Speed Camera on Yspitty Road



We recently lost our second cat to this busy road and certain individuals will often exceed the speed limit.

Rich Watts (Llanelli - Bynea , 2020-11-01)


Drivers are reaching a horrendous speed going down the road. Something needs to be done before someone gets killed (many animals have been)

Hannah Bryant (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


Of the risk of harm to humans, wildlife and the countless deaths to the poor local cats 😔

Julie Watkins (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


The road is very busy

Clive Howells (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


I fully support the residents as I am getting more and more reports of people speeding through Bynea.

The safety of people who live in the Bynea Ward is of paramount to me and the community councillors in the area and reducing speeding is essential to this.

Speed limits have been reduced throughout the Ward but sadly as some people ignore them, we need them enforced and further measures taken.

Deryk Cundy (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


To preserve the naturalist surrounding area and to stop pets, from being killed by on coming traffic... should be renamed, sybil’s law!

Matt Jopling (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


I have a young daughter and a pet dog.

Ashleigh Karl (Swanse, 2020-11-01)


There are far too many cars speeding along this road, way over the speed limit

Isabel Harris (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


I live off yspitty Road (Porth Y Gar) and am concerned about the speed of some of the vehicles passing.

Gemma McLoughlin (Llanelli , 2020-11-01)


I use this road regularly. And few people abide by the speed limit

Martyn Williams (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


Definately the speeds some people pass my house on the bend of Heol y Bwlch is ridiculous!! I ve actually been hit by one kid in a Corsa, we ve also lost a cat due to a speeding car... and I believe one of my neighbours too has had an animal knocked down and several cars written off whilst parked out side his house !!

Our wall has been knocked down twice by speed racers who could not handle the corner at the speed they were travelling. If my grandchildren had been in my drive or in the front garden they would have been severely injured or killed. Something has to be done before it’s too late.

Once it goes dark the youngsters think it’s time to race !!!

All within the last five years.

Jamie John (Llanelli, Bynea , 2020-11-01)


My cousin has lost her pets due to that road. My boyfriend also lives on there and I dare to see what would be possible. There are also countless times in which I have seen an elderly woman from that street nearly loose her life due to speeding vehicles.

Niamh Howells (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


People drive way too quickly on that road.
Trying to pull out of the cycle tracks entrance always feels so dangerous.
My friend has also lost TWO beautiful pets on this road. Something needs to be done to make the road safer for us and wildlife.

Jordan Panayiotiou (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


Yspitty Road and heol
Y bwlch Same stretch of road is absolutely mad cars are racing past takes your breath away we have had two cars wrote off in the past it’s absolutely mad y up here !

Christine Richards (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


We hear them thundering past day after day . We really have difficulty pulling away from outside our house as you can’t take the risk with the speed they are going . We have also witnessed 2 nasty accidents outside our house where our front wall has been smashed due to speeding and losing control ( one was a fatality 🙁 ) .

Nicola Hughes (Llanelli , 2020-11-01)


I’m signing this petition because I live in the area and there are always young children walking to school. There are a lot of drivers who have no consideration for others and regularly drive at speed down this road. If a speed camera is not considered, would speed ramps be a possibility?

Amanda Soar (Llanrlli, 2020-11-01)


I live on Yspitty road and people fly across this road at upwards of 40/50 mph.

Dominic Davies (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


For the sake of animals crossing the street safely. People need to consider slowing down for them just incase.

Rosie Williams (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


The road is dangerous, pets have died because of it. Do we have to wait until there's a human tragedy to start acting?

Deborah Ferrero (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


Too many drivers/idiots have been speeding along this road for a very long time now, they care for no-one but themselves and the prospect of killing a defenceless animal or a person isn't something that bothers them. Really pleased about this petition, hopefully it will change the current depressing situation for the better & well done to Cerys Howells-Watts.

Nicholas Davies (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


I live on this road and cars come far to fast down it

Natalie Phillips (Llanelli , 2020-11-01)


I’m signing because my brother lives on the road and has lost two animals that have been run over.

James Watts (Swansea , 2020-11-01)


It's disgusting how fast people race up and down here considering how many children and animals are present in the area.

Karen Thomas (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


Speeding along Heol Y Bwlch and into the Yspitty area is a major issue regularly see vehicles travelling way above the speed limit in our area.

Philip Shingler (Bynea, 2020-11-01)


I know someone who has lost two cats to being run over.

Kath Williams (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


I don't think people realise that this road is now 30mph as it used to be higher and cars go too fast on it

Christine Charles (Llanelli, 2020-11-01)


I am signing because the speed at which cars drive on this particular rode is unsafe. Drivers have claimed the lives of multiple beloved pets already and it is only a matter of time before a child finds their way onto the road.

Robert Howells (Llanelli, 2020-11-02)


I've lost two pets to this road, I've regularly seen an elderly neighbour in danger. Children cross the road to catch the school. It's only a matter of time before someone is hit. They are exceeding 50mph regularly when it should be 30mph!

Cerys Howells (Llanelli , 2020-11-02)


We have a similar situation on our road in Pontiets, Llanelli.

Mark Webzell (Llanelli, 2020-11-02)


I live on Heol y Bwlch and the speed at which cars travel along this road towards and from Yspitty Road is so dangerous. I'm surprised nobody hasn't been seriously injured.

Beverley Shingler (Llanelli , 2020-11-02)


It’s heartbreaking when you lose a pet that’s part of your family but also what if this was a child ? It is at the gateway of the coastal path so people crossing to use the coastal path would be in danger.

Delyth Williams (Llanelli , 2020-11-02)


Yspitty Road Bynea Llanelli is so dangerous with respect to speeding motorists.

Iris Webb (Llanelli, 2020-11-03)


As a resident of Cwmfelin Road, I have seen the speed at which people travel down this part of Yspitty Road and I feel that a serious accident will happen soon.

Carolyn Rowlands (Llanelli, 2020-11-03)


The village at present is a dangerous place with the speed freaks driving through it - there is going to be another serious accident - we need a 20mph limit through the village & speed bumps & cameras on Tanygraig road to - there’s a
Primary school at the bottom & idiots drive so fast past it it’s an accident waiting to happen !!!

Nicola Phillips-Taylor (Llanelli , 2020-11-06)


Yes I agree, Bynea is used as though it's a race track, I live on Cwm felin road, and it annoys me how fast the cars and motorcycles go on this road.

Heather David (Llanelli, 2020-11-08)


Some cars travel really fast on this road.

Rhian Griffiths (Llanelli, 2020-11-12)


This is now a dangerous road for residents.

Louise Denieffe (LLANELLI , 2020-11-19)

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