Ripon Barracks: Better Roads Before New Homes



The Traffic Assessment data from Homes England is flawed. The existing road infrastructure is inadequate to carry the increased traffic generated by 1300 houses. New and better roads are needed

Barbara Brodigan (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


No real thought has been put into this homes in other areas are not selling in Ripon...why? Our doctors are stretched already, as are our dentists and police service not to mention the roads and access to the schools. Ripon needs leisure facilities for our young people and jobs for the residents.

Caroline Falkingham (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


Kirkby Rd and Clotherholme Rd are inadequete for construction traffic and the volume of traffic likely to result from the development.

Allan Gauld (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I am significantly concerned not only about the traffic congestion but also for the sufficiency of the necessary social infrastructure, schools, doctors, NHS, work opportunities to sustain this, and other, developments across the district.

Julian Carling (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I do not agree that concerns with the planning application have been acknowledged and considered.

Emma Ryan (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I am not against the development but it does need to consider the major traffic issues that will come with a possible additional 2600 cars, with no real change to the present road structure.

Katharine Moorcroft (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I live on Clotherholme Rd and I find it difficult to exit my driveway during school times and this will make it impossible.

Peter Whitehouse (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


Inadequate infracsructure

John Walker (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


As a resident on one of the roads leading into Ripon town centre from the proposed Clotherholme Barracks site I am not convinced that the proposed traffic management is suffice to ensure that there will not be increased congestion.

Glenda Allister (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


This needs thinking through, infrastructure put in place before any building

Brian Don (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


For the safety and sanity of residents and everyone in Ripon I agree that the roads must be put in place before anything else.

Diane Adkin (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


It is difficult to breathe with the car emissions we have in Ripon.



I believe lives will be at risk as Clotherholme Road is already congested. Many cars are parked on the side of the road and during school time it is very dangerous for young children to cross the road.

Elizabeth Sharp (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


It all needs to be rethought, why build on the playing fields then create new playing fields further up the road ?

George Coventry (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


It's nonsensical to even consider this plan with no thought of traffic congestion. It's all about money as usual . Anyone who votes this through must have vested interests.

Pete Bramley (RIPON, 2020-09-01)


Before any more building is carried out we need better road infrastructure!

Susan Johnson (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


Like many others I'm extremely concerned about the (additional) huge volumes of traffic that will transition through Ripon and it's peripherals. The Air Pollution concerns speak for themselves.

Ralph Wright (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I am a life long resident of Clotherholme Rd and am very aware that the infrastructure is incapable of supporting this development.

Rob Gooderidge (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I’m concerned how this development will effect the already congested road system around Ripon

Michael Caven (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


This is an important development, all aspects of which should be carefully considered. To date, however, Homes England appear to have failed to engage meaningfully with the concerns of those local residents who will be adversely affected by the additional traffic to be funnelled by the proposed development via Clotherholme and Kirby Roads.

Nicholas Loney (RIPON, 2020-09-01)


It needs more serious thought especially the Road situation

Sue Coventry (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I believe this development has not considered local impact or additional infrastructure requirement. I am a very local resident who shall be negatively impacted by this development.

Helen Thirkell (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


Major Improvements to Road and City Infrastructure Required Prior to More Houses Being Erected

John Robinson (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


The planning application takes woefully inadequate account of the inevitable traffic flows to and from the proposed development, which would put additional stress on a local infrastructure that is already in need of improvement.

Suzanne Loney (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


More needs done to our infrastructure. Roads are poor and congested, parking in and around town is a nightmare. We have several beautiful neglected buildings sat empty invest in them.

Richard Halliday (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


The road infrastructure is currently at stretch point. Adding this many homes without significant road investment and thinking will make life incredibly difficult for motorists in Ripon and push up air pollution, which is already close to the WHO standards. More idling traffic will create this problem.

Brian McHugh (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


Road infrastructure will not cope with such an increased volume of traffic as we have pinch points in the city which cannot currently be enlarged. Gridlock will ensue and emergency service vehicles will be hampered especially at the busiest times of the day. Other social, medical and educational facilities will be stretched very much, at least in the short term.

David Uffindall (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I am signing because the so called planners have taken no notice of the general public who attended their meetings. These people gave sound advice regarding the road conditions and even gave options to aid the road system.

Gwyn Midgley (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I believe that this development will have a hugely detrimental effect on our City
The infrastructure/ road system is already really stretched in.that area ..a disaster waiting to happen should this development go ahead. Our MP is questioning it...why is it being allowed permission

Carol Priestley (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


The road system from that side of town is already stretched.

Evan Tidman (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I live on the only road in and out of the area where the development is planned. I don't object to the development, but for the safety of current and future residents I believe that more needs to be done to consider the road infrastructure and access prior to any development being approved. Thank you for reading my comment.

Yvonne Parkes (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


Impact on the current infrastructure. More understanding that we object simply because our small city needs assistance to support the new homes and families.

Lorraine Wilson (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I'm signing this petition because Clotherholme Road is already choked with traffic and if anyone would take time to witness this during rush hour or school drop off, collection they would clearly see the issue. To compound the issue, pupils from the grammar school also choke up the road and park on pavements.
As usual, the planners are total morons void from reality. Ripon needs an injection of people as the city is in desperate need of upgrading and I back the need for new housing but the access needs desperately addressing

John Bray (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


This is a danger for all of our children - a new road is essential

Adam Kitching (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


I agree that Ripon is desparate for improved infrastructure.

Rather than more homes in Ripon, Claro Barracks should be turned into a business Park therefore creating employment!

Caroline Dale (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I believe that an increase in traffic down Clotherholme Road, past the schools, will be dangerous, while the alternative routes down College Road and Kirkby Road are too narrow in places for any increase in two way traffic without causing significant traffic chaos and danger to pedestrians.

James Hill-Walker (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I'm signing because I feel that Homes England have arrogantly ignored the concerns from the residents of Ripon about the traffic congestion this new development will create. They have totally disregarded the fact that there is a need for extra roads to manage the extra traffic. Putting in a couple of roundabouts and traffic lights will not solve the problem.

Susan Ellis (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I live on Clotherholme Road and it is also a very busy road especially around school/work times

Julie Brett (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I strongly oppose the development as I live in the immediate area

Karen Davison (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


I am signing this because, my family live on this street and i would like my grandsons to be safe.

Denise Rawling (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


It's already dangerous, with cars double parked. There's no infrastructure, to support more people. There are two schools opposite one another. More traffic, will more than likely lead to the death of a child.

Allison Hirst (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


Clothefholme road, Kirkby road and College Road could not cope with any more traffic.
I saw a traffic survey happening when non of the schools were 3:30 - 4:30pm Ripon becomes grid locked!
Ripon Grammar school 6th formers park on the road making it single file traffic the same is on college road. I'm not against the development BUT you do need to think seriously about the long term road problems.

Susan Green (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I believe that Clotherholme Road in particular is unsuitable to accommodate any increase in traffic as it has 4 schools in the vicinity

Patricia Richwald (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


There need to be new access provided from the rear of the proposed development, this should be linked to the A6108, thus relieving traffic through the arterial roads in ripon.

David Thorpe (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


The plans for the site look ok but the access roads cannot possibly have capacity for the projected volumes of traffic

Holly Bishop (Harrogate, 2020-09-01)


I recognise that the road infrastructure down kirkby rd abcess clotherholme is already beyond capacity.

Claire Greensit (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


We need more roads to accommodate the vast amount of houses they want to build

Pamela Simpson-Phillips (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I feel that this plan has been put together to suit Homes England with very little thought for RIPON. Much work has to be done on The transport network unless the estate is to be vehicle free. There also needs to be more bungalows for the elderly.

Jeremy Trigg (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


The infrastructure needs to take priority before building is planned. New roads need to be built as part of planning and not ignored.

Rosemary Burdass (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


It will cause traffic jams and be more dangerous for the children walking to school. Particularly along the, already too narrow, pavements of Kirkby Road.

Anne White (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I do not believe that HE have correctly modelled the traffic impact of the intended number of houses to be built.

Robin Symonds (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I live in ash grove and have huge concerns re the traffic situation, Clotheholme road is a road that is full or vehicles on a daily basis around school times, so bad there has been some near misses regarding accidents due to congestion, locals have trouble getting in and out from the side roads from Clotheholme road. I’m against the planning of the proposed site and not putting adequate Infrastructure In place re-extra exit routes/roads way from Clotheholme road and the schools

Jackie Harrison (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I’m signing this because there will inevitably be an accident on Clotherholme Road and congestion will be unbearable for existing residents of Spa Ward.

James Musgrave (Ripon , 2020-09-01)


I live on Kirkby Road. The prospect of our already very busy road being overwhelmed by a share of (potentially) 2500 cars is horrifying (plus the years of construction traffic). The roads are already congested, junctions are not viable for improvement. If we have to have this huge development (and I question the need for it at all), then additional road structures are essential to alleviate the disturbance and inconvenience to existing residents of Kirkby and Clotherholme roads.

Elizabeth Spence-Livingston (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I'm signing because as a resident of Kirkby Road I am concerned about the additional traffic that will be created on already congested roads

Donald Livingston (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I have lived on the Doublegates estate off Clotherholme rd for 13years. There has already been 200+ extra homes built here recently and adding 1500 + homes, a business centre and school on Deverell and Claro barracks would be catastrophic!

Planners haven't considered the impact of traffic along a currently busy Clotherholme road. The two secondary schools cause extra hazards in term time due to more students having access to cars.

More traffic without a CLEAR PLAN of opening access B roads or building new further roads to avoid Clotherholme road at all costs has not been thoroughly investigated by planners.

Beverley Bowden fen (Ripon, 2020-09-01)


I'm signing because I have two objections 1) the service roads need upgrading for the extra traffic and 2) there needs to be more amenities in the new village such as as some shops and more light industrial space so that the new community is relatively self contained and not just a dormitory for Leeds and Harrogate. Its needs to have a good mix ameneties.

Tom Cavell-Taylor (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


Failure to ensure that the road links in the area are increased before the housing is increased will not only be detrimental to the established community but will be dangerous to the welfare of the community. Financial profit must not be put before current and future community members.

Lizzie Bray (Ripon , 2020-09-02)


I live on Clotherholme Road and at school times it is nearly impossible to get down safely, cars & kids everywhere, these roads cannot safely accommodate more traffic without putting lives at stake.

Claire Charlton (ripon, 2020-09-02)


my family with young children leave there and more traffic would be horrendous.

Kay Parkes (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


The thinking behind this project is flawed,The traffic volume will increase considerably and the access roads do not have the capacity for increased traffic or the resulting congestion. I am not against the development BUT more thought,planning, and application is needed before it goes ahead. Plan NOW for the future.

sandra theobald (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


I am concerned about the increase in traffic generated by the Ripon Barracks Development for both Kirkby Road and Clotherholme Road. It is difficult enough driving down both these roads during the day with vehicles parked without a massive increase in traffic flow causing major congestion issues.

Michael Turner (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


There will be a loss to the local area of woodland which is beautiful.

Julie Daggett (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


Being a resident on Clotherholme Road, Ripon for 30 years, I have seen how bad the traffic has become over this period. Building another 1300 houses will bring the road to a standstill. Please listen to the residents, who are not against the development but understand the traffic situation. Relief roads need to be built if this development is going to be a success for Ripon.

Richard Thomson (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


Because I care about Ripon

John Falkingham (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


It is going to really effect our quality of life, we moved for the quietness to get away from traffic noise and pollution and horrendously noisy neighbours and to a quiet ish road to raise our family. The traffic impact will be horrendous in the area and I can't understand the mentality of the authority and planners and developers for not implementing this initially, they should be ashamed and made to address this prior to any development

Kerry Rich (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


I am concerned about the proposed development, as I am not confident that the infrastructure problems have been adequately addressed

Michele Symonds (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


I do believe that we need a better infrastructure before building any more homes.

Diana Baird (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


No provision has been made for significant improvements to roads in the Clotherholme area to match the scale of the proposed barracks development. Clotherholme Road is already gridlocked twice a day during drop off and pick up to the two secondary schools on the road, and at any time of day the parked cars of residents create a bottleneck, turning the road into a single lane in places. Closer to the town centre, the major approaches from Clotherholme - Box Hill, Park Rd, Marshall Way etc - are already routinely congested, with queuing times (in my experience) of perhaps ten minutes. Ripon's roads in their current form will not cope, and visiting and driving in the city will become the kind of miserable experience faced by drivers in Harrogate every day. Serious consideration should be given to imaginative solutions such as linking to Masham Road and Galphay Lane, and perhaps the development should be scaled back.

Derek Smith (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


The road infrastructure needs to drastically improve to support a development of this scale.
Preferably a new access road.
The plans to widen junctions and improve traffic light systems will not change the issue of the various bottle necks around the city.
Channelling more traffic down Clotherholme road past the schools is an accident waiting to happen.
The volume of construction traffic down these routes will add to the issue of congestion.
When cars are parked outside houses and when school drop off and pick up traffic occurs, roads are narrowed severely and the Increased flow of construction traffic will become a huge issue.

I’m aware of plans for cycle routes etc to encourage less traffic on our roads but with poor professional working opportunities in Ripon and reduced Public transport options (No train station, limited bus routes) most residents in Ripon commute A number of miles outside Ripon to work, therefore this does not change the need for cars and travel.

I am in favour of developing a brown field site but make it sustainable and the transport routes safe, currently plans are inadequate.

Hazel De Wit (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


A new road system is needed to support this large development. The existing road are struggling to cope with the present traffic. Before permissions are granted this new infrastructure system should be a prerequisite of planning.

George Buckle (RIPON, 2020-09-02)


The existing roads on the west side of Ripon are quite inadequate to support this extra housing. Permission should be with held until a new road/roads are in place. Much money will be made by developers etc from this build and it's not unreasonable to insist they improve Ripon and not just take away from it and the pleasure of living in this wonderful old city.

Jennifer Buckle (RIPON, 2020-09-02)


The excess volume of traffic will overwhelm an already busy area, taking into consideration that when the high schools are emptying and all the traffic that is then avoiding clotherholme road will be going via roads such as lark hill, Kirkby road, blossom gate, college road and coltsgate hill I do wonder how it will be made safe for the THREE primary schools that will also be emptying at the same time. There has not been enough consideration taken into account for the congestion and pollution of these areas and it is an accident waiting to happen!

Victoria Halliday (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


The existing roads are gridlocked already at rush hour and it is impossible to get an NHS dentist in Ripon.

Nadine Bingham (RIPON, 2020-09-02)


I have family living in houses nearby which will be dramatically affected the increased traffic if no changes to road infrastructure made

Susan Tunstall (Leyburn, 2020-09-02)


There needs to be new roads and more in depth accurate road surveys completed before this goes ahead.

Sarah Abram (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


its needed

martin ibbotson (ripon, 2020-09-02)


As a Clotherholme Road resident since 1997 I am truly flabbergasted by the findings of the traffic management surveys. For the review to deem the access roads to the new development as satisfactory bar a few tweaks is simply ridiculous.

Greg Cussons (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


I love on one of the roads that will be seriously impacted. It's not even wide enough to be two way!

Tamsin Fauntkane (Ripon , 2020-09-02)


The increased traffic will seriously affect my life, my property price will be affected as I live on Coltsgate Hill, and my health through increased emissions.

Jackie Smith (Ripon, 2020-09-02)


I used to live at the barracks and already there is too much traffic up and down clotherholme road. New builds will make the situation dangerous. Already on mornings emergency vehicles would not be able to navigate school traffic for both the Grammar and Outwood.

Victoria Johnson (Ripon, 2020-09-02)