Petition to give voting rights to congregation so they can elect trustee at Abu Bakr Masjid Southall. Everyone has the right to become a trustee from grassroots by nomination by the mausaliees.



Say no to corruption

Ali Jan (Southall, 2020-09-01)


power Of public & elections In the Musjid every 3 years

Hameeduddin Mohamed (London , 2020-09-02)


I dnt trust any of mosque comitte

Shiraz bin Younas (London, 2020-09-02)


The trustees have not been active over many years
Have lost a lot of money due to unprofessional decision
They are all past their best and should allow the younger trustees to be allowed to take the vented to its best potential
How can they help themselves to funds such as Ashraf Khan taking £3,800 given by hafiz Bhatti when others get £200 for their madras application
How can Ashraf take £5000 loan to send to pakistan y don't you use your own money or a shop owner

Noman Mustafa (Southall, 2020-09-02)


They took out £30,000 worth glass doors as they were not fire rated
Why did they not get approval from building control before doing such blunders
I understand they paid £700 for risk assessment after same was done by another trustee £180 the trustee should be made to pay back this stupid waste of money
There are no programs or lectures
No older person club
No summer school
No marriage introduction arrangement
Trustees font come to oversee any thing
System run by volunteers
These long standing volunteers should stand and be voted ad actusl trustees
That's why I sign in support
There is no fitna
Only its is a reason to cover bad dishonest and useless trustees

Sheraz Khan (Southall, 2020-09-02)


I know this is a good move for giving people the chance to rid of useless lifetime trustees and to choose from active new trustees who can serve the needs much better is

Rabia Abbassi (Southall, 2020-09-02)


these current trustees have had their time, new people should be bought in and move the masjid in different direction.

The amendment is like Modi of India taking over Kashmir. They are acting like Modi and Netanyahu of Israel, grab what they can and keep it for themselves. This is a big Fitna only choosing who they want.
Mohammed Ashgar of Asgar and company solicitors, conned many people in Southall out of money and he still a trustee why? he conned people out of £100,000, £500,000 and he also stole money from his own family members his own cousins. They took him to court and got some of their money back. Is this who you want to run your masjid.
Ashraf Khan- owner of southall halal meat, is the sole owner of the masjid. The title deeds are in his name and the late Shahid (fomer trustee who has passed away). Why is the property still in his name, i have proof i will pass it on to the owner of this petition if they can contact me.
Mr Hanif Khan- of Hanif halal meet, is brother of Mr Ashraf Khan. He is a puppet just like America is the puppet of Israel and the Arab states. He will do anything to stay as chairman of the masjid trust.

The Final Mastermind who has caused these problems Mr Hafeez Bhatti- unemployed and resides in Hayes. He kicked out the other trustees during the construction due to him being jealous. why was he like this? Ask him. He told the trustees to step out due to the fact they found out the builder was conning the masjid out of money. He colluded with the builder and brainwashed the others to go against the other trustees. By this time he was not even a trustee officially. Then he made the other trustees deliberately not call the others to meetings for several years. He alone pays people 75% of the contract price upfront and the person does not do the job eg marble works. He also paid a window company to fit Aluminium fames around the masjid. You ask any window manufacturer they will tell you this is white plastic (UPVC) painted grey to look like metal. He also took the cctv system and deleted footage from it why?

He called in an expert to change the password and also blocked some of the trustees from having access on their phone, why did he do this.

There is a lot more stuff but the public must confront them and ask them all these questions.

Mr Ashraf can sell the property to someone for a profit, Why? Why is it property of the masjid still in his name?

Mr Asghar why are you still a trustee even after you stole money from your own family members let alone others. How was your time in Duabi jail? people should ask you about this right?

Mr Hanif Khan why are you a puppet wake up?

Mr Hafeez why did you kick out a trustee who knows how builders work and how to deal with builders, you can not even use a screw driver let alone extend a project like this without messing it up along the way? Which trustee are you jealous of you do not even say Salaam to them do you? Why? Are you too faced or are you servant of the Dajjal?

faisal khan (Southall, 2020-09-02)


Progress means fresh trustees and educated ideas in line with the times
And people should get a chance to elect their own trustees from the community

No no no to life time trustees half of them cant even write or email in this day and age

How can they cater for the current generation lot alone plan for tomorrow
Give the musaalees a break please

Shazia Chaudri (Southall, 2020-09-02)


Let the people choose the trust from amongst themselves
Peoples charity for the people
Power fir the grassroots
They know their needs

Abubakr Hawa (Southall, 2020-09-02)


We need new elected trustees from the local people, active and pious dedicated

Harun Janjua (Hayes, 2020-09-02)


Bully trustees are acting non Islamically. Stealing the complete cctv systems
Hiding files
Wastefully using public money
Let's hold them accountable we need answers

A Abbassi (Hayes, 2020-09-02)


Corrupt people now bringing in youngster family members to intimidate the worshippers at the masjid. Disgusting behaviour

Abdul Ali (Ealing, 2020-09-02)


Zahid has been fed lies to hide the dealings of the trustee crooks. We want truth!!!

B Zayd (Southall , 2020-09-02)


Fight for what is right

Aisha Ali (Fulham, 2020-09-02)


Give the charity's control to the people and i support this petition to that goals

Riz Aziz (Hayes, 2020-09-02)


Replace lifetime trustees with new elected ones
Call AGM and give annual report to the public

Shouab Bhatti (Southall, 2020-09-02)


Haven't these long standing trustees done enough
They should now allow free voting to elect new trustees from the congregation and let the charity be run by the community elected trustees every three years

Shahida P Ali (Southall, 2020-09-03)


We need to give Musalees the right to become trustees

Naeem Ahmed (Southall, 2020-09-03)


We need honest and forward thinking people. Not waste people's money.

Zeshan Beig (Hayes, 2020-09-03)


This is good work

Bilal Khokhar (Karachi, 2020-09-03)


This needs to be changed to protect the community

Asif Rahman (London, 2020-09-03)


This needs to be changed to protect the community

Mudassar Abbas (Southall, London, 2020-09-03)


I live in southall

Imran Hossin Buschu moral (Southall , 2020-09-03)


Stop Cruption in MOSQUE miss manegment miss behaviour and group miss used public finds last 15 years.

Saif Ahmed (Southall , 2020-09-03)


The trustees in the mosque are looting public funds with no accountability

Mahmood Ahmed (Greenford , 2020-09-03)


The trustees should be chosen and elected by the congregation and members
This change will give people their involvement in the charity that we all fund
Enough is enough

Muhammad Usman (Southall, 2020-09-04)


How could these trustees pay out £140,000 to a builder which they admit to charity commission and get nothing in return
I understand that the builder went to casinos and gambled the public money
The trustees should ost from their pockets this loss
It’s due to negligence

Mohammed EESSA Rana (Southall, 2020-09-04)


They are not trustworthys we need accountability and transparency.

Arshad Malik (London, 2020-09-04)


Enough of these corrupt trustees

Gibrael Abu (Southall , 2020-09-04)


Word is around that these trustee’s are corrupt

Faizal Ansari (Southall , 2020-09-04)


Time for change

Abdul Shabbir (Hanwell, 2020-09-04)


End to corruption

Sajid Shaikh (Southall , 2020-09-04)


Trustees not reliable
Using public funds for their own

Zakir Hussain (Uxbridge, 2020-09-04)


There has to be justice

Kasim Chishti (Ealing, 2020-09-04)


Bring in new trusting people

Abbas Merchant (Hayes, 2020-09-04)


Stop money laundering

Jabir Shah (Hayes, 2020-09-04)


Im signing because of musjid

Mohammed wali Jomegol (London , 2020-09-04)


Trustees are spreading lies to get the public and those on their side. Fear Allah and don't slander people!!! All lies have been created by them to divide the people so they are not held accountable for the wrongs they have been doing for years.

Mrs m Malik (Southall , 2020-09-04)


Zahid needs to wake up Ashraf is filling him with lies so he can defend him. He is the one that creates fitna, he is the one that needs to fear Allah. He created and spread lies about the imam just so the pressure could come off himself and his other trustee friends. Wake up zahid you are becoming the head for all the fitna creators.

Mohammad Awain (Southall, 2020-09-04)


Im signing because i need change in
Trustees of Abubakr Mosque

Abdullah Slemankhail (London , 2020-09-04)


Members of the trustees are using the youngers making a fool of them. Hypocrites liars cowards!!! Just stand up and show us all them missing files, all cctv that has been hidden. What are hiding ?

Khadijah Shaykh (Southall, 2020-09-04)


Corruption and bullying needs to be stamped out.

N Abdullah (Northolt, 2020-09-04)


Shame on you for changing locks to worshippers at the masjid!!!!!! Not Islamic behaviour and you are elderly men you should be ashamed of yourselves

A Awan (Southall, 2020-09-04)

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