NI Health Minister ROBIN SWANN should RESIGN immediately!



I agree wholeheartedly with the petition

Evelyn Calvin (Portadown, 2020-09-18)


As a pregnant woman who is due to give birth in the next few weeks I feel my rights, my partners rights & my unborn baby’s rights are being denied by these restrictions that Robin Swan has placed on maternity services in (Ni). They have no scientific evidence to back up these restrictions. Shame on you Health minister even staff in maternity hospitals don’t agree with it.

Jolene Ireland (castlewellan , 2020-09-18)


I'm signing because I have had enough of being treated with contempt by Mr Swann et al, his constant doom mongering and refusal to reveal 'the science' leading him. Above all I believe Mr Swann should be held personally responsible for the deaths in nursing and care homes which were down to his health policies. The falsifying of death certificates followed by his denial of any knowledge show he is unfit for public office.

Hayley Gray (Armagh, 2020-09-18)


Currently 39 weeks pregnant and disgusted with how we are being treated

Chantelle Corbett (Down, 2020-09-18)


The epidemy is over. We now know who is at risk of sars-cov-2 complications, there are traitements avalaible. Any restriction is unnecessary and a threat to liberties, livelyhood and well-being of the people of Northern Ireland. They must stop.

Eleonore RichardFoy (Belfast, 2020-09-18)


I agree Robin Swan should resign.

Priscilla Morrow (COLERAINE, 2020-09-18)


I cannot fathom or defend the choices of government and the expense to our children. The fearmongering is irresponsible and dangerous to our children’s future

Garreth Falls (Newtownards , 2020-09-18)


I'm signing because both my mother and best friend have been in hospital and i have seen the rapid deterioration of their physical and mental health as a direct result of a one hour weekly visit from an allocated member of the family. How many peoples lives are being destroyed with false science and draconian laws? There will always be viruses and pathogens, Sweden had no lockdown, peoples livelihoods and lives havent been destroyed there. He is a disgrace. Our government is a disgrace.

Claire Bailie (Belfast , 2020-09-18)


I do not agree with all the withheld information. And not declaring that the test are not accurate.. as I no of people with a positive test and then 2 days later a negative one etc..

Donna Mulholland (Craigavon, 2020-09-18)


Robin swann needs to.go. He is causing more harm.and death by his actions

jody Nesbitt (newtownards, 2020-09-18)


We want to know what the science is saying as I can read the science and decifer for myself how infectious or what level of risk we are being told is trueful or not.

Dympna Garrity (Omagh, 2020-09-18)


The coronavirus being cited in all DOH press releases was never as 'deadly' as implied by the Minister or his increasingly discredited Chief Medical Officer Michael McBride . It is widely accepted in scientific circles that the virus became largely benign in early May 2020 and has now flatlined. It is also widely known and accepted that the testing using PCR is now discredited and completely inaccurate and cannot therefore be used as an ongoing threat to close down society, the economy and normal life. Yet there is this continuation of fear mongering, media manipulation and the distribution of unreliable science to an increasingly angry, bewildered and defiant community.

Fergal Kearney (Magherafelt, 2020-09-18)


Robin swann is a fear monger! He is trying to keep us scared of a virus which isn't as bad as a flu! He has falsified death certificates, put DNRs on anyone over 45 while has an underlying condition. He is pumping so much fear onto us and the science models have all been wrong! Since mask mandation the cases have went up and so has the hysteria. He is a liar and there is something more sinister going on here at the people's expense. Over 30 years of cancer researching and still no cure but plenty of money gathered through charities. Covid 19 has a vaccine ready almost which is being passed through unlicensed and untested with zero liability for the manufacturer's! Any time I've went to the doctor with a flu like condition I was told it was a virus and to let it run it's course but not anymore?? Surgeries cancelled and vital healthcare has been stopped. This is the virus! Maybe Nuremberg code needs brought up here? Magna carta? Common law? This is against our human rights!

Janine Johnston (Newry , 2020-09-18)


Women need support throughout pregnancy and childbirth and the father has as much right to be part of it all as the mother. This needs changed ASAP before it causes more damage to women and families.

Michelle Fitz (Banbridge , 2020-09-18)


The scaremongering over these past months has been a disgrace. The impact on wellbeing both physically and emotionally is a disgrace. The erosion of basic human rights is unacceptable and should no longer be tolerated. The isolation enforced on people, the destruction of emotional well being, the inability to connect with loved ones in hospitals, care homes etc but opening pubs, basically if money's involved then no problem, that overrides lives. Being made to feel like a leper if you don't conform to being muzzled in public. As a former nurse and unpaid family carer I am appalled at the treatment of people. The figures are doctored to suit a narrative, no mention of the deaths from flu every year. No mention of the deaths from suicide and other health conditions during the last few months. Just jog on the lot of you and stop with the lies!!



I am a limited company. No employees. Have received zero funding from the UK government yet my business Titanic Denim is making a difference to climate change.

Marie Nancarrow (Belfast, 2020-09-19)


I am going to give birth in a couple of months myself and I am terrified of being induced alone, not having my partner with me afterwards etc. My partner is a very involved parent and would have loved to join me for appointments: why is hearing our baby's heartbeat or asking important questions to the midwife my previlege, just because I am carrying the child? It's the unfairness that gets to me, all the while people are gathering in pubs or cueing up for IKEA!!! I am hoping to see a change to those rules asap!!!

Christina Hiller (Carrickfergus, 2020-09-19)


Minister Swann was complicit in the entire charade, knowing all deaths to be listed as Covid from the beginning, allowed ill patients to be sent into Care homes resulting in genocide, He has not adhered to the law in carrying out the appropriate risk assessments, he didn’t have the balls to do the RIGHT thing, sitting on his pretty salary, robin Swann must be trialled for mass genocide and crimes against humanity.

Rhonda McFarland (Belfast , 2020-09-19)


Lies lies & more lies

Joe Corr (Armagh , 2020-09-19)


I think that Robin Swann ish qualified and mismanaging the pandemic entirely. Instead of putting funds where they need to be and bracing our NHS for a backlog and rise in covid he is shutting people out of the health service and cannot see anything beyond lockdowns.

Ruth Burns (Belfast , 2020-09-19)


This man is a disgrace hes making decisions with no scientific basis

Geoff Eakins (Portadown, 2020-09-19)


There is not the evidence to show why these supposed restrictions are in place other than to control the people unnecessarily.People are dying because of these restrictions and they are alone and scared and that is so very cruel!

Tanya Kernohan (Ballymena, 2020-09-19)


Basing decisions on flawed PCR testing with few hospitalisations or deaths is morally wrong and will cost lives. The world over, it is clear that lockdown and mask wearing has made zero difference to the spread of the virus.

Mark Stronge (Killyleagh, 2020-09-19)


Robin Swann is a danger to the people of Northern Ireland he has completely ignored and disregarded the truth (he is a liar) in relation to Covid-19 and the risk of actually suffering illness.

Catherine Edgar (Ballymoney , 2020-09-20)


There is no evidence to show any of these imposed lockdown and socially distancing rules protect us. We need to live our lives.
C.19 isn't as deadly as they told us!

Lisa Megrath (Glenavy, 2020-09-20)


End the Scamdemic. The World Covid report is out. No more lying to the public.

Louise O’Neill (Craigavon , 2020-09-20)


This madness has got to stop immediately. There is no scientific evidence for the ridiculous regulations we are being subjected to - we know the RT-PCR test is being used fraudulently, that masks don’t stop any virus spread etc.

Wendy Hunter (Coleraine, 2020-09-20)


The assembly are creating fear in the most vulnerable members of society and repeatedly testing health staff and the elderly with no symptoms. The testing system is not working and many people are suffering due to control exerted

Beth Reid (BALLYMENA, 2020-09-21)


I'm signing this petition because I feel this whole pandemic is a farce!! There never was a first wave and there will not be a second wave, but the damage that has come from the lockdown is far worse than any virus and Robbin swann needs to answer for that ...get out and stay out!!!!

Moira ONeill (Portglenone , 2020-09-21)


I totally agree with this petition.

Bernadette smyth (Ballymena, 2020-09-21)


He has to go

Pat Ward (Strabane, 2020-09-21)


Wrong decisions are being made!!!!

Kim Thompson (Belfast, 2020-09-21)


This man is not listening to other scientific advise which would have a better outcome for our country.

Maxine Johnston (Comber , 2020-09-21)


Hes lying to the people

Tanya Hinds (Bangor, 2020-09-22)


Show us your data.

Anne Mc Closkey (Aw, 2020-09-22)


there should be no lockdowns or masks your a scaremongering cunt

andrew clarke (armagh, 2020-09-22)


Because Robin will not release the evidence of covid19

Timothy Allen (Armagh, 2020-09-22)


This man is a danger to the people of Northern Ireland. He spreads fear, deaths of biblical proportions and lied continuously infact he is consistent at one thing it seems, you dropped the number of probable deaths worse case from 15000 approx to 1200 in 3 weeks. Time to go. Drain the swamp

James Buchanan (Larne , 2020-09-22)


Cause he full of shit about the fake covid virus a covering up the truth is prince andrew's pedophile

Bernard Lee (Belfast, 2020-09-23)


Mr Swann has lost his way.

maurice Watson (Dungannon, 2020-09-24)


This man has not got the best interests of the public at heart. No answers to legitimate questions such as why doctors were putting Covid 19 on death certs when it wasn’t the cause of death nor even related. That’s a crime! Prosecute him. Time to go.

E Belshaw (Lisburn, 2020-09-25)


I want too see the facts. There should be nothing hid from the public

Ben Alexander (Moira, 2020-09-30)


Robin Swann is an incompetent who appears more concerned about grabbing the limelight

Garry Gregg (Belfast, 2020-10-09)


He won't tell the truth about the situation to the public.

Colette Gray (Newtownards, 2020-10-12)


We need these politicians to be accountable for forcing businesses to shut without any proof that they are adding to the very small death count from COVID 19

Robert Mcmullan (Newtownards, 2020-10-16)


Northern Ireland is facing economic ruin due to hugely disproportionate government responses totally unwarranted by the level of threat, unscientific decision-making and unaccountable government by decree which has restricted the individual freedom of the sovereign citizens of Northern Ireland.

Houston Lowe (Belfast, 2020-10-16)


People need answers and they want them now.

Mary Mac (Omagh, 2020-10-17)


lack of confidence in Robin Swan

Wendy Gray (Belfast , 2020-10-17)


He is asking people to things unthinkable and taking away people’s freedom To Publish all the information Is not a lot to ask for what has he Got to hide If he doesn’t publish it he is not fit for office he must go

Jeremy Campbell (Enniskillen , 2020-10-17)

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