South Africans unite against the heinous murders & rape of our citizens



I have had enough of this corrupt government allowing our people to be murdered

Bev Maclean (Roodepoort, 2020-10-11)


I'm tired of the lawless brutality of our government. We need to stand up as a nation and rid ourselves of this evil called the Government (ANC & Co). I want a new country where my family can be safe and prosperous.

René Hutson (Cape Town , 2020-10-11)


We need to be able live peacefully without fear. I continually wonder if I may be the next statistic on the death list of murders in this country. Criminals have no fear due to lack of repercussions for their actions. Corruption is a major problem for SA. Our country is being murdered.

Cathy Van heerden (Roodepoort, 2020-10-11)


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ANC and all extremist parties which are robbing us of our rights to live united as a proud nation in peace, must fall and be wiped off this planet! We, the South African Nation deserve a country where we are all treated equally and with a fair justice system that ensures justice is served against ALL criminals and that protects us, the innocent people of this country.
We all have the RIGHT to safety, dignity, respect, love, and peace. ALL CRIME AGAINST FARMERS, WOMEN, CHILDREN, THE INNOCENT STOP NOW! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Evelyn Duperron (Harrismith, 2020-10-11)


I am tired of the lawlessness under the ANC government who cares nothing for its citizens. This is not a democratic government, it is a terrorist organization adamant to destroy a once functional country and its people. The ANC turns a blind eye to the real criminals but will destroy the ones that feed the nation!

Veroshka van der Walt (Johannesburg , 2020-10-11)


I'm against the brutal murdering of innocent people

Dillon Pillay (Cape Town, 2020-10-11)


Eks gatvol vir my Afrikaner Boer Volk wat die afgelope 25 jaar uitgemoor word.

Johann Reyneke (Pretoria, 2020-10-11)


Something has to change in this country...

Carien Mullins (Pretoria , 2020-10-11)


Sick of this farm murders and rapes. Our people are dying

Jeanette Jonker (Bloemfontein, 2020-10-11)


I am scared. Not just for my family and my friends but for my country. My home, my people and my love.

Our government in South Africa has decided that people need to die because of their greed and incompetence to save this beautiful piece of history and land.

Alto De kock (Cape town, 2020-10-11)


Enough is enough. Any murder is one to many no matter who. Rape is what cowards do. Bring back the death penalty.

Willie Swart (Pretoria , 2020-10-11)


I’m a miraculous survivor of a brutal attempted murder which has left me with painful psychological and physical difficulties - there are thousands of others like me and thousands more who have been murdered. I asked for police protection before I was attacked and got none due to an alleged shortage of manpower and vehicles yet there is no shortage of such when it comes to the safety of ANC politicians! The unacceptably high level of violent crime is due to poor, corrupt ANC misgovernance which is responsible for our nation being filled with orphans, widows, widowers, handicapped citizens and corpses who are the casualties of violent crime. Please put whatever pressure you are able to on the ANC government to do its job of protecting its citizens. Thank you.

Sandra Reardon (Port Edward, 2020-10-11)


The people of our country should no longer live in fear. My Godfather was shot and killed in a parking lot in cold blood, my 12 year old daughter held with a knife to her throat for a cellphone, citizens should not be allowed to live with the constant fear that overwhelmed us each day.

Nadia Do Carmo (JOHANNESBURG, 2020-10-11)


This has gone far enough. Two woman, a five year old this week alone etc etc!!! The boy from Paul Roux, the the list just grow exponentially like a snowball this year!

Gert Johannes van Niekerk (Richards Bay, 2020-10-11)


Army presence is being wasted in the cities and is badly needed out in the farming areas to stop this. Why is that not being done?

Anthea Tarica (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


Let us be heard.... Enough is enough

Willemien Van Zyl (Krugersdorp, 2020-10-12)


The ANC is completely and utterly corrupt and listens to nobody. The Criminal Justice system in this country is incompetent and broken. There are insufficient prisons. Bail is far too freely available and is widely abused. Sentencing is inadequate. Collectively, these deficiencies ensure that there is little deterrent to persons of evil intent. The answer - GET TOUGH ON CRIME, GET TOUGH ON CRIMINALS - will never be implemented by the ANC, which shelters criminals. We urgently need a change of government, a new attitude to criminality, proper accountability in the Criminal Justice System, and adequate funding.

David Erickson (Cape Town, 2020-10-12)



Juanita Engelbrecht (Biksburg , 2020-10-12)


ANC comrades picture yourself at the receiving end of the current violence in the RSA and reflect whether you would be happy to be intimidated and your loved ones and/or yourself being murdered.

Chris Forbes (Cape Town, 2020-10-12)


This needs to stop!

Janine Rosslind (Kimberley , 2020-10-12)


We have a right to safety

Jolanda Jacobs (Limpopo, 2020-10-12)


Inhumane murders committed by savages. No regard for human life !

Kathy Miller (Kleinmond, 2020-10-12)


Enough murders and rapes.

George Mok (Birchleigh, Kempton Park, 2020-10-12)


I'm sick and tired of the crimes that occur and the ANC govt just Ignores them
They loved chasing cigarettes and liquor but hard crime gets ignored

Cheryl Emslie (Midrand, 2020-10-12)


I'm signing this petition because there is already to many lives lost for no reason. I want a better future for my daughter and myself also for all women and children. Our husbands is bound by fear and they can not protect us anymore from these selfish sadistic individuals.

Esmerelda Smith (Brits, 2020-10-12)


Rape is rape and must be stopped.

Manlio Molino (Edleen, 2020-10-12)


Had enough of this brutality and zero value for life: murders, murders en constant live in fear.

J.S.Peter Knoetze (Southport, 2020-10-12)


We have to stop the murders and rapes in this country, we are living in fear for our lives. Nothing is doing anything about it. We need help.

Ewald Westhuizen (Cape Town , 2020-10-12)


The government needs to be held accountable .The murder and rapes are real Bheki Cele...what are you going to do.......

Andy Lubbe (Cape Town, 2020-10-12)


I'm singing because it is time to finally say enough is enough and to hopefully try get someone in to help stop the crime in South Africa.

Darrell Wright (Port Elizabeth , 2020-10-12)


SA is doing nothing to stop the murders and rape of people. We need everybody to help us.

Ansa Coetsee (Pretoria, 2020-10-12)


Crime is so rampant because our government are criminals

Daniel Schotter (Juksei Park, 2020-10-12)


These terrible actions by the perpetrators must be stopped.

Cobus van Achterbergh (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


I had enough of all this senseless murders

KAREN DURANT (Port Elizabeth, 2020-10-12)


All this must STOP now!!!
The government is supporting these crimes.
What happened to justice for all?

David Boshoff (Boksburg, 2020-10-12)


The fact that government is denying farm murders in South Africa is a problem, is a gross violation of their responsibility as leaders of our country.

Christo Kellermann (Pretoria, 2020-10-12)


Something needs to be done about this carnage.

John Barata (Cape Town , 2020-10-12)


Restore law and order!!!

Heidi Louwrens (Hermanus , 2020-10-12)


Stop Farm Murders !! Itsd Bruattal

Annetjie Zowitsky (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


This Is getting worse every day I was robbed and thank God He was with me and my child. They used a sparkplug to break my window and so peaces of the glass went into my daughter's face. At my house this morning they tried to get in. This has to stop the president doesn't care, malema can do what he wants organizing people to kill farmers ect. Seriously even the police are connected to those people that does crime!!!??????

Ivy Scholtz (Pretoria , 2020-10-12)


It is absolutely disgusting what is taking place in our country. Cyril Ramaphosa try showing some leadership skills - totally lacking for the whole of the ANC. The only thing you are good at is looting.

Gina Gibson (Randburg, 2020-10-12)


Crime is totally out of control. All lives matter

William Bauer (Richards Bay , 2020-10-12)


Enough is Enough

Tankiso Pakalitha (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


Crime against ALL South Africans is unacceptable. We’re suffering from moral decay because the government is too weak to take a firm stance. When a constitution protect people breaking the law than law abiding citizens you have laid a foundation for anarchy!

Ingo Epler-Brandenburg (Port Elizabeth , 2020-10-12)


This is very serious and I am against Murder and Rape of innocents

Beryl Taylor (Durban, 2020-10-12)


Enough is enough

Renate Flynn (Eastern Cape, 2020-10-12)


I want to see South Africa become a much safer country where it's citizens of all races and religions can live together peacefully and work together to build the country back up after the ravages of recent years.

Margaret Atkins (Monmouth, 2020-10-12)


I am tired to see how we are slaughtered by criminals. Physically and mentally.

Patty Badenhorst (Bloemfontein, 2020-10-12)


Our future for food supplies and the Farmers are attacked and killed. No security and no police assistance. White people are classified as Imposters and racists. We have and are still living honorable hard working, peaceful lives with all the different cultures in SA. When other political parties and criminals attack,rape and burn or vandalise our beloved SA it is seen as it is their legal right and they do not get arrested or shot at as if it is a natural occurrence, whilst we get together in peace to show our unhappiness about farmers getting killed and we get branded as Criminals and we have no rights because we are white ?

Ester Du Plessis (kemptonpark, 2020-10-12)


We need to stop this disgusting non-humane acts. How do these rapists and murderers not feel shame and remorse. They need mental therapy and just loads of help. I can only hope I can help my fellow South Africans.

Andrew Michaelson (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


Because the people in our political system (which was originally designed to be a group of leaders meant to look out for the best interests of the nation) are unfit to manage a country. The amount of corruption and complete disregard for the law we keep enduring from them is appalling and utterly disgusting.

Michelle Steyn (Hartbeespoort, 2020-10-12)


I am sick and tired of innocent South African citizens and Farmers being Brutily murdered. No farmers No Food No Future.

Simoné Riekert (Modimolle, 2020-10-12)


Ive had ENOUGH!!!

Patricia Beukes (Durban, 2020-10-12)


Our farmers feed us! We need to ensure their safety!

Adele Carvalho (gauteng, 2020-10-12)


I believe in justice for murderers and rapists. They need to feel the same as their victims felt.

Linda Norval (KwaZulu-Natal , 2020-10-12)


Enough - it stops now!

Larry Bashkier (Cape Town. RSA, 2020-10-12)


I am gatvol and our government is doing nothing



This has to stop NOW!!

Tersia Van Zyl (Rustenburg, 2020-10-12)


Enough is enough.

Gavin Wentworth (Pta, 2020-10-12)


White South Africans need saving!

T.J. Nel (Pretoria, 2020-10-12)


One murder is too many.

Alec Lanham-Love (Durban , 2020-10-12)


Every citizen of South Africa deserves to be safe.

Catherine Ronaasen (Cape Town, 2020-10-12)


To stand against the senseless murders, rapes and gender based violence happening in this country. May God have mercy on this country and its people!!

Cheryl Cilliers (Cape Town , 2020-10-12)


Government needs to be accountable for safety of all citizens

Steve Parkinson (Johannesburg , 2020-10-12)


I’m signing because I believe that what is happening in our country is wrong . I myself have been the victim of the uprise in crime this year, but that has been a reality for everyone living in our beloved country over the last few years and especially since the pandemic. My mother taught us to respect everyone so there is nothing racial about my statement, but what is currently going on in our country is unacceptable and our Government is turning a blind eye to the intentional harm their comrades are responsible for. The few good policemen are defeated by the onslaught of crime and corruption and are in no position to protect the citizens of this country.
I’m signing because I pray that in some way this will help us have a life where criminals don’t run freely and rule our streets and where decent, honest, hardworking people can walk in the street, drive to visit family, open the gate to their own home, sleep in their own bed or go to a shop without fearing for their life.

Letitia McFarlane (Centurion , 2020-10-12)


We need our police and politicians to do the jobs they are paid for.

keith mackie (capetown, 2020-10-12)


Enough is enough crime is out of control.

Pat Leisher (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


All lives matter! These crimes against our farmers are a crime against humanity! This has to stop. If we do not have farmers that can work the land, we will not have food! We need to act now to protect the farmers of South Africa with all our might! These murderers of our farmers need to be hunted down an bought to justice!

Marleen Klopper (Pretoria, 2020-10-12)


I'm sick of the criminals getting away with murder and honest people having to live like criminals, our houses are like jails and we live in fear.

kim durham (randburg, 2020-10-12)


I'm sining begins we as the community need to do something about this, every year it just get worse and worse.

willem De (Johannesburg, 2020-10-12)


the levels of violence perpetrated on ALL South African citizens must be reduced and those found guilty, punished adequately.

Pam Bedford (Cape Town, 2020-10-12)


We have to rid our country of rape and murder and restore law and order if we are to survive!!

Neville Pollard (Pretoria, 2020-10-12)


I think we have had enough. Its now becoming racism in reverse.

Batya Meresmab (Constantia Cape Town, 2020-10-12)


These murders are hate crimes and its not just the farmers I have been attacked in 2004 and 2006 and I'm just lucky to be alive. These crimes are racially motivated and they are attacking the minority western group in SA

Francis Louwrens (Pretoria, 2020-10-12)


This terrible violence and disregard for human life needs to be stopped!!!

Peta Houston-Mc Millan (Edenvale, 2020-10-12)


My family could be the next victims. With this thought in mind, South Africans can unite and think of a solution on how to end this crime

Theresa Butler (Mokopane,, 2020-10-12)


South Africans should step up to combat crime

Brian Albers (Mokopane,, 2020-10-12)

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