Petition Against the Planning Application for New Houses on Land at Rawnsley Road



I'm signing this petition as I live on Aintree Close, I feel that adding more houses to the area could potentially increase the issues already around such as drugs and anti-social behaviour, not only that the environment created by having green space whether it to look at or to use is far better for most people's mental well being. I am sure there are other areas which can be redeveloped without sacrificing our green spaces

Wayne Blakey (Hednesford, 2020-09-05)


This is right next to where I’ve lived for all of my 37 years....there is no need for extra houses there on the fields at all.

Sean Hibberts (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


I’m signing as have lived in location for over 40 years, the effects of wild life eg deer, foxs etc,
Traffic and effect the view I have to see everyday.

Shane Gardiner (Cannocj, 2020-09-05)


Friends and family live in this area. The green spaces are all being eroded away by housing developments. Rawnsley Road is already a rat run and needs no extra vehicular traffic.

Kim Matthews (WS10 0DL Sandwell, United Kingdom, 2020-09-05)


This area has always been beautiful and I am totally disgusted that the thought of building on there is going to spoil the landscape and interfere with the wild life!

Christine Gardiner (Hednesford, 2020-09-05)


The primary schools in the area can not accommodate the possible children that will live in the area if these houses are built. The local doctors surgery also would not be able to facilitate more patients, as already local people struggle to get appointments. The open spaces around this area are beautiful and should stay that way.

Jemma Wanty (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


Family live in this area. It is where I grew up. There is too much building in green spaces. The adverse affects it has on native wildlife. Not to mention lack of infrastructure. Schools and GP services for example. Their are plenty of brown spaces for houses to be built.

Patrick Desmonde (Birmingham , 2020-09-05)


I am against the building of homes on this land keep our green spaces green.

Sharon Raddie (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


This is a viiage that hasnt enought public transport pacjed doctors small school busy roads .No room fot any more.

linda jones (cannock , 2020-09-05)


This development isn't feasible. The roads are already congested. The doctors is already struggling to cope with their existing patients. The local schools are full to capacity. There are enough houses in the Cannock area, there is absolutely no need for any more!!

Nicola Dickens (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


Sick of this sustainable living agenda which keeps on plowing new housing on to open land

Matt Dutton (Norton canes, 2020-09-05)


The area can't cope with anymore houses and traffic also that this is green land and needs to be left alone.

Charlotte Wale (Hednesford, 2020-09-05)


There are no places at gp's or school 's. Building of houses is taking away all the remaining green belt for wildlife it's shocking. Building developer's don't take into account any of the above and the pressures it brings they just think of lining their pockets with the money they are going to make. The extra traffic that this estate also will bring will be disastrous for the local community and environment, but I suppose the contractor's and the money men haven't got to live around here with all the issues.
CCDC if you pass this along with many others that you have passed without a thought for the people of environment then I would like to know how much you are getting paid to pass such plans.

Lynn Dickens (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


We're losing too much of our beautiful countryside. Stop cutting into the corners where you think it doesn't matter. Families walk there, people exercise there and walk their dogs. I moved up here from Essex 10 years ago, I'm slowly watching this beautiful area getting built up. Shame on you

Sarah Hunt (cannock , 2020-09-05)


we don't need more homes. This land is for horses, this land will better with out homes all squished to gether and hardly any space

Hannah Bladon (Burntwood , 2020-09-05)


I’m against any a building work happening on this site

Wayne Colley (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


We need to preserve some green space and not fill every space here with housing.

Chris Ellse (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


This development will ruin the area and also currently not enough ammenaties to cope with a new development

Mark Partridge (Hazelslade , 2020-09-05)


I live on the rawnsley road and I moved here due to the view over the slade valley. The road is already busy so doesn't need anymore traffic on it. The doctors is a nightmare to get into and there is one school in the village. This is not a good idea

Amands Craggs (Hednesford, 2020-09-05)


Stop trying to build houses on every green space you see.

Rajinder Kaur (Cannock , 2020-09-05)


This space needs to be preserved for the wildlife

Bernadette Davis (Cannock, 2020-09-05)


doctors is already overcrowded and the traffic is already bad and I've lived here for 28 years and we don't need more houses

James Taylor (cannock, 2020-09-06)


The social system (doctor and school) already can’t cope or very very strongly. Don’t need more houses and lot more residents.

Mihaly Toth (Hazelslade , 2020-09-06)


As a resident of Rawnsley I am very concerned on the impact more houses will have on our community and the environment. Our amenities such as the GP surgery are already more than stretched, with a minimum wait time of 2 weeks for an appointment. The Rawnsley Road is already busy without the addition of more houses and therefore more traffic. We need to preserve what's left of our green areas, not build more houses on them.

Katie Massey (Cannock , 2020-09-06)


Enough brown field sites to use instead of green field!!

Hugh Lloyd (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


Enough brown field sites to use instead of green field!!

Hugh Lloyd (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


The hedge is a hundred years old, not enough schools, doctors is overcrowded, the traffic on the road will cause horrendous problems, the wildlife , our view this will cause terrible problems due to traffic , we don’t want this

Paula Kolodziej (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


Because it’s an area of outstanding natural beauty. Because Of the stress it will put on the facilities such as the primary school and doctors, and the Rawnsley road which already has too many people speeding!!

Emma Colley (Cannock , 2020-09-06)


I live on this road and do not want my back garden overlooked by new housing

Sarah Lord (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


I don’t agree that this land should be developed. Areas of open space are increasingly limited and this area of land could be seen as a valuable wildlife corridor

Louise Staciwa (Cannick, 2020-09-06)


20 ish years ago as a child I stood on this field protest board in hand for exactly the same reasons. Hazelslade/ rawnsley do not have enough schools, Doctors or the roads to cope with more people being squeezed in. The council can't even cope with the pot holes we have! Why can't villages be left as villages. It's so sad to watch all the open fields I enjoyed as a kid being built on with cheap poxy new builds.

Sarah Hunn (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


There is a lot of houses going up in and around Hednesford less than a mile or so away from this
Parking along this road is already an issue along with the parking around the doctors also

Joanna Pemberton (Heath Hayes, 2020-09-06)


The disruption and damage to local roads during building work, the infrastructure is not here to build these dwellings and certainly not here to provide adequate roads for the area, causing congestion and cause envorimental damage to this beautiful area.

Kevin Highfield (Hazelslade, 2020-09-06)


The infrastructure of the hednesford area cannot cope with the influx of even more traffic and people in terms of school and doctors. If we dont save previously protected spaces, then cannock chase will soon be at risk. Enough is enough for this area. I only wish that the people already moving to the area would shop in local towns and support the great area they now live in.

Rebecca McGowan (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


Overcrowding of local schools, doctors and more traffic on a already busy road

Olwen Hunn (Cannock , 2020-09-06)


I do not feel the are and infrastructure support such a large development. And we should be striving to save green spaces, not building on them.

Stella Highfield (Staffordshire, 2020-09-06)


Rawnsley Road is terrible to drive down every day with the amount of parked cars and impatient drivers. The road is often blocked. More houses will just cause chaos.

Angela Wigley (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


I object to the loss of ecology, and bio diversity that the proposed development site provides. The local road infrastructure will not take further development. There are huge traffic queues at the junction of Rawnsley road and the A460 at peak times already. The local doctors surgery is already at maximum patient capacity. The dip in Rugeley road at the bottom of the site regularly floods, development on this site could make this a lot worse. There are more than enough brownfield sites in the area that could be developed before this site is considered. The site is also on a local authority list for consideration for inclusion within the green belt within recent consultation papers.

David Dolphin (Hednesford, 2020-09-06)


The Gp and the School will not manage these lots of people. Nice beauty spot area.

Petra Tothne Kovacs (Hazelslade , 2020-09-06)


I want to keep as much countryside as possible, its vital to the circle of life and our survival

KIRSTY PRITCHARD (cannock, 2020-09-06)


I fail to see any benefit whatsoever that would justify building on this site.
The roads are busy enough as it is and this would only make a sometimes bad situation much worse. Anyone who lives here when winter weather sets in will tell you.
The school is a small village school and would not cope with extra numbers and the same can be said for the doctors surgery. Not to mention the wildlife habitat that would be lost.
Please, please use common sense and keep this green space green.

Audrey Brigden (Hednesford, 2020-09-06)


I do not want houses built on this land for a number of reasons.

Any Morrall (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


It will impact environmentally on the local wildlife and our current services and infrastructure will not absorb the increased demand.

Sandra Dodd (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


We will have no green left round here if we keep building on every piece of green land. Just not needed!

Lorna Davis (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


We need to keep some open space in our area, this land is currently being grazed upon and that’s what it should be grazing for livestock. Our doctors are already over the limit with patients aswell as our schools with pupils.

Robert Degg (Cannock Staffordshire , 2020-09-06)


There is no need at all to build on this land

John Murphy (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


My family live there and it will drastically affect the quality of life :(

Lisa Fisher (Helston, 2020-09-06)


I dont want houses opposite my home.ripping up a beautiful field with views of the chase 😡😡😡

louise shaw (staffs, 2020-09-06)


I don't want this on the doorstep, too much drugs etc already, and more houses aren't needed in what is actually a beautiful area.

Angie Silver (Hednesford, 2020-09-06)


I grew up in Hednesford & hope the green land stays green.

Lisa Nunn (Exeter, 2020-09-06)


I know people there and have a lovely open view at the moment.

Jean Wellings (Hednesford , 2020-09-06)


There are not enough services or infrastructure in the area as it is

Stuart Hipkiss (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


I oppose the building of more houses due to the environmental impact and extra strain on public services and infrastructure.
These houses will be an eyesore and plug yet another green space, all for the gain of the developer.
There will be extra noise and it will be a negative to the beautiful area of Hednesford Hills and Cannock Chase.

Nico Pancheri (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


This is near my family home and green space is important for the health and wellbeing of the families that live there

Gemma Dawson (Birmingham, 2020-09-06)


We need to preserve our green areas.

Steve Hawkes (Hednesford , 2020-09-06)


It’s a beautiful piece of land that doesn’t need houses in it

Lorna Skelton (middleham, 2020-09-06)


Having loved near sheltered homes can only say what a complete nightmare these have brought to local area, increased crime, drugs, and anti social behaviour.

John Pearson (Stourbridge , 2020-09-06)


I’m signing this petition because we need to save this special green space which lies between Hednesford Hills & Cannock Chase

Darrell Mawle (Hednesford , 2020-09-06)


It will bring an inrease in traffic to an already busy road which is already difficult to pull onto. Schools and doctors in the area are already stretched to capacity and feel that the building of this estate will impact the quality of life for the residents already in the area.

Paul Taylor (Cannock , 2020-09-06)


I'm signing because my son and his family live in Aintree Close which borders the proposed development. This would be the first step of new housing encroaching onto unspoilt natural land. Where will the builders be next..? CANNOCK CHASE ITSELF. ...!!!!!

Mark Blakey (Burntwood , 2020-09-06)


I wish to raise my concerns due to access from main road. Added numbers will put pressure on local school and doctors. Also the Beck running behind the field has endangered wildlife and building pollution could effect this. Surely this area should be part of the AONB

Jo Goulding (Cannock, 2020-09-06)


My family will be effected by this building

Andrea Walton (Blackpool, 2020-09-06)


This proposed development directly affects friends living on Rawnsley Road.

Denise Warrilow (Veliko Tarnovo, 2020-09-07)


Our town is having every bit of Green Belt ruined by building on it

Karen Burley (Cannock, 2020-09-07)


I live near here. The Rawnsley Road get very busy at peak times. and the proposal of more housing will add pressure to this wildlife sensitive area. The important land lost to any development is irreplaceable to the fauna and the wildlife it supports.

Rebecca Hardcastle (Cannock , 2020-09-07)


It is sacrilege to build on this beautiful spot.

Anne Ufton (Helston , 2020-09-07)


I’ve lived in this area all of my life & I'm sick of hearing & seeing new houses being built in this area. We need to be left with some greenery for wildlife! It’s a massive eyesore & not to mention the add of strain it would put on the local school & Doctors Surgery.

Sophie Grimes (Hednesford , 2020-09-07)


we are slwly loosing our countryside

michael wallace (cannock, 2020-09-07)


I don't believe the current social infrastructure, schools, roads and health can cope with 250+ additional souls. I am concerned about the environmental impact as this development is slipped into a narrow corridor between 2 protected areas. I worry over the loss of another greenfield site to development. I do not believe the planners have ensured notification has been universally delivered.

Donald Riwlands (Hazelslade, 2020-09-07)


Proposed development is far too big for the area. School/doctors and roads will not cope.

Jackie Sayer (Hazel Slade , 2020-09-07)


There no need for it school not large enough dr not large enough we dont want no more houses in rawnsley or hazel slade

Jean Jennings (Hazel slade Staffordshire , 2020-09-07)


to many new houses being built in cannock, Hednesford and surrounding area, this is a place of natural beauty, or was !

Mark tuft (cannock, 2020-09-07)


There has been too many houses built in this area, the schools and surgery cannot cope now plus the traffic down Rawnsley rd is a joke.

Beverley Matthews (Hednesford , 2020-09-07)


Stop building on all the field, I know we need housing but we also need greenery for wildlife x

Julie Pape (Cannock, 2020-09-07)


My family home is opposite on Barnsley road and I dont want the views ruined or traffic made worse

Stephen Fisher (Stafford, 2020-09-07)


I live on Rugeley Road, this will affect the area. We already have issues with flooding at the bottom of the road so the addition of houses will only make it worse. The area is an area of outstanding beauty, this is going to take that away. The parking is bad enough on the Rawnsley road without adding parking to the other side. I know we need affordable housing but from where are the people going to be coming from, what is the catchment area? There are the usual questions about schools and doctors as well with an increased amount of people. The reason we moved to our house was because it was a lovely area this is very worrying as I think our house will depreciate in value and will no longer be the area I would want to live in

Julie Rowlands (Cannock, 2020-09-07)


I'm signing cause all beauty is going into houses. What about doing the ones that are empty up??? They are a eyesaw, not beauty countside!!!!!!

Coz Chappell (Staffs, 2020-09-07)


I live opposite the field and proposed site.
The local area and infrastructure cannot support an extra 60 homes. Doctors appointments are scarce as it is and the local school is at capacity. The traffic on Rawnsley Rd is dangerous and fast and makes exiting driveways a hazard. Extra traffic created by new homes will be very dangerous. We suffer poor water pressure as it is which comes uphill along Rawnsley Rd from the proposed site. The mains cannot support additional homes. Also the proposed site is a flood Plain for the Rd and residences. Levelling the site will cause flooding issues. The site is also a wildlife haven opposite a site of special scientific interest - the Hednesford Hills. The field houses plenty of Wildlife which is regularly spotted including deer. The local children gain enrichment from interacting with the horses housed in the field which many would otherwise not get the opportunity to do which is invaluable. It will detract from the character of the area which is part of the chase. It is a village not a town. Keep it green!

Alexandra Hurney (Cannock, 2020-09-07)


Grew up in this area, would ruin it building houses on that field

Phil Smith (Staffordshire, 2020-09-07)

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