Petition to give voting rights to congregation so they can elect trustee at Abu Bakr Masjid Southall. Everyone has the right to become a trustee from grassroots by nomination by the mausaliees.



1. New trustees elected every three years
2. We want to move in from this existing system
Change the trustees

Hira Mani (Southall, 2020-09-25)


Two times paid for Marble
£300,000 plus lost
And you need reason you guys should be staying in

Muzaffar Imdad (Hillingdon, 2020-09-25)


We want Justice had enough

Abudi Zeeshan (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


We need elected trustees

Shoaib Ibrahim (Hayes, 2020-09-26)


We want new trustees every 3 years

Alina Khalid (Southall, 2020-09-26)


Get rid asap

Saima Mushtaq (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


We need new young people for the betterment

Mudassir Omer (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


I heard total loss was over £300,000 it’s shameful and you guys will be answerable in akhirah and Duniya too

Nadeem Baig (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


Trustees so good Twice you paid towards marble work for outside masjid but there is no marble very very negligence people

Sanam Ahmed khan (Hayes, 2020-09-26)


No to corrupt trustees

Awez Darbar (Hayes, 2020-09-26)


No to lifetime trustees

Minahil Qamar (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


After lot of complaint they finally fixed the lift
It took one call ( but fine after six months)
Joke is they are Very efficient

Kashf Khan (Hayes, 2020-09-26)


Here no help from govt
We have to deal ourselves

Danish Zehen (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


I saw the protest and learnt a lot about the trustees ,there must be change

Uzma Naz Omer (Greenford, 2020-09-26)


Allah will ask you

Shameless trustees hanging on to power

Nadira Zaheer (Southall, 2020-09-26)


Welfare of mosque stop corruption

Saira Javed (Southall, 2020-09-28)


Plz take some action had enough

Aliza Mukhtar (Hayes, 2020-09-28)


Get rid asap

Mohammad Iqram (Greenford, 2020-09-28)


Trustees have shown their worth

Samad Mohammad khan (Hayes, 2020-09-28)


Heard a lot of facts
No to the life time trustees and their useless efforts fir our community

Rehana Maqsood (Southall, 2020-10-11)


I’m musali of Abubakar masjid

Hameeduddin Mohamed (Southall , 2020-12-02)

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