Locals against Aldi on Mon Bank



I’m signing this petition to object the plans for the Aldi’s supermarket mainly for the traffic congestion this development will cause plus the heavy hgv lorries coming into the estate which is residential and will cause many problems for the residents and their family’s there is no need for another supermarket we already have six supermarkets around the area ! Aldi’s are only interested in profit they say they will create 40 jobs ? What about the jobs that will go at Tesco’s/ heron foods when they loose footfall this estate is a heritage estate and a big grey/ white supermarket would not fit in with the area plus the problem with vermin and pests !! No to Aldi

Keith Sutton (Newport , 2020-08-08)


All the reasons outlined. I live on the estate and don't think a residential estate is the right place for a supermarket. They should be utilising vacant units before building a new one.

Lisa Greenfield (Newport, 2020-08-08)


I am genuinely concerned about the traffic situation in Monbank, especially Monmouth Castle Drive. An establishment such as a supermarket will make it even more dangerous, we already have a large number of cars and vans speeding through the estate.

Ranjit Shetty (Newport, 2020-08-08)


There’s already too much heavy traffic coming onto the Estate.

Diane Evans ( Newport , 2020-08-08)


I’m signing this due to all the reasons presented above. I do not want an Aldi here on my beautiful estate!!

Daniel Stokes (Newport, 2020-08-08)


Im signing because of the same reasons other residents have listed, large increase in traffic in a residential area, unadopted estate by the council as redrow have not yet completed the estate, leading to potential extension of redrow completing the estate and any road or pathway damage being disputed between both Aldi and redrow. Access has potential for causing heavy congestion on cardiff road which is an already heavily congested route. We also already have a nunber of supermarkets within a short distance. Potential for increase in house insurances etc due to petty theft from the store, traffic collisions due to the 100+ car park size, potential site for "car meets" and potential for decrease in house prices due to a "new build" site having a supermarket on it. Its seen as undesirable when people move to a residential site to then have a "factory unit" built on it. Already have empty units in the area that could have potential use that could benefit all but Aldi believe being on our estate will generate higher income due to close proximity, but what happens if Aldi leave in future years and the unit is left unoccupied and unsold....answer is increase in potential vandalism and crime. The idea is awful, I did not move onto an estate that has developed a community to have a supermarket chain build on it, when in a residential area we are trying to escape this and just have our homes not large businesses operating.

Jonathan Lewis (Newport, 2020-08-08)


I do not what Aldi built on the estate causing an increase in traffic and noise. There are plenty of empty retail units available around this area for Aldi to use. The plans would reduce the size of the green which residents use during summer months and to walk their dogs.

Sean Baldwin (Newport, 2020-08-08)


I strongly feel the development will be totally out or keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood, to close to houses who will be effected by increased traffic and noise.

Marc Clarke (Newport, 2020-08-08)


We live directly opposite, and have a one year old son and this store could potentially become hazardous in our immediate local environment. Has the impact of noise pollution and local emissions been considered? How many supermarkets are needed in a one mile radius? Why haven't City centre locations or disused Retail areas been considered first?

Owain Edwards (Newport, 2020-08-08)


This has just been turned into a green and pleasant area and now the plans are to turn it back into 'brown' site??!! There are too many empty sites very near, sites that haven't been used for years. No need to dig up this pleasantly, recently recovered area.

Deb Ryan (Newport, 2020-08-08)


There is no need for another supermarket and the traffic congestion is all ready bad enough. There are plenty of empty shops that could be used if Aldi want to come to the West side of Newport

Andrea Higgins (Newport, 2020-08-08)


We live directly opposite with a one year old who regularly walks along the (currently) quiet, residential road. We are not In Favour of increased traffic and noise pollution. Restricted views will also block out any daylight entering the downstairs of our property. We struggle to grasp how we can safely access our drive while articulated lorries are manoeuvring into the delivery area which is immediately opposite our home. While recently walking around another Aldi store in Newport we were horrified at the amount of rubbish left around the store especially to the rear loading area. This was not what we signed up for when we bought our property.

Lucy Darney (Newport , 2020-08-08)


I'm signing because I think it is highly inconsiderate that they are adding an Aldi store without prior notice to the people who bought houses on the estate a few years back. The people would never have purchased these houses having know a store was coming and they will struggle to sell these houses for full asking price.

Paul Lloyd (Cardiff, 2020-08-08)


Because I don’t want the Aldi on our lovely housing development!

Jess Tappin (Newport , 2020-08-08)


I feel that the site is far too close to residential housing. There will be a significant increase in traffic & pollution (air & noise).

Theresa Taylor (Newport, 2020-08-08)


Because I live on mon bank and don’t want Aldi’s as it could, create a lot of pollution

Joel Brain (Newport, 2020-08-08)


Being a local resident this development would highly affect the redrow development at Mon bank. Residents should have been notified that a store could be built there

Rhys Thomas (Newport, 2020-08-08)


Do not want a Supermarket

Sharon Tomlinson (Newport , 2020-08-08)


Mon Bank is already flanked by retail parks and supermarkets. We don't need another one actually within the estate! The traffic is already at capacity and a supermarket at the entrance of the estate would be a nightmare, not to mention an eyesore for residents. There are plenty of other places in Newport that could do with a local shop, Mon Bank certainly doesn't need another.

Tom Hanson (Newport , 2020-08-08)


Im signing as i do not want Aldi going on mon bank.we got enough traffic going through it be even worse if it goes ahead.

Dawn Brain (Newport, 2020-08-08)


I'm against the development of the Aldi store !!!!!

Mark Hewitt (Newport, 2020-08-08)


This area has become a desirable place to live with a community spirit. The entrance to Mon Bank is in keeping with the housing design with a heritage appeal of stone wall, slate signage and heritage homes where the covenant restrictions include external painting and changing door colour.
To build an Aldi at the entrance will impose a modern build, with noise, air and light pollution. The highly trafficked estate is already struggling at peak times from through traffic.
There are numerous supermarkets offering a variety of products at many price points within walking distance. There are also numerous vacant and derelict properties that can be utilised a new store on existing retail estates. Aldi claim a sustainable build bringing jobs and choice to a consumer, when actually they will take jobs from existing retail, build on land that currently provides a green outlook for both Monbank and Cardiff rd. 2 aldi stores already exist in Newport and easily accessible on bus routes.
I strongly oppose this land for any supermarket and feel it's best placed to remain fallow or provide much needed elderly or social housing.

Tracey Lawrence (Newport , 2020-08-08)


We don’t want or need another supermarket .This is a lovely Residential estate .,not a place for a supermarket and all the problems it will bring

Linda Brown (Newport , 2020-08-08)


I have close friends who live on the Mon Bank estate and there’s no need for an supermarket to be built so close to the housing estate. There’s already a tesco a short distance away and soon to be a Lidl. Traffic has always been busy on the estate as it’s often used as a cut through from one side of newport to the other and the added traffic from a supermarket will make access to and from the estate near impossible.

Lucy Tomlinson (Newport, 2020-08-08)


I agree that we don’t need a super market so close to the estate which might end up ruining the peace and tranquility of the estate.

Yoganand Kunche (Newport, 2020-08-09)


I think we have enough food stores in the area already and the people who have purchased homes there can well do without all the extra traffic Aldi will bring.

Clayton Harris (newport, 2020-08-09)


I feel this proposed development will have a detrimental impact on both Mon Bank and the environment.

Martin Ledville-smith (Newport, 2020-08-09)


I am extremely against having an Aldi on Mon Bank which is a housing estate. Thus causing house prices to plumit, increased traffic which is a busy road anyway. Lastly the access point for it going down a narrow street is unsuitable especially with the HGV delivery lorries which we have been told were only going to be once a day. However now reason to believe that Aldi will be making multiple deliverys each day. Please can Aldi clear this point up please. Regarding the lorries, the bridge at Cardiff Road end is only for 7.5 tonne vehicles not 37 tonne ones.

Jeremy Hall (Newport, 2020-08-09)


I would like to see something here that brings our community together, perhaps a family food establishment. There are already a number of supermarkets in close proximity we do not need a new one.

Harnish Patel (Newport, 2020-08-09)


This will have a significant adverse impact on the neighbourhood

Paul Spencer (Newport, 2020-08-09)


The planned site is busy enough, never mind a supermarket being built.

Robert Wigmore (newport, 2020-08-09)


I strongly oppose an Aldi being built on Mon Bank as it is not in keeping within the residential area, noise pollution, extreme volume of vehicles and there is not a need for an additional supermarket if any kind within this area when we already have Tesco, Lidl, Food Warehouse, Heron Foods and smaller local shops all within walking distance of Mon Bank.

Nicola Radford (Newport, 2020-08-09)


Traffic congestion

Nigel Coles (Newport, 2020-08-09)


There is no need for this supermarket there are plenty in the area already and plenty of other options that could be explored and taken up. Being a resident this will affect me tremendously to the stage of possibly looking to move.

Maria West (Newport, 2020-08-09)


We would much prefer something like a Waitrose for our area rather than the poor people shops like ALDI. Please rectify this as I don’t want my housing portfolio compromised because poor people want affordable food.

Boris Van De Silver (Newport, 2020-08-09)


I'm signing because there are more than enough supermarkets in the area.
I believe it is extremely hazardous to have a supermarket in this location with children so close due to traffic etc. I also believe its unfair on the local residents to have a aldi right outside their house. There is just no need.

Lydia Fisher (Newport , 2020-08-09)


No to a supermarket!

Sarah Morgan (Newport , 2020-08-09)


g lewis-spencer

Gillian Lewis-Spencer (NEWPORT, 2020-08-09)


I STRONGLY disagree 1) increase of crime! I’ve already confronted criminals breaking into cars as well as openly dealing drugs a number of times in Tesco car park as well as in lidle car park as they are our neighborhood supermarkets and where my daughter goes- I DONT WANT THAT BEHAVIOUR IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD
2) Tesco and Lidle also have rough sleepers frequently and again NOT something I want in my neighborhood
3) increase in traffic and speeding. Roads and roundabout already being damaged and will be damaged worse if more traffic were to come through. PreCOVID I frequently couldn’t even turn into my drive due amount of traffic/inconsiderate drivers. Not to mention nearly got hit a couple times trying to turn into drive as drivers impatient and tried to over take car who finally did stop to allow me access to my own drive
Increase of cars=increase of chances neighbourhood children being hit by cars.
Increase of speeding cars=air pollution and noise pollution due to cars also Potential of houses on MCD being hit and damaged by speeding cars
People doing donuts/anti social behaviour in proposed car park. We want to keep our residential neighborhood a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood not the red light district or formula one tracks
Proposed building is also NOT in keeping with surrounding buildings and ugly
Our roads have a weight restriction
I don’t see how it’s feesable for heavy lorries and loads of traffic to gain access via a road with weight restrictions and so close to children’s green play area
What about the bridge over the tracks? Can it handle increase in traffic shouldnt they be required to build ANOTHER ACCESS over rail lines should the building go ahead?
Anti social noise at all hours of the day and night
Building yet another supermarket will break the community we’ve managed to build.
There are plenty of empty suitable sites around Newport and many very close by that should be regenerated
Rather then build another monstrous ugly thing
If they are trying to improve PILL area shitting on the only nice part of pill is really not the way to do it

Angelina Gibson (Newport,, 2020-08-09)


there are enough vacant shops in newport occupy one of those

Ian McMahon (Newport, 2020-08-10)


I feel it will have a detrimental impact on the traffic in the estate, also there are a number of supermarket outlets in walking distance and I feel another is not required. Another option would be for Aldi to occupy one of the many already available empty retail outlets in nearby retail parks.
Also the estate has a 7.5 tonnes lorry limit and 20 miles per hour speeding limit that would be even more difficult to be applied with the increase on traffic.
Furthermore on the argument for the creation of new retail jobs, If really Aldi is serious in considering investing in this area, then they will go ahead with the investment in a nearby location.

Ioannis Sklavos (Newport , 2020-08-10)


I really dont think actually on a housing estate is the best place for a supermarket, especially so close to another one. Whilst I am all for an Aldi on this side of town, there are plenty of vacant plots for it to go, ie, the maesglas retail side of town. It will increase traffic and rubbish on the estate.

Yvonne Bale (Newport , 2020-08-10)


We don’t need any more chains. We need more local shops.

Clare Kenney (Newport, 2020-08-10)


We do not need another supermarket. This is a residential estate. There will be too much traffic entering our estate. Litter will be a problem and HGV lorries arriving at different times.

Gillian Bailey (Newport , 2020-08-10)


I live in mon bank and I do not see the need of another supermarket here. The Cardiff road as already 4 store/supermarket (including Lidl) in 0.5 miles. I don’t think we need a fifth one. It isn’t like if the shops were all saturated by clients.

Antoine Gautier (Newport , 2020-08-11)


there's no need for another supermarket in this part of newport that has more than enough.

If anything aldi needs to look towards rogerstone where there's only morrisons.

Nick Cox (newport, 2020-08-12)


I dont want a supermarket put on the estate

Melanie Wigmore (Newport, 2020-08-12)


There is no need for another supermarket in this area. The road into Mon Bank is very busy already. The Welsh Parliament are committed to cleaner air quality and this application increase the pollution from cars. This is an area where residents of Newport, cycle with their children and walk to Belle Vue Oatk.

Diana Evans (Newport , 2020-08-12)


Having an Aldi on this estate will lower the house prices, especially when it's at the entrance to Mon Bank. It'll make us look like a council estate !

Joe Kycheto (Newport, 2020-08-13)


As it already states it’s an housing estate which already turns into a F1 track during peak hours ... yes an Aldi would be nice but there are 2 shopping malls nearby with empty premises why aren’t they looking at these ??

Gillian Reece (Newport, 2020-08-13)


The supermarket would debase one of the few modern estates in Newport which needs to attract as many young professionals to the area as possible. Will also cause road congestion and be a magnet for drug dealing.

Alan Beard (NEWPORT, 2020-08-13)


There enough supermarkets within walking distance already, and I am concerned about traffic problems that will be caused on Cardiff Road.

Dennis Merrifield (Newport , 2020-08-13)


I do not want more noise and more traffic through Monbank

Laura Boycott (Newport, 2020-08-13)


There enough supermarkets within walking distance already, and I am concerned about traffic problems that will be caused on Cardiff Road.

Dennis Merrifield (Newport , 2020-08-13)


There are enough Supermarkets in the area without adding one to a residential estate.

June Beard (NEWPORT, 2020-08-13)


My sister and her family live here and I visit frequently with my two young sons. I do not believe there is a local need for this business nor that the local roads can support this.

Paul Gibson (Prudhoe, 2020-08-13)


There is no legitimate need for another supermarket in this area, particularly on this residential estate. There will be an impact to traffic volume, congestion, pollution and noise.

Gillian Burroughs (Newport, 2020-08-13)


I live in Cardiff road the traffic is bad enough as it is,when the school come out you can’t move we already have supermarkets in the area with enough heavy goods vehicles coming and going to the supermarkets.I personally think it could cause problems for the ambulance service travelling to the hospital with more traffic to try and get through,

Karen Janssen (Newport , 2020-08-13)


There is no need for another supermarket in the area, and it will negatively impact upon the lives of people living nearby

Sally Wallis (Newport , 2020-08-13)


I don't want to make the area more industrial, I'd rather a facility that the estate could use to become more of a community. Not to mention the additional traffic that would be drawn to the estate roads that are designed for residential purposes only.

Michael Davies (Newport, 2020-08-13)


Concerned about increase in traffic and noise. We really do not need another supermarket in such close proximity to all the other outlets. Surely somewhere like Duffryn would be more suitable where there are many more open spaces to utilize.

Stephanie baker (Newport, 2020-08-13)


I do not live in the Mon Bank estate, but I am a 5 minute walk away. This will however effect me because -

1) We do not need another supermarket in the area!
2) This will increase traffic on cardiff road and within the Mon Bank residential estate!
3) It will spoil the look of the estate!
Why not build something locals can enjoy, like a play area for children/green space.
If they really want to build on the site, build something useful and something that’s not an eye sore that will bring continuous traffic! A nursery is an idea..there are new builds springing up everywhere and local nursery’s can’t keep up with capacity.
I’m totally against another supermarket in my area and I hope it doesn’t go ahead.

Jenny B (Newport, 2020-08-14)



Julie southan (Newport, 2020-08-14)


This is an unnecessary extra supermarket as we have so many already

John Crocker (Newport, 2020-08-14)


I live on Mon Bank and it's a residential area not somewhere for a supermarket to be built! Increase traffic, noise, it's going to be opposite houses, kids live on this estate. The road is busy enough as it is.

Bethan Davies (Newport, 2020-08-14)


We do not need yet another supermarket in the vicinity. The building of Aldi in the proposed area will mean more traffic into an already busy entry way into the estate, and more air and noise pollution. It is already difficult getting in and out if the estate at peak times, and this will worsen with this prosped development. There are already several other larger and smaller food shops adjacent to the estate, or within walking distance. Aldi could chose empty warehouses or buildings nearby, which would be more environmentally friendly and support the local retail parks; they are choosing not to do this. The building will harm house prices to those nearest and will be disruptive to their living conditions. Residents were told when buying that the area might have one or two small shops or a primary school; this clearly was untrue.

Samantha Evans (Newport, 2020-08-14)


I do not believe that opening an Aldi store at the entrance to an already busy estate is a good idea.

The estate already has a steady flow of traffic and becomes extremely congested at particular times of the day. By opening an Aldi, the congestion will increase on a road that was never built for such traffic.

We have many large supermarkets within the surrounding area (including a TESCO that is within a short walk of the estate). The further opening of an additional supermarket doesn't seem necessary.

Emily Tomlinson (Newport, 2020-08-14)


I reside in monbank and an employee of tesco Cardiff Road
Not only would it be in direct competition with my employer it also would increase traffic in my area x

Elizabeth Jenkins (newport, 2020-08-14)


I am opposing the development of Aldi at Mon Bank for the various reasons already outlined by residents.

Sian Tyrell (Newport, 2020-08-14)


There are enough food shops in the area and we don’t need more traffic on Cardiff Road the government said they were trying to reduce pollution on Cardiff Road this will make it much worse

Brenda Williams (Np203ab , 2020-08-14)


Even though I don't live in Mon Bank, I do not want the area spoilt. Lidl building a new store on the old Argus Newspaper office site, Cardiff Rd. Where Lidl goes Aldi follows and vice versa.

Jamal Hussain (Newport, 2020-08-14)


Building an Aldi store on Mon bank Will cause, congestion in an area where my grand Daughter Goes to school every day

Eric Gibson (Newcastle, 2020-08-14)


I’m signing because this is a residential area. There are already a number of food stores nearby. Why can’t they use an empty unit nearby? There are lots and lots of available units nearby that would be suitable

Angela Skuse (Newport, 2020-08-14)


I live on monbank and think it's a terrible idea, with two Aldi stores within a five minute drive from us already it just seems pointless

Matthew Reilly (Newport, 2020-08-14)


I child mind my grandchildren in mon back and the traffic is horrendous now. There are enough supermarkets on Cardiff Road that is easy excisable with out coursing Jams

Elaine holden (newport , 2020-08-14)


Having an Aldi here will attract the wrong sort to the estate.

Mo Hussain (Newport, 2020-08-15)