Reduce the speed at Churchill centre



This is my best mates nephew he's only a kid and buses should know better to watch the road and be aware what's going on since they carry passengers and its their job to be careful.

Jessica Woodcock (Stourbridge , 2020-08-10)


Because this has happened to many times already

Emma Smith (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Tate could of been killed.

Jamie-Lee Robinson (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


We need traffic light on the road.. Not just a reduced soeed limit.. The bus route is a joke.. Think its a ******* race track

Danny Walker (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Because Tate is my family nephew

Suzette Newman (Shirley, 2020-08-10)


It's not the first time its happened or the last

Connor James (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


My best friend and her son deserve a positive outcome, that little boy didn’t deserve it ❤️❤️❤️

Tella Power (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


If the same person that done this was driving a car they’d be done for dangerous driving, why do bus drivers keep getting away with this.

Laura Bunegar (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


To reduce the speed at the church hill centre

Rachel Rynn (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


I'm sick of how fast the busses drive down this road, to many children have been knocked over and been either killed or seriously injured.

Sally Pollard (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


my son was nearly hit on this road

Catherine Gibson (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I think they should definitely reduce the speed at Churchill centre and we need to sort this soon To many people being knocked over! And it’s not fair there’s a children’s school across that road so many children crossing we need to reduce the speed!

Chlo Blake (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


D marks

Darren Marks (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Something needs to be done about the speed the buses come down that road .

Tracy Murray (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


We must do more to stop these awful accidents happening!

Claire Beckett (Birmingham , 2020-08-10)


The speed the buses come down the road is ridiculous numerous people have been knocked down and cars hit by buses it’s a terrible road and something needs to be done

Dionne Shaw-case (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


This road is terrible and we have already had one death on this bus route, we don’t want another one

Shannon Kelly (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


The speed of the buses is ridiculous. They need measures in place to slow them down.

Sharon Clarke (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Poor Tate xxx my thought and prays are with you lil man and ya mom Steph and ya dad

Kearnie Fred Yates (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Poor Tate! Hope you’re all doing okay considering x

Poppy Johnson (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Things need to be changed, it's so dangerous out there.

Julie Matthews (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


This needs to stop happening one child is one child to many

Donna Peace (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


The road is so busy and its a built up area with lots of families sadly lives have already been lost and poor kids hurt lets get this sorted sooner rather than later

Sam Harrison (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


its a death trap

Amanda Bough (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


It’s a disgrace the speed the bus drivers go

Louise Mason (Birmingham , 2020-08-10)


I’m signing to get the speed reduced as my son also goes to school with Tate at the school directly accessible from the crossing at the centre.
The diamond buss company really need to reduce their speeds it already caused too many accidents and deaths at this crossing as they go way to fast

Kelly-Marie Mohammed (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


because I live in this area and have seen too many accidents

kimberley smith (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


No one should get away with it

Aaron John's (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


I am aware of several people hit and even killed on this route by buses. Its really dangerous. The buses drive way too fast down that strip of road and we have 2 schools on this route plus shops where people are crossing the roads continuously. Something needs to be put in place to slow them down.

Helen Traynor (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


Because I believe that all that is said is true we need the traffic calming meauses we don't want this happen again ty

Kim Peace (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I agree with a speed limit!

Question is why was he left alone to wonder near the bus route?

Unknown User (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I'm signing because that was my child hit by the bus!
I also live in Churchill and have done for a number of years we've had so many children/adults hit by buses around this area a lot in the last couple of years and something needs to be done traffic calming measures on Churchill centre need too be put in place, speeds need reducing so another mothers child dosnt get badly hurt or even killed. These bus drivers drive frantically Thank you.

Steph Marks (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I live in churchill , and there are 2 many accidents . And a close friend was killed by a bus on the churchill bus route.

Vanda Mooney (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


It’s disgusting does another child have to be seriously injured or worse killed before something is done

Denise Bellingham (Worcestershire , 2020-08-10)


I’m signing because I’m a resident of Churchill and have children and want it to be safe for them

Chantelle Pollitt (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


It's a valid reason

Chris Shaw (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


I’m singing this because my friends son Tate and his mom deserve justice and because a long distant family relative was actually killed on the same bus route a couple of stops away from where Tate was hit!!! This needs to stop before more lives are injured or even taken.

Chloe Walton (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


Cars and buses drive too fast up Churchill centre

Janet Holden pugh (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


I'm sick of the bus drivers using it like a race track, far too many children have been hurt or killed on the bus route, it needs to stop!.

Mark Southall (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


The buses that drive around redditch are so dangerous, I have seen them pull out and hit cars. I live in churchill and walking to school I know how unsafe it can be crossing the road

Cara Morgan (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


I used to live in churchill redditch and the amount of times the buses have been racing past is quite scary. I remember once I was on the bus and he was going that fast I thought we was going to crash

Leanne Wheeldon (Walsall, 2020-08-10)


I'm signing this because the speeding on the busses around churchhill because it's very dangerous

Michaela Jade Rogers (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Bus,s and cars need to slow down going across the Cross roads by Churchill shops/ schools .also since the road has been open cars seem to be going to quick down Rickyard lane

Graham busby (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I am signing this partition as I believe there should be traffic calming measured places in the area, not just to protect children also to protect the general public and stop these accident and deaths from happing!!
It should have been done along time ago I believe.!!

Tarah L (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


It’s dangerous and most of the drivers Drive so fast!!! Nobody else needs to get injured or killed on these roads

Lianne Leake (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Slow down

Helen Lee (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


To save life's. Poor little boy, so sad

Debbie Wooldridge (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


Over the years i know a few children who have been killed there, have grandchildren go to school there

Dawn Smith (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I live in chirch hill and completely agree

Kim Jones (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


Something needs to be done asap its very dangerous.

Leanne Kokich (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


Something needs to be done. The buses are able To go far too fast down this long stretch of raid the drivers have no regard to speed limits or that fact that they are in control of a deadly weapon at the speeds they do. Please do something WCC

Liz Ryan (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I'm signing because I was knocked over by a coach on that centre

Damien perry (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


No one should be driving at a speed in a built up area i know this little boy and his mom hes so lucky many haven't been the bus driver was back on duty the next day no apologies to the mom just attitude she should of been took of the buses and arrested nost drivers on thw routes speed we have speed bumps down Evesham Road on this route but they fit between the wheels so don't actually work cameras need putting up and if the buses speed ahud be suspended and points this lady drive who has injured this young boy should of been arrested is discusting

Terri Marshall (Redditch Worcestershire , 2020-08-10)


diamond bus company need to re train the drivers they have to be competent by the road law and be safer whilst driving large vehicles and also to make sure that there standards are second to none. To which they are not by any means.

Jamie Clews (redditch, 2020-08-10)


I agree it's too dangerous

Craig Storey (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


I'm signing because this need to be the last child hit by a bus on our bus route.

Jennifer Blake (REDDITCH, 2020-08-10)


Because I live not far from the centre and the car s and bikes going up and down is getting worse every day

Alison Jones (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


No one should be driving fast knows children are around everywhere

Charis Lloyd (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


I live in church hill and have seen many accidents on this road

Helen Cater (Worcestershire , 2020-08-10)


Just looking at this innocent 6 year old boy says it all that road is deadly and has certainly took innocent lives this needs to be put at a 30mph speed limit and 20mph when school buses are operating and children are coming in and out of school DONT ALLOW INOCENT LIVES TO BE TAKEN !!!!

Kaylee Kay (Redditch , 2020-08-10)


it isn't safe. Not only the centre but with the amount of cars that fly up and down this bus lane through church hill. See it all the time from my house. Something needs to be done before someone else is injured or killed.

karen beaman (redditch, 2020-08-10)


This poor little boy.. he was so lucky, someone was looking down on him 💙💙get well soon Tate

Tracey Griffiths (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


A friends son was killed on the bus lane when one bus was overtaking another bus. To many children have been injured or killed. We've been saying for 28yrs now something needs to be done

Lynn Harvey (Redditch, 2020-08-10)


There have been too many accidents on that part of the road at Churchill

Diane James (Redditch, 2020-08-10)

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