20's Plenty for Edgcott



Speeding traffic is a danger to Edgcott residents and others who travel through the village.

Peter Harper (Edgcott, 2020-10-01)


Edgcott is used as a cut through for many local villages and as such speeding is an issue. Raising awareness by reducing the speed limit to 20mph would have a good impact for those of us who live here.

Stephanie Gassor (Edgcott, 2020-10-02)


Fed up of the high speed that most traffic, including very large lorries, pass through our village.

Rod Baker (Edgcott, 2020-10-16)


I live on a straight bit of road in Edgcott. Too many cars, motor cycles and lorries drive at speeds in excess of 30 mph, even overtaking within the existing 30 mph limit. It is irresponsible and dangerous and while I am not hopeful that asking drivers to drop their speed limits will work without enforcement action, any initiative which highlights the problem is to be welcomed.

Barbara West (Aylesbury, 2020-10-19)


I a resident and the road is lethal!

Gill Venn (Edgcott , 2020-10-19)


I’m signing because I live on this road on a dangerous corner. People come round this corner at speed and we have had 5 accidents on the corner in our time here. It will probably take a fatality before something serious is done. Everyone needs to slow down

Pernille Venning (Edgcott, 2020-10-20)


I'm signing because speeding through the village of Edgcott is getting worse as each week passes. School children are at risk crossing the roads to get to their school bus stops. Elderly residents are scared to cross the roads, and beloved family pets have been killed by speeding vehicles. Traffic volumes have increased due to HS2, EWR and their supporting vehicles ... we have to slow things down to make the village safe for all residents and for it to remain a lovely place to live.

Esther Bush (Edgcott, 2020-10-20)


The increase in traffic and speed is crazy. My daughter walks to the bus stop for school and because there are not paths all the way through she had to cross the road twice on her way to the bus stop and three times on the way home - it’s dangerous.

Angela Hawes (AYLESBURY, 2020-10-21)


The increase in traffic and speed on Perry Hill and through the village is becoming a danger to residents.

Geoffrey Lockwood (Wokigham , 2020-11-17)


We live in Edgcott and it is like a race track. No-one shows any consideration for those living in the village. There WILL be a nasty accident if nothing is done.

Adele Coleman (Aylesbury, 2020-11-17)


There are lots of bends on the main road through Edgcott. Trying to access or leave residences or joining from sideroads is nerve racking. I am always terrified whenever we visit our son in Perry Hill.

Maureen Lockwood (Wokingham, 2020-11-17)


Because I regularly visit

John Clements (Southampton , 2020-11-17)


I am a resident who lives in this beautiful village & speeding is not tolerated

Karen Hands (Buckinghamshire , 2020-11-17)


Speeding kills!

Joanna Browning (Waterlooville, 2020-11-17)


I am worried sick that the increased volume, speed and vehicle size of traffic in Edgcott and surrounding villages due to construction work is going to result in death or serious injury.

Symona Maciejewski (Aylesbury, 2020-11-17)


Traffic is far to fast and made impossibly worse by hs2

Ben Stockley (Aylesbury , 2020-11-17)


The traffic affecting Edgcott speeds through my village (Twyford) every day. I am also getting fed up with picking up all sorts of rubbish from HS2 vehicles (and yes I have seen the workers throw coffee cups, drinks cans, sweet wrappers and PPE from their vehicles before anyone asks).

Tracey Fisher Hanson (Twyford, 2020-11-17)


Our little villages can’t take the speeds being traveled by trucks and cars. The roads are a mess and our children are at risk

Jane Niven (Aylesbury , 2020-11-17)


Because I have witnessed near misses with both cars and cyclists. It is an accident waiting to happen, we need to stop it before it does.

Joanne Chow (Aylesbury , 2020-11-17)


People drive through the village I live in far too fast.

Heather Carlile (Edgcott, 2020-11-17)


People take the bend too fast end up off the road and in my driveway

Jordan Dowell (Edgcott, 2020-11-17)


Lorrys are far to fast. Seen lots of near misses

Duncan Gamage (Grendon underwood , 2020-11-17)


The cars and lorries go to fast they think it’s a race to get to the other end, and not good when trying to get of your driveway with blind bends

Helen Drake (Aylesbury, 2020-11-17)


This village has very twisting road and many residential buildings with families and pets. The heavy traffic, of which there is a lot travels through at more than the 30mph speed and that is too fast for such a small village that is subject to such a weight of large vehicles

Margaret Campbell Keith (Edgcott, 2020-11-17)


I am scared driving or cycling through Edgcott because of all the lorry drivers who are speeding through it and are driving very very dangerously

Miriam Grey (Aylesbury, 2020-11-17)


Our small rural villages seem tk ave been forgotten while the Lords decided on these big project's

Jan Watts (Charndon Bicester Oxon, 2020-11-17)


I’m local to the area and hope my village adopts the same approach.

Aimée Hogston (Buckingham, 2020-11-17)


It makes perfect sense to keep everyone safe.

James Clements (Letchworth Garden City, 2020-11-17)


in the last 12 months I have had a van crash into my fence, and had to recover a vehicle off the width restriction bollard, both accidents caused by speeding. The road is a danger, and unless something is done it won't be long before someone is seriously hurt.

Steven Witty (Aylesbury, 2020-11-17)


I’m signing because 20 is plenty in Edgcott!

Polly Kempson (Buckingham , 2020-11-17)


I live in the village and the volume of traffic and speed is frightening

Nicola Fraser (Edgcott , 2020-11-17)


vehicles continue to speed through the village with little regard to pedestrians and other sensible road users

Sarah Harris (Edgcott, 2020-11-17)


It’s frightening walk along the pavement through Edgcott with the massive increase in heavy goods vehicle traffic for HS2, EWR and housing construction in Steeple Claydon.

Simon Field (Grendon Underwood, 2020-11-17)


Speeds above 20 are dangerous in a village like Edgcott.

Terrie Rush (Buckingham, 2020-11-18)


The increase in traffic flow has become dangerous on this country road.

Hamish Torunski (Calvert Green, 2020-11-18)


I would like to prevent the boy racers of this world using the road through the village as a challenging part of a racetrack

Malcolm Carlile (Edgcott, 2020-11-18)


I m signing this petition because as a resident, I am concerned for the safety of our children and grandchildren, due to the ever increasing number of vehicles exceeding the 30mph speed limit showing a total disregard for both the law and the safety of the village residents.
We have already had a number of accidents in the village, due to speeding motorists and with the oncoming winter, HS2 lorries and icy conditions, it is a recipe for disaster. Act now and instigate a 20’s Plenty traffic safety initiative to save lives!!

David Armstrong (Edgcott , 2020-11-18)


I’m signing because it’s better to take action before someone is hurt or killed on the roads in our village.

Marianne Sinka (Aylesbury, 2020-11-18)


I’m signing because I used to live in Edgcott and the speed that vehicles, particularly lorries, go through the village is dangerous and intimidating to the residents.

Joanne Cleaver (Aylesbury , 2020-11-19)


I have had lorry’s speeding past me whilst out for a run. Not only are they breaking the speed limit of 30 they are driving very dangerously

Joanne Shakespeare (Grendon Underwood, Aylesbury, 2020-11-19)


Traffic comes through the village at way beyond 30 and sometimes ends up in my garden

Susan Read (Edgcott, 2020-11-20)


Too many cars and lorries speed through our village.

Wendy Bayne (Edgcott , 2020-11-20)


Too many pets and children are at risk

Santana Van Der Sluis (Aylesbury , 2020-11-20)


Live right by church in Grendon Underwood. Large Lorries coming through at speed on the Broadway cause house to vibrate.

Christine Lye (Grendon Underwood, 2020-11-20)


I live in Edgcott village and see the shear amount of speeding vehicles every single day, mainly larger trucks and lorries.

Jason Hughes (Edgcott, 2020-11-20)


I live on the road leading into Edgcott and traffic speeds are way to high

Cliff Taylor (Aylesbury, 2020-11-21)


We have all had enough of lorries speeding through our villages

Ian Gregory (Bicester , 2020-11-25)


Edgecott does not support the infrastructure to accommodate many large vehicles at speed.
Even cars have to slow down considerable to negotiate the number of bends in the road.

ANNE WATTS (Bicester, 2020-11-26)


Speeding traffic is a danger and should be stopped.

Ann Whitfield (Harrogate, 2020-11-28)


I used to live in Edgcott and I fully support the 20mph speed limit.

Ruth Whitfield (Harrogate, 2020-11-29)

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