Sean Bailie (Armagh , )


Taxi driver hit hard by covid

Colin Mcauley (Belfast, )


What has been offered by Nicola Mallon is very low and doesn’t reflect reality.

Martin Mulholland (Belfast, )


these taxi men do a tremendous job, have to been made to work through this pandemic without any or little help and alot of newly self employed have also been placed at risk to provide foe their families
they deserve better

Kevin Hegarty (Strabane , )


I support the Taxi service industry

Declan Lenny (Newtownabbey, )


I think it's very important to support or taxi drivers and 1,500 is nowhere near enough.

Marie Campbell (Belfast , )


I myself am a taxi driver and think the executive has dragged its heels on providing help for the taxi industry and what they have offered is insulting. They sat on their holes for almost 3 years on full pay doing nothing , I'd love to see Nicola, Arlene and Michelle go out taxing for a week and live on what equates to around £6 a day and still pay all there overheads .

Paul Bradshaw (Belfast, )


I'm getting close to losing my home..

john meighan (Belfast, )


The Sum of £1500 is not a lifeline nor is it any way reflective or incorporative of the costs with in the Taxi industry . As a taxi Operator/driver working during a Pandemic Safety & Security was not expected. A life line would have been nice . The Taxi industry is more in need of financial Package that offers a little sustenance and A Hand Up ,not An amount more reflective of a Handout .

Patrick Gross (Dungannon , )


Because I'm having to borrow money to survive most taxi drivers have more overheads than small businesses and they were able to get small business grant .

Tony GREER (Belfast, )


I am a taxi driver and no way is £1500 enough. It’s a nice gesture but it has to be a starting point. We are one of the biggest employment sectors in NI but are treated with disdain.

Marty Sullivan (Belfast, )


Starvation,deprivation,poverty aren’t options.Real people matter

Eamon Gregory (Belfast , )


I believe the amount decided upon is close to an insult and we should be awarded a more realistic figure .
Thank you.



Im one on thousands of drivers struggling to made ends meet.

Joe O'hanlon (Belfast, )


Because I believe in the team representing us up in stormount
I thank them all.
Also I believe our industry deserves a better deal as we give our A fantastic service all year round Rain Snow etc.
WE find it hard enough 2 survive on a normal day to day week to week basis.
Our overheads don't stop insurance psv badges household income etc etc etc.
While I appreciate this small offer ltdors not go far enough 2 cover our outlays.

Brendan Rainey (Belfast , )


I'm signing because I think we deserve more money.

Jim Higginson (Belfast, )


£1500 is a very little help for drivers

Conor Mc Guigan (Belfast , )


I think the money they offered is unfair

Sean Irvine (BELFAST, )


I was told to shield the last time and had to live on £77 a week. I've 3 kids to feed as well as bills to pay. The housing association didn't help out 1 bit so had full rent to pay. The deal now is far to low to cover all costs

Stuart Mcclean (belfast , )


My husband hasn’t had any support and £1500 is a Joke compared to other schemes.

Jennifer Mckinney (Bangor, )


Its an absolute disgrace the figure offered to taxi men, taxi men have struggles before the pandemic and during it , it was million times worse, no work bit plenty of bills

Patrick Mckeown (Belfast, )


£10 per day doesn't cut it 😡

Patrick Kearns (Belfast, )


We are part of community that need help aswell

Keith Cassell (Carrickfergus , )


The MLA were paid for 3 years for nothing then when back they give themselves a pay rise joke

Syd Dean (Holywood, )


I'm signing because I'm an ex taxi driver and my father is one at the min and I have friends who are taxi drivers and I know £1500 wouldn't even cover the cost off running a taxi never mind putting food on the table and never mind the risks drivers face every day

Derek Gilmore (Co armagh, )


Treated like out casts

Mario Morellli (Belfast, )


I agree

Linda Connolly (Lisburn, )


My husband is a taxi driver, and work has been so bad, money is in short supply.

Margaret Cassidy (Belfast, )


Loss of earnings and alot overheads that £1500 just is cutting it we need alot more than that at least between £5000-£10000 would be suitable amount

William Stephen Crowe (Belfast, )

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