Petition to give voting rights to congregation so they can elect trustee at Abu Bakr Masjid Southall. Everyone has the right to become a trustee from grassroots by nomination by the mausaliees.



The welfare of mosque. Stop corruption

Liaquat Ghafoor (HAYES, 2020-08-27)


Change is needed alot of complaints regarding existing trustees

Atia Ghafoir (Lonfon, 2020-08-27)


This needs to be resolved and public should have authority as its a charity funded by the people/public.

Usman Ghafoor (Grays, 2020-08-27)


I want fair governance in Masjid

Arif Hayat (Southall, 2020-08-28)


There has to be justice

SHAZIA KHAN (London, 2020-08-28)


People shud choose the trustees by voting and have a say in the masjid
No to lifetime trustees especially they made big losses

Faiza Yasmin (Southsll, 2020-08-28)


Bcz this is un acceptable that few so called trustees have all the authorities of hiring and firing of administration while using public money, even using public money for their personal court cases, trustees should be elected by the community as the current trustees have no stake in the community even few of them is not resident of this borough, thanks

Ahmad Zia (SOUTHALL, 2020-08-28)


These people have been there for far too long. This is a community masjid. They do not own it. The public gives money for the up keep of the masjid so the public should have the right to decide who runs it NOT THESE CURRENT PEOPLE.

Asad butt (southall, 2020-08-28)


Honest And sincere people Should be in The Masjid organisation who run the mosque

Rao Khan (London , 2020-08-28)


Had enough

Ghouse Mohammed (Slough, 2020-08-28)


I feel trustees should be by election not by choice

Aftab Umar (London, 2020-08-28)


Because of not sharing the information
of using the masjid funds.

Muhammad Iftikhar (Hayes, 2020-08-28)


We need younger people to run the charity and enhance its vision

Shahid Bhatti (Southall, 2020-08-28)


I feel there is a lack of young generation voice and leadership within the Masjid's management. I think there should be more activities sports and competitions planned out for the young youth which will keep the young youth connected and involved with the Masjid, keep them connected to the ways of Islam and keep them away from the bad influences of the streets.

Danish Gohar (Southall, 2020-08-28)


I have seen a lot of mishandling and abuse of power in the way the mosque has been run and the misuse of the donations made by the local community made to the charity this has been ongoing for many years and now as we the community have seen the full extent of abuse the law should protect the rights of the donors/community

Ms Khan (Southall, 2020-08-28)


We need new trustees new and young people who can serve community. Those who can give quality time .

Abdul Ghafoor (Southall, 2020-08-28)


Because we want fair system for public and we don’t want dictatorship in public welfare place .

Abid Khan (London , 2020-08-28)


I am signing this petition because I know the people have donated lot of money to build this mosque and everyone has a right to become a trustee of this mosque and I would like to suggest to bring young people to become the trustees of this mosque because they are honest and their first language is English and they can run this mosque better than anyone else

Saleem Shaukat (Hounslow , 2020-08-28)


I have been comming to this mosque since I was 11 years old and I am very disappointed to say that there has never been any attempts to plan activities for the young generation in the local community which is why I see that a lot of my friends aren't motivated enough to come to the mosque regularly. It is the responsibility of the trustees to plan sporting activities as it can easily attract the young and keep them connected to the mosque.
May Allah forgive our sins.

Anonymous F M (Southall, 2020-08-28)


Present trustees are hard to budge and not aware of modern days needs and challenges to new generation of UK

Saleem Azmat (Hayes, 2020-08-28)


I see for long time people who look after the masjid has not been honest or hard working for sake of Allah so it need to change so all trustees can be there for three years only.

Ali Khan (Southall middlesex, 2020-08-28)


Corruption,mismanagment of the current management

ZAFAR IQBAL (London, 2020-08-28)


Corrupt management which has to end

Somama Zafar (London, 2020-08-28)


We need to have new people to serve our women and children as current trustees running the mosque very poorly

Irshad Begum (Southall, 2020-08-28)


Need to get rid of corruption

Farzana Zafar (London, 2020-08-28)


It’s is long overdue
Get these thieves out

Tayyab Butt (London, 2020-08-28)


The trustees are misusing the charity money. We want forensic audits for 5 years.

Maqsood Ali Mehmond (Southall, 2020-08-28)


The trustees are not reliable anymore. They are misusing their rights.

Nazia Afsar (Southall , 2020-08-28)


One should be allowed to ask questions; trustees should show transparency in how money has been spent. They should be open to suggestions, criticism and improvement.

Uzma Husain (Asian or Asian British - Pakistani, 2020-08-28)


I have seen very little progress in mosque running . Quran education is very poor children spending years but little progress. Fees are paid but service to community very poor.
Expenditure disclosure is non existent almost.
Trust seems to be a monopoly of people who little attention to public needs.
Change is needed ASAP.

Saleem Ali (Southall, 2020-08-29)


I have lived local to the mosque mentioned, I find there is absolutely nothing to help the women folk in our mosque no education or help for them . The mosque is not serving our community as it should . Funds are generally not shown to spent correctly. Complaints never addressed. It time for a change we are sick and tired of businessmen calling themselves trustees running the mosque.

Faiza Aslam (Southall, 2020-08-29)


The public should have a say in all this, this is absolutely not acceptable to see our community been put out like this and people who continue with this sort of way should be named and shamed!

Saveera Rehman (Southall, 2020-08-29)


I believe in fair practices.

Imran Shaukat (Southall , 2020-08-29)


return to transparency

Tayyab Khawaja (London, 2020-08-29)


How long we suffered, now our kids must too??!

Muhammad Butt (London , 2020-08-29)


There is no trust from the paying public in the current trustees
The public must choose its own trustees

Saadat Butt (London, 2020-08-29)


Get rid asap

Ismail Butt (London, 2020-08-29)


public pays trustees play!
No more

Saffiya Butt (London, 2020-08-29)


We need to Elect new trustees

Aaishah Butt (London, 2020-08-29)


3.3 million in the bank doesn’t reflect services offered to the community
We need transparent trustees who report to the public who is in fact funding the masjid

Haroon Zeb (London, 2020-08-29)


Enough is enough
It’s 2020 now
Time for change

Yusha Buhary (London, 2020-08-29)


When the trust goes, so must the trustees!

ISA Buhary (London , 2020-08-29)


Our brothers and sisters deserve better

Imran Khan (Cardiff, 2020-08-29)


The trustees need to be removed ASAP

Abdelilah Amrani (London , 2020-08-29)


Same old trustees
Same old backwardness
Time to move forward

Nadeem Alam (Acton, 2020-08-29)


It is needed for the betterment of our next generation

Faisal Awan (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Time to go
Good bye

Mohsin Akhtar (Brentford, 2020-08-29)


It’s a disgrace what has been happening

Mustafa Vural (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Too long corruption has reigned

Ibrahim Ali (Southall, 2020-08-29)


We need change to make tomorrow better

Faik Hafuz (Heston, 2020-08-29)


How can they steal for so long

Shekip Dvuyak (Hounslow, 2020-08-29)


Removal of trustees is a must ASAP

Rumla Buhary (Southall , 2020-08-29)


Place is run on nepotism
Not how a masjid should be run
Personally a lot of people know what has been happening but have stayed quiet, now is our chance as the public to hold these corrupt trustees to full account

Zakariya Butt (Northolt, 2020-08-29)


A Hadith states if u see a bad thing being done
Change it physically
If not possible then verbally and if not even that, hate it in your heart
Too long have we hated in our hearts
Now we shall collectively verbalise and head to make physical tangible changes for the better of our community and next generation

Bilal Awan (Hounslow, 2020-08-29)


Not if but when

Fatih Rajput (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Long time coming

Iftekhar Hussain (Northolt, 2020-08-29)


Place has a bad aura around it
Cleanse the place of these leechers

Abdi Fatah (Southall, 2020-08-29)


When I visit next InshAllah new trustees

Sami Al ghosani (Saudi Arabia , 2020-08-29)


We want change ASAP

Siraj Rajput (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Too less too long
Enough now

Munevar Khan (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Trustee abuse needs to examined

Umer Pervez (Southall, 2020-08-29)


It’s a must to sign this petition if u live local, use the masjid or have kids growing up

Naeem Adat (Hounslow, 2020-08-29)


The Trustees that have been abusing their position need to be charged and shamed publicly
And why did they delay our prayers and Ramadan taraweeh prayers to demand more money when they have over 3 million sitting there unused already
Let us pray on time without being coerced to donate more money with. No transparency or accountability
New trustees should be selected by the local users of the masjid

Akber Muhammad (London , 2020-08-29)


I want better services provided
Money obviously is not an issue

Shezan Adat (Northolt, 2020-08-29)


Change needed

Tahir Sharma (Slough, 2020-08-29)


Signing this petition is only a small first step
The public must band together and collectively work to remove these bad elements.

faisal Khan (Southall , 2020-08-29)


We donate our money for it to be spent with no accountability
Whose money
Our money
Whose masjid
Our masjid
Not the trustees and their chums- fear God and repent

Sohail Muhammad Khan (Southall, 2020-08-29)



Noore Alom (London, 2020-08-29)


3.3 million and there’s people starving homeless on their doorsteps
What are they saving the money for?
Is it not to be spent on the community?
A lot of Money and seems to be no accountability for its spending

Atif Sarwar (Hounslow, 2020-08-29)


I’m signing because I don’t think it’s right for the people who are in charge to be in charge any longer seems like there’s a lot of corruption going on

Arundeep Atwal (Willenhall, 2020-08-29)


Our local mosque needs to be transparent with the finances. There have been huge losses incurred by trustees due to their incompetence.
Public funds wasted many parts of the project.
We definitely need accountability of these losses .

Saleem Shazad (Southall, 2020-08-29)


We need new trustees Fresh young legs who want to help the community .they work in Adhoc way and too much Nepotism amongst the trust.
Not this lot who’ve incurred losses to our donations
Some of them take Zakats at will for their own and other are left.
Another one is
How can Asghar and Hafiz bhatti give a contractor called £175,000 who then runs away and gambles masjid Money
Would they even give £5,000 fir their own home building to a first timer unknown to them.

Mustafa Khokhar (Hayes, 2020-08-29)


I have known this mosque and trust committee for over 20 years. They have used Mr Shahid to raise funds for mosque may allah bless him.
Mr A khan ,H Khan ,H Bhatti, Mr Asghar etc. have done very little effort to respect the sanctity of mosque. They gave Mr Shahid very hard time. With the demise of Mr Shahid the above trustees have created havoc. Also their illegal opening of mosque during covid. We definitely need new and deserving trustees who understand the local public needs.

Umer Farooq (Southall, 2020-08-29)


I believe trustees should be elected by public and not forced on them. They should be educated and screened for competency. They should give time

Khalid Ali (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Stop corrupt life time trustees

Farida Khokhar (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Enough of these corrupt trustees

Shera Jam (Hayes, 2020-08-29)


No more life trustees we need progress in our masjids

Abdi Ismail (Middlesex, 2020-08-29)


Out with the money mis-managers

Abu Ismail (London, 2020-08-29)


I am a Muslim

Bil Wil (High wycombe, 2020-08-29)


The masjid is publicly funded. The Trustees should be serving the public rather than their own interests.

Imagine if the UK government never changed and remained a dictatorship for all our lives?

We need to protect the masjid and its future. Public servants should be accountable for their actions and they should be more transparent.

Anyone against this is clearly in favour of secrecy, nepotism and corruption.

Dawud Ahmed (Slough, 2020-08-29)


I want change of trusty in this organisation

Mohd Bashir (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Enough is enough with the trustees Notting for the kids no social events Notting and no trace of the money we’re is it going enough is enough with them they all have to go

Tahir Haq (Southall , 2020-08-29)


I dont trust these trustees anymore and i am not gonna contribute in mosques funds if they still controlled all mosque fun3

Hassan Ali (hounslow, 2020-08-29)


This current group of trustees who are they I have not seen them. I only remember Mr Shahid who during every jummah and taraweeh Salah asked for funds to build the masjid.

These people have not done anything for the youth, or for ladies, or for reverts, no community engagement nothing.

And why is it during Ramadan we had a timetable with all the masjid in the area with thier details all masjids had same timetable why has that stopped. And why does this masjid only allow for 1 Jummah prayer before it was 2 jammat. Who stopped this. If they have £3million pounds why are they charging kids for madrassah classes. Why is there no lecture given in masjid for Afgan, Somali, and other communities. Why is it in Urdu and a old Molvi is always giving lecture. Should be young person who can relate with the public.

Why do the trustees step aside and give others a chance. When is this meeting for the constitution change. Can the public demand it.

People should not give this masjid any money until there is change.

Why would anyone want to shut a masjid. Charity commission does not have powers to shut a mosque even the PM cannot shut it down. So Shut up and get out.

Ahmed Khan (Southall, 2020-08-29)


The trustees are doing an injustice, this MUST be rectified as soon as possible & younger trustees should be able to join insha allah.

Zakiyyah Haling (Southall, 2020-08-29)


Because the group of trustees not faith full with mosques funds
They lost around 1/2 million pounds
There’s no any account details
Must all trustees out
The mosque is the local community funded
Not by trustees

Pervaiz Alam RANA (London , 2020-08-29)

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