Reduce the speed at Churchill centre



It needs to stop

Stuart Messenger (Redditch , 2020-08-13)


To slow the dreadful bus servise down on that route. They drive way to fast and dangerously all on that route. Many passengers on the transports and out side have been hurt by that abomination of a bus company. They need speed limit signs on the route too.

Alexander Casterton (Redditch , 2020-08-13)


bus drivers are wankers and need to understand there is a speed limit.

Put the give way lines on both roads and force buses to slowdown and prepare to stop

Russell Button (Redditch, 2020-08-13)


The speed through Churchill is ridiculous

Junior Woodward (Weston-super-Mare , 2020-08-14)


buses are driving way to fast,and a few children have already been hit over the years as bus tops are by a school

Kristy hetherington (redditch , 2020-08-14)


I'm signing because its a public area and to many young children are at risk by the speed the busses come down the road

Leila Alnamari (Redditch , 2020-08-14)


It’s very dangerous xx

Mavis Hetherington (Redditch , 2020-08-14)


This road is a nightmare for people

Kelvin Hetherington (Redditch , 2020-08-14)


This shouldn't keep happening

Chad Hearne (Birmingham, 2020-08-15)


My son starts the first school September and it scared the hell out of me, thinking about him walking on his own one day with that road! Too many accidents have happened, something needs to be done!

Sophie Drakeley (Redditch, 2020-08-15)


Too many accidents here, people driving on bus lane when they shouldn’t and driving too fast

Allison Bailey (Redditch , 2020-08-15)


My brother was knocked over by a coach on this bus route back in 1992/93

Corina Williams (Redditch, 2020-08-23)


I have children in this area

Laura Jones (Redditch, 2020-09-09)


I would like to see a reduced speed limit put on the buses at Churchill Center in order to prevent any further accidents which could end up being fatal. How many more children have to loose their lives or be injured before you do something. Please slow down the buses where there are shops and schools. It’s not a big ask really is it?

Carol Coopet (Redditch , 2020-09-13)

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