Bring back 60s music to BBC local radio



Bring back Sweeney's Sixties Classics to the wireless.

Neil Barker (Salford, 2020-08-16)


Bring back Sweeneys sixties classics to BBC radio manchester

Tina Driver (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


The music playlist currently running on BBC Radio Manchester is dire. No doubt they are trying to attract younger listeners, but younger people have iPlayers, MP3 players, iPhones and other modern gadgets to listen to their particular brand of music, they see radio as old fashioned. You can safely say the majority of Radio Manchester are in the 60 plus bracket, yet we are the ones being penalised. We want our Sweeney's 60s Classics and other programmes which suit our age group.

David Wild (Rochdale, 2020-08-16)


Because radio Manchester is being ruined.
Everything that made it special us being lost.
Everything sounds like radio 1

Norma Coupe (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


We need 60s music on BBC Radio

Steven Logan (Salford, 2020-08-16)


I'm an over 60s lady who feels the BBC music policy for local and national radio is ageist. Without the music of the 60s we wouldnt have the great music that followed. I feel that my voice is no longer listened to and everything seems geared to the young and middle aged. I think the BBC forgets that if my generation hadn't listened to the Pirate stations, the BBC radio stations we have now may not exist! The BBC were so threatened by pirate radio it had no option but to modernise.

Jean Phillips (Leigh, 2020-08-16)


We need to keep our sixties music playing on the radio. X

Pamela Howes (Stockport, 2020-08-16)


Totally agree.....



It's important to keep our heritage especially in the music industry because we have some of the best bands in the 60s

Anthony Blair (Manchester , 2020-08-16)


I'd like a fair spread of music including the 60's. Radio Manchester have a huge following of listeners in the 60-80 yrs old bracket that are totally ignored!

Paul Bennett (Lymm,, 2020-08-16)


The 60s programme we have/had on BBC Radio Manchester is 1st class. Not just same old records being played but interesting facts about the music, the groups, the scene at the time.

Margaret Blaney (Thornton Cleveleys, 2020-08-16)


It’s wrong to remove any era of music from any radio station. Better still leave the local stations alone

Liz Earley (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


I used to enjoy listening to Radio Manchester when they played music from the 50s and 60s. Now no music from before 1965 is ever played. I pay a licence fee, asdo a now increasing number of older people and expect something in return. The final straw came when Sweeney's.60s classics disappeared from the schedule. Older people form a large portion of the public and deserve to be represented, particularly as we are the ones at home listening to.the radio.

Maggie Connor (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


I agree with the statement and that local radio should stay local we don’t want to hear news from London. And we want local people who have grown up locally to give us the news, weather, traffic.

Marg Hughes (Manchester , 2020-08-16)


Since you have altered the format of the shows and also the music that is played I no longer listen to radio Manchester.
The same also applies to your televised regional news it has gone from an award winning show to a bland time filler, well I have better things to do with my time.

David Andrews (Widnes, 2020-08-16)


I tuned into BBC radio Manchester as it we found that the music of the 60’s suited our taste.
Over the last few months this has now changed and it seems to be canned music of modern times which is be played on a loop.
Bring back what we want to hear not what the BBC thinks we want to listen to

Brian Butler (Gatley , 2020-08-16)


The music played on local radio is aimed at the under 30's. There is nothing on BBC radio for the older generation.

James Ryan (Manchester , 2020-08-16)


Because I love listening Mike Sweeney and his 60s music

Kate Cross (Malaga, 2020-08-16)


Being so far away from manchester,the place of my birth ,one thing that keeps me feeling close to home is BBC radio Manchester The 60s music will live on FOREVER and I need to hear it for as long as I LIVE !!

Jennifer Waddington (Athens, 2020-08-16)


I am so sick of the dictatorial attitude of the BBC who in their "wisdom" think they know what their listeners want. They ruined Radio 2 by ousting Simon Mayo when they thrust that Wiley person on his show and now they are spoiling their local radio stations. Do they not realise that the majority of their audience are retired people who want to listen to GOOD music i.e., the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, not the youngsters of today! Bring back Sweeney's Sunday programme, Vinyl Revival and Stuart Ellis' Saturday evening programme. The BBC, sorry to say bluntly, boil my piss!

Barbara Wareing (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


I like 60s music

Kenny Anderson (Sunderland , 2020-08-16)


I never listen to the radio at all these days but would do so if I could hear the music of my generation 1960.

marion green (Norwich, 2020-08-16)


I love all music but there is lots of music before 1965 worthy of being heard

Karen Welch (Wigan , 2020-08-16)


The core of all pop music belongs to music from the 50’s and 60’s.

Brian Donaghy (Gtr. Manchester, 2020-08-16)


I don't want to lose the music I love.

Jean Bilton (Driffield, 2020-08-16)


I love 60s music, grew up listening to it in the 80s, the BBC are being ageist.

Dave Hall (Derbshire, 2020-08-16)


I agree with the originators comments.
Mike Sweeney, Phil Trow and (bring back Alison Derbyshire) and Alan Beswick are the only reason I listen anymore

Bernice Turnbull (Stockport , 2020-08-16)


There’s not enough 60’s music being played

Sandra MacNeill (Bolton, 2020-08-16)


Really miss the early 60’s music, local radio needs to meet the needs of the many

Alison Flanagan (Bury, 2020-08-16)


It’s terrible for older folk that rely on BBC local stations and they won’t hear the music they like that might bring back memories.

Jillian Carmichael (Darlington , 2020-08-16)


I enjoy listening to the 60s music

Jocie Lindley (Bolton, 2020-08-16)


I really enjoy listening to Mike sweeneys 60s show and I’m frustrated that the powers that be seen to think they know wgat we want

Adrian Murphy (Peterborough , 2020-08-16)


We need our 60s music. The best era for good mudic

Rod Lee (Bolton, 2020-08-16)


I’m being marginalised by the BBC as we get older.

Terry Eyres (Warrington , 2020-08-16)


I would love the 60 music back

Michele Fryers (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


60s music is the best music and known to all age ranges but now the BBC are just wiping it out, who do they think they are? 😡

Pat Ashton (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


60s music is fabulous, makes me sing and smile! Sundays were the best on Radio Manchester and since the pandemic everything has changed and not for the best; life is depressing, so please bring us back some happiness with Sweeney's 60s classics or I will have to tune into Gold

Carole Moore (Salford, 2020-08-16)


I am sick of listening to all the crap, rubbish music BBC think we have to listen to, as we pay for the pleasure, then we should be asked what we want to listen to.

Anthony Wareing (Leigh , 2020-08-16)


I believe we still need music from earlier decades. We don’t all want to listen to modern music.

Karen Gaynor (Oldham, 2020-08-16)


I love the 60s

Alan Cowgill (Manchester , 2020-08-16)


I’m signing because it’s the one show I enjoy on local radio. Myself and my mum listen to it.

Kathryn Spratt (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


60's music has meaning , you can also understand the words. It reflects moments and brings back memories to us 60 plus age group.

Jay Bennett (Manchester , 2020-08-16)


The 60s was the best era for music. It brings back wonderful memories for a lot of the older generation.

Elaine Hopkins (Manchester, 2020-08-16)


The 60’s music was phenomenal.xx

Jennifer Fletcher (Salford, 2020-08-16)


We need more 60's music

Sheila Dean (Stockport, 2020-08-17)


Music from the 60's and 70's are rarely played on BBC radio stations of late yet it's our age group that listen to radio the most. How many teenagers tune in to radio, they are listening to their own music on various other modern devices. The older generation are being penalised and playlists on Radio 2, Radio Manchester etc are 80% modern music and it's only the presenters that keep the audience happy but that's wearing thin. I really hope that Sweeney's 60's classics will continue on BBC Radio Manchester, it has many thousands of listeners!

heather churcher (Bodrum, 2020-08-17)


Because I want 60s music on local radio

Michael Riordan (Stockport, 2020-08-17)


60s music was the only music still worth listening to -- and still is

Joanna Egleton (STOCKPORT, 2020-08-17)


There are many older people listen to bbc radio and you appear to only consider younger people when choosing what music to play. BBC radio Manchester took Sweeneyon 60's classics off the air despite it bring very popular

Alan Turton (Northwich, 2020-08-17)


I’m signing because it is a great era getting lost through lack of air play

Jackie Press (Stockport , 2020-08-17)


The BBC is not catering for the local radio audience in respect of music.

John Dillon (Shaw, Lancashire, 2020-08-17)


I'm signing because I grew up through the sixties and not playing this decade of music is like erasing part of my life.
There must be many others who feel this way also.

Ian Williamson (Wigan, 2020-08-17)


I'm signing because this program connects us to like minded people. The chat and music gives a feel good feeling and invokes such long forgotten happy memories.

Beryl Mullen (Manchester, 2020-08-17)


60s pop music was the best ever decade. The greatest singers & groups ever!

Ron Tennant (Beselare, 2020-08-17)


Music is therapeutic to so many people and taking away their favourite era to save a small amount of money would be counterproductive.

Philip Jones (Salford , 2020-08-17)


I love 50's, 60's music. I live alone and I sing along which makes me so happy

Pauline Fitton (Manchester , 2020-08-17)


BBC no longer caters for the older members of it's audience. Also many younger listeners appreciate music of the early 60s and 50s

David Kelly (Delph, 2020-08-17)


It makes no commercial or community sense to remove hugely popular programmes like Mike Sweeneys Sunday lunchtime show

D Collins (Manchester , 2020-08-17)


We miss 60’s music

Gill Morrison (Manchester, 2020-08-17)


Only listern to 60/50 music

Jane Fearns (Salford, 2020-08-17)


I was an avid listener to Sweeneys 60s classics bbc radio M/c & would like to get the programme back

David Spann (Leigh, 2020-08-17)


It appears that the BBC are not interested in what their listeners want.

Albert Ross (Delph, 2020-08-17)


I’m signing because us older people should be heard, surely there is a market for what is considered the greatest musical decade of any generation.

Michael Stylianou (Greater Manchester, 2020-08-17)


the best music. Why am I paying my bbc license for music that is not as good

Lesley Mccrann (manchester, 2020-08-17)


I love 60s music its that simple I loved listening to Mike sweeney on a Sunday

John Gibson (manchester, 2020-08-17)


It is part of music history what has the BBC got against 60 music

Kevin Guyatt (Stockport , 2020-08-17)


Like many thousands more I love the music of the 60s,, and Mike who presents it
Will have tobfind another station if it isnt available on bbc radio manchester..

Alan Taylor (Royton ,Oldham, 2020-08-17)


There is not enough 50's and 60's music on the radio.

Derek Quinn (Hollingworth, 2020-08-17)


It appears that BBC Radio Manchester is no longer playing the music the listeners want to hear.

Phil Child (Agios Nikolaos, 2020-08-18)


I agree with the sentiment expressed by the petitioner.

Michael Leather (Manchester , 2020-08-18)


i feel we need to remember all our musical heritage

james cartey (manchester , 2020-08-18)


I Love 60s Music

Thomas Moore (Bolton , 2020-08-18)


There is no 50s and 60s music on Sunday why I don’t know bring back Mike Sweeney brilliant program !!!!!

Hilary Cowell (Salford , 2020-08-18)


I now prefer the chat and quizzes etc from good Radio Manchester presenters to much of the music played.
I do like a lot of recent music but often turn down the sound during some of the songs appearing on this station !

Lesley Pickering (Stockport , 2020-08-18)


I totally agree that we don't get enough 60's music played on local radio.

Janice Wilson (Manchester, 2020-08-18)


Lots of 60's music is great and the current generation should hear this on mainstream radio and also the older generation still want to listen to this music .

Phillip Manning (Blackpool, 2020-08-18)


I’m signing because the 60’s music is a popular genre which is not available on many stations. Mike Sweeney does a fantastic job so bring him back !

Raymond Blomeley (Marple Stockport , 2020-08-18)


No-one puts sixties music in a corner.... no-one. Capische??

Phil Burton (Manchester, 2020-08-18)


To show my support

Luke Mckeown (Bolton, 2020-08-18)


I’m so fed up with the BBC trying to get a younger audience. It’s not going to happen. I doubt if they listen to any radio. They download all their music. So why don’t they cater for those of us who do listen.

Dot Keller (Manchester, 2020-08-18)


I and a lot of other people enjoy listening to him and the music. Instead of music played over and over. Good listening

Christine Conway (Oldhan, 2020-08-18)


Soon there will be nowhere for a certain age demographic to hear music from their era anywhere on the BBC. Radio 2 has changed position as well with loads of modern stuff now played

Gordon Mackay (Manchester , 2020-08-18)


I love 60’s music & I love listening to Sweeney

June Hopkins (Atherton, 2020-08-18)


I'm actually a 70s girl, but so much brilliant music came from the 60s.. I was a child, brings back so many memories.
I think we all should be able to listen to the music of our choice.
If it wasn't for music, life would be dull & empty.

Sušan Daniell (Co Cork, 2020-08-18)


I enjoy older music

Mark LM (Manchester , 2020-08-18)


Sixties music has been a lifesaver for me since my husband died, hearing songs we liked and sang and danced to helped me get through the grieving process. Not just older people enjoy this music I think you'll find a lot of younger people like it too. Just give us a chance and promote it more towards young ones as well. Why can't we have an equal balance of all types of music

Kim weale (HULL, 2020-08-18)


There is a large population of listeners who love 50s and 60s music and they are no longer being catered for. In particular, Sweeneys Sixties Classics on BBC Radio Manchester, which was broadcast on Sunday afternoons, has been taken off air. This show has a massive following. Listen to your audience and licence payers BBC.

Hilary Gill (Poynton, 2020-08-18)


Let's have some music from the most innovative, influential and varied decade, with variations from Tom Jones to Led Zep, Dusty to Cream, The Four Tops to The Who. And that's not mentioning The Beatles and The Stones. Come On.....

Ian Horrocks (WIGAN, 2020-08-18)


We need Sweeneys 60s classics in a sunday

Angela Smith (Fleetwood , 2020-08-19)


Mike sweeney has a huge Sunday following and we love him.

Suzanne Harris (Holmfirth, 2020-08-19)


I’m signing because I enjoy the music of the 50’s and 60’s. It would be a real shame to not keep this fabulous music alive and share it with future generations. We can hear 80’s + music on virtually any radio station. Listeners come to the BBC as it supposedly caters for all. I would not be expecting it to be played constantly but to not play it at all is a huge disappointment.

Ruth Rhodes (Oldham, 2020-08-19)


I love the 60s and 70s.
It's why I listen to Mike Sweeney

Susan Cayton (St.Helens, 2020-08-19)


This music is a medicine to cure sadness.Golden memories to bring back youth.

Patricia Anne MacKinlay (Manfredonia Italy, 2020-08-19)


I love 60s music it's far better than the rants you get these days

Barbara Fuller (Northampton, 2020-08-19)