Stop Dove Barn Development



The venue of this application for license is entirely unsuitable for its intended use.

Peter Wills (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


Excessive noise and traffic will be unacceptable in this rural part of Norfolk. We live here. The property owners don’t.

Jill Berry (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


Unsuitable site for this type of events due to unbearable noise to immediate neighbours, surrounding village and other existing businesses. The increased traffic and parking will significantly raise the risk of even more accidents on this road which is already an accident hot spot.

Nija Morgan (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


This a completely unsuitable venue for this application.

Mamie Wills (Northwold , 2020-10-30)


I am signing because of noise pollution of the surrounding area and the big risk of further accidents, and the danger to life, on an already dangerous rosd (A134).

Tom Webb (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


I am signing because my parents own beckfield farm which the field is behind, having concerts right behind there house will be very disruptive and Stressful! not what you would want when your parents are planning to retire in there lovely home. Would the owner of the field be quite so keen if he lived on site!!

Elise Howard (Kings lynn, 2020-10-30)


I object to the proposed application at Dove Barn

Lyn Arman (Thetford, 2020-10-30)


The field being used backs on to my parent's home. The noise level is not acceptable for a regular event - they were very accommodating for the 'trial' but at that point they were not aware of the regularity the event organisers were intending for the future.

On top of the noise not being acceptable for a residential area, there are safety issues. The road is a very busy one; one which has seen many accidents and even a death in the past. This along with the fact that there isn't enough space for everyone to park, I fear you could get people stumbling out on to a busy road in the dark, and vehicles pulling out dangerously. I am all too aware of how difficult it can be to pull out onto that road.

There's also the matter of the wedding business that has recently been set up at Wellington Lodge. Should it not be that actual local residents have a priority to achieve a successful business, rather than individuals that don't even live locally.

Shannah Clark (Loddon, 2020-10-30)


Backs on to peoples property on a village that is made up of mostly the older generation. This will cause significant upset and worry to them.

Natasha Richardson (West Dereham, 2020-10-30)


This is is metres from our house and it will disrupt out life mentally and physically in work and personal daily routines let alone affecting people in a ten mile radius from noise also traffic the rd is not suitable for events Ike this there's wil be fatalities I witnessed at least 4 close calls on last event in September this should not be allowed

Adam parkin (Thetford, 2020-10-30)


I don’t want huge numbers of people coming to our area and polluting it with noise, rubbish, drink and drugs.

Clare McAnulty (Gooderstone, 2020-10-30)


This is next door to me and I am a careworker who look after the elderly and this noise and safety of everyone

Kelly Elkington (Thetford , 2020-10-30)


I am a local resident (1 Beckfield Farm Bungalow) and deeply concerned about the noise, the access and just the whole repercussions of a licenced bar and loud music will entail. I chose to live here for peace and tranquility so if this goes ahead I will have to consider relocating.

Brigitte Youngs (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


I believe that local people should not suffer the noise or unsocial behaviour of people inthe village area

Trevor Gregg (Woking, 2020-10-30)


Of all the disturbances this type of activity will cause to local residents.

Kevin Crawley (Thetford, 2020-10-30)


This would so spoil the area, it is countryside and should be kept so.

Jeanette Brennan (Dereham Norfolk, 2020-10-30)


It will be a public nuisance to be going on everyday from 11am til midnight, my dad has mixed dementia and this will be bad on his health, my son has autism, we don't want public parking outside our gates and walking up the dangerous A134 to the event like last time in September. It's not a social distancing event though they claim it to be. Some one will be killed walking along that road due to all the accidents that have happened there. So please put a stop to this for our health and safety and the public attending there events too.

Tracy Butcher (Cranwich, 2020-10-30)


This development is inappropriate for our area and as well as being a nightmare for people living close by, it will have an impact on the natural environment for miles around, particularly when loud music and bright lights are on at night. Our area is not set up for this amount of traffic or people, many of whom may behave in an anti-social manner as the evening wears on.

Heather Pymar (Whittington King's Lynn, 2020-10-30)


I am signing as I know the exit from the site pulls out onto a very busy main road which will cause a fatal accident due to the speed of the traffic. I am amazed that this is even being considered on these fields so close to houses.

Alison Vyse (Oxborough, 2020-10-30)


The noise from one event run by this applicant in September was horrendous . This is a quiet , peaceful rural location which does not want the level of noise pollution we experienced EVER again. We live a mile away and we’re bombarded with the noise all day . When it started we reported it to the police as we thought it must be an illegal rave.People who live on the edge of this site must have had to tolerate unnecessary assaults on their nerves. The road is dangerous, there is a wedding venue next door which would be severely handicapped by this and there are SSSIs nearby

Tim and Ailene MacMullen (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


The proposal is on a site which is totally unsuitable
There are issues to public safety given the entrance is a field gate onto a busy A road where the national speed limit is in place. The entrance has no splays, the road is unlit with no pavements and has already been the scene of a number of accidents and done fatalities.
Public disorder issues due to alcohol which had already resulted in anti social behaviour to adjoining properties.
Nuisance to other neighbours and adjoining event business due to ASB, vibrations and noise

Anne Sherman (Northwold, THETFORD , 2020-10-30)


This will cause a public nuisance. And will certainly destroy an established wedding venue in the same area. There are concerns about the A134 which is a hotspot for accidents, often fatal.

Sheena Randell (Northwold , 2020-10-30)


Road safety The sale or consumption of alcohol on the premises due to people drinking having to use a narrow egress onto a busy A134 road safety were speeding is regular with dark nights etc. There is no street lighting on the 60mph A134 which has had numerous accidents in the last few years

Gerald Rayner (Northwold Thetford, 2020-10-30)


This is totally inappropriate and unacceptable that a licence should be granted for this venue so near to rural villages and close to a dangerous and busy A road.

Barbara Ponder (KING'S LYNN, 2020-10-30)


Of my health and safety concerns for road, field users at and near venue,
Concern about noise pollution and nuisance for people and livestock.

Rob Frame (Thetford, 2020-10-30)


This will effect a very good friend of mine

Tina Blackledge (Aldershot , 2020-10-30)


I am signing as a direct neighbour And it will compromise our business. The safety of our children and damage and trespass to our land.

Paul Plumridge (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


I am worried about the volume of traffic and the noise

Annie Gibson (Methwold Thetford, 2020-10-30)


I live in a neighbouring village and was concerned at the noise level from the trial event in September, it must have been horrendous for those living closer, not to mention the disturbance to the wildlife!

Penny Lury (Stoke Ferry, 2020-10-30)


I'm a resident of Northwold living at the furthest end away from the proposed site and could clearly hear the music from the test event. The A134 is a fast and dangerous road at any time of day.

Michele Garrod (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


I am signing because I am concerned that the application in effect is for a nightclub but in a rural area without the benefit of any control of the sound pollution. The number of people that could attend will dwarf the local population and the provision of alcohol will encourage distressing antisocial behaviour. There is absolutely no need for a venue of this type in the locality.

Teresa Squires (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


This is an inappropriate place to hold live music due to noise nuisance

Kathryn Young (Downham Market , 2020-10-30)


1 The access to the site is off a busy A road (A134) with a 60mph speed limit.
2 The music would be audible in all surrounding villages (Northwold, Mundford, Cranwich, Methwold)
3 Wellington Wood wedding venue is adjacent to this 3 acre site. Heart-breaking for couples to save up for their wedding day and have it ruined by a music festival next door. In all probability an established business, Wellington Wood wedding venue, would not be sustainable and lead to local job losses.
4 Wildlife and farming stock in the area would be adversely affected.

Rita Nickles (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


Noise, social distancing, disturbance to wildlife and residents, safety aspect especially access and exit, pressure on emergency services, drugs alcohol etc. etc.

Diana Cooper (Northwold, Thetford, 2020-10-30)


This site is not suitable for such events

Bridge Montgomery (Crondall, 2020-10-30)


It is at the end of our road, which only has 9 houses, 10 including the one right next to the barn. We are very rural, no street lights, no noise, and do not wish for this to happen. Wildlife effected, residents effected, noise and pollution.

Paula McCallum (Kings lynn, 2020-10-30)


Northwold is where I holiday. It's where I go for peace and quiet. And I go shopping in the area, visit pubs, restaurants, go to Coomer for my seaside fix, and go for walks and horseback riding and fishing excursions. And sit and read in the gardens of where I stay. This would keep me away. I have lived near a concert venue in the past and it was loud and the attendees were disrespectful. Property was damaged. Property values went down. Please do not approve this application.

Kerry Ann Doherty (Niagara on the Lake, 2020-10-30)


It's a redidential area and would be sited next to a dangerous main road.

Sean Donelan (Foulden, 2020-10-30)


The noise from the trial run last year was extreme, but the license would allow this to go on late at night and on a regular basis. We live near the army battle training ground which is very noisy(mass explosions)we also get a lot of military air traffic including fighter jets. For the mental health of local people no more noise please.

Theresa Lough (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


Keep the countryside quiet as nature intended and its not fair to the people living around the area.

Sue Leinster (Dereham, 2020-10-30)


The disruption to already established local businesses, the increase of pedestrians on an already dangerous road, the noise pollution, the increased risk of drug dealing, litter, vandalism, trespassing. Nothing about this is going to bring positive’s to the local economy or businesses.

Jenny Mason (Northwold, 2020-10-30)


I’m signing this petition as a local resident. What a ridiculous idea, so close to residential homes. The A134 at Northwold is already an accident hotspot which has resulted in deaths. When the test event happened in September the noise could be heard for miles. Why should we have to put up with that! Do the right thing and reject the application. Shame on you if you don’t

Amanda Donelan (Foulden, 2020-10-30)


There is no need to position any such venue close to habitats. Find somewhere remote where nobody can object

Mike Cardy (Perth, 2020-10-31)


I object to this development.

Rebecca Gibbons (Swaffham, 2020-10-31)


I’m local to the area. I know this application is not right for the area. Not only will it ruin the wildlife in the area, cause more traffic on the road which is already very busy and dangerous but also ruin Wellington Wood wedding venue. I’m completely against this application going ahead.

Holly Ramage (Thetford , 2020-10-31)


I live in Stoke Ferry and heard the music in September.It was dreadful. The countryside is not appropriate for events like this. Outdoor events should be held on recognised showgrounds where public amenities and proper parking areas can be controlled. Where emergency services have good access as they are always required at these type of events. Having once lived in an area blighted by events like the ones proposed its hell, both for health reasons and it devalues property and degrades the area. Better to stop it know as its almost impossible once a license is granted. Everyone in the area affected should sign this petition NOW

Elaine Ford (stoke Ferry, 2020-10-31)


Because in my view it is the right thing to do in order to support.

Barbara Buchanan (Storrington, 2020-10-31)


I agree with concerns about safety and public order as already made but would like to add that consideration be made to the welfare of Livestock in this farming commmunity,

Gareth Stewardson (Northwold, 2020-10-31)


We only live a short distance from the planned venue in Mundford. We could here the music there when they held a party a few weeks ago. The access on to the main road is extremely dangerous as it the main rout to Kings Lyn with huge lorries passing the entrance.

Heather Staines (Mundford Thetford , 2020-10-31)


we moved to this village 14 years ago to live in a peaceful environment after living in a busy town
The last event held at this venue could clearly be heard in my house and garden.
the thought of having to put up with this kind of disturbance weekly/daily would be a nightmare.

Michelle Bugg (Northwold, 2020-10-31)


I have stayed in a village very close to this event venue. Loud music and heavy traffic every Sunday in such a peaceful, ancient village is just an outrage. Obviously it will be of no benefit for the people living in the area, just an indefensible interruption of their amenity.

Douglas Turnbull (CASUARINA, 2020-10-31)


We've just bought a house in Methwold because of its quiet location. Why would anyone want to ruin this beautiful rural area with this level of noise pollution. The site is also a risk to human life as the exit is totally unsuitable onto the main road.

Alison Webb (Sandy, 2020-11-01)


It’s a dangerous road without the added volume of traffic turning in and out. What about the residents nearby. No thought has gone into this.

catherine stewart (Swaffham , 2020-11-01)


As someone who has lived in London for years, I know the chaos that having a music events can bring. This is a beautiful area that doesn’t need a venue like this and would ruin the area with drink, drugs and litter

Pamela Oldham (London, 2020-11-01)


The location is not safe so close to the A134. The expectation of the numbers of people on site will be disrupted for the local community. We could hear the noise from Whittington up the road from the site

Fay Armstrong (King’s Lynn, 2020-11-01)


This is completely unacceptable for people who live in the area. 11am to midnight is a crazy length of time and is likely to result in what effectively will be "legal raves" with people getting drunk and taking drugs (organisers will not be able to police this even if they want to).

Sheila Barnes (Methwold, 2020-11-01)


This area is a rural beauty spot, with rural houses around and also some holiday let businesses, this would be damaging to their businesses.

Sarah Luker (Stoke Ferry, 2020-11-01)


We have just moved to Northwold for the peace and tranquility and don't want the extra traffic and pollution that an events and music festival etc will bring plus this will increase the rubbish and littering that damages the surrounding beauty of the area.

Kendra Hall (Northwold , 2020-11-02)


The music noise has been heard in Methwold in the trial, I cannot become a regular occurance. The disruption for those families living near the property will be servery affected.

Sue Bailey (Methwold Thetford, 2020-11-03)


It is the wrong site to even think about putting such a thing there.

Michelle Griffin (Kings lynn , 2020-11-03)


Northwood is a lovely little village and would not be able to cope with this amount of traffic or the huge amount of people. It would completely destroy the area.

Eileen Cottam (Norfolk, 2020-11-03)


I live nearly 3 miles away from Dove Barn, the night they had venue could hear music, my dogs plus neighbour's were barking everytime they went out as they too could hear noise. Way too loud

Fiona Riches (Methwold , 2020-11-03)


This type of venue is totally unsuitable at Dove Barn. The A134 is a fast dangerous rd. Put the fact that people will be drinking, no real local taxi service. Accident waiting to happen. Also very unfair on local wedding venue and clamping site at Brookville. People come here for the peace & quiet. Not to be forced to listen to a rave

Flo Rowell (Northwold , 2020-11-03)


This is being signed on behalf of CPRE Norfolk. Whilst one could understand permission being granted for very occasional, one-off events, this site is entirely inappropriate for potentially daily events. Frequent events would lead to unacceptable levels of noise and light pollution, impacting on local residents. In addition, serious concerns have to be raised about access and egress from the site onto the A134 where the national speed limit applies. Granting this license would lead to unacceptable public nuisance.

Michael Rayner (Norwich, 2020-11-04)


It is next to horses and not going to be quiet . The site next door does weddings they cannot compete and this would detract from a local developing enterprise. The road is narrow and winding so access dangerous and the possibility of continuing noise and disturbance from an outside source is unacceptable for such a rural area. We live 4 miles from it and heard the music from their trial run.

Keith Cootes (Stoke Ferry, 2020-11-04)


1 These events would be grossly unfair on those living nearby
2 traffic on and off the event out on to the busy dangerous main road would be a significant and unnecessarydanger.

Jonsthan Pope (Thetford, 2020-11-04)


I’m signing this petition because I do not think this project is in the interest of the village of Northwold and the surrounding area.

Malcolm Spencer (Northwold, 2020-11-04)


I am very concerned about the A134 which already is a very dangerous road even for the local population of Northwold!

Susan Taylor (Thetford, 2020-11-05)


I moved to a rural location to enjoy the benefits of a quiet location and wildlife and do not appreciate a music venue just three miles from my property and all that will be associated with it

Shirley Christopher (Northwold, 2020-11-05)


The A134 is a main road with a lot of traffic access to the site will be dangerous

Chris Girling (Northwold , 2020-11-05)


Their test event This summer was echoing across the village all day, it was very unpleasant even to rest.

Gianluigi Furlan (Northwold , 2020-11-05)


We moved here for a new quieter life in the country . We can hear the thumping music from Dove Barn Meadow at our home in Northwold and it’s not the quiet country life that we moved here for. It also unsettles our horses and the wildlife which is sad .

Suzanne Golder (Thetford , 2020-11-05)


Family connections with area

Ian Marston (Darlington , 2020-11-06)


I am a resident of the village and disagree with this application. I feel the access to the land is far too dangerous as it is just out of the new 50 mph limit in which I fear people accelerate out of towards the access exit to this proposed land.

Holly McGuirk (Northwold, 2020-11-06)


Concerns over the safety of the access onto a very busy road, the affect on one of the largest, still remaining, native toad populations in England which covers this and surrounding and the area to the east and south of the site and sits in the toads migration path.

Bruce McIsaac (Thetford, 2020-11-06)


Granting this licence will negatively affect nearby businesses, homes and wildlife and the entrance is straight onto a very fast and unsafe major road.

Pat Welsh (Cranwich, 2020-11-07)


This is an inappropriate development for this location.

Michael Rickard (Northwold, 2020-11-08)


I feel that this application will have a detrimental effect on the people in surrounding villages after hearing the noise at a previous event, it will cause a traffic nightmare on an already very busy & congested main A road, most importantly why should a local and established wedding venue near this proposed site have to suffer the consequences of loud music, alcohol fuelled revellers and parking chaos

Andrew Bennett (Whittington, 2020-11-11)


I live in Methwold and I intentionally moved to rural village because it's quiet, if I wanted to live in spitting distance af a nightclub environment I would have moved to a town or city

Eddie Hart (Thetford, 2020-11-11)


My parents live under a mile from this site and had their lives disrupted by the incessant noise coming from it in September and reported it to the police as they thought it was another illegal rave. There had been no advance notice to the local community that this event was being staged.There are other houses right next to this field and it must be horrendous for them . Surely no council committee would even consider imposing such a disruptive act on people’s right to live peacefully. Apart from the incessant noise in a peaceful country environment, the access to this site is surely a huge danger to public safety as it leads on to a busy , fast sweeping corner on a main road.The sale of alcohol and access only by car ( no public transport) surely Equates to an accident waiting to happen. I grew up in Little London Northwold and strongly object to ANY further events at this site for the reasons stated.

Clare Brownlow (Denholm, 2020-11-12)


My wife’s parents live within a mile of the site. I spoke to them whilst the rave was going on in September and could tell that they were deeply upset by the continuous noise which they said had “assaulted “ their ears all day from mid morning . I have obviously spent time in Northwold over the last 13 years and having grown up in rural Norfolk myself , I can understand how an application such as this would upset the peaceful nature of life there . This application is not in keeping with the rural nature of the environment nor is the site far enough away from people’s homes for the noise not to impact on their right to lead peaceful lives and to have a negative impact on their mental health.

Charles Brownlow (Denholm, 2020-11-12)


I live nearby and feel this will have a negative impact on our community.

Craig Hewitt (King's Lynn, 2020-11-12)


This development is totally inappropriate to its location and will cause major traffic risks and negative environmental impacts as well as causing huge nuisance to local residents for little other than commercial benefits

Martin Hendra (Thetford, 2020-11-12)


The proposal is not acceptable in a rural location. Respect for wildlife and habitats as well as people needs to come first.

Maria Bagnoli (Reading, 2020-11-14)


As a resident of Northwold for over 25 years do not feel it is an appropriate area for this kind of venue.

Elizabeth Bryson (Thetford, 2020-11-18)


I am a local resident and this is a competely inappropriate development.

Mike Appleton (Methwold, 2020-11-23)


The noise will not only be aggravating for local residents (including myself), but the venue is next to Watermill Broad Nature Reserve and Didlington Park Lakes SSSI. I fear the noise, increased traffic and increased risk of antisocial behaviour is a serious risk to wildlife in this area. Has there been an EIA?

Jennifer Daltry (Methwold, 2020-11-23)